Orlando Attack Is Nothing Compared to What Is Coming

A jihadi named Omar Mateen armed with a rifle, a handgun and possibly explosives – who has been identified as an “ISIS soldier” – killed 50 or more Americans on Sunday morning at a night club in Orlando, Florida.  The largest single loss of life in such an incident in American history. Thank God for the […]

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UTT Reviews Final Republican Presidential Debate of 2015

Last night (Tuesday) in Las Vegas, Nevada the Republican candidates for President met for their last debate of 2015.  The focus of the debate was national security with a large portion of the discussion dedicated to ISIS and the jihadi threat. UTT now offers a few comments on this debate and each candidate specifically as it […]

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France Strikes ISIS Targets in Syria But Not In Paris

After Friday night’s attack in Paris by Muslim jihadis, French military airstrikes hit ISIS targets in Syria, yet left the jihadi network inside of France intact. For approximately 40 minutes on Friday night, beginning at 9:20 PM local time in Paris, eight (8) Muslim jihadis conducted numerous assaults across the city.  Explosions at the Stadium […]

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