Former Muslim Lauds UTT & John Guandolo in American Thinker Article

May 23, 2019

Former Muslim Lauds UTT & John Guandolo in American Thinker Article

Former Iranian muslim and outspoken critic of Islam and its barbaric sharia, Amil Imani, penned an article today lauding the efforts of Understanding the Threat (UTT) and its founder John Guandolo in the American Thinker.

In the war of survival against militant Islam, there are very few people in this country who truly understand the ideology and are willing to fight back. One such individual is former FBI agent John Guandolo, a tireless patriot who works around the clock to train the law enforcement officers, including local police, sheriff departments and the “FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force agent/officers who were absolutely unaware of the massive jihadist program in place in our communities before his training sessions.”

Guandolo is articulate and speaks with authority. He is doing what our elected officials should have been doing years ago.

“By knowing the doctrine driving the enemy — sharia (Islamic Law) — and by understanding the Islamic network in the United States, their modus operandi, how they communicate their intentions, and how they interact with their Marxist collaborators, professionals can conduct predictive analysis and understand real-world events in ways nobody else can.”

The liberal West, with its heads firmly encased in the cocoon of liberalism — the idea of live and let live — fail to see that Islam is anathema to its very existence. Muslim sects do not grant even each other a modicum of tolerance. Muslims kill each other on a daily basis, all in the name of Islam. They vie with one another to convert the world to their form of caliphate. They do all this while also taking advantage of non-Muslim naiveté and destroy the God-given gift of liberty.

As a person who has lived through Islam and was able to escape it and a coworker of the same cause as Guandolo, I salute this courageous defender of freedom.

Read the complete article HERE.

UTT thanks Amil Imani for his courage to continue to speak truth boldly about the Islamic threat to America, and openly support Understanding the Threat and our team.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. Sorry really tried to revise this comment , once again, while not using my reading glasses.

  2. Is this government exhibit, listed in the comment above, the source of the 1st edition of the’ 9/11 Commission Report” book that was purged after released and pulled off the shelves.? Yes it has all the descriptive words we are suggested not to use by CARE and describes an sharia fatwa issued by Saudi Usama bin Ladin and Ayman al Zawahiri, in Afghan HQ’s, to fight against America and it’s citizens. It is a legal law of Islam against all non believers. It is very clever doctrine and demands all muslims be silent of the nature of Islam and ties to terror we have experienced. Sharia law is taught in every mosque quietly across America. It is now in massive numbers and in every town that experiences unknown motives of terror. The silence was required and is now out and but the left and uninformed cover their ears, because they never read the Quran that states the command. Also insulated to protect this quran is the command to have a hard heart but present a friendly like- able face to deceive and protect all the terror groups to teach and grow in America masked as a religion of tolerance and peace but clearly is only for other muslims.

    more extensive than the 9/11 Commission Report first edition, a copy purchased, that was pulled off most

    shelves that has been purged since and hides the nature of Islam.? The first edition has Chapter 2,titled ‘

    2.1′ page 47, The Foundation of the New Terrorism’ that explains the Islamic Fatwa that was legalized

    according to sharia law and published in an Arabic Newspaper in London, in February 1998? The two

    involved for it’s creation Saudi pretend exile, Usama bin Ladin and Ayman al Zawahiri, that America was the

    target and they stated that muslins should consider all citizens like military. Worse yet, found and layered

    Egypt. Did anyone understand that statement? Where

    cancelled apparently


    Given his erstwhile personal exposure to the draconian hell known as “sharia”, Amil Amani may be well advised to share the essence of his foregoing thoughts with the White House, which could conceivably result in the president also designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization

    I.e., the fact that as of 2019 three of the only five countries in the world to have designated the Muslim Brotherhood to be an Islamic terrorist organization were RUSSIA, SYRIA and Libya, will probably explain to anyone paying attention why the anarchical one-world troika of self-styled “royalists” led by the Bilderberg *War-Profiteering & Armaments industry together with Yale’s Chapter 322 “Skull and Bones” quislings have ostensibly convinced the president, in spite of volumes of contextual evidence, not to consider doing so too.

    *Anyone wishing to have a personal verbatim Arabic-to-English translated copy of Islam’s Saudi-Arabian funded declaration of war on the United States on 9/11 2001, the original of which was seized in accordance with a federal search warrant from a subterranean basement in Annandale, Virginia by special agents of the FBI, in 2004, need simply contact,, to request (for a nominal handling & postage fee) GOVERNMENT EXHIBIT 003-0085 3:04-CR-240-G U.S. v. HLF, et al.

  4. I consider any country that controls it’s population under sharia law and Islamic doctrine as a threat to the United States. I hear often about is the terrorist threat of Iran, but I also remember 9/11, and it was funded and silently sanctioned in my opinion by Saudi Arabia with it’s billions of profits from selling oil, they have succeeded with a misinformation campaign that terror is not part of Islam. The many Saudi funded mosques, have spread across the U.S. and Europe in unbelievable numbers. Islamic organizations support muslim communities and provide cover for the goal of sedition. Silence about the nature is key to influence, aided by the purchased of the press, accomplished by using a friendly face and temporary peaceful claims. Obligated to hide a hard heart for our long term defeat, to recreate a caliphate, a major command found in the sura’s of the Quran, Islamic entities accomplished a goal by silencing facts and influencing politicians. While the Sauds, made trillions selling oil to the U.S, and other countries, the leftist marxist in the U.S., demanded we never produce or use our own energy, so in the end the wealth and oil was able to buy our men and woman to fight it’s war for dominance. How clever. The obligation of muslims to wage war will never cease we are on their list I worry unless we know their doctrine, this will end badly for the United States as it will quicken our demise. So Iran and S. Arabia, have Islamic doctrine in common, they read the same Quran, they have same goal of world wide dominance…and since there are 56 Islamic countries in the United Nations, that follow the doctrine to deceive governments and societies, they have been able to take control. This control begins with controlling information and growing numbers, a voting dominance in the U.N overs conflicts, creates the muslim refugees, selects the numbers to migrate, funds the travel and chooses the non-muslim target countries destinations. Once embedded, the Imams, religious scholars and Muslim brotherhoods establish support organizations to influence narrative to control governments. In the U.S. for many years Islamic communities have grown very large and yet noticed but not identified as a threat due to a restricted amount of contact or self revealing, although in time sporadic disturbances, brought media attention.
    As usual investments in universities, politicians, government organization, tech companies and media corp for influence and propaganda paid off, to acquire resistance to any inquiry, that would show intolerance or exposure or criticism doctrinal factual analysis. Any criticism we know is meet with cries of islamophobia, racism and the press knew that trouble would come if not silent and it secured an image of peace and power thru fear and misinformation campaigns, a united marketing wonder.
    The success of the plans for control show up in multiple mosques in countries states and cities such a Houston Texas, Chicago, ILL California, Minnesota, Michigan, reaching to the Islands, Puerto Rico, South America, Canada and Europe and now creeping to the far reaches of Iceland. Entry is key, and a classic Trojan fake identity as a religion, masking the death cult with politeness, cultivated directives and behavior and terror, a political movement makes it’s entry. So to me, we have a very large number of cunning Islamic enemies.. Not just Iran. We need to take control we cannot lose it.

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