While Jihadis & Marxists Are On the Offensive Against Christians & Jews, Patriots Must Hold the Line

A series of attacks perpetrated against Christians and Jews across the world in the last two weeks, including in the United States, has investigators struggling to put the pieces together in these “individual” cases. Thus far, all of the attacks appear to have been perpetrated by Islamic jihadis or Marxists, as Understanding the Threat has […]

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UTT Throwback Thursday: The Last Fatwa

The Ottoman Empire – the last Islamic Caliphate prior to the current one claimed by ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi – was established at the end of the thirteenth century, and was not dissolved until the early 1920’s. The last sitting Caliph to issue a fatwa – Islamic legal ruling – was Mehmed V […]

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Muslims Say Thank You To Angela Merkel By Killing German Citizens

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is directly responsible for the murders of her citizens in the four jihadi attacks in Germany in the last week. Merkel’s continual defense of Islam in the face of objective reality they are working to overthrow non-Islamic governments including her’s, the Syrian Muslims she continues to bring into Germany in record number […]

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Is America Still At War With Islam?

From the Halls of Montezuma, To the shores of Tripoli We fight our country’s battles, In the air, on land, and sea; First to fight for right and freedom, And to keep our honor clean; We are proud to claim the title Of United States Marine. Marine’s Hymn Two Hundred and Eleven years ago on April 27, 1805, the […]

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What Happens When a Muslim Dies?

Why are so many Muslims motivated to fight and die as martyrs/shaheeds in Islam? According to Islamic doctrine, when a Muslim dies for any reason – car crash, heart attack, old age – his body is washed, shrouded, prayed over, and buried in accordance with Sharia (Islamic Law).  Specific details of how the body is […]

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