Weakness and Appeasement Still Not Working

June 13, 2013

Weakness and Appeasement Still Not Working

In the early 1960’s, the United States had one primary enemy who sought to destroy us – the Soviet Union.  President Kennedy’s cowardly abandonment of Cuban rebel forces at the Bay of Pigs led to the death or capture of over 1,600 men who were expecting American military and air support.  Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev saw this as weakness and a sign he could bully Kennedy and America.  At a meeting between the two leaders in Vienna, Austria shortly afterwards, Kennedy sought dialogue – Khruschev sought an advantage.  Two and a half months later in the middle of the night, the Soviet Red Army erected the Berlin wall.  Tyranny again reigned in Europe, doing what tyranny naturally does – enslave the people.


The chaos of the late 1960’s in America along with what was viewed as a quagmire in Vietnam, led then Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev in 1969  to undertake a bold strategy – to enter an arms race with the United States and overtake us militarily in ten years.  One of the primary means to do this was “detente” – enter into arms negotiations with the United States to give the appearance they wanted peace, while continually building their strength to destroy us.

As a side note, Ronald Reagan said of detente, “Detente, isn’t that what a farmer has with his turkey until Thanksgiving Day?”


President Nixon and his right hand man Henry Kissinger stepped willingly into this trap and engaged the Soviets on the international stage.  On May 30, 1972 in the Kremlin, Nixon and Brezhnev signed the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT) and the Anti-Ballistic Missile Agreement.  For the first time, the Soviets were seen as “equal partners” with America.  We believed we were progressing in peaceful discussions, while the Soviets used this as a blocking manuever to keep us at bay.  Out of this, we gave the Soviets grain at greatly reduced rates, cheap credit, computer technology, equipment for fossil fuel development and other key strategic items they used in their pursuit to destroy us.

It is reminiscent of what Lenin said:  “The Capitalists will sell us the very rope with which we will hang them.”

In the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia, U.S. Army forces were ambushed while executing a mission in downtown Mogadishu.  Our military warriors demonstrated amazing prowess and heroism killing thousands of Somalis.  Yet we lost 18 American men with over 70 wounded and one captured pilot.  In response, President Clinton did not aggressively pursue our enemies, but pulled our forces out.  This was viewed by Somalia, Al Qaeda, and the larger Muslim world as weakness – America running away with our tail between our legs.  We know this because Al Qaeda forces were on the ground in Somalia, provided some of the armaments, and participated in the fighting.

Today, the current administration feels it is not only appropriate to appease the Islamic world, which unequivocally and in a unified fashion states its objective is to forcefully impose Islamic Law (Shariah) on all of us, but to give financial, military, and diplomatic aid to this enemy.  Why else would the U.S. government have used a known jihadi group to provide security for us at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.  Even if we believe this is being done with good intentions, the outcome is assured.  The enemy is pursuing our destruction while we “hope” they aren’t.  Hope is not a strategy.

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) – the largest international body in the world second only to the United Nations – is made up of all 57 Islamic States in the world (they count Palestine as one).  The OIC officially states in their Charter they seek to spread “human rights” across the globe.  In 1993, they served the Cairo Declaration to the United Nations in which they defined “Human Rights” as the imposition of Shariah.   The Muslim Brotherhood, Tabligi Jamaat, Jamaat i Islami, along with Al Qaeda, Hamas, and all the other prominent violent jihadi organizations, all formally state they exist to impose Islamic Law (Shariah) on the world and establish an Islamic state (Caliphate) to rule the world – a unified objective.  Appeasing them and hugging them in hopes they will hug us back will not work.  This has never been an effective national security model.

When President Ronald Reagan embarked on a total war strategy to defeat the Soviet Union, he brought the full force our government to bear – financial assets, economic warfare, propaganda and media, military, intelligence/counterintelligence, social/cultural, religious, and the kitchen sink.  President Reagan sought victory, not companionship.

We must take this same approach with our current Islamic enemy.  Any American who advocates the overthrow of our government and takes actions to do so, is an enemy of the state and is in violation of federal code.  Individuals who self-identify as being Muslim but who have no desire to live under, impose, or have anything to do with Shariah, are not a threat and should not be treated as such.  However, today in America, nearly every single man and woman in a leadership position in the Islamic community does, in fact, advocate the overthrow of our government and our Constitution via the imposition of Shariah – and they do so in many cases publicly and boldly.  Yet our government not only stands idly by, they are aiding and abetting this enemy in a myriad of ways, many of which have been detailed on this blog or elsewhere.

Winston Churchill once said, “The appeaser is the one who feeds the alligator hoping it will eat him last.”  It is time to stop appeasing our enemy and engage the enemy – not with dialogue, but with the full legal weight of our government at all levels of our society.  It is time to seek victory and dispatch our enemy.

macd and magid

Deputy National Security Advisor Denis MacDonough with Imam Mohamed Magid (President of ISNA, the largest MB front in North America and a financial support entity for Hamas according to evidence at the US v HLF trial, Dallas, 2008).


FBI Director Robert Mueller III presenting an award to Imam Yahya Hendi, a senior Muslim Brother in the U.S. who sits on the MB’s Fiqh Council of North America.


Senator Richard Durbin shaking hands with Muslim Brother Mohammed Elsanousi (Director of Hamas support entity ISNA) directly after the hearings on Muslim Civil Rights concluded.


Republican strategist Grover Norquist with Muslim Brother Suhail Khan.  Khan’s father Maboob Khan created three of the first and largest MB organizations in America.  ISNA has an annual award named after him.  Norquist also created the Islamic Free Market Institute with at least $10,000 directly from Al Qaeda financier Abdurahman Alamoudi.


President Clinton and Vice President Gore with Al Qaeda financier, Muslim Brother, and Hamas operative Abdurahman Alamoudi who now sits in federal prison.  Alamoudi was President Clinton’s Islamic advisor and created the Muslim Chaplain program for the Department of Defense.


President Obama bows to Saudi King

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