“Freedom & Justice” in Islam Have Nothing to Do with Liberty & A Genuine Respect for People

July 15, 2019

“Freedom & Justice” in Islam Have Nothing to Do with Liberty & A Genuine Respect for People

The United States of America stands as a beacon for the world because its founders understood true equality comes from the self-evident truth that God created all humankind in his likeness and, therefore, we all have inherent value, dignity, and worth.

As creations of the Creator, we all possess unalienable rights which no man nor government can take from us, and neither can we surrender these rights.

America’s founders understood all of this, articulated it in the Declaration of Independence, formed a nation whose foundation was built on these truths, and created a Federal Government to secure Americans’ unalienable rights.

When a society is built on this foundation, liberty/freedom flourishes and justice prevails, producing creativity, growth, and prosperity.

Hence, this is the reason America is the most generous, creative, and prosperous nation in the history of the world.

Islam’s doctrine – “Allah’s divine law”/sharia – stands in direct opposition to America’s founding principles.

Guided by its barbaric system – sharia – which does not recognize every human being’s worth nor their inherent rights, Islam calls people to impose this inhumane system of laws on all human beings on the earth.

Sharia is a system of slavery and torture which destroys liberty, destroys creativity, destroys the human spirit, and destroys any sense of true justice.

Therefore, in Islam, “Freedom” and “Justice” have very different meanings than these words do to those whose nation – America – identifies them as children of an all loving Father God born with unalienable rights.

In Islam “Freedom” literally means “Freedom from manmade laws.”

Because “Allah’s divine law”/sharia comes directly from Islam’s “god” Allah and the “exalted standard of conduct” for all muslims to follow – Mohammad – it is considered the perfect law for all mankind, which must be imposed on all people for the sake of Allah.

Therefore, the only possible meaning for “Justice” in Islam is the justice adjudicated via the sharia – the barbaric system which calls for war upon all non-muslims until the world is submitted to it (sharia), and the death for all who leave Islam.

This is “justice” in Islam, and it is “justice” only for sharia-adherent muslims living under sharia. Therefore, all people are not equal in the eyes of Islam/sharia. Sharia-adherent muslims stand above all others.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s FREEDOM & JUSTICE Party was intentionally named with the understanding those words mean what sharia has them mean.

It is easy to come to a conclusion that those who defend Islam as a “peaceful religion” are either grossly ignorant, mentally deranged, or knowingly evil.
When Islamic leaders simple say they want “freedom and justice” in the world they are being sincere. However, Islam’s understanding and definitions of these words are radically different that the understanding of these words from an American perspective – practically and legally.

When listening to muslims discuss issues of “freedom” and “justice,” we must translate English to English using the filter of sharia. Otherwise, we might fall into the trap of believing there is common ground between Islam and the American Republic.

There is not.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. Those who practice Islam and adhere to its commands and precepts seek to follow its directives in every aspect of their lives. This is ideology, but is also true of all dedicated Christians and Jews. To them, Islam is truth and all others must comply with Sharia in the end by command of Allah, one way or another, as you know. As a Christian nation, the US has fallen far as a people from its relationship with the God of Israel. That’s why we are so easily deceived. Though the US is still a global leader in what’s left of the freedom produced by people of true faith, it is like the other nations of Judeo-Christian heritage, in an advanced stage of apostasy. Our historical Christian roots once informed everything in our culture. The same can be said for Israel, but that is another topic. Islam declares that it is the final revelation of God to humanity and Mohammed is God’s Prophet. While these are lies, permitting the presence of people who adhere to true Islam in our midst is a trojan horse seeking an opportune time to destroy us as we become even weaker. They now cooperate now with our globalist progressive leftist traitors against everything we hold precious. Thank you, John, for your dedication to fight against the evil Islamic agenda.

  2. John,

    Nice work. The idea of using filters (there are many) to discern and see the truth is a good one.


  3. People are not only unaware of what is taught in the Mosques in America, but they are blind as to what is currently being taught in our own government run schools who have curriculum which seems to glorify Islam.

  4. Freedom and Justice Party… is defined Freedom from man-made laws such as the Constitution or laws based on Moses 10 commandments, Justice only for believers of Islam, since muslims are innocent of terror, and have no right to be slain by any one who is not Muslim which they consider a killing without right. So I ask why should America ever be an ally of a sharia based countries or Islam? And why are we unaware what is taught in the mosques spread throughout the country? So I agree with John, to listen to people who describe Islam as a”peaceful religion” are grossly ignorant” of the verses of the Quran and if in government appear compromised in my opinion and have placed non- muslim American citizens in danger around the world and in the United States by waving the no border flag for easy migration, sedition and future wars that is rapidly approaching. The movement of jihadist.

  5. How can the above become known to the federal executive organs of the country? So far, they’re acting as they were wholly ignorant – something that appears unbelievable. There is something else that lies in between.
    In the meantime, it seems Iran will win also the latest ongoing conflict with the U.S. and the rest of the free world. For this not to happen, the U.S. and allies must finally take action, and not miss the opportunity. It’s certainly the defining moment.

    • We are in a historic moment Dr Rutger. Believe it when I say your federal leaders are criminally negligent about the Islamic threat. The belief at the federal level is there are “many different versions of Islam” so we just need to “get the good muslims to help us with the bad muslims” and we will take care of the problem. However, since the premise of this strategy is objectively false – because there is only the ONE Islam of the Koran and Mohammad – all strategies built on this false premise are doomed to fail. This is why almost 18 years after 9/11 things are getting worse and not better.

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