The Diminishing Choices for Americans

August 27, 2018

The Diminishing Choices for Americans

Eleven years ago I sat in the FBI Washington Field Office with the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the Counterterrorism Division and one other agent.  I asked the SAC what she would do when the average American came to a deeper understanding of the Islamic threat than agents in the CT Division, and then those Americans, realizing they were left to fend for themselves, took matters into their own hands.

She froze, turned slightly pale, and told me she never thought about it before.  I had…a lot.

Today, America stands at that place.

Al Qaeda financier Abdurahman Alamoudi, in federal prison, was President Clinton’s Islamic Advisor

Al Qaeda financier Abdurahman  Alamoudi, in federal prison, created the Muslim Chaplain Program for the Department of Defense

The U.S. Islamic jihadi leadership displays gross animus towards America.  Islamic leaders:  openly call for jihad against our President; build weapons training camps for children to learn how to kill people in schools and hospitals knowing judges will let them walk; publicly call for the holocaust of all Jews and then feign shock and surprise when their comments make it into the public realm; teach jihad in Islamic elementary schools then sue the county school board if citizens dare protest; and on it goes.

Hillary Clinton’s closest advisor, Huma Abedin, is deeply entrenched in the U.S. jihadi network

In response to this, the Marxist party of America – Democrats – defend, support, and collaborate with these enemies while the U.S. Department of Justice sits on its hands.

Colleagues in the Counter-Jihad movement are threatened with death from sharia-adherent muslims (jihadis) while police and the FBI not only do nothing, they threaten the victims for daring to point the finger at muslims, despite facts and evidence.

Thousands of Americans are dead, killed by sharia-adherent muslims in places like Arlington (VA), New York, Shanksville (PA), Little Rock (AR), Boston (MA), Fort Lauderdale (FL), San Bernardino (CA), Orlando (FL), Denver (CO)….

Islamic jihadis killed 3 & wounded hundreds of others with 2 bombs at the Boston Marathon in 2013

The perpetrators of these acts of violence unanimously tell us they do what they do because Islam commands them to do it, yet most of our leaders tell us Islam is not the problem.

Our military generals/admirals and civilian leaders display no recognition they have a clue about the Islamic threat despite fighting – and losing – wars for nearly 17 years.  Some of our top military leaders – General John Allen for instance – apologized to our enemies for “offending” them when “Islamic religious materials” were mistakenly destroyed.

As of this day, the United States has still not defined the enemy in the global war in which we are engaged.

Catastrophic failure and criminal negligence.

Americans who still possess the ability to reason, discern, and process facts in reality realize the U.S. federal government is incapable of winning this war.

As Understanding the Threat (UTT) has said for over six (6) years, this war will be won or lost at the local level.

The goal is to get as many Americans to understand the threat as quickly as possible so local jurisdictions can organize and begin to dismantle the jihadi networks in the local area.

Remembering this is primarily an Information War, education, communication, and preparation are critical to victory.  The time for being afraid of making people feel uncomfortable is over.

Speaking truth boldly about this threat is the key to laying the foundation for future operations against the jihadis.

Eleven years ago when I was in the FBI, I advocated nationwide training and education, as well as aggressive legal action to dismantle the jihadi network, seize all Muslim Brotherhood property and punish the Muslim Brotherhood leadership to the fullest extent of the law.

The federal government has failed to do its duty since 9/11/01, and now this war is going to come to a fight on the streets of America.

This war will be won the same way President Trump became President – county by county.

Local towns and counties must:

  • Get your police trained about the Islamic threat
  • Get key local leaders trained about the Islamic threat
  • Create a cadre of local activists who can train others (UTT’s Train the Trainer program)
  • Think and plan in reality.  This war is coming.  Don’t fear it.  Prepare for victory.
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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. […] Weekly repeat posting. The Diminishing Choices for Americans Local towns and counties must: get your police trained about the Islamic threat Get key local leaders trained about the Islamic threat Create a cadre of local activists who can train others (UTT’s Train the Trainer program) Think and plan in reality. This war is coming.  Don’t fear it.  Prepare for victory. […]

  2. […] The Diminishing Choices for Americans Local towns and counties must: get your police trained about the Islamic threat Get key local leaders trained about the Islamic threat Create a cadre of local activists who can train others (UTT’s Train the Trainer program) Think and plan in reality.  This war is coming.  Don’t fear it.  Prepare for victory. […]

  3. Minn. has been called little Sweden,I say no more.

  4. “Local towns and counties must:
    Get your police trained about the Islamic threat
    Get key local leaders trained about the Islamic threat
    Create a cadre of local activists who can train others (UTT’s Train the Trainer program)
    Think and plan in reality. This war is coming. Don’t fear it. Prepare for victory.”

    I’ve yet to find any local leaders who have the guts to do any more than the federal/state weasels. Find me one elected official who will stand up and speak the truth, ready to withstand the on-onslaught of hatred and vitriol from the Muslim leadership and their willing accomplices in the government and media.

  5. […] at UTT, John explains why work to reform the FedGov is wasted […]

  6. All that is necessary from the police is accepting the Law is silent in war…and…

    Do not See

    And most especially do not intervene if wars hard hand is applied.

    The police need do…nothing.
    Exactly nothing.
    Do nothing
    See nothing
    Hear nothing
    Speak nothing.

  7. After being handed a red covered book, published in Pakistan in 1957, and getting through the first 10 suras, the declaration of conquest is clearly understood as are the words mujhadeen or jihada..also purchasing a book called the 9/11 Commission Report the first edition so before the purge and getting to the declaration of battle against the U.S. by O or U sana bin Ladin…it appears they, the investigative committee had quite a substantial amount of information that was accurate. Intervene the globalists skeptical of the resolve and some trying to keep such knowledge unknown and we arrive at today. Still difficult to listen to most media or politicians that in my opinion seem to collude with the “hijacked mind, mental illness, radical description when it spreads through out the U.S. and builds it’s structures . The quiet, smiling voices are hiding a organized movement toward their goal which may be gruesome. The small steps toward elections with many candidates aimed at our government structure to ease in sharia law should be warnings of the other” wave’ we must be cognizant of and aware of the pressing movement to take down our faith and Constitution. They have another new target…..the churches to demean the constitution to weaken.


    Notwithstanding relentless, though usually fruitless, attempts by the president and but a relative handful of likeminded patriotic & diversified supporters, to ensure U.S. survival in time of war* and the day-to-day personal safety of the American people, the country continues to languish under so called “deep state” control consisting of an ever burgeoning gang of political Lilliputians now seeking to bolster their obscenely conjured illusion of legitimacy by the diversionary and demonstrably unwarranted bestowal of an accolade of “hero” on one of their own.

    Furthermore, when in 1951 J. Edgar Hoover the founder, and then Director, of the FBI lauded the Milwaukee, Wisconsin city government and police department for the signal success they were having in curbing the crime rate there, which at the time was America’s 13th largest city, the appreciative explanatory response he received revealed that the employment policy there was one of strictly enforced political non-partisanship augmented by frequent, widespread and enthusiastic participation by the citizens of Milwaukee at town-hall type meetings; I.e., a 2-pronged unbiased policy which had resulted in alacritous mutual support & cooperation between the police and the people they were sworn to protect.

    In 1922 when the entire Boston, Massachusetts PD went on strike for better wages & working conditions their actions were characterized as an assault on civilization, thus they were all eventually dismissed with no option to ever return, which in my view was a just and inevitable outcome. I.e., America’s domestic police officers aren’t drafted, they’re adult free volunteers, most of whom (in my case included) enter the police service in the immediate aftermath of being honorably discharged from a branch of the U.S. military, and thus have been well steeped in what obedience to duty & orders clearly mean.

    To make a long story shorter, the foregoing is not to imply that U.S. domestic law-enforcement entities should be denied the right to field some sort of fraternal association with which to resolve differences members may have with their immediate cadre of supervisors, or possibly, as a group, with the “5th Floor”, but if unions become involved in the equation the inevitable trap of owing allegiance to two masters perforce will arise and the people to whom the cops owe their sworn allegiance to protect & defend are (as UTT customarily and wisely points out respecting sharia-adherent Muslims) on their own and thus left to fend for themselves.

    Had anyone, for example, been ignored by a police officer in the employ of the PD I was a member of, who overheard & witnessed a readily identifiable subject shout a threat to even inflict physical harm, much less murder, the President of the United States, and failed to make an immediate arrest for the offense referred to as “threats to do bodily harm”, they would have been suspended on the spot and consequently relieved of their badge & service weapon pending an administrative hearing by a departmental “Trial Board” with an eye on dismissal. Which is what should be happening during similar PD deployments all over the country right now.

    *The country is deeply and inextricably immersed in an existential war with sharia-adherent killers mandated to either enslave us or kill us, and contrary to their despicable lies, every warm body receiving a check from the United States treasury knows it. Furthermore, anyone wishing to explore that assertion, perhaps in the interest of protecting the lives of their children, as well as their own, may (for a nominal handling & postage fee) send for a personal Arabic-to-English translated verbatim copy of Islam’s declaration of war on Western civilization, I.e., “us”, which was seized in accordance with a federal search warrant from a subterranean basement in Annandale, Virginia in 2004 by Special Agents of the FBI. I.e., simply contact the following website, & request: GOVERNMEN EXHIBIT 003-0085 3:04-CR-240-G U.S. v, HLF, et al.

  9. If the FBI and CT division can’t define jihad terror, nor understand the organized synchronized deception to understand it, then the organizing by our enemy is going strong….it needs to be understood to be eliminated, or they will defeat us suddenly and it started with our silencing of facts. This again is an excellent article that brings a tear and a chill to reality. It has to be understood as a political movement so we can stop it.

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