Response to Coronavirus Reveals Much About America’s Enemies

March 13, 2020

Response to Coronavirus Reveals Much About America’s Enemies

Written by John D. Guandolo

How the enemies of liberty respond to the outbreak of coronavirus reveals a great deal about them and their willingness to use any issue to further the destructive Islamic and Marxist/communist Movements.

Jordanian Islamic Scholar Ahmad Al-Shahrouri tells us and the muslim community Jews are more dangerous than coronavirus, cholera, and other diseases, which is a normative and universally accepted Islamic teaching under sharia.

The Marxist Party of America (democrats) is not focusing on how to protect Americans and prepare the medical community for dealing with coronavirus, but by telling us calling it “Chinese coronavirus” or “Wuhan virus” is “racist,” which is consistent with their operational guide to shut down discussions and free speech by attacking the messengers with such comments.

The primary line of operation for the Marxist and Islamic Movements (Counter-States) in America is to “Control the Narrative” and keep U.S. intelligence and law enforcement assets away from the enemy’s center of power until it is too late for the Republic.

Both Movements rely on doctrine and operational guides in achieving this end.

For the Marxist Counter-State, the doctrine is Marxism (Communist Manifesto) and the operational guide is Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky.

For the Islamic Counter-State, the doctrine is “Allah’s divine law”/sharia and the operational guide is Milestones by Sayyid Qutb.

When major events occur in the United States and beyond, like impeachment proceedings, the killing of senior jihadi leaders like Iranian General Soleimani, or the outbreak of a virus, pay attention to the WAY leaders of the Islamic and Marxist Movements discuss these issues, and it will inform you about how and for what reason they are positioning the argument in anticipation of pending operations and strategic moves.

Their objective is always the destruction of liberty and the Republic.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. Dr. Xiangguo Qui and husband Keding Cheng were at Canada’s NML in Winnepeg and made several trips to Wuhan National Biosafety Lab in 2017 and 2018 which is 20 miles from Wuhan seafood market. They were fired I heard.

  2. Donald, while searching biological warfare labs,(I thought they were closed up) I ran across a blog that suggested that a corona virus was taken from another warfare lab in Winnepeg and sent to Wuhan. While most people think this problem came from the market’s open unsanitary conditions, and china screwed up, it may have been a few players who wanted to hurt China….due to the reeducation secured area where they held muslim chinese, I think, but I could be wrong,but what is the possiblility that China observing a political movement with threats, and a few attacks, grasping they were dangerous and had already closed mosques and ban Qurans became the target.It only had to take a few people to pull this off and then manipulate the virus and release it, or it could have arrived in the final state altered. I see no reason China would release this upon itself. Very scarey stuff. It had the other element of being able to cause disruption between the U.S. and China….it would be strategically similiar to much of what a martyr does….causes disruption in the target which I think was done to China as revenge and now has spread relentlessly.


    Two possibilities exist with respect to the origin of the so called “coronavirus”, both of which are existential threats to America’s survival: the first threads to a bizarre culinary habit of the local Chinese in the Guangdong province location I visited many years ago prior to the transfer by Portugal and the U.K of Macau and Hong Kong back to the Peoples Republic of China, which I visited during a half-day mini-bus sightseeing tour, and which included a stop at a so-called “meat market” where it appeared that not only do the indigent customers there apparently eat everything with legs except tables, but they also drink the fluids vendors squeeze into small cups from freshly butchered small snakes which are extracted from a bucket nearby.

    On the other hand, given that there are over 300 scientific laboratories in the city of Wuhan, at least one of which is reputed to be China’s only Biological-warfare Weapons of Mass Destruction development site, it is entirely plausible that the now pandemic coronavirus began consequent of an industrial accident involving loss of control of the ingredients vital for the production of Chinese “Doctor Strangelove” devices. Which, if that was the case, would elucidate China’s attempt to explain the coronavirus global catastrophe by unwisely accusing others by means of nefarious lies.

  4. doubt it was perpertrated by the United States, as the ME may claim.

  5. If there was a Rico investigation on the Obama maladministration the media would either not report it or call it racist or change the name of the perpertrator. They never understood the Fisa problems, didn’t care about it as long as they could discuss all the false details to do harm to the Trump administration….besides the FBI had to cover it’s tracks and motivations….and actions. In my opinion they covered up or lost much of the paper work or had already released the partners and powerful of any criminal behavior or action…and had the power of the media to not investigate, shut down investigations etc. it seems to me or quickly get the house to change laws or penalties so if it were to hit the fan it still would be of no consequence… also in my opinion was happening. Why so much power. That is the power of employment income of the masses in labor, which involves big pensions and priviledges, that makes Ukraine a one time part of Russia, look a liitle less bad, and protects those who activated riots after the election and talk about Russia Russia Russia, forgetting about the base on the black sea that needed protection and for very good reason with nuclear subs. Speculation fromed as I searched for news to make some sense of the disruptions and also like minded repeat performances of journalists who seemd to miss a lot of stuff. Organized disruption, protests lining up to be as the blog suggests, a opportunity of Islamist global movement to blend in as a left dem hidden marxist behavior. Going to the borders to aid mass migration and increase power thru population, creating false narratives, breaking laws, not solving the situation but empowering themselves and the radicals to position. Weaken the Trump economy with the narrative or coming market drops, using the corona virus as a weapon to further either cause chaos or make the President appear fumbling, and protecting each other, did they have advance agreement to act.??? And what are BL-4 labs up to? Media hysteria one minute and coverups the next. Never hardly a mention that most all medical products and medication were transferred to China. Shortages no kidding, China was a target maybe but doubt it was the United States….they could have tried to hurt China trying to reeducate a group tied to islamic movement but it may have been more then they could handle or just a revenge out of control.

  6. Frank Livingston March 13, 2020 at 1:46 pm Reply

    Does anyone think our DOJ will ever initiate a RICO investigation on Obama’s maladministration?

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