Mr. President, Designate the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization…Because It Is!

February 26, 2019

Mr. President, Designate the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization…Because It Is!

The following data on the Muslim Brotherhood include portions from the U.S. Senate Bill to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. See the full bill here.

The U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s stated objective is to overthrow the U.S. government and establish an Islamic State under sharia in violation of U.S. federal law.

Evidence demonstrates the International Muslim Brotherhood and all of its subsidiaries – including the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood – should be designated terrorist organizations.

Statement of Facts

The International Muslim Brotherhood was created in 1928 in Egypt to re-establish the Islamic State (caliphate) under sharia (Islamic Law).

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Creed reads: “Allah is our goal, the Prophet is our guide, the Koran is our law, jihad is our way, and dying in the cause of Allah is our highest aspiration.”

The By-Laws of the International Muslim Brother (IMB) identify the IMB as an “International Muslim body which seeks to establish Allah’s law (sharia) in the land….the Islamic nation must be fully prepared to fight the tyrants and enemies of Allah as a prelude to establishing an Islamic state.”

The Muslim Brotherhood’s objectives are identical to Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, and all other jihadi organizations.

Hamas is a Foreign Terrorist Organization and is also “one of the wings of the Brotherhood in Palestine” according to an MB document – the Hamas Covenant.

Terrorist conferences held in Khartoum, Sudan hosted by Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood leader Hassan al-Turabi in Khartoum, Sudan in 1994 and 1995 included representatives from Iranian intelligence, Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the Armed Islamic Group of Algeria, and leaders from the International Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim Brotherhood in the Gulf Countries, Hamas (the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood), the Islamic Action Front (Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood), and the Ennahda Movement (the Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood).

Osama bin Laden was present at the conferences.

The parties at the Khartoum meeting agreed to launch a terrorism offensive beginning in 1995, with targets including U.S. interests, including attacks inside the United States.

Senior Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammad Jamal Khalifa, a veteran of the Soviet-Afghan war and brother-in-law and close confidant of Osama bin Laden was arrested in California in December 1994 on charges related to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. Khalifa was linked to the planned Al Qaeda Operation Bojinka plot that included the bombing of 11 airplanes between Asia and the United States.

In 2001, the Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Call Committee was designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the U.S. government. Evidence demonstrates the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Call Committee was a financial conduit for Osama bin Laden & Al Qaeda, including funding Al Qaeda operations in Chechnya, Libya, and the United States (1993 World Trade Center Bombing, 9/11 attacks).

In 2004 Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood leader Shaykh Abd-al-Majid Al-Zindani was designated a Specially Designated Terrorist by the U.S. government and was closely tied to Osama bin Laden.

In 2003 Russia banned the MB from operating there.

In 2013 Egypt declared the MB a terrorist organization.

In 2014 Saudi Arabia declared the MB a terrorist organization.

In 2014 the United Arab Emirates (UAE) declared the MB a terrorist organization.

In 2011, FBI Director Robert Mueller stated to Congress:  “I can say at the outset that elements of the Muslim Brotherhood both here and overseas have supported terrorism.”

As a matter of fact numerous jihadi attacks in the United States can be tied directly to Muslim Brotherhood organizations including: Fort Hood massacre (Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas Dar al Hijra Islamic Center in VA); Boston Marathon Bombing (Islamic Society of Boston & Muslim American Society); Killing of Army Private Andy Long in Little Rock, Arkansas (Muslim Students Association); Chattanooga Attack killing 4 Marines and 1 Navy sailor (Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga); and the list goes on.

See UTT’s video on the Chattanooga jihadi attack HERE.

A victim of Major Nidal Hasan’s Islamic jihad at Fort Hood, Texas goes to his final resting place while the Dar al Hijra Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia – a Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas mosque – remains open.
Muslims affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Society of Boston/Muslim American Society waged jihad and killed five (5) people including two (2) police officers and wounded hundreds of others in Boston in 2013.
Four (4) Marines and one (1) Navy sailor were killed by Islamic jihadi Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga.


The following are a few of the U.S. Islamic organizations working to establish an Islamic State under sharia as a part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Movement:

Ahed International; All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS); Al Maghrib Institute; American Muslim Alliance; American Muslims for Palestine (AMP)/Hamas; American Open University; Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA); Association of Muslim Social Scientists (AMSS); Association of Muslim Scientists & Engineers (AMSE); Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)/Hamas; Council on Islamic Education (CIE); Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago; Dar al Hijra Islamic Center; Diyanet Center of America; Emerge USA/Hamas; Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA); Freedom & Justice Foundation; Helping Hand for Relief and Development; Holy Dove Foundation; ICNA Relief; International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT); Islamic Assembly of North America; Islamic Association of North America; Islamic Center of Naperville; Islamic Center of Wheaton; Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA); Islamic Center of Detroit; Islamic Community Center of Illinois; Islamic Council of Oklahoma; Islamic Development Bank; Islamic Leadership Council of Metropolitan New York; Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA); Islamic Saudi Academy; Islamic Services Foundation; Islamic Shura Council of North America; Islamic Shura Council of Southern California; Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center; Islamic Society of North America (ISNA); Islamic University of Minnesota; Mercy Without Limits; Minaret of Freedom Institute; The Mosque Foundation; Muslim Advocates; Muslim Alliance of North America (MANA); Muslim American Society (MAS); Muslim Arab Youth Association (MAYA); Muslim Communities Association (MCA); Muslim Forum of the Pacific Northwest; Muslim Legal Fund of America; Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC); Muslim Students Association (MSA); Muslim Ummah of North America; Muslim Youth of North America (MYNA); North American Imams Federation; North American Islamic Trust (NAIT); Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)/Hamas; The Mosque Cares; Turquoise Foundation; United Hands Relief; United Muslim Relief; United Voices for America; and the US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO).

This above list is not even close to being all-inclusive, and does not include the vast majority of the over 3200 Islamic Centers/mosques across all 50 states controlled by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, as well as over 800 Muslim Students Associations and over 270 Islamic Societies in America today.

Nor does this list include the Deobandi entities (Dar al Uloom) nor the shia/Iranian entities inside the United States.

UTT NOTE: It is appropriate to dub all of the organizations listed above as “HATE GROUPS” and their leaders “JIHADIS” – or “TERRORISTS” if you prefer.

There is an immediate and severe threat to Americans from the thousands of Muslim Brotherhood organizations and their affiliates in the United States today.

For this reason Understanding the Threat (UTT) calls for the Muslim Brotherhood to be designated a terrorist organization immediately.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. Just to add a comment President Trump must have people around him that tell him the opposite, or is just waiting this out to a better secure time not sure what…..he was elected due to his comment prior to being President then seem to be unaware…..until the Saudi shootiing, which could have come from any sharia base Islamic country. SA is the root, in my opinion.

  2. Dave not sure what you mean, “Nothing should come close beyond individuals shaving and brushing their teeth over designating the MB a foreign terror group”… not accurately describing the group and the religion, allows the freedom to grow more deadly, and get away with building mosques across our country that teach the Qur and, that if read gives them the motivation to act with terror, that Islam is hiding under the mask of a religion that has no connection to jihad activiites or actions is enabiling their acceptance in society, until the day they decide to go conquest terror and get the press to protect them for fear of disruption, maybe I don’t get the shaving and brushing the teeth comment. That many mosques around Houston shocks me so the influence is all in to keep America stupid and now makes sense why we never had our own supply.

  3. Nothing should even come close beyond individuals shaving and brushing their teeth over designating the Muslim brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization

  4. Hasan Al-Banna, co-founder of a sectarian group Al-Ikhwan (a.k.a. Muslim Brotherhoods), says:
    “And since the end is the one pushing the road, and when the end of our nation is vague and troubled we had to clarify and determine, and I think we have reached a lot of clarity and agreed that our mission is to (rule the world).” From “Letters of Hasan Al-Banna” book, page 21.

    Muslim American Society (MAS) are the Muslim Brotherhoods in USA and the most dangerous group to watch and audit. For example, Muslim American Society of Kansas City (MAS-KC) local chapter registered their nonprofit organization with the IRS since 2004 as a “Church” to become exempted from filing annual 990 form. Therefore, they were able to hide their financial information from the public for the past 15 years!!! This is a FRAUD and dangerous because no one can tell where the money is going; may be money funneled to their leaders’ for profit construction organizations or fund their foreign businesses in Turkey which probably is funding Syrian terrorist organizations abroad.

    Call IRS-Exempt Organization at 877-829-5500 or send FAX 855-804-8627. Ask about how come the Muslim American Society-Kansas City (MAS-KC) was registered with IRS as a CHURCH, since 2004? MAS-KC EIN is 43-2038564 with principal place address of 9520 James A. Reed Road, Suite F, Kansas City, MO 64134. MAS-KC is not a CHURCH or a MASJID! MAS-KC is not even affiliated with a CHURCH. This is Fraud and Abusive Transaction Involving an Exempt Organization. MAS organization are the Muslim Brotherhoods (Al-Ikhwan) in USA.
    The MAS-KC was enrolled with the State of Missouri on 01/05/2004 (Charter # N00560134). Then, MAS-KC was registered with the State of Kansas on 06/28/2005 (Entity ID # 3804572). They did the CHURCH registration to receive IRS exemption from filing Form 990, and hence hide all MAS-KC leaders’ financial activities from the public. The MAS-KC leaders are Amjad Dalaq, Mohamed Albadawi, Fadi Banyalmarjeh, Mustafa Hussein, Akram Dalaq, Jehad Abdeljawad, Jehad Qaddour, and Hassan Shatarah. You may use Form 13909, Tax-Exempt Organization Complaint (Referral) Form, to report an abusive transaction involving an exempt organization like MAS-KC.

  5. […] These organizations are primarily led by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, which should be designated a terrorist organization. […]

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  7. I just sent a request to the President using the basic White House contact form. How useful that is I don’t know since the gatekeeper could be a MB operative.

    We keep circulating information among ourselves. A concerted campaign needs to be initiated using any of the several groups that do this on a regular basis.


    And the short answer as to what enables the Muslim Brotherhood to remain covered up and free is essentially the treasonous support of war* profiteers; particularly the ones whose indifference to ethics, and decades of committing and/or abetting unspeakable federal crimes makes the Mafia look like the Boy Scouts of America. Wake up, America!

    Furthermore, in addition to UTT’s revelatory listing of a “few” U.S. based jihadi terrorist cells (58), and in the interest of thinking for one’s self, this 1930s verbatim example of the fallacy of “Master Race” lock step beliefs may be an eye opener: I.e.: “There is today, one State in which at least weak beginnings toward a better conception of immigration are noticeable. Of course it is not our model German Republic, but the United States. I have studied with great interest the laws of several American States concerning prevention of reproduction by people whose progeny would, in all probability, be of no value or be injurious to the racial stock.” ADOLF HITLER, MEIN KAMPF.

    *Anyone wishing to grasp the magnitude and ominous progress of Islam’s 9/11 declaration of war on the United States by owning a personal Arabic-to-English translated verbatim copy of said document, the original of which was seized by special agents if the FBI in abeyance to a federal search warrant from a subterranean basement in Annandale, Virginia in 2004, need simply contact to request (for a nominal handling & postage fee): GOVERNMENT EXHIBIT 003-0085 3:04-CR-240-G U.S. v. HLF, et al.

  9. Bonnie louise Loranger February 27, 2019 at 3:31 pm Reply

    john Guandolo you are right. It should have been done years ago. Why doesn’t Trump do it?

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