Communist Leader Visits Minneapolis for Victory Lap

June 25, 2020

Communist Leader Visits Minneapolis for Victory Lap

by John D. Guandolo

Joe Iosbaker, the author of this social media post, is a lifelong communist revolutionary who visited the Revolutionary Workers Headquarters in China in 1978. Iosbaker was a member of the Revolutionary Student Brigade (beginning in 1977), and the Labor Commission Chair for Freedom Road Socialist Organization. Frank Chapman is on the right in the black hat.

Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) is the largest communist group in America and is backed by the communist Chinese regime. Out of FRSO came Black Lives Matter, another communist front group operating internationally.

Frank Chapman is an outspoken Marxist/communist and a leader inside FRSO. His fellow communist Joe Iosbaker sent out a social media post on June 18, 2020 showing Chapman in Minneapolis, Minnesota with the other communist revolutionaries who “launched the nationwide rebellion.”

Chapman and the communists are doing a victory lap in Minneapolis for those of you not paying attention. In UTT’s world we call this an “investigative clue.”

Here is an article from communist Charlottesville, Virginia lauding the leader of the Russian communist revolution Lenin.

What is transpiring in America is a communist insurrection and revolution. The insurrection must be put down and the vast communist network in the United States needs to be destroyed.

For those of you who thought communism was dead in America, you were wrong.

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  2. […] Communist Leader Visits Minneapolis for Victory Lap June 25, 2020 by John D. Guandolo Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) is the largest communist group in America and is backed by the communist Chinese regime. Out of FRSO came Black Lives Matter, another communist front group operating internationally.… […]

  3. In the previous UTT article I posted a comment calling for the Feds to arrest all BLM and Antifa leaders for being domestic terrorist who have actually committed thousands of terrorist acts in our cities across the country in the last weeks and the terrorism continues. In 2003 I was confronted by Antifa. They did not go under that name then but I researched those who attacked us and discovered they were Marxist, Our government should have intervened early on. Marxism is like a cancer you have to detect it early to save the patient. But I would like to introduce the real culprit in this country. It is the Media. If we had a conservative main stream media we would not have had a Muslim President in the white house BHO. Its the media that protects and promotes all those who seek to destroy traditional America. i donate monthly to John and his UTT team.. We must support those who are fighting for us.


    The only communist leader I’ve ever met was neither in Minnesota nor doing a victory lap at the time. He was a high ranking Soviet KGB official into whose presence I was beckoned with an authoritative wave of a no-name’s hand as he stood under the main staircase inside the former Russian embassy on 16th Street, as I was about to exit the building after attending a reception in connection with the 29 April 1986 resumption of international flights between Washington-Dulles and Moscow via Aeroflot and PanAm,, to which I had been invited by a former White House policeman who had moonlighted numerous times in mufti on foreign embassy security gigs and who by virtue of our occasional coffee-klatch chats was aware of my passion at the time for flying light airplanes.

    Too, If I remember correctly, according to news reports at the time, with respect to which, I hasten to add, I couldn’t have cared less back then as to whether or not,”the Russians were coming”, said KGB official in question not only successfully defected to the United States, then somehow managed to abscond from the grip of his CIA handlers and flee to Canada to be wth his girllfriend, but abruptly showed-up in the United States again only to be, apparently, told to get lost, before being sent back to Russia where instead of being shot for treason, as far as anyone actually knows, he remained living happily ever after on a KGB pension in a 3-room rent free Dacha in the suburbs of Moscow. Actually, my awakening to the communist threat facing the country resulted from a serendipitous discovery of a used autographed copy of J. Edgar Hoover’s seminal book “Masters of Deceit”.

    Though Inasmuch as I had been living in Vero Beach, Florida not too distant from the Kennedy Space Center at the time, I often wondered whether my close housing proximity to the Cape was somehow linked to having been called aside by a KGB official with a friendly smile on his face, who in perfect English told me that he had “heard” that I didn’t like the good Russian vodka being served at the reception upstairs,, to which I effectively replied, “I’m not a drug addict” which ended the conversation; l found it odd too that during the reception Anatoly Dobrynin, Russia’s Ambasador to the United States at the time, had maintained a constant 3-foot radial seperation from wherever I happened to be in the room.

    Furthermore,, it seems more probable that Frank Chapman came to Minnesota to talk future anarchic tactics not “victory laps”.

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