January 29, 2019

Why a Border Wall, Gun Rights & the Right to Life are Vital to Winning the War

All available information reveals leaders of the Democrat party and other Marxist organizations, as well as the North American Islamic Movement, seek to bring down the U.S. government.

In professionally analyzing these threats, why are matters such as abortion, gun rights and a border wall vital to winning this war?

Americans are witnessing an ever growing overt call for the destruction of the principles which keep free nations free.

America’s “ideal” for the formation of our laws and government are found in the Declaration of Independence, one of four documents considered the foundation of U.S. organic law.

The Declaration clearly states America’s government is founded on the principle that God gives mankind inalienable rights which cannot be taken away by any man or government, or even surrendered by the one who possesses these rights.

Inalienable rights include: the right to life “in contemplation of law as soon as the infant is able to stir in the mother’s womb” (Blackstone’s Commentaries); the right to defend one’s life and bear the tools to do so – ie keep and bear arms; and the right to due process under the law, free from tyranny.

Evidence exists that FBI leadership deliberately lied in a FISA application and worked with foreign operatives to remove a duly-elected President from power – sedition and treason.

  1. 29 FBI SWAT agents raided the home of a 66 year old man (Roger Stone) in a white-collar case with CNN following close behind.
  2. Last week the state of New York passed a law that babies in New York can be killed right up until the point of birth.
  3. Reports surfaced revealing sharia-adherent muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) called for leniency for those who join the ranks of ISIS.
  4. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the city council is working to outlaw all semi-automatic weapons without the statutory authority to do so. When asked about the potential that city council members could be sued or face legal charges, City Council member Corey O’Connor ignorantly told the media city council members have “immunity.”
  5. Yesterday, U.S. Senator Kamala Harris publicly called for for an end to a free-market economy and the implementation of a socialist government in the United States. Harris also supports open borders and foreigners entering the United States illegally.

Such gross abuse of power and disregard for the law reveal the danger to liberty and America’s Constitutional Republic is great.

It is no surprise, therefore, politicians from both sides of the political aisle are resistant to President Trump’s efforts to build a wall along the U.S. southern border.

It is a self-evident truth that a nation that does not protect and defend its borders will cease to exist.

Walls work for security and protection. Even buildings, like the U.S. Capital, use security barriers as a practical security measure.

A 2017 Customs and Border Protection report reveal 58% of all illegal invaders arrested on the U.S. southern border were from countries “Other than Mexico,” some coming from nations violently opposed to liberty.

This means there are some people illegally entering the United States who mean to do great harm.

There is a reason the cliche “good fences make good neighbors” exists. A border wall, aided by advanced technology, well-trained border security offices and enough of them, would shut off the spigot of illegal entry into the U.S. and protect America from numerous threats, terrorists and otherwise.

So, America must shut off the flow of people from the outside (border wall) so we can reaffirm our founding principles on the inside. However, a border wall is not enough.

There are 16 points of entry into the United States from foreign soil. The reason Ellis Island worked 100 years ago was because it allowed for medical screening and relative insurance people were not entering illegally.

A vital part of any “Border Wall” plan, must be the reduction of all international points of entry to two or perhaps three (East Coast, West Coast, Central U.S.) with vigorous standards, including medical screening, for those wishing to come work or live here.

Until all of this is sorted out, Understanding the Threat (UTT) continues to call for a five year immigration shut down for the protection of the Republic.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. Anyone ever hear of CAMBA, Capital Area Muslim Bar Association. They might be doing pro bono work at the border. They have a very high judge
    as a member. The group CAMBA. had a discussion group worried about electronic devices at the border. Protecting the right to cross the U.S. border and not lose directive communication if they are requested to turn over their phone. Apparently, they were concerned in 2017.

    General Flynn had a judge who said that the General disgusted him, and that he sold out his country. Which now makes sense he would have such an opinion. But this is just speculation.

    I guess the Saudi King knew what he wanted to achieve back in the sixties in regards to America.

    The difficulties for President Trump with the courts trying to suppress the president’s duty to protect America at the border is a Alice in Wonderland moment a very curious moment of strange reality.

  2. OPINION: (Correction)

    The given name on the first line of my foregoing blog of 30.01.19@1512hrs, should read “ROGER”, (not “ROBERT”).

  3. Mr. Klein,
    Thank you for the information about the document by which islam has declared war on the US. I had heard of it but was not aware how to acquire a copy so I appreciate it as it is imperative that Americans be made aware of the document as it proves that islam is a permanent threat to America regardless of what the traitors in government say on the subject.


    Not only is Robert Stone a profile in courage & bona fide patriot for revealing decades of political treason and other high crimes in his relevantly recent current affairs book entitled “The Bush Crime Family”, but the perpetual “Hate President Trump” fake news affair which has divided the country since 2016 is no more related to Russia than Islam’s legitimization of pedophilia being taught in K-12 schools is related to the welfare of America’s children; instead, as a matter of obvious fact, its about the revivification of the 1934 initial approach by the Nazi party in Berlin to criminalize free speech by intimidating 61 authors and burning their 20,000 books. An ominous unfolding example of which is exemplified by the ease with which a cadre of guilt ridden tyrannical sadists & cover-up artists are able to continue manipulating the minds of a soporific U.S. adult population consisting of millions, astonishingly, on American soil.

    Furthermore, since according to the Supreme Court’s Marbury v. Madison decision of 1803, any law repugnant to the Constitutional guarantees of EQUAL PROTECTION, liberty & free speech is void, the Special Persecutor doesn’t meet the requisite qualifications of Title 28, part 600 of the body of federal regulations from which, since 2018, the authority of his office has derived, how is it that his nocturnal terrorist-like attack on the home of Robert Stone and his sensory challenged wife hasn’t been investigated and explained to the public by the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice? I.e., the only thing said nefarious nitwit forgot was an FBI sound truck echoing the “chase” movement of Rossini’s overture to William Tell, a white horse to ride and a coffee & donut stand for the benefit of his illegally- tipped rooting section consisting of a mix of CNN guests & anarchical news-readers.

    Parenthetically, anyone who chooses to defend the actions of said heavily armed contingent of obese individuals dressed like billboards, by asserting that “all is fair in love & war*”, may wish to actually acquaint themselves with the verbatim Arabic-to-English translation of Islam’s declaration of war on the United States, which was seized by special agents of the FBI from a subterranean basement in Annandale, Virginia in 2004 in accordance with a federal search warrant, by contacting http://www.securefreedom.org to request (for a nominal handling & postage fee) a personal copy of: GOVERNMENT EXHIBIT 003-0085 3:04-CR-240-G U.S. v. HLF, et al.

  5. Obviously a wall is not enough on its own to defend America from its many enemies since so many enemies are already present inside the USA. Most notably, the followers of islam who wish to destroy our Constitution so they can replace it with sharia law are one of the greatest threats facing America as they will never stop working towards their goal even if it takes them a thousand years.

    By law, they are enemies of the State and must be arrested and deported but our other enemy, the traitors within our own government who invited the muslims here despite knowing their plan to conquer and enslave America, will not support the arrest and deportation of muslims for obvious reasons. So we have American traitors supporting immigrants who are working towards the destruction of America by stealth jihad, all of whom must be arrested and tried for their crimes if America is to survive.

    But how can We the People force those in government to arrest themselves? That is an obviously absurd proposition so where does that leave us in seeking a solution to this double threat of traitors and invaders both seeking to destroy America? It is a difficult question to answer since the traitors in both parties have effectively made honest debate impossible at all as they immediately turn any public discussion into a political contest of one group against another thereby rendering any possibility of finding a solution totally impossible.

    The only answers I see are 1) give POTUS Trump time to drain the swamp with the goal being that he will effectively remove all the traitors or at least reduce their numbers to the point where the government can be returned to its original form as a Constitutional Republic answerable to the People rather than a foreign owned corporation whose loyalty is to its shareholders, NOT the American People, or 2) have a revolution to forcibly remove the traitors from every level of government, not just in DC but at all levels of government, for the UN has penetrated all levels of government by virtue of its Agenda 21/ Common Core programs so that even rural cities are subject to controls of the UN.

    Voting is clearly useless as the traitors in both parties control that process so completely that regardless of who the People elect, the parties see to it that the people elected either play by the rules of the traitors or they find themselves losing the next election if lucky, or even in prison on false charges if they dare challenge the system too openly as several congressmen like Steve Stockman have done.

    Personally, I pray for America and DJT as a revolution will not be good for America in many ways. Yes, it is possible that a revolt MAY lead to a restored Republic, but the cost will be high plus there is no guarantee that the People will prevail. I ask that all good Americans remember God’s word that “And my people, upon whom my name is called, being converted, shall make supplication to me, and seek out my face, and do penance for their most wicked ways: then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. “

  6. So strange that the left despises “colonization”, but allows Islam to colonize the U.S., ( also called hijra) so much so you can’t even point out the dangers of sharia law. Sharia law forbids factual analysis, the truth about the doctrine has turned analysis that is accurate into hate speech which suppressed the media, politicians, that can be traced to advocacy civil rights group. Sharia slander laws claim it is forbidden to speak that about facts that would incite followers to riot, or act hostile, which begs the question why allow this foreign law to operate in the U.S and define it a religious law? The public or some are not aware of how this was accomplished. but many do understand and stranger yet is that it was operatives who influenced our national security. This information was not from Russian interference but internally processed so that words that describe are removed such as jihad, Ummah, sharia, caliphate that connects the warriors to sharia law, who attacked the United States. Yes we need a border but one that recognizes cells and prevents the carriers that travel. In my opinion, the left welcomes the replacement. They know not what they do.

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