Civilization Jihad at the Ground Level in Southern California

August 13, 2017

Civilization Jihad at the Ground Level in Southern California

Speaking truth about the danger Islam poses to civilized society is improper social etiquette in many parts of America these days – especially among America’s elites.

Yet a few dare to do it.  Understanding the Threat (UTT) certainly does.

The folks at the Counter Jihad Coalition in Southern California are also unafraid to speak truth in love about Islam.  They do so boldly on a regular basis.

Led by Steve Amundson, the Counter Jihad Coalition (CJC) operates under a simple premise:  “Get the truth and facts about Islam to the general public.”

Steve Amundson on the streets of southern California speaking truth about Islam

The group goes out every other Saturday to various public places in southern California including on the streets, in malls, and elsewhere to hand out pamphlets, engage people, and speak truth about Islam. Amundson says the group passes out between 1500 and 2000 pamphlets each weekend they are out.

UTT’s President, John Guandolo, had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Amundson for this week’s UTT Radio Show.  The full show can be found at

Steve Amundson told UTT he does what he does out of love of liberty and a desire to see America remain for future generations.

But the truth always offends those who do not have it.

A number of people thank Amundson and the Counter Jihad Coalition for their courage and perseverance in speaking truth, but some people – muslim and non-muslim alike – are not as encouraging or receptive.

Amundson says, “Some of these Christians who believe the interfaith dialogue groups are the way to go, you just can’t get through to a lot of them.”

He goes on to say, “Its the muslim usually that want to tie us up all night long talking, and our real purpose is to get the word out to as many people that don’t know anything about Islam. So we try to minimize our discussions or debates with the muslims so we can get back to passing out brochures to people who want some information and want to know what the truth is.”

Steve Amundson engaging muslims on the streets of southern California

What is probably shocking to many people who are unaware of Islamic beliefs is how some muslims respond.  In THIS VIDEO of CJC interacting with muslims in Santa Monica, California, the muslims openly state their support for killing those who commit adultery and chopping off hands for stealing.



Last weekend, the Counter Jihad Coalition met with significant resistance from muslims, and Steve Amundson had to call in backup from mall officials and police.

Steve tells the story this way:  “We’ve had a few violent outbreaks when we go out to do our public outreach – a couple of times up in L.A. and then just last Saturday actually.  At a local shopping mall, muslims showed up and started yelling and shouting, and more muslims joined in with them and they were right in our face yelling and shouting.  So I decided at that point in time, its time to call the security.  So I called the security.  They were there really fast, along with LA Sheriff’s deputies.  I said to the deputy, ‘Why don’t you usher these violent, boisterous muslims out of here and everything will be fine?’  He said, ‘Well we’re waiting to see what mall management wants to do’…Well, the mall manager came over and talked to me, and he said ‘Steve, we’re going to have to ask you to close up shop early today.’  I said ‘Wait a minute, I’m approved, you approved my application, and you’re asking me to leave?  You’re not going to escort those unruly muslims out of here?  Everything was fine until they started yelling and shouting and the crowd grew.’  He said, ‘No, we’re asking you to close up because they told us they have a right to be here and they will not leave until (you’re) gone.'”

That – ladies and gentlemen – is Civilization Jihad by OUR hands.  Muslims who create a public disturbance are not removed because they refuse to leave until the man saying things about Islam they do not like is removed – thus the Islamic Law of Slander is enforced in California by sworn officers of the law and mall management.  That is how Civilization Jihad works.

An article about this incident can be found on JihadWatch here.

As a reminder to our readers:  On November 4, 2010, a citizen and Marine named Randy McDaniels attended an event at the University of Central Florida hosted by the Muslim Students Association (Muslim Brotherhood) and featured speakers Jamal Badawi (Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas) and Edina Lekovic (Communications Director for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim Public Affairs Council).  The muscle in the room was Hamas doing business as “CAIR” (Council on American Islamic Relations).

When McDaniels asked simple probing questions, he was warned to be quiet by a university official, and then dragged out of the room by several uniformed police officers.

A video of the event can be seen here and UTT strongly recommends readers take the time to view it (4 minutes).  An article written about the incident for Breitbart by John Guandolo can be read here.

What do these two incidents, separated by 7 years, demonstrate?

The lack of training for local law enforcement about the Islamic Movement in the United States, the Muslim Brotherhood’s network, and sharia leaves local officials wide open to being easily duped into taking actions that serve the objectives of our enemies, infringe on the liberties of Americans, and impose sharia inside the United States without ever having to go into a courtroom.

UTT encourages citizens to get involved by getting trained – especially via UTT’s Train the Trainer program – and taking actions including those encouraged by the Counter Jihad Coalition.

Boldly speak truth in love about the real threat of Islam in our society today.

Thanks to the many Patriots who do so, and especially to Steve Amundson and his team at CJC (

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. Steve is an outstanding patriot willing to sacrifice his time and safety for the high principles of our freedom and the Constitution.

    Many Americans should follow his example and seek to reach out to the average citizen on the street.

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  3. When 20,000 – 30,000 Muslims walk down the streets of Chicago shouting “Death to America”, the intent of Islam in America is clear, when Congress begins to write and pass the MPCA Resolution in the Senate on Islamophobia to make saying anything against Islam a felony, the intent of Islam in America is clear, when Saudi Arabia invests $150 billion to build mosques and spread Wahhabism in America, the intent of Islam in America is clear, when you can’t walk down the streets of Dearborn, Michigan carrying a Bible safely, or for that matter Shelbyville, TN, the intent of Islam in America is clear, when you can’t speak the truth about Islam to passerby’s, the intent of Islam in America is clear: ISLAM IS IN AMERICA TO DESTROY IT/KILL ALL NON-BELIEVER’S IN IT/CONTROL OR CONVERT ALL AMERICANS IN IT, TO ISLAM.

    Islam has infiltrated the BLM and Antifa. Who do you think teaches them about hoods/masks over face, weapons to terrorize neighborhoods, assault Trump supporters, create anarchy, indirectly, help Islam to take control faster?

  4. What a patriot!

  5. May the true God of the bible bless and keep you safe ,thank you for your bravery in confronting the FILTH that is islam.

  6. The threat of burqas is not a black and white deal. It is an entire spectrum, with multiple stages –
    – First burqas get the green signal
    – Then burqas get a toehold
    – Then burqas gain a stronghold
    – Then burqas are mainstreamed
    – Then burqas are worn by an ever increasing number of women, as muslims multiply much faster
    – Then burqas form a substantial proportion of the attire in the society, and thus they are now seen as an integral part of the fabric of the society
    – Then as the muslim population keeps rising, and more and more women keep wearing them, now the non-muslim women are stigmatized for not covering up.
    – Then non-muslim women are psychologically, culturally, and in some cases, directly pressured and coerced into covering up.
    – Then non-muslim women are psychologically, culturally, and in some cases, directly pressured and coerced into wearing hijabs, burqas, or some other attire that covers them almost entirely.
    – Finally, burqas, hijabs and modest clothing become the norm of the society, and are no longer optional.
    This last stage, is the final stage, which was enabled because of the first stage, of giving burqas the green signal. Folks think only of the last stage, and never take into account the entire process, with multiple stages.
    All this takes decades. Many, many years. It can take even up to 100 years. Since the average individual does not think that far, he or she only considers the final stage – Forcing non-muslims to wear burqas, and assumes that since this is never possible, it is completely fine to let muslim women wear burqas. And this is how we are sealing the doom for our future generations. Our posterity, our descendants tomorrow are the ones who would be paying for our tolerance of the burqas today. Non-muslim women then, would have no choice but to cover up, thanks to the women and men of today who are allowing, and even defending the muslim women’s ‘right’ to wear burqas.

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