Biden Regime Moves Swiftly to Impose Communist Agenda

January 27, 2021

Biden Regime Moves Swiftly to Impose Communist Agenda

by John D. Guandolo

Having brought down the American Republic by unlawfully seizing Executive and Legislative power, the communists and their jihadi/globalist cabal now control the U.S. federal government.

This regime is placing communists, jihadis, and anti-American atheists in the Cabinet, and in key positions throughout the regime.

The current regime is wasting no time in moving to ensure liberty is snuffed out before Patriots can rally to the cause.

In the first five (5) business days in office, the Biden/Harris regime has already moved to do the following:

*Restricted efforts by ICE to remove criminals illegally inside the United States from local communities

*Included people illegally inside the United States in the U.S. Census in violation of the law

*Cancelled the Keystone project and rejoined the U.S. to the Paris Climate Accords

*Terminated all construction/funding for a wall at the U.S. Southern border

And all of the above – and more – took place on Day One. Mr. Biden also…

*Signed numerous orders which strengthens the use of the “covid pandemic” as a tool of oppression against the American people, including the use of military troops

*Expanded tax-payer funded social programs including food assistance, unemployment insurance, and other programs further socializing and bloating/bankrupting the federal government

*Is moving to make the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C. for those of us who went to public school) a state in the United States in violation of Articles I, IV, and others of the U.S. Constitution

*Reversed the ban on transgenders in the military and opened the doors nationally and internationally to more abortions, many of which will be increasingly tax-payer funded

The current regime dubs those who speak out about injustices – voter fraud, abuse of power, and the like – as “domestic terrorists.” It will not be long before they begin rounding people up as was done in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and under Mao’s rule. If you think that is “overboard” you do not understand where this is heading.

Make no mistake, all efforts by Patriots should be considered “counter-revolutionary” since the enemies of liberty have unlawfully and unconstitutionally seized power. Those who have sworn an oath to “protect and defend” have a duty to obey only lawful orders which conform to the moral standard of the founding principles. See our article HERE for more on that.

While this situation appears grave, there is great hope. Local citizens working together to identify and root out hostile actors from their LOCAL communities can, one county at a time, create strongholds for liberty from which we can grow liberty.

UTT is ready to help your community. The time is now. Get trained and get in the war or fund the war effort.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. The Extreme Left-Wing Liberal Joe Robinette Biden is a Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. IS A ☭COMMUIST–SOCIALIST!! he is Anti-USA Capitalism and our Beloved Constitution / Anti-BILL OF RIGHTS / Anti-Christian and Jewish People / Anti-Israel-Yisrael / Anti-Zionism / Antisemitism / Anti-Holy Bible!!

    Shameful of Creepy Senile dementia Sleepy Pedophile Joe Biden, he is a muslim brotherhood member and Sympathizer, he is a Communist Socialist!!

    Please Pray for our Judeo-Christian Nation USA and Israel!! “Pray Without Ceasing.” ( 1 Thessalonians 5:17 KJV )!!

    Love Always and Shalom,

    Kristi Ann


    Not withstanding the 2020 investiture of yet another counterfeit national interregnum in place, this time, of the legally re-elected U.S. President Donald J Trump, which, incidentally, was callously followed only fourteen days later by the relegation of more than two-hundred thousand American families to lives thus bordering on soup-line poverty by the same yet unindicted fraud who heads the treasonous Biden Crime Family, the NFL (National Football League) would have you believe that its ultra lucrative annual “Super Bowl” TV-ads extravaganza (admittedly punctuated every seven minutes or-so by two minutes of actual football), plus its feigned ten-year obsession with a trio of race related personnel riddles, should take center stage in the hearts and minds of the American people in spite of easily achievable solutions, which due to their “catch-22 nature however, neither the NFL nor the thirty two individual team owners have any intention of ever talking about.

    I.e., first enable the NFL Commissioner to mandate that the existing 70 percent of non-white players be increased to 100 percent; then replicate that draconian step by also increasing the existing 16 percent of non-white head coaches to 100 percent, then, assuming those two relevantly easy parts have been achieved, require that team owners ban the sale of admission tickets to any member of the Caucasian or white race, including the occasional Albino who may attempt to slip past one of the heavily armed American of African descent guards at each of the gates.

    On the other hand the contextual wisdom of ESPN contributors and former NFL players Louis Riddick and Marcus Spears might prove contextually useful inasmuch as theirs are the only voices of reason I’m aware of which consistently adhere to rationality and demonstrable fact surrounding controversial sports oriented issues, I.e., commonly held skills by which said misguided madness may be put to rest to the advantage of both the players and fans regardless of race.

    God bless the Washington “REDSKINS” incidentally, who I began paying attention to when they came down from Boston back in the thirties and their fullback, Bob Seymour, who spent the seasons in Northeast where I was born, grew up and lived, took me with him one day out to old Griffith Stadium to watch him and my boyhood idols, the left & right halfbacks, Andy Farkas and Dick Todd, numbers 44 & 41, respectively, engage in team practice. That’s when Slinging Sammy Baugh, Number 33, out of TCU, I believe, was doing both their “slinging” and punting. Furthermore, I sincerely believe there’s not a REDSKIN fan either dead or alive who ever believed in what was obviously a national sports tragedy which started when Adolf Hitler got his Nazi rear-end handed to him at the Berlin Olympics by America’s one-of-a-kind athlete, the great Jesse Owens.

    Too, since the foregoing opinions reflect open-ended duties in connection with two U.S. loyalty oaths I’ve previously taken, first in the United States Navy as a seventeen year old inductee requiring me to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic to the death if need be, and subsequently upon my appointment to the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C. where in addition to essentially a repeat of the Navy’s requirements I was specifically mandated to protect the lives of the President of the United States and other U.S. government officials plus the lives and property of the jurisdictional inhabitants of D.C. Furthermore, not only do I attempt each day of my life to honor said promises, I would caution any one with federal authority who seeks therefore to tamper with my 1st Amendment inalienable right to freedom of speech to clearly understand that to do so, according to the FBI, would equate to the commission of a federal crime.

    • not transferable to another or not capable of being taken away or denied; not alienable:
      inalienable rights, freedoms, and liberties; an inalienable territory; inalienable principles and values.

  3. Tropospheric scatter is a method of communicating with microwave radio signals over considerable distances – often up to 300 kilometres, and further depending on terrain and climate factors. This method of propagation uses the tropospheric scatter phenomenon, where radio waves at UHF and SHF frequencies are randomly scattered as they pass through the upper layers of the troposphere. Radio signals are transmitted in a narrow beam aimed just above the horizon in the direction of the receiver station. As the signals pass through the troposphere, some of the energy is scattered back toward the Earth, allowing the receiver station to pick up the signal. Normally, signals in the microwave frequency range travel in straight lines, and so are limited to line of sight applications, in which the receiver can be ‘seen’ by the transmitter. Communication distances are limited by the visual horizon to around 30–40 miles. Troposcatter allows microwave communication beyond the horizon.
    Also current 5g is a tempest hazard – short bursts short distances – ( wonder if I can hitch a ride ) follow – communications and vehicles thereof are everywhere –

  4. Then tropo scatter to uhf/vhf relay can’t take the troposphere down

  5. There is also hamm net mesh files video basically anything you want can be transmitted and received . Also packet radio limited data bandwidth but a form of texting can be deployed and will keep you informed in the event of a communication take down . I encourage citizens to read up on this –

  6. With respect to ham radios it is a simple test of 35 questions to get your license- the American legion has a ham radio club with over 5000 members- all veterans I encourage you joining – in the event of comm being wiped out the ham radio could prove to be a way to stay informed and contact your loved ones – also long range walkie talkies – from ham neighborhood uhf /vhf systems and base units can be deployed- from a national disaster standpoint it is encouraged – safety of the citizens will be paramount – in a national emergency-

  7. Plus Bill Gates buying massive land in the US and the green-zone camps under the guise of mandatory vaccination for “health purposes” is rebranded eugenic genocide. Why else do they call for cleansing?

    • Maybe a law is needed that restricts selling land to foreign governments. I know somehow due to mismanagement of funds or cost of repairing roads needed for mass travel in case of an emergency, a particular state secured some type of China control, or aid I don’t know if it was for repairs or tolls but a very bad situation considering it as a national security issue if there was a invasion and they closed travel. My bigger concern for the freedom of enemies to enter our country and move freely was always a concern of terrorism, that was incredibly denied investigation of a alliance whose operating mechanism based on doctrine was silenced for finding motivation. The 9/11 investigations showed the easy travel in and out of the country and taking flying lessons, communicating with people, raising money, moving about completely free to plot and conspire with organizations of support.. So now journalist siding with democrats/ leftist they are using the words of “misinformation campaigns” from the party that used them…it is quite clever and bold to blaming the Republications with misinformation campaigns that the left uses and heeding sharia law speech restrictions, along with faulty education. professor promoting a doctrine that leads to invasion, leaders after massive funds came their way in the way of cash, to influence an agreement to not speak truthfully. So here we are now witnessing a destructive movement in the U.S., restricting speech, opening again borders, handing out citizenship to those who cross illegally to increase voter bodies, removing gas and oil use claim it affects weather ignoring the galaxy of planets with their own atmospheres, gravitation, ;ignoring the sun, and the system of influencing for within and out of our solar system. But they call it woke, and have tinkerbell dust every where, a wish to fly but gravity wins unless you have a reliable power source.

  8. Keep in mind that Beijing Biden’s an empty suit. He is being controlled by Susan Rice and the other socialists/communists and traitors of America. Beijing Biden’s talk is cheap, and Rice is an Obama-era holdover. FYI ActBlue and Emgage sponsoring HAMAS as a frontgroup isn’t a joke–but the useful idiots like General Austin wanting to start endless wars in Syria are deliberately trying to thin out our frontlines so when the real fight begins we cannot mobilize in time (Turkey, CCP, Iran, Red Storm Rising in South America and Carribean aka Cuba). Not to mention the United Nations under the guise of a globalist front group of the Chinese–which already own the Panama Canal, areas throughout the Pacific and even land inside the US with land near US installations like that “solar farm” in Texas owned by a CCP intelligence officer under direction of the China consulates. I’m not making this up.

    • “Solar farms in Texas owned by a CCP intelligence officer under the direction of the China consulates”. Some in Texas just had their first exposure to insecure energy…….people who own land in Texas and have been getting postcards to sell their property to solar farms for monthly checks….hopefully will think twice….why would china be interested in solar panels in Texas, just to sell solar panels, or the ugly swords on a stick windmills for the green new deal….should be called the CCP red new deal over the covid fence gate bi bi engate perhaps. That coordinates well with the middle eastern presents around Dallas and Houston….and massive vote upticks. So China must produce those units… secure some gas land and didn’t fire a shot……yet.

  9. […] Biden Regime Moves Swiftly to Impose Communist Agenda January 27, 2021by John D. Guandolo Having brought down the American Republic by unlawfully seizing Executive and Legislative power, the communists and their jihadi/globalist cabal now control the U.S. federal government. […]

  10. Where do we get the training and how will we communicate

    • Begin with UTT’s INTO ACTION program. That is the gateway to working at the ground level. Regarding communications, you should be prepared for your iPhones to be shut down. HF radios, Ham Radios, and disposable phones with old fashioned address books should be part of your kit. JG

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