Global Enemy Conglomerate Moves Strategically

May 7, 2020

Global Enemy Conglomerate Moves Strategically

by John D. Guandolo

Are you open to the idea that coronavirus 2019/COVID-19 was intentionally released by communist China in a coordinated manner with the International Communist Party working with U.S. Communist assets – which necessarily includes leaders of the democrat party – to bring down America’s economy in order to prevent President Trump from winning a second term?

While this may be a hard pill to swallow and not what UTT is preposing, it is certainly a possible reality.

The democrat party in league with the traditional media has clearly defended China and attacked the U.S. President during this entire “pandemic” which we now know was grossly and falsely overstated, and continues to be used to destroy liberty and “normalize” outrageously unconstitutional actions by state and local officials – almost exclusively democrat – against citizens.

Example: the hair dresser in Texas jailed for operating her business, who was freed from jail on 5/7/20 (today) after the Texas Governor and Attorney General intervened.

Keep in mind there is an ongoing coup against a sitting American President and the co-conspirators include Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, former CIA Director John Brennan, former FBI Director James Comey, former DNI James Clapper, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former FBI Deputy Assistant Director for Counter-Intelligence Peter Strzok, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Adam Schiff, agents of foreign powers, and many others.

This is a coordinated ongoing coup against President Trump primarily led and organized by senior U.S. government officials. This is unprecedented in American history, and no one has been indicted, convicted or executed for treason to date.

But at the global level, massive tectonic movements are taking place while U.S. National Security leaders remain unaware.

  • Saudi Arabia has double-crossed the U.S. and is burying our oil production in Texas and elsewhere
  • When this phase of the enemy’s operation is complete, the Turkey/Iran partnership will likely support military operations against Saudi Arabia so Turkey will once again control the Arabian Peninsula (in the shadows of the Ottoman Empire)
  • China’s information and political operations were ready to go as soon as coronavirus hit.  They had everything set and got their allies in line immediately which points towards an intentional and planned effort
  • Because our enemy’s convinced Republicans to shut the most successful economy in the history of the world down for two months, the U.S. economy may be completely crushed for the long haul.  If not, the U.S. economy will certainly be in rough shape for the next couple quarters.  Just in time for the election.

At the geo-political level, our enemies have demonstrated they are long-term strategists with clear objectives they are working towards daily to bring America down.

The current U.S. National Security leadership gives every indication they are unaware of the major intentional and coordinated global movements against America and her interests, and they are certainly not taking effective action to thwart the enemies’ offensives.

The only analogy which comes to mind is that the Super Bowl is on and our enemy is playing like a seasoned NFL team.  Our team looks like a pick up flag football team from the local pub.  It is truly embarrassing.

Americans, you are the government.  You – “We the People” – must make your voice heard.  The time of hard decisions is upon us.  You must know and understand these threats to our Republic, your liberty, and your family, and we must rid our communities of the jihadis and communist perpetuating these efforts through all constitutional means available.

Understanding the Threat is the only organization in America empowering citizens with tools to identify communist and jihadi networks and leaders and strategies to dismantle these networks at the local level. Use UTT as the resource to reaffirm America’s Founding Principles in your community, take the fight to the enemy, and put FREEDOM back on the offensive where it belongs.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. After hearing the questions posed to fauci and his less then honorable answers i have deep concerns

  2. Just a note China has approx 1 million converts to Islam and it is my impression the Chinese Pres. actually saw the problem of a coming sedition or civilization jihad. Whether he has submitted to the money or pressure really just from reading not sure.Kind of like Russia with Crimea….controlling or a threat.

  3. I am open to the idea that China held back the information about a release, they have two virus labs In Wuhan, the reason for the labs could be biological warfare or scientific study..or both.and maybe our neighbor to the north have such type of labs. I know biological warfare programs once existed in U.S. don’t know much but it was I think restricted. Since it was first detected in China that a new pneumonia was spreading so quickly I don’t think it was deliberately spread with purpose in their own country, since it caused chaos and many deaths in China, I think they kept it quiet so the media would not know about the virus labs and such work existed. If they deliberately spread it in China, they had to know it was so deadly and contagious unless they are that ruthless to do so..because it could have been a deliberate release to hurt the government of China or accidental or sabotage. But I do think the leftist communist, socialist in this country used it for maximum propaganda or distraction away from the current revelations about our CVE national security, use of foreign spying on Trump to remove him, by the deepstate. China kept quiet and then sent people out….that also was a bad situation. Curious now reading that the virus was detected much earlier.than Jan. Also watched video about Pandemic event 201, combining much of the left power tech group and finances, education and the left who supported who funded this event……as if they already had the information and worked with WHO and experts did they develope the estimates and guidelines. Political warfare against China was simmering internally. Just an opinion from my seaches. I don’t see China aligning with the ME to do damage, but the money might motivate and that would be catastropic since it seems the left is doing it here. The thing about China is the idea, whether communist or not to save face. I think. But it spread.

    • Virus, virus I have no direct evidence but i think the virus in China was spread , when operatives were getting it to Levi a attack on setaf , africom- which is in Italy – not knowing how lethal it really is – it had spread and they polluted themselves – however , since that time I think they have and are waging a attack on America .

  4. […] Global Enemy Conglomerate Moves Strategically  May 7, 2020, by John D. Guandolo This is a coordinated ongoing coup against President Trump primarily led and organized by senior U.S. government officials. This is unprecedented in American history, and no one has been indicted, convicted or executed for treason to date. […]

    • I would like to assist in any way possible even if only to distribute information and bring awareness to American patriots.


    Yes, UTTs foregoing first paragraph seems to me to be not only plausible, but obvious.

    Furthermore, the fact that biological-warfare weapons of mass destruction are mainly designed to annihilate enemy forces wihout the necessity for any one-on-one physical contact, doesn’t preclude the possibility that the corvid-19 currently abroad across human civilization from having left Wuhan as innoculations in the bodies of those ten-thousand unsuspecting Chinese tourists we’ve been hearing about.

    Too, the burgeoning number of American police officials who are defending their refusal to act in accordance with oaths they’ve taken to protect the lives of the people they serve, via television appearances, should be reminded that they’re not only engaged in nonfeasance, but if collusion with others is involved, inasmuch as the country’s at war, theyre flirting with anarchy and treason.

    Anyone who at this late date hasn’t yet read the Arabic-to-English translation of Islam’s declaration of war* on Western Civilization, which was seized by special agents of the FBI from a subterranean basement in Annandale, Va in accordance with a federal search warrant in 2004, may (for a nominal handling & postage fee) order a personal copy by contacting to request: GOVERNMENT EXHIBIT 003-0085 3:04-CR-240-G U.S. v. HLF, et al.

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