America’s Department of Defense Moves Against the President

June 4, 2020

America’s Department of Defense Moves Against the President

by John D. Guandolo

When history records the details of the Marxist-Islamic revolution in America, people will be astounded at the number of military generals and republicans who stood with America’s enemies against the President of the United States.

From the time he became the Republican nominee for President, Donald J. Trump came under assault from the Marxist/communist Counter-State and the Islamic Counter-State in America.

Why? Because Donald Trump’s entire being is pro-American and pro-liberty meaning he is naturally anti-communist and a counter-jihadi, and his proposed policies deeply reflect this.

Seeing this, the Marxist-Jihadi cabal launched a plan to bring him down.

As we now know with an abundance of evidence, this treasonous plan included the DNI (Director of National Intelligence – Clapper), the FBI Director (Comey), the CIA Director (Brennan), and and many others inside the various components of government.

But this assault on the President of the United States is not limited to Marxist/communist/democrat operatives and their jihadi collaborators. This assault includes civilian leaders and American generals who are either criminally negligent in their failure to understand these enemy Movements operating at the global and domestic levels and their modus operandi, OR intentionally working against the President and the Republic.

This week, former President George W. Bush told America we are systemically racist and that we are witnessing peaceful protests which have been “hijacked.”

Both statements are objectively untrue, and actually parrot the communist/Black Lives Matter narratives which necessarily advance our enemy’s agenda and do nothing to bring America to victory at a time communists and jihadis are waging a revolution domestically.

On cue and in a coordinated fashion, Admiral Mike Mullen, General James Mattis, and the Secretary of Defense Mark Esper all condemned President Trump’s response to the violent communist insurrection across America, and all mischaracterized the violence in similar ways revealing they are either clueless about what is actually happening or intentionally participating in an information operation in support of America’s enemies and against the President of the United States.

After I was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense, I briefed a number of three and four star generals and admirals. I spent time with General Mattis when he was the Commanding Officer of the Joint Forces Command during the time period Stephen Coughlin and I taught at the Joint Forces Staff College.

It astounded me that General Mattis, like every other general officer and admiral I briefed, had no knowledge of basic Islamic doctrine/sharia, nor the fact this doctrine drives everything jihadis do on and off the battlefield, despite the fact he held numerous command positions including as CENTCOM Commander in charge of U.S. forces fighting the Islamic enemy.

My additional experiences confirmed what I witnessed in my interactions with senior military leaders. I taught at places like the U.S. Army War College, attended events at the National Defense University, and reviewed the programs for civilian government leaders at places like Georgetown and Harvard, and discovered that enemy narratives, not enemy warfighting doctrine were being taught to U.S. leaders.

In nine months at the Marine Corps Command & Staff College instructors never even mention sharia, which is what 100% of the jihadis say is the reason they do what they do.

And that is why we lost the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Our leaders fight to win individual battles. Our enemy fights to win the war.

This entire war is primarily a war of narratives fought in the Information Battlespace. Whoever controls the narrative wins this war.

My assessment was and continues to be that the Marxist/communist and Islamic Counter-States completely control the battlespace in the this war of narratives, and they have our senior leaders regurgitating these narratives for them.

Let us go deeper into just how far hostile forces penetrated the Trump camp.

John Gallagher, a West Point graduate who served as an assistant to senior U.S. military commanders, served on the Trump Transition Team where he was one of two key individuals vetting national security positions for the Trump White House.

What’s the problem with this?

First off, Gallagher, was introduced into the Trump camp by Senator John McCain’s senate staff. That should be your first clue there is a problem.

Gallagher was also the President & CEO of the Institute for Global Engagement, a Muslim Brotherhood (MB) operation filled with high ranking MB operatives, including Suhail Khan, Aeefa Syeed, John Esposito and Akbar Ahmed.

Gallagher was eventually fired when this information was brought to the right people inside Mr. Trump’s camp prior to the inauguration, but not before the damage was done.

If you want to know why Philip Haney, Stephen Coughlin, and many others did not make it through the “vetting process” to serve in the Trump White House – now you know.

It is worth noting that UTT has information Gallagher worked with the senior leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood’s International Union of Muslim Scholars and traveled with U.S. Islamic Movement operative/jihadi Samar Ali, who is the daughter of Hamas operative Subhi Ali.

The below link chart provided by my colleague Stephen Coughlin – the Director of Unconstrained Analytics – provides details on the dangers of having John Gallagher vet national security positions or the Trump administration.

Note that Bill Hagerty recently stepped down as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan and is running for U.S. Senate as a republican in Tennessee.

As you review the information in this article, it may help you understand why Understanding the Threat called for President Trump to fire all military officers with stars on their shoulders from all branches of the military.

If America is going to survive the building revolution waged against it by communist and Islamic forces, drastic actions must be taken to purge the enemy from inside the very system the President is trying to use to “Make America Great Again.”

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. We must stop focusing on the president although he is important to the equation. No president can save a nation. The people must decide to do so. Real political power is at the local level where people decide to conform or not to. However, we live in a nation that is dominated by the media which creates confusion and iterates false and misleading information. This can be overcome at local levels. I have done this in several areas. It can be done and we have the perfect opportunity to do so due to the recent Covid -19 debacle. Millions of Americans are ripe for an answer and a solution to the unconstitutional actions that occurred. Now is the time.

    USMC vet, Legal Investigator & Business owner. Two kids in the USMC, and a wife of 29yrs. If we lose this war, we lose it not for ourselves, but for the our children and in faithlessness toward God. We must persevere and we can if we chose to. Each individual must dig deep and apply themselves to a united effort. Lead on Mr. Guandolo.

    • Correct. That is what UTT does. Just had a meeting with a number of key individuals who understand the threat. They see UTT’s as a big part of the solution. Sadly, none of them are currently inside the system, but they all work with people who are.
      What UTT does that stands out is we give Patriots tools to build teams at the local level and then create a network to identify and PROACTIVELY dismantle hostile communist/jihadi networks.

  2. Debbie R. Evans June 7, 2020 at 5:49 pm Reply

    I can see you’ve really done serious work on your website, awesome! Spent some serious time with sharing.

  3. Chosin… revisited… s/f

  4. […] America’s Department of Defense Moves Against the President June 4, 2020 When history records the details of the Marxist-Islamic revolution in America, people will be astounded at the number of military generals and republicans who stood with America’s enemies against the President of the United States. […]

  5. Hope the president knows everything you have said. Thank you

  6. Beverly M Barton June 6, 2020 at 12:48 pm Reply

    A trusted resource for up to date news. And then some. Thank you

  7. clowns to left of him and jokers to the right were stuck in the middle with him…what do you do when surrounded …….attack ing every direction you can….


    “On cue”, and previously covered up, I.e., Admiral Mike Mullen once pointed out in a speech at Kansas State University, that the combat readiness maintained by the U.S. military is exactly why it should be deployed sooner rather than later, as opposed being used as a “last resort”, because its mere presence helps to alter the targeted behavior. Furthermore, with respect to General Mattis, he not only deserted the president in his hour of need for political reasons; and had previously ordered Marines under his command deploying to Iraq to undergo “cultural sensitivity training”; but in December 2001, in the aftermath of an inadvertent B-52 airstrike, he repeatedly refused to dispatch nearby helicopters to remove the victims to safety due to “operational safety concerns”, i.e., refusals which resulted in several deaths among the injured due to the delay. As for Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, he should be deposed by the FBI with an eye on sedition in time of war*, then fired.

    *Anyone wishing to confirm the existence of Islam’s 22 May 1991 declaration of war on Western civilization via a personal Arabic-to-English translated edition of said outrage, which G.W. Bush still atributes to “a religion of peace”, may order a copy of the same document which was seized in accordance with a federal search warrant from a subterranean basement in Annandale, Virginia by special agents off the FBI, in 2004, by contacting: to request (for a nominal handling & postage fee): GOVERNMENT EXHIBIT: 003-0085 3:04-CR-240-G U.S. v. HLF, et al.

  9. NOT a single real surprise there… Sad… GET READY…

  10. I think some may be seeing conflicts in terms of conflict resolution, AKA, the consensus process, founded on the Hegelian-Dialectic. Which is marxist ideology. Principles, facts, truths, etc cannot go into the process, because it is a process of compromise. It is a process of surrender. This is what is meant by “everybody having a seat at the table.” Politicians and military leaders will never save America through the eyes of conflict resolution. It is a slow surrender to socialists. America is at a brainwashed state that believes the only way to resolve conflict is by surrender. The President sees conflict in terms of winning.

    The pictures of National Guardsman kneeling and bowing before the communists is appalling. They are acting like the POWs who went to communist side in China and N Korea.

    • You are correct and this is why UTT has been calling for Mr. Trump to fire every military officer with a star on his/her shoulder since before his inauguration.

  11. I believe what you are saying. I don’t care if you use my name, I am tired of these benighted people.

  12. This is nothing short of TREASON. These people need to be brought to justice, and if found guilty of treason, hanged. Our freedoms are being taken away incrementally, because If they took them overnight? Civil War II would well be underway..

  13. Mattis has been about Mattis for some time, I fear, if you think back, the group of Marines and their Corpsman, called The Pendleton 8, were accused of waking an Iraqi at random out of his bed and staging a fake incident to murder him in retaliation for recent IED deaths of Marines in Iraq.
    However, a friend of mine was involved in getting media attention and raising funds for their civilian legal defense says that in their original statements, they were ordered to do that killing as something similar to Operation Phoenix in Vietnam. Their Lt was supposed to accompany them, yet dropped out at the last moment.
    Gen Mattis was the senior officer that could allow charges to be dropped and he refused.
    I had at one time, access tot he census reports done in Hamdania, and I wrote this paper in response to what the census reports and news articles said at the time:
    This was written about 2007. Since then, each Marine has gone back to their original testimony of what happened on that day: That Lt Phan issued orders they were to apprehend a known terrorist who was recently seen planting IED’s that killed several Marines within 2 days of this incident, and kill him:



    The government’s case was that the patrol lead by Sgt Hutchin’s, Plymouth, Massachusetts, was after a specific insurgent named Saleh Gowad, and when he was not found at the location of his house, a random house was chosen and an innocent man was taken and killed. Make sure that you note the following that Sgt Hutchins was NOT at the house when Awad was taken; yet, Sgt Hutchins is the only one convicted of murder and is the only one who is continuing to do jail time.

    The following news articles show the accusation brought against these Marines, the Pendleton 8:

    “One of those suspected insurgents was a man named Saleh Gowad, an Iraqi the squad had arrested at least three times during a 45-day period, Jodka said. It was Gowad that the platoon was originally looking for, Jodka and other members of the squad have testified.”

    The Iraqi man, Saleh Gowad, was a known terrorist suspect who lived in the same house with his family and siblings Amad, Tareq, Hambed, Hakem and Ismael. According to the Census report of Kilo Company, the entire family, (sons and Father) were believed to be involved in the insurgency against the international forces participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was known to work at a gas station and made deliveries from the location of the gas station, sometimes being gone for as many as 6 days.

    The census reports clearly name other individuals, also, who were believed to be involved with kidnapping rings, IED creation and deployment, the murder of Iraqi civilians, the operation of terror cells, small arms attacks on Marine Corps forces, and which businesses were being used as fronts to create IED?s and VBIEDS.

    On April 7, 2006, the family of Gowad was seen at a senior leadership meeting, with Saleh Gowad present among other insurgent leaders who were named in the report. Saleh Gowad, or a man identifying himself as Saleh Gowad, was spotted and questioned by Marines of Kilo Company, 3rd squad, as reported on April 9, 2006. The man reported to be Gowad appeared to look different than the previous descriptions given of this man of interest, or HIGH VALUE INTEREST person (HVI)

    In a report dated April 12, 2006, an unnamed brother of Saleh Gowad was seen in a market where an IED had gone off on April 11, 2006, and is believed to have acted as a lookout for the insurgents who exploded the IED and to observe the tactics used by the Marines as a form of intelligence gathering.

    So the question is, since the government claims it was a mission to specifically grab Saleh Gowad, why would the squad go after Gowad when others of higher importance and clear connections to kidnapping rings, murder, other IED?s and small arms fire attacks against Marines are known to Marine Corps intelligence?

    With all the names and tribal connections listed in the census reports, to include the names of Gowad?s brothers and father as being possible insurgents, why would Sgt Hutchin?s squad choose to leave the home of Saleh Gowad with NO ONE else from the house, knowing that the entire family was suspect, to just snatch someone from a house at random?

    Remember, the government?s story is that Sgt Hutchin?s squad was on a self created mission, orchestrated by Sgt Hutchins, to capture or kill the Iraqi man, Saleh Gowad. When this failed with Saleh Gowad not at his house, they went to another random location and snatched Hashim Ibrihim Awad from his bed and killed him in a fabricated IED hole and a planted a rifle and shovel to hide the murder. This was all supposed to have been done for the purpose of extracting revenge for previous attacks against Marine forces in the area.

    As the media has reported this ?act of revenge?, here are two examples:

    ?Encinitas Marine pleads guilty in Hamdania killing

    Thursday, October 26, 2006—

    Jodka testified that he did not know that Awad was not their intended target, a suspected Iraqi insurgent named Saleh Gowad, but was actually Awad. When the squad could not find Gowad at his home, members went to another house and seized Awad. “I couldn’t see the man in the hole at the time we were firing, sir,” Jodka said. “I only saw him stand up and run down the road to the north.”

    ?Prosecutors have said the servicemen killed Awad out of frustration and then planted the assault rifle and shovel by the body to make it look as if he had been caught digging a hole for a roadside bomb. Bacos testified that the squad entered Hamdania on April 26 while searching for a known insurgent who had been captured three times, then released. Squad leader Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins was “just mad that we kept letting him go and he was a known terrorist,” Bacos said. The group approached a house where the insurgent was believed to be hiding, but when someone inside woke up, the Marines instead went to another home and grabbed Awad, a former policeman, according to the testimony. Bacos said the squad had intended to get someone else if they did not capture the insurgent, then stage a firefight to make it appear they had found an Iraqi planting a roadside bomb.?

    If the decision was to grab Saleh Gowad from his home, then why go to another home to find a random victim just to make a point? Knowing that ALL the male members of the Gowad family were considered a part of the Iraqi insurgency, any male member of the family who was at home would have been a ?suitable? person to intentionally murder to make the revenge point.

    If the members of the squad were so bold as to grab someone at another random location, why would the act of waking someone up at the original target house cause them to abandon their mission?


    This is from the autopsy report of the Hamdania incident, which was NOT allowed into evidence in this murder trial, the pathology report, and the Census Reports performed by Kilo Company.

    And, YES, that’s correct, the autopsy report was not allowed into trial!

    In the Census reports, each Squad Leader gives a detail of who they encountered as personnel in the Iraqi cities and villages as needed. This information is then used as intelligence, both in assessing the nature of the community and its needs, but also in war intelligence against Iraqi insurgents. These reports are also used to provide detail in how suspected insurgents are approached and a short description of actions taken against those who show hostile intent.

    In these reports, whenever a squad approaches a house, one of the main thrusts described in entering the house is to secure the area surrounding the house itself and especially, THE ROOF of the house. Each time an entry is made, it is always assumed, and rightly so, that there may be persons of hostile intent inside who would fire upon the Marines. Also, one well known Military axiom is to control the ?high ground? of a situation, for it allows observation of the surrounding area and allows for greater command and control of all units in place and those who may be needed for support.

    In these Census Reports, many times there is a clear mention of the Marines who entered these houses did so in accordance with rules of war fighting that meant: they also secured the high ground: the roof!

    From one Census report, dated March 28, 2006, an Iraqi house was entered at night time, and reads the following:


    This is critical, for the testimony of the Awad family is:

    1.) That when Sgt Hutchin?s squad allegedly grabbed Hashim Awad from his house, there is no testimony from the family that any sort of combat entry involving the establishment of a security perimeter. This would have been suicide for the Marines of Sgt Hutchin?s squad to not perform. Their actions would be no less surprising as any night time search done previously or since and therefore would be no less dangerous than any combat entry.

    2.) To therefore believe the claim that their actions during a ?legal and approved? entry into a house to grab a suspected insurgent would necessitate defensive maneuvers to include a defensive perimeter around the house and then a defensive emplacement upon the roof of the house to prevent any actions of any insurgents who may be unseen; and yet when going to a house at random to snatch someone to murder them after failing to find the previous unfound terrorists can somehow allow these Marines to:

    a.) Drop their guard and not establish a security which would include the securing of the roof top where the family testified they were sleeping atop?

    b.) Not secure the perimeter of the house they were surrounding?

    c.) Perform all of this at 0300 in the morning after waking up a neighbor and direct family member who lived less than 100 feet away who could easily either make a phone call to an insurgent friendly individual who lived nearby to engage these Marines with hostile fire either immediately or shortly after their actions or openly monitor the actions of these Marines who allegedly took another Iraqi man?s shovel and AK-47 from a previous house they supposedly barged into at 0200 that same morning?

    What is known, from the documents we have received, is that Kilo Company had established a pattern of setting up IED ambushes by visually making themselves seen in a common rural area for a time, show the populace a repeatable pattern of travel, and then egress the area in an open manner to allow the local insurgents an opportunity to attempt to set up an IED. By showing a false pattern of movement, Kilo Company would then return to the area under the cover of night using night vision equipment and monitor the area they were just located at in hopes of catching an insurgent planting an explosive device.

    This pattern of patrolling was proven effective, and on the night in question, Sgt Hutchin?s patrol proved it effective again by catching the man identified as ?Hashim Awad? in the act of digging a hole for what was believed to be an IED, at the hour of 0200, an act that is rightly seen as hostile.


    The story of the actual death of a supposed Iraqi man identified as Hashim Ibrihim Awad, has very differing accounts from both the Marines ‘witnesses’ and the supposed Iraqi ‘witnesses’. Among the conflicting stories are the number of people who supposedly entered the house to remove and apprehend the supposed Iraqi man, Hashim Ibrihim Awad, and just how the body was identified.

    ( Please see original article at the link) ( This article discusses the differences between the Marine?s accounts of the action vs the family and government) ?Iraqis Accuse Marines in April Killing Of Civilian – Disabled Man’s Family Disputes Troops’ Story – By Ellen Knickmeyer-Washington Post Foreign Service Monday, June 5, 2006; A01- – Baghdad, June 4 – All parties to the case of Hashim Ibrahim Awad al-Zobaie agree that he was shot dead by Marines of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Regiment on April 26 in the small central Iraqi village of Hamdaniyah. But there are differing accounts of his death, and they are at the heart of another investigation into the conduct of American forces in Iraq. – – The slaying of Hashim, known in the village as Hashim the Lame because he had a metal bar surgically inserted into one leg several years ago, is the smaller and less prominent of two incidents being investigated over allegations of wrongful death and possible coverups.- – Members of Hashim’s family interviewed by a Washington Post special correspondent on Saturday said the disabled man’s last hours began about 2 a.m. on April 26, when members of a U.S. Marine foot patrol banged at the door of his one-story, walled compound. The Marines grabbed Hashim by the front of his cotton robe as soon as he came to the door, pulling him from the house, said one of his sons, Nasir, 26, an arts student in Baghdad. “Less than an hour later, we heard shooting,” Nasir said. The family was too afraid of the U.S. forces to immediately investigate, Nasir said.?

    (Note also here in this story, if Awad truly lived in a walled compound, then the security concerns would have been greater, and the need for control of the area against all unknown forces in the area would be expanded. To enter any residence where there is a walled defense, especially after waking up the neighborhood by banging on the door and NOT securing the perimeter and rooftop as normal procedure was, is insanity.)

    Concerning the apprehension of the deceased, Iraqi sources quoted in the official autopsy report say the following: A man identified as Nassar Hashim Ibrihim Al Awad, the son of Hashim Ibrihim Awad, claims to have been sleeping on the roof of his father’s house when at 0200 he heard loud banging on the front door. His father, Hashim, was sleeping downstairs. He claims his father answered the door to the Marines outside, which Nassar numbered at about 8 Marines.

    “When Gowad wasn’t home, the squad decided to go to the home closest to his where they dragged the sleeping Awad from his bed, Jackson said. They marched him out about 1,000 yards, bound his hands and feet, gagged him, then shot him, according to Jackson and Bacos, who also testified Tuesday. They didn’t know who Awad was until told by investigators, they said.”

    Note that the Iraqi man identified as Awad’s son said 8 men were at the door, which his father answered due to the knocking by the Marines, but the Marines themselves say that only 4 of them approached the house and that Awad was forcibly removed from his bed. The Marines made these statements as a part of their plea bargains.

    Cpl Trent Thomas told the story this way:

    “Thomas testified that Awad, the 52-year-old father of 11, became the focus of the squad after their original target, who lived in the home next door to Awad’s, could not be found. Awad was killed in the early morning hours after being seized from his bed by a “snatch team” that included Thomas, marched to a hole created by an earlier roadside bombing and shot multiple times.”

    These differing accounts beg the question: Why would the family members lie if their father was murdered? If he was dragged from the door after answering the knocks, why change the story? Would it matter if he was dragged from the door or from his bed? In fact, isn’t it a much crueler thing to break into a house and drag someone from their own secure bed and outside the house kill them? If there is to be a falsehood from the family concerning a murdered family member, would that lie not represent something more extreme?

    Surely, to drag someone out of their house from their bed is worse, but the family does not say that, they plainly state in the official report that he answered the door and was taken away.

    So, why would the Marines all say he was taken from his bedside? Why is there no difference of opinion between the Marines who pled guilty and got plea bargains on this subject?

    (At this point, the reader must remember the beginning of this section describing how Marines enter a house and why security is paramount.)

    Concerning their identification of the body of the deceased, Iraqi sources as quoted in the official autopsy report say the following:

    4.) Awad Ibrihim Awad, the reported brother of Hashim Ibrihim Awad, stated in the official report that he lived approximately 30 yards away from Hashim’s house and that he witnessed the Marines taking Hashim away. Awad claimed that his brother owned an AK-47 but that he was not in possession of it when the Marines left Hashim’s house. Capt. Rafie Mohammed Abid, a local Iraqi policeman, called Awad at 0500 and informed him of his brother’s death. According to Awad Ibrihim Awad, his brother was shot in the back and the back of the head and that Hashim had a ‘Platinum Leg’ which would have hindered his manner and ability of walking.

    This contradicts the previous testimony in the formal report by the son, Nassar Hashim Ibrihim Al Awad, in that, after he recounts the incident about his father’s abduction and describes the number of Marines who took away his father, he continued to describe his first learning of his father’s death from tribal leader Galeb Alkwad Alabes, who told him that his father’s body is in the Police Station. Nassar was told that the Police needed someone to identify the body of the man later identified as Awad.

    How is this possible? The two members of the same family are contacted by different people, and one is told at 0500 that the Police KNEW who the dead man was, yet when the son was notified of his ‘father’s death’, he is told the Police are unaware of the identity of the deceased. What is also curious, is that there is no mentioning of the son calling the Police to ask what happened to his father and where he was, was he charged with something, or was he alive!

    (If an occupation army took away your parent in the middle of the night, wouldn?t the first thing you do when you awake is make a phone call or inquiry as to his whereabouts?)

    The son does another curious thing after receiving a call from the Police; he goes to the Police station with two of his uncles, but NOT with the one who lived the closest, Awad Ibrihim Awad, and makes no mention of looking for that uncle first, the one which would live the closest to the deceased.

    Nassar claims he went to the Police Station with Saadon Ibrihim Awad and Ali Ibrihim Awad, but NOT with Awad Ibrihim Awad, the uncle who lived only 30 meters from the very house he was sleeping on the roof of that fateful night??

    According to the testimony and recorded statements of HM3 Bacos, the shooting went like this:

    ?They took him to a roadside hole, bound him, and, Bacos testified, Sgt. Hutchins fired three rounds into Awad’s head. Then Corp. Trent Thomas shot Awad in the chest seven to 10 times.?

    Pvt. Tyler Jackson said the following in testimony:

    ?Pvt. Tyler Jackson told the nine-member jury that it was Hutchins who announced to the seven men he was leading on a patrol the night of April 25 that he had a plan. If everyone agreed, Jackson said Hutchins told his men, the squad would go to the home of a suspected insurgent named Saleh Gowad, seize and kill him.

    The platoon had arrested Gowad several weeks earlier, but learned he had been released from custody. Once they had Gowad, Jackson said, the plan was to march him to the site of a previous roadside bombing, shoot him and make it appear he had an AK-47 and was planting a bomb. And executing a man considered an “HVI,” or high value individual as the military refers to suspected insurgents, wasn’t something that caused much angst that night, Jackson said. “Killing the number one HVI in the area did not sound like a bad idea to me,” he told the three officers and six enlisted men hearing the case against Thomas. When Gowad wasn’t home, the squad decided to go to the home closest to his where they dragged the sleeping Awad from his bed, Jackson said. They marched him out about 1,000 yards, bound his hands and feet, gagged him, then shot him, according to Jackson and Bacos, who also testified Tuesday. They didn’t know who Awad was until told by investigators, they said.?

    Cpl. Rob Pennington:

    ?Pennington’s role in the April 26 killing included helping march the 52-year-old Awad to the killing site, binding the victim’s hands and feet and wiping squad members’ fingerprints from a stolen AK-47. He also was accused of placing that weapon and a shovel in Awad’s hands in an attempt to make it appear the Iraqi was an insurgent planting a roadside bomb.?

    HM3 Bacos own testimony contradicts himself, however, as reported here:

    ?Bacos testified at length Wednesday about the corporal’s actions in the killing of Awad. Thomas, Bacos said, was part of a “snatch team” that took Awad from his home and helped lead the retired Iraqi policeman to a killing site some 1,000 yards away. During the march to that site, Thomas repeatedly pushed Awad along and helped bind the hands and feet of the 52-year-old father of 11. Shortly after the squad from the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment took up positions and fired numerous shots at Awad, Thomas fired three shots at close range into his chest, Bacos testified. While outlining Thomas’ role in the slaying, Bacos also testified that the plan that led to the killing was primarily designed and led by the squad’s leader, Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins III. At the same time that Thomas was firing three shots into Awad’s chest, Hutchins fired several rounds into the man’s head, Bacos said.?

    But, Bacos? previous statements were this:

    ?They took him to a roadside hole, bound him, and, Bacos testified, Sgt. Hutchins fired three rounds into Awad’s head. Then Corp. Trent Thomas shot Awad in the chest seven to 10 times.?

    3 Shots in the chest are not 7 to 10 shots in the chest. Which is correct? Also, who shot first? This testimony is a critical part of a testimony used to convict Sgt Hutchins of murder and must be and if a person is credible or not, and his story keeps contradicting itself, how can it be considered accurate?

    The following testimony by Pfc. Jodka is also troubling, for it raises more questions as to who is telling the truth:

    ?Four of the men —— Cpls. Marshall Magincalda and Trent Thomas, Lance Cpl. Robert Pennington and Corpsman Bacos —— all headed out to snatch Gowad from his home. When Bacos testified three weeks ago, he said they could not find Gowad, so instead they grabbed a neighbor —— Awad. The four troops returned with their captive under a moonless sky, Jodka said. “I overheard Cpl. Thomas tell Sgt. Hutchins that we got him and he’s in the hole,” Jodka testified, adding that the hole was about 75 yards away. “At this point, you thought the individual was Saleh Gowad?” the judge asked Jodka. “Yes sir,” he replied. ‘You know what to say’. According to the charges filed in June, the men bound the hands and feet of Awad —— who was a retired Iraqi policeman —— before shoving him into the hole. Jodka said Hutchins ordered the men to open fire. But Awad stood up and scrambled out of the hole, which was about 2 1/2 feet deep. “I don’t know if he stood up after he was shot, or was shot after he stood up,” Jodka said, soon adding, “I couldn’t see the man in the hole at the time we were firing, sir. I only saw him stand up and run down the road to the north.”

    The question that must be raised is how did a man who was bound hand and foot get up to run? The standard method of binding a prisoner on the battlefield is to use a plastic draw tie, sometimes called a TIE WRAP, often used in industrial applications. Large types are being used in Iraq to restrain suspects or prisoners since they are lightweight and can be rolled up in your pocket before use and can be discarded after use.

    When applied properly, they cannot come undone; it is a physical impossibility due to its design. That means anyone who had these Draw Ties (TIE WRAPS) around their wrists or legs, would be unable to remove them themselves without a cutting tool of some sort along with some physical contortions to maneuver your tool into the correct position.

    How could someone whose legs are tied run? How could he get up if the men were standing there? Why are most testimonies of this event all stating that the man was in the hole when shot, but Jodka?s testimony is that the man tried to get up and run? For anyone to resist against this type of restraint, you would be exerting great force upon your areas restrained to no avail. If you resisted, there would be marks of some kind on your body.


    The identity of the deceased Iraqi man identified as Awad is also in question. When appearing at the home of Awad, persons who identified themselves as family members gave testimony to the investigating team of Marines after the incident. There was no attempt to catalog the identification of these person, no ID?s were copied or transcribed. The identities of all persons in the room were known only by the name they gave, not by any evidence of who they were according to what the government could prove.

    Iraqi persons have identification cards, and Americans took photographs of persons who they were suspect of, and this family did NOT produce, nor were they asked about any identification confirmation.

    Nor were any of the persons there asked to submit DNA samples, including the sons or others claiming to be uncles of the deceased.

    The body of the man identified as Hashim Awad was exhumed from what was called the family gravesite. The condition of the gravesite and the circumstances surrounding the exhumation are questionable.

    The grave that was identified as Awad?s was located in what the Awad family said was their family cemetery. A small white tombstone marked the location and the grave itself had a 12? mound of dirt on the top of the grave. What happens next is puzzling.

    The alleged family member of the deceased, Awad Awad, told the exhumation team that the body was buried approximately 1 meter deep, but off to the side of the actual grave! The mound of dirt, which a person would assume was covering the actual body, was NOT the grave mound! According to Awad Awad, the actual site of the body was off to the side of the grave and behind some concrete tiles.

    What that means is, while a grave mound appears to be piled over the body, the actual body is to the side of the grave mound??

    Awad Awad explained that this is standard custom for their culture! While photographs taken by the Marine Corps conclude that this is the immediate area of the gravesite, there is NO WAY anyone can state that a body that is to the side of a burial mound is the actual body. It is also questionable to see concrete tiles separating this body from the immediate gravesite that is indicated by the tombstone of the grave.

    The Pathology report contains a DNA analysis from the deceased Iraqi man identified as Hashim Awad and a man who was identified as Awad Ibrihim Awad, yet the government?s own case has foundered on this part due to the fact they do NOT know the identity of the man identified as the brother of Awad. There was no evidence of any other family relation by name giving DNA evidence. I wish I knew more, but it seems the ratio of the percentage of how connected the two persons were was a number that was compared to the whole Earth population when compared to their ethnic origin. If a person is classified as 614,000 times more likely to be my brother than a random man in the population, that still leaves quite a few people who are likely to be related. Can it be that the person tested is a cousin? We don?t know who the first man is in actuality, there were no DNA tests performed or released on the persons claiming to be a child or parent of the deceased.

    As in all autopsies, there is a physical description of the body received and work performed. The location and number of bullet wounds and locations of these wounds in the autopsy findings contradicts the accounts of all the Marines in their testimony.

    All Marines agree that the Iraqi man identified as AWAD was shot before the dead check was performed on him. The exact location of those wounds was unclear in testimony, but the wounds received after Sgt Hutchins and his squad came face to face with the man firing at them are accounted for, namely:

    a.) 3 Shots in the face done by Sgt Hutchins

    b.) 7 to 10 Shots in the torso by Cpl Thomas

    The autopsy and pathology report should reflect these accounts with only small additions or corrections, yet this is not the case.

    3 similar gunshot wounds, similar to those reported by Sgt Hutchins, are mentioned in the autopsy report, but additional facial gunshot wounds are also recorded in the autopsy. 1 Additional gunshot wound is recorded to have entered on the left side of the face and exiting the left side of the face near the left ear. Additional wounds appear on the left side of the neck.

    NONE of the accounts of the Marines who took plea bargains spoke of these additional wounds on the left side of the face or left side of the neck. These wounds described are serious, would produce heavy bleeding and possible be a cause of death in themselves due to heavy bleeding, yet there is no mentioning of these wounds. Why?

    It must be emphasized that the testimony given states that Cpl. Thomas shot 7 to 10 times into the torso of this Iraqi Man. The autopsy does NOT record 7 to 10 shots in the torso at all. The autopsy records 2 shots in the lateral right aspect, and one entrance wound which caused internal injuries, but did NOT mention 7 to 10 gunshots or multiple gunshots to the chest or abdomen at all.

    The autopsy records a gunshot wound to the right buttock and pelvis, the anterior right forearm with 2 wounds, and a gunshot wound to the right thigh. Those additional wounds here would indicate that he was moving when shot and his right side was in the line of fire of the advancing Marines if this was the actual man these Marines were shooting at, yet none of the recorded evidence agrees with the sworn statements.

    An additional problem with the identification of the body is the claim that ?Hashim Awad? had a rod in his leg, was once described as having a ?platinum leg? and also being known as ?Hashim the Lame?. The autopsy did show a healed fracture and did show that 2 wire fixtures were used to assist in healing, but this is certainly NOT a debilitating wound that would label anyone ?Lame? or disabled.

    (Editor?s note: I myself have several pins surgically installed due to a shoulder injury, located in my shoulder in 2004, have had bone graft surgery on my right humerous as a teenager before my service in the Marine Corps, and recently had 2 spinal surgeries in an 11 month period since March of 2007. Having an old fracture wired is not debilitating)

    One additional point in all this, is that the autopsy records NO SOOT or STIPPLING wounds to any of the wounds recorded. Yet, each and every of the Marines, in their plea bargains, stated that Sgt Hutchins shot the Iraqi man from a distance of approximately 3 feet away with a high powered military assault weapon, 5.56 millimeter projectile whose muzzle velocity is approximately 2270 feet per second. So did Cpl. Thomas according to the sworn testimony. Anyone shot at that close a range would certainly have gunpowder residue embedded in their face, but according to the autopsy examination, microscopic analysis showed there was none!

    What must also be mentioned is how the autopsy clearly indicated that there appeared to be no hemorrhage or other injury of any kind after the wrists and ankles were dissected. To be fair, the amount of decomposition that occurred may be a factor in that, but that itself is not proof enough that there were restraints or cuffs used or not used. Which ever it is, is does NOT prove cuffs were used, regardless of how the story is told.


    It is with great difficulty that the only conclusion that can be gathered from this report is that the men of Kilo Company, known as The Pendleton 8, are innocent and were prosecuted for reasons known only to the Marine Corps, NCIS and the JAG Corps, for the evidence that the government had in it?s hands exonerated these men, not convict them.

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