Skirt-Wearing Jihadi Sherifa Zuhur Exemplifies the Battle Ahead for America

UTT had an interesting exchange on twitter this weekend with Sherifa Zuhur, an apologist for America’s enemies – specifically, terrorist organizations. Amid the social upheaval in response to President Trump’s travel ban from seven Islamic countries, fomented by the hard left Marxist/socialist groups and their anti-American counterparts – jihadi groups like Hamas (doing business as […]

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Throwback Thursday: Hillary’s Work for Our Enemies at the OIC

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is the largest voting bloc in the United Nations (UN), and is comprised of all Islamic States on the planet – 56 states plus Palestine which they consider an equal. 57 states.  Ring any bells? The OIC is considered the “Collective Voice of the Muslim World.” In 1993, the OIC […]

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Sharia – Muslims Cannot “Show the Way to Police” Against Other Muslims

Why haven’t Muslims in America and Europe come out of the woodwork by the thousands to provide the identities of jihadis at their mosques, Islamic schools, and neighborhoods to law enforcement? The reason is the same as it always is:  it is a violation of Sharia (Islamic Law) – the guiding doctrine which drives Islam and […]

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