February 11, 2013

Brennan’s Terrorist Associations, Gross Ignorance, and Lack of Candor Make Him Unfit for Duty as CIA Director

Amid the Administration’s rush to:  apologize for and disregard America’s founding principles; financially and militarily support America’s enemies like Hamas and other Muslim Brotherhood entities (read “Egypt”); embrace noxious regimes like Iran; handle the assassination of the U.S. Ambassador in Benghazi in Carteresque fashion; shrink America’s nuclear capabilities as well as the fighting forces of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps; and host terrorists in the White House while simultaneously allowing known Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood operatives to serve inside DHS, it should be no surprise to readers that President Obama has nominated a John Brennan to be the next Director of Central Intelligence (DCI).  Mr. Brennan’s inability to discern friend from foe, his ignorance of our enemies, and his shadowy behavior make him unfit for government service in any national security capacity, specifically as Director of Central Intelligence.

As the senior advisor to the President of the United States for Counterterrorism, John Brennan has maintained close relationships with Islamic organizations in America which operate on behalf of terrorist organizations.  Senior Hamas operatives, such as Nihad Awad of the Hamas entity the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), and leaders of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood (See Fear the Muslim Brotherhood by Andrew C. McCarthy) have been given access to senior National Security staffs and provided input to U.S. counterterrorism strategies for the White House at the direction of John Brennan.

Mr. Brennan does not keep his support of the Muslim Brotherhood quiet.  He has spoken publicly on numerous occasions at Muslim Brotherhood events in his official government capacity.  As a matter of record, he has been a keynote speaker at a number of conferences and functions applauding the efforts of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and its leadership:

Evidence presented in a federal court in the largest terrorism financing and Hamas trial in U.S. history (US v HLFRD, Dallas 2008), and upheld by the appellate court, revealed the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) is a Muslim Brotherhood organization and a financial support entity for Hamas, a designated terrorist organization.  Despite this, Mr. Brennan continues to work with ISNA, gives its leaders access to senior government officials, and supports their appointment to key positions inside the U.S. Intelligence Community.   The current President of ISNA, Imam Mohamed Magid, sits on the Homeland Security Advisory Committee, which reports directly to Secretary Napolitano.  With the support of John Brennan, Imam Magid works with the National Security Council which has publicly applauded this Hamas supporter (Magid) in official government functions.  See The Muslim Brotherhood in America: Deputy National Security Advisor McDonough Meets with Hamas Support Entity.

This past summer, Members of Congress led by Congresswoman Bachmann sent letters to the senior Inspectors General in the United States (Department of Justice, Department of Defense, etc.) requesting they investigate the Muslim Brotherhood’s penetration of the United States government.  When asked about the Congressional request, Mr. Brennan laughed and acted as if the request was absurd despite the mountain of evidence of the Muslim Brotherhood’s penetration at the Pentagon, FBI, White House, DHS, CIA, and other key government agencies.  Mr. Brennan literally laughed.  This reveals his gross ignorance of the problem or that he intends to do nothing about it.  He is either ignorant beyond all reasonable belief or grossly (and I argue criminally) negligent.

Mr. Brennan also appears to be ignorant on basic matters concerning Al Qaeda and their global strategy aimed at bringing down the West.  Because Mr. Brennan believes Al Qaeda is our primary enemy, he should be well versed in these matters, especially since he worked as an analyst for the CIA, as the head of the Counter Terrorism Center, and as the President’s “Counterterrorism Czar.”

In official press conferences, Brennan has stumbled when asked WHY Al Qaeda does what it does.  According him, “Al Qaeda has perverted Islam, and has corrupted the concept of Islam so that they are able to attract these individuals” (e.g. “Underwear Bomber” Abdulmutallab).  See video below:


Al Qaeda’s own leaders and strategic documents definitively state Al Qaeda is waging a global war on the West because it is a requirement of Islamic Law (Shariah) to wage Jihad until the world has submitted to Islamic Law (Shariah) and the global Islamic state (Caliphate) is re-established.  Cursory checks of Islamic Law reveal these are, in fact, basic mandates of all published Islamic Law.  Are we to believe Mr. Brennan is ignorant of these easily verifiable facts about Al Qaeda’s strategic goals and their real requirements in Islamic Law?  Surely the President’s top advisor is better versed in the enemy’s strategy than that.  This leaves us with only a couple of conclusions – Mr. Brennan is functionally incapable of reasonable and intellectual thought on this matter, or he is intentionally misleading U.S. government leaders on Al Qaeda’s stated objectives and how they marry up to the requirements of Shariah.  In either case, he is unfit to be in any national security position inside the United States government.

There is another disturbing aspect to Mr. Brennan’s inability to determine friend from foe in his official government positions – that is his immaturity and naiveté when it comes to dealing with foreign governments.  Apparently John Brennan is ignorant that foreign governments have hostile intelligence services which work diligently to recruit U.S. officials or at least soften them to that foreign government’s perspective.  While serving on behalf of the United States in an official capacity in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Brennan was the target of such an operation.  Not only was this “recruitment operation” successful on behalf of the Saudi government, Mr. Brennan converted to Islam in the process.  U.S. government officials serving in Saudi Arabia at the time have direct knowledge of Mr. Brennan’s conversion to Islam, and there is no question this happened.  The individuals who witnessed this and are sources for this article are still actively serving in the U.S. government and refuse to go on record for fear of reprisals by this Administration.

Numerous contacts with the Embassy of Saudi Arabia and the CIA’s Media Office have yielded no official comment.

The fact that Mr. Brennan is a Muslim is not the real issue here.  The question that must be asked is why is no one inside the U.S. Intelligence community aware Mr. Brennan is a Muslim.  Why has he kept this piece of information secret?  The reason appears to be self-evident.  His conversion to Islam was not an innocent decision.  Mr. Brennan’s conversion to Islam was the culmination of a hostile campaign by a foreign intelligence service, and thus reveals Brennan’s inability to handle himself appropriately in an environment which requires savvy, maturity, and discernment – traits Mr. Brennan appears to lack.  Someone who has been recruited by a foreign government has necessarily demonstrated he is susceptible to easy manipulation by others and should certainly not lead one of America’s intelligence agencies.

Mr. Brennan’s Muslim faith alone does not disqualify him for the position of Director of Central Intelligence, but his immaturity and naiveté in Saudi Arabia, in which he allowed himself to be recruited and converted into Islam by a foreign government does.  Mr. Brennan’s allegiance to entities hostile to the United States such as Hamas and its parent organization the Muslim Brotherhood disqualifies him.  Mr. Brennan’s posture of ignorance of Al Qaeda’s stated doctrine and objectives, as well as the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States while simultaneously opening doors for operatives of a designated terrorist organization (Hamas) and giving them access into America’s most sensitive intelligence and security agencies disqualifies him.  Mr. Brennan should not only be denied the opportunity to be the next CIA director, he should be indicted for the actions he has already taken on behalf of our enemies.  He can try to plead ignorant in federal court.

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  5. I found you while reading Adina Kutnicki’s blog today, 2/11/2013 and I am thrilled to have more information to affirm my beliefs about infilltration into our government by radical Islamists and my disgust over having Mr. Brennan as CIA head. What can we do now to stop this travesty from happening? Act for America and Jihad help my frustration over watching our country being torn apart by Obama, Hillary and the cast of liars and traitors. They must be stopped now by confronting Americans with the truth and and forcing them to wake up and work to save America. Evil is winning!

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