Criminal or Just Plain Stupid in Tennessee?

June 4, 2013

Criminal or Just Plain Stupid in Tennessee?

US Attorney and FBI in Tennessee Speak at Event Hosted by Jihadis


Tonight in Manchester, Tennessee, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, William Killian and the FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Knoxville Office, Kenneth Moore, will speak to the public at an event hosted by the American Muslim Advisory Council, a Muslim Brotherhood front organization.

The Mr. Killian has already made clear by his statements that defamatory language against Muslims needs to be dealt with and has implied criminal punishments may be necesssary.  It should not surprise anyone that a U.S. Attorney for the Department of Justice would come to this conclusion since the DoJ relies solely on Muslim Brotherhood organizations as liaison partners to the American Muslim community, and have swallowed hook-line-and-sinker their propaganda.  The fact that Mr. Killian appears to be a handmaiden for the jihadi movement in the United States calls for strong action on the part of the citizens of this country and by the citizens of Tennessee.

The idea that free speech of this sort should be criminalized is an affront to the Oath of Office Mr. Killian took when he swore to “protect and defend” the U.S. Constitution.  Criminalizing speech defamatory towards Islam is a global campaign by the Islamic Movement called “Islamophobia,” and is a central strategy to silence the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood’s Movement, specifically in Tennessee.

Tennessee is a focal point for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Movement in the United States.  The MB feels if they can take down Tennessee – the “buckle of the Bible belt” as its been called – they can take America.  Sending their A-Team to Tennessee, the MB pushes hard on elected officials, community leaders, media, and law enforcement officials to soften their stance on Islam and the Muslim community in general.  Some leaders in Tennessee have folded and decided it is easier to go along to get along – and surrendered the future of Tennessee by doing so.

But there are many courageous leaders in Tennessee who are not taking it sitting down.  They refuse to let the men who are supposed to be protecting them – like U.S. Attorney Killian, and the FBI/DHS Leadership – roll over them with their witless, unprofessional, and criminal conduct of aiding and abetting the enemy.  These citizens, elected officials, businessman and women – Patriots one and all – are standing together in the best way they know how in order to defend Tennessee.

Tonight is a pivotal moment for the citizens of Tennessee and the American nation.

The event will be held at the Manchester-Coffee County Conference Center at 147 Hospitality Blvd, in Manchester, Tennessee.  I encourage all citizens of that area of Tennessee to get out there and let your voice be heard.  Let them know that the continued pandering to jihadis isn’t what “community outreach” is about.  There is no “freedom to be a jihadi” found in our Constitution.  You may need to define “Jihadi” for these men since they are likely not aware of the definition under Islamic Law – mostly because the DoJ has shut down all training teaching the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood and Shariah to its agents and employees.  Let them know that unlike them, you KNOW who the enemy is, and you do not expect your law enforcement agencies to work with jihadis representing a way of life defined by Shariah (Islamic Law).  You expect them to uphold the principles enshrined in our Declaration of Independence and framed into law in our Constitution.

Let Americans reclaim a piece of lost ground tonight in Tennessee and send a strong message to the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies that we can and will break their Movement at the local level, even if our national leaders won’t.

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  1. Remember that DOJ meeting tonight in Tennessee??

    From a page I help admin on. One of the TN residence was there and wrote what went down! I think you WILL APPROVE!

    I was there! The DA and DOJ had to be ushered out the side door for making Anti First Amendment statements! (On the outside) The crowd extended outside and completely into the parking lot with patriots supporting the first amendment. I have video and will post it tomorrow! The ones not allowed to enter due to overcrowding were very patriotic ! The pledge to the flag- , National Anthem and “This land is your land” were sung by all! Everyone who I spoke to were very angry at the Dept of Justice for supporting a specific religion and felt that it was a violation of the 1st Amendment! There were several immigrants from Muslim nations and warned us of sharia law. The comments strongly suggested that sharia law is for non-muslims to be used to control non-muslims ! There were also members and leaders of the Tea Party, religious groups, preachers, Radio talk hosts, veterans from wars and citizens outright dis-satisified with the way our government is treating it’s citizens. Many short speeches made by citizens wanting No More Immigration and NO AMNESTY for illegals”

  2. Both Criminal and just plain STUPID!

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