The Atlantic Magazine Joins a Long Line of Media Elites Supporting Jihad & Sharia

June 8, 2018

The Atlantic Magazine Joins a Long Line of Media Elites Supporting Jihad & Sharia

When the President’s National Security Advisor chose the new Chief of Staff for the National Security Council, the media elites immediately launched attacks to destroy the good name and reputation of the man designated for that position – Fred Fleitz.

National Security Advisor John Bolton with the new NSC Chief of Staff Fred Fleitz

Fred Fleitz has a career of honorable service to the United States including:

* Serving in the Central Intelligence Agency for 19 years as a senior analyst with an expertise in Weapons of Mass Destruction, proliferation, and related matters

* Chief of Staff for Undersecretaries of State for Arms Control John Bolton and Robert Joseph

* Senior staff member with House Intelligence Committee and a senior adviser to the committee’s Ranking Member

* Vice President of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Fleitz regularly appears on many media outlets regarding a wide variety of national security matters.

Amidst the ad hominem attacks, the media, including Peter Beinhart at The Atlantic, revealed their ignorance or willing support for the jihadis/terrorists and their stated objectives – to establish a global Islamic State under Islamic Law (sharia).

In his article, which can be found HERE, Peter Beinhart follows the script of most in the media – he quotes the Center for Security Policy and its publications on matters of sharia and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Jihadi Movement in the U.S., and leaves the reader believing the information is rhetoric or baseless without actually addressing the matter in fact.

Specifically, Mr. Beinart fails to mention sharia is authoritatively derived from the Koran and the example of Islam’s prophet Mohammad.

Mr. Beinart fails to mention that 100% of our enemy self-identifies as “muslims waging jihad to establish an Islamic State under sharia.

Mr. Beinart fails to mention that 100% of all published sharia mandates jihad until the entire world is under sharia and 100% of sharia legally defines “jihad” ONLY as “warfare against non-muslims.”

Mr. Beinart fails to mention that it is obligatory for muslims to follow all aspects of sharia under penalty of death under the Laws of Apostasy in sharia.

Mr. Beinart also fails to mention that the evidence in the largest terrorism financing trial ever successfully prosecuted in American history (US v Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, Dallas 2008) reveals the most prominent Islamic organizations in the United States are – as a matter of fact – part of a defined “movement” led by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood with the stated objective of waging “Civilization Jihad” to establish an Islamic State (caliphate) under Islamic Law (sharia).

Mr. Beinart fails to mention this is the same objective as Al Qaeda, ISIS, and every other jihadi organization on the planet.

In his article, Mr. Beinart mentions the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) as if the Center for Security Policy and Fred Fleitz have wrongly accused them of simply being Islamic.  The evidence in the 15 year FBI investigation into the Holy Land Foundation reveals the Muslim Brotherhood itself identifies ISNA and NAIT as Muslim Brotherhood entities, and the evidence demonstrates both organizations passed large sums of money directly from their accounts to Hamas leaders and Hamas organizations overseas – terrorist organizations – in violation of U.S. law.

Peter Beinart speaking at the New America Foundation

Maybe none of this should surprise us since Peter Beinart has openly defended the terrorist group Hamas, which is an inherent part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

If we analyze Mr. Beinart’s “journalistic” work, he is either demonstrating staggering incompetence as a reporter or is intentionally defending enemies of the United States.

In either case, Mr. Beinart’s defense of terrorist support organizations with a defined goal of overthrowing the U.S. government, and his ad hominem attacks on a man who has dedicated his life to public service – Fred Fleitz – is disingenuous at least, and, more realistically, seditious and intentional at its roots.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. So this writer is wants to criticize people informed about Hamas or sharia law, no surprise. As the news today is full of comments Trudeau’s parting critical comments about Pres. Trump, I believe there may be a back story could be also due to the rising awareness that in Britain many people marched in support of Tommy Robinson and were asking for his release after his arrest, fighting back against suppression of speech, and bad policy of open borders. The citizens suffered, threatened with arrest after a massive influx of refugee’s came with the doctrine and a goal to bring sharia law as they crossed the borders. Canada’s open borders and welcoming of the Canadian Muslim Brotherhood with influence on policy is also waking up some Canadians once they start the hear about the awareness that Britain lost freedom of speech and did not protect citizens against predators of very young children, the true definition of jihad supported by sharia.The very fear it could expose the ignorance and lack of intelligence about sharia law of Islam. Europe is beginning to see our Presidents comments were being appreciated by the public who lost their safety and freedom of speech. People could be arrested for speaking out at the same time jihadist could parade the street and demand accommodation. We still need honest education in the U.S. since there are states and major cities who have no clue about al Quds( destroy Israel) celebrations and how it is allowed, in cities such as NY. Perplexed about media..bad timing Trudeau comments..?The media ..just wonder why they are protecting bad policy Islam sharia slander laws,asking the latent enemy to define it self should be followed up with documentation in my opinion.

  2. After reading all the comments above, I don’t know what to say as the comments have said it well about this issue. When I see & hear about all the muslim invaders over in UK, Germany, Sweden, & the rest that have fallen by the way side of so many migrants/refugees, muslims, and how bad it is, the no go zones, hostile & attacking, crimes of rape, etc., I’ve seen Paris in videos with cities full of tents lined a long the streets, hoards of African migrants standing around everywhere doing nothing but complaining & wanting more free hand outs or money. I honestly like to think that here in US, we the people are stronger than those in Europe that pretty much stood by & watched, let their countries be taken over and got ran over, holding up welcome signs as the flood of moochers came in. I hope we will not stand by but stand up & against being over ran by these muslims, if we do not stand up to these people at every turn they will absolutely take advantage & run us over with our own laws… Do not take a back seat to them, their demands, and them imposing their culture or religion upon us. If I still had young kids in school & they were trying to push that Islamic shit on my kids, believe me I would pull my kids out find some other school or home school. There is no way I would sit back say oh well nothing I can do I have to work so I have no choice. FIND ANOTHER WAY! You are giving in to the schools & letting the muslims win with pushing that shit in our schools on our kids. The schools needs kids to make money without kids they don’t get money, if parents would ban together on this you have the power just like with companies they need us buying their products otherwise they go out of business we have the POWER, USE IT….


    By virtue of his spectacular array of eclectic educational achievements, Peter Beinart is allegedly regarded by peers as a contextual “Wunderkind”, I.e., a child who though not yet 10-years of age is prodigiously creative in his chosen domain at the level of an adult expert. Amadeus Mozart was a so called “wunderkind” who having been taught by his father to play the violin by the time he was six, then wrote an opera for presentation to the King of France. And – forgive the cliché – the rest is definitely history.

    But playing violins and going to school are both a far cry from winning a literal war of survival with Islam, I.e., an enemy of unspeakable evil who for 14-centuries, and counting, has been relentlessly embarked on a savage crusade to kill every non-Muslim on the face of the earth who resists being enslaved under it’s draconian hell known as Sharia, and who on 9/11 punctuated its declaration of war* on the United States with a 3-pronged surprise attack which claimed the lives of 2777 (mainly) American victims.

    Yet the following is an encapsulated representation of wunderkind Peter Beinart’s looney-tune plan of how to win what he naively refers to as the war on “terror” (terror, of course, being simply the tactic of choice the enemy, ISLAM, exclusively uses to kill us: I.e., “Liberals, and only Liberals can win the war on terror” thus “The only way for America to distinguish itself from imperial powers of the past is to acknowledge its own capacity for evil”. There you have it, straight from a man without a contextual clue of what he’s talking about, yet has the audacity to kick sand in the face of the National Security Advisor’s choice to be Chief of Staff of the National Security Council, a man who as UTT points out, has dedicated much of his adult life to the enhancement of U.S. national security, thus to the wellbeing & personal safety of the American people. Good luck & God speed to Fred Fleitz!

    *Anyone wishing to own a personal Arabic-to-English verbatim translation of Islam’s said declaration of war on the United States, which was seized in compliance with a federal search warrant by Special Agents of the FBI from a subterranean basement in Annandale, Virginia, in 2004, may do so (for a nominal handling & postage fee) by contacting, to request: GOVERNMENT EXHIBIT: 003-0085
    3:04-CR-240-G U.S. v. HLF, et al.

  4. I feel we are running out of time and yes in some way this is a pesimistic approach,but the way things are in USA in general and in the Public Schools in particular,is scary. Schools authorities promote openly the Islam and impose special treatment to Muslims in school,and target those school personnel who disregard,ignore,or refuse special treatmen. Recently, I attended a meeting about Diversity, not surprised but disappointed I was watching the slides in the screen revealing how percents of white blacks foreigners and religious affiliations changed since 2000 to present years. When the time came to express opinion,most of the teachers remained silence,but others young teachers mention the importance to respect culture and habits of students,whos’ behavior is less than desirable. For a person,like me,who knows socialism first hand,it was a sign of danger.
    Recently Austrian authorities decide to close 6 mosques,expell 3 imans. Other countries decided to deport few Muslims that commited act of violence,while others are despicable tolerant, Is time for President Trump pay attention about what Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates are having in mind to penetrate American Educational system.

  5. American/Canadian Citizens continue to be educated by those that deceive on media/campuses etc by either Reformers of Islam or Scholars of Islam (MUSLIM).

    Cable news host favor having these guest on as experts always suggesting this has nothing to do with Islam after any Islamic terror event.

    At some point, Americans and Canadians will look outside their windows which is now and they will see an Islamic community we are to reach out to in helping our fight against radical Islam scratching their head asking WTF.

    The narrative won’t match reality, as it is that Islamic community is where the forming of sex grooming gangs develop, it’s where those that throw acid in the face of non Muslim females occur, its where planning for vehicles rented to run over infidels begins.

    This has gone on long enough this nonsense coming out of various groups like Act for American or the Clarion Project, both advocate for reaching out, both suggest we embrace our nice Islamic enclaves and therein is our problem.

    At some point we may see a difference in the narrative, so far no indications it will be soon, how will you know a change is coming for the good? when you see Apostates and or Christians from the Middle East on your cable news outlets, speakers on college campuses without being protested, you will see them called upon to testify in Washington rather than CAIR or other Islamic front groups.

    You see, Apostates vs. Reformers have one thing in common, Allah/Muhammad, Apostates speak the truth of both of these Jihadist while Reformers stay clear of this mention.

    As Americans and Canadians we must encourage individuals like John Guandolo, Usama Dakdok, Robert Spencer, Dr. Bill Warner, Dr. Carl Goldberg, William Federer, Sandra Solomon, Anni Cyrus, Farah Prudence, and many other’s out their struggling to get the truth out, a unified effort of one unified force joining and forming an organization funded by American and Canadian supporters and with the help of influential Angel Investors.

    Media and elected officials must be turned around from deception, I believe this is one effective way of doing so, otherwise funding continues wittingly or unwittingly via Islamic financial scams even Citizens contribute too, these experts know where those funds come from and these experts know how to cut off those funding’s which is vital to Islam. IMHO. P/S many retired Patriots with so much to offer like Admiral James Ace Lyons and General Boykin, Phillip Haney, Kevin Shipp etc, sure would love to strike a blow with an strong Patriot movement in taking back this country from what this House of War surrounds us with. Quick and Clean once and for all.

  6. Sort of like the dog chasing it’s own tail. I love it now when the far left, and democratic leaders uses the statements or decide they are following the” facts” because they asked an adherent friendly muslim or leaders of the MB’s organization, or have attended an outreach dawah meeting at the local mosque about Islam. Without knowing sharia law they are lost in space or just landed in fantasy land
    The real source should be reading sharia law, the Koran, or a view and read the Strategic Memorandum of the Muslim Brotherhood…then suddenly the dog stops chasing the tail and the view is clear….if you get my drift. It is not difficult at that point to see why slander laws of Islam which calls for a death penalty for anyone who hurts Islam is so effective. The doctrine hurts itself when it is exposed to light. It is obligatory to deceive so as to not hurt the “peaceful” reputation that has allowed it to grow. Sort of like Obama’s statement “the future does not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”, could be he was following sharia law and encouraging the enemy to setup shop, he must have noticed the border was open and that discussion was a tricky one. In my opinion. Now Europe will have a fundamental change how long will it stay silent.

  7. Too many Left-Wing Organizations, Government & Non-Government, are deeply invested in the Shariafication of US Law.
    Fred Fleitz is Perfect as the Chief of Staff for National Security Council, regardless of the tactics of Beinart of the “Atlantic” Rag!
    Thanks to our John Bolton for a Great Selection!

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