All Hands on Deck

November 9, 2016

All Hands on Deck

The historic election on Tuesday was a resounding rejection of failed socialist programs, weak government leaders, and corruption/tyranny on both sides of the political aisle.


From a national security perspective, this is not the time to find “common ground” with those who oppose liberty and our Constitutional Republic.

This is the beginning of a battle in America to restore our founding principles and defeat the Islamic and Marxist Movements in this nation.  If we do not accomplish this now, we will have squandered this great opportunity.

Remember, this is much more a counterintelligence and espionage war than it is a fight against “terrorism.”  We need leaders who get it at a deep level.

This is not the time to bring in people from the RNC – the very same establishment flunkies who lost the wars for us in Afghanistan and Iraq and the ones Americans voted against Tuesday – to help solve our problems.

Already, individuals working against U.S. interests and/or for the jihadi or marxists Movements are inside the Trump camp.

Oz Sultan, a jihadi who works on the Park 51 (Ground Zero Mosque) project is on the inside thanks to the RNC.

Additionally, names like Senator Bob Corker (TN), who helped architect the failed Iran deal, Congressman Mike McCaul who drove and funded the Muslim Brotherhood’s CVE (Combatting Violent Extremism) program, and Governor Chris Christie who defends jihadis and attacks those who speak truth about them, are all being considered for senior cabinet positions.  Mr. Christie was also hailed by Hamas in the U.S. doing business as CAIR for advancing the Islamic agenda here.

These men are significant impediments to victory in this war and should have no place in a Trump administration.

Many other hostile individuals and forces are circling Mr. Trump in an effort to gain favor.  Think jihadis in suits and those they use to get what they want, and you will begin to understand the true nature of the threat.

UTT offers President elect Trump, 14 recommendations as strategic launch points in this war to begin this endeavor to restore our national security.

  1. Designate the Muslim Brotherhood a Foreign Terrorist Organization
  2. Indict unindicted co-conspirators in US v HLF beginning with ISNA, NAIT & CAIR
  3. Implement the UTT strategy to systematically dismantle the Islamic Movement in the United States and educate/train all federal, state, and local agencies on this threat whose duties include law enforcement, intelligence, or security
  4. Shut down the Refugee Resettlement program
  5. Freeze all immigration into the U.S. for at least 5 years, and secure U.S. borders
  6. Create a strategy to address and systematically dismantle the Marxist Movement in the United States beginning with colleges/universities, as well as barring any Federal agency from receiving training from Marxist groups (to include the Southern Poverty Law Center)
  7. Criminally charge U.S. leaders and organizations who aid and abet America’s enemies
  8. Rebuild U.S. Military forces, and eliminate all policies which put anything in front of the military’s primary duty to fight and win wars
  9. Dismantle U.S. tax code doing away with federal income tax over four years (pay for infrastructure as founders intended)
  10. Shut down all federal programs/agencies not specifically provided for in the U.S. Constitution
  11. Institute Citizen Training Programs in elementary, junior high and high schools to teach and reaffirm America’s true history, founding principles, and Godly heritage
  12. Rebuild America’s broken Counterintelligence apparatus
  13. Repeal the 17th Amendment
  14. Outlaw foreign ownership of property inside the United States

Please share the “UTT’s 14 Recommendations for President Trump” found HERE with everyone you know.

Over the next couple weeks, UTT will review these recommendations in detail.

Be vigilant America.  Now is the time we need all hands on deck to pay attention and immediately make your voice heard when needed.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).

    On 11Nov16 “Drudge 2016” carried a full front-page photograph of the London “Daily Star” (a 30P UK tabloid) emblazoned with the headline, “TRUMP’S A DEAD MAN WALKING”, above a secondary line which read, “SHOCK NUMBER OF ASSASSINATION THREATS”. The Daily Star Co.-UK’s publisher, according to Wikipedia, is Richard Clive Desmond, DOB 08Dec51.

    Following an assault in New York in 1992 of his then managing director – which according to an associate of his bodyguard he (Desmond) regarded as an explicit threat to himself – two million British pounds were allegedly delivered to an Italian restaurant in the Soho section of London to settle an issue he had allegedly once had with a member of New York’s Gambino family, involving an advertisements scam focused on one of his magazine holdings, all of which Desmond denies.

    Considering, mainly, the New York connections, I believe the tabloid lines in question were consciously & nefariously contrived to inspire – thus incite – the assassination of the United States President elect.

    Two earlier email attempts to ensure that the foregoing opinion would reach each of the entities in any way responsible for Trump’s safety were fruitless, I.e.,FoxNews & the U.S. Secret Service.

  2. To the Commandant, USMC:

    From the Halls of Montezuma, to the Shores of Tripoli – From Guadalcanal to Afghanistan, From Sea to Shining Sea – If Anybody Anywhere in the World Ever Asks You What “Courage & Manhood” Mean – Tell Them Since Seventeen-Seventy-Five to Two-Thousand-Sixteen, They’ve been Used to Identify a United States Marine.

    Happy 241st Birthday; God Bless you all, and thank you for what you do for the Country.


    The forty-fifth U.S. presidential election symbolized a providential arrest just short of the Rubicon of the country’s theretofore mindless hurdle toward an unending, draconian Islamic hell. Thus, God bless President elect Donald J Trump, and sincere thanks to each of his team.

    As for UTT’s litany of self-serving types who (we now know) have for decades sought to effectively deny to the American people (but not to themselves): a more perfect union; justice; domestic-tranquility; and the right to secure for their posterity the blessings of the Liberty ordained & established by the Constitution for the United States of America, don’t forget these: George H.W. Bush, who proclaimed to the country his intention to support an alleged multiple-count federal felon & inveterate liar, rather than President elect Donald J Trump; George W Bush, who having chose to vote (contextually) “other”, has since sent an obsequious “2nd thought” note to Mr. Trump, obviously to ensure he’s being considered (as was Judas) for a place at the table; and then there’s “Jeb” Bush, the quintessential contextual loser who as his family’s political dynasty collapsed in real time at his feet, angrily predicted to Mr. Trump – sans an iota of hesitation or humility – “you will never be President” – notwithstanding, incidentally, that he lacked the political skills and the clout, as the garden-variety quisling he had chose to become, to deliver even Florida to George Schwartz (aka “Soros”), thus to his other presumably new-found love i.e. the “Black Lives Matter” thugs, aka the Marxists.

  4. Shocking that Oz Sultan is anywhere near the Trump camp. Muslims/Islamists have had open season on this clandestine infowar stuff.

    The more I think about your excellent list me thinks you also need one tailored just to the information transmission belts, that will take back elementary, middle & high schools. Add churches, plus a way to excise the Marxist and Islamists at Public Radio and TV and transform it into Radio Free USA, maybe through funding. The media has been the most significant enemy of our country for the past 50 years, although Trump’s election has pulled back the curtain on that power. Alas, they still have a lot of ammo left.

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