October 29, 2017

UTT Assesses Detroit Suburbs of Hamtramck & Dearborn as Enemy Strongholds

Islamic Center of America – the largest mosque in North America – in Dearborn, Michigan

This past week UTT’s Vice President, Chris Gaubatz, deployed to Dearborn, Warren, Hamtramck, and Sterling Heights, Michigan – suburbs of Detroit – to assess the level of jihadi penetration in these areas.

As an organization, UTT is fully aware – as are many of those who follow our work – that Dearborn has been heavily effected by Muslim immigration and refugee resettlement.  It is one thing to read the reports, and quite another to actually witness and observe the result of the creeping sharia and the presence of jihadis in these areas.

On behalf of UTT, Mr. Gaubatz assesses the Dearborn and Hamtramck areas should be considered enemy held territory.

UTT makes this assessment based on several elements:

The Islamic Center of America in Dearborn is reported to be the largest mosque in North America, and the oldest shia mosque in North America.  It is tied to the terrorist state of Iran and Hizbollah.

The founder of the Islamic Center of America, Imam Mohamad Jawad Chirri, was an Islamic sharia scholar who wrote extensively about sharia, martyrdom, and related topics.  The previous leader of the center was Imam Hassan Qazwini, who has/had close relationships with Iranian Grand Ayatollahs and Hizbollah affiliates (redundant).

Qazwini also served on the board of the American Muslim Council (AMC), founded and led by Al Qaeda financier Abdurahman Alamoudi, currently serving a lengthy prison term in the United States.

Dearborn is also home to the Islamic House of Wisdom, also reported to be one of the largest mosques in the United States.  It is led by Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi, who also has close relationships with senior Iranian leaders.  Below is a photo of Elahi with former Iranian President Khatami.

The Detroit suburbs of Hamtramck and Dearborn are within Wayne County lines.  Wayne County property records reveal several properties/transactions are owned by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), the bank for the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood which directly funds the terrorist group Hamas.

There are large predominantly muslim sections of these towns with a high level of outwardly visible sharia adherence, to include niqabs and hijabs worn by women, as well separate entrances for women at Islamic Centers.


Muslim men were observed wearing sharia adherent dress and beards.

The Hamtramck City Council is now majority muslim, with all three being sharia advocates.

The Muslim community receives a high level of government assistance, giving Muslims using these programs more time to spend at their local sharia adherent mosques.

The interfaith dialogue movement in the Dearborn area is flourishing, with many leaders in the community standing arm in arm with jihadi leaders.  When pastors, priests, and rabbis refuse to speak truthfully about the Islamic threat, and support jihadis, this creates an apathetic atmosphere amongst their flock regarding this issue, and it shows.

In 2015, the keynote speaker for the Ford (Motor Company) Interfaith Network annual event was Hamas leader Dawud Walid of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).  This was Walid’s third year speaking at this event.  CAIR is Hamas.

“One Message, One God”

Notice the “Jesus and Jihad” in the lower left corner of the photo

Leadership in the Dearborn area, from City Council, law enforcement, faith leaders, and community leaders are either supporting the growth of sharia adherence in Dearborn and the surrounding areas, or they are silent – and therefore complicit – on this issue.

UTT expects to publish a more detailed report on Dearborn and the surrounding areas in the near future.

While UTT travels the country, we assess different areas to determine strategies we share with legislators, law enforcement, and state leadership for dismantling the jihadi network.  UTT has put Dearborn and Hamtramck in the same category as Minneapolis, MN (see article HERE); enemy held territory.

It will take a major education campaign, and aggressive action by state and county officials within these areas to win them back from the Islamic movement.


In 2008, Chris Gaubatz posed as a muslim and went undercover inside the U.S. Hamas organization Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and recovered over 12,000 documents and obtained over 300 hours of covert audio/video revealing CAIR is involved in fraud, sedition, and terrorism.  Chris further traveled to many mosques and Islamic organizations across the United States.  His heroic story is captured in the book Muslim Mafia written by investigative journalist Paul Sperry and retired USAF OSI agent Dave Gaubatz, Chris’ father.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. This post most definitely looks like vile Muslim haters who go about painting ALL Muslims with a broad hateful and sickening brush.
    Muslims have just as much right to chose where they live as anyone.
    Once Dearborn was highly Hispanic, and Hamtramck was once highly Polish. Southfield was once highly Jewish, and now mostly Black. Time and circumstances always bring about change.
    Things change just as it did in my West-side Detroit neighborhood that went from White to Black. Also, where the Catholic churches St. Peter and Paul, and St. Thomas Aquinas (the last Catholic church built in the City of Detroit) were once highly attended, but now close to closing.
    I was born and raised in Detroit. Hamtramck and especially Dearborn were both very close to where I lived and went to school.
    I have nothing more to say to you.
    Many Muslims have escaped to this country from their native land due to the dangers of the beastly and vile corrupt actions of Islamic Extremist Terrorist. They have witnessed their own loved ones, friends and neighbors being slaughtered.
    So, to dare to paint ALL Muslims as potential terrorists and despots is nothing but beyond despicable and abhorrent.

    • Nowhere in UTT materials or publications do we say all people who self-identify as “muslim” are evil or a threat. All sharia-adherent muslims are, necessarily a threat because they overtly adhere to a totalitarian system which commands – under penalty of death – adherents to impose barbaric sharia on the rest of the world. It is LOVING to admonish sharia-adherent muslims and Christians who support them.

  2. I lived in Downtown Detroit from 1985 to 1987.
    I had a nice black woman as a baby sitter.
    I was very busy with family and career and ignorant of Islam. Thinking Allah was just another name for God. During that time my sitter started wearing their traditional dress and followed that religion . I asked her briefly about it. Her response floored me @ the time and is still worth mentioning. She told me the local mosque was offering converts
    Color TV s or new refrigerators to become
    Moslem. So ….lookng back that is how they colonized Dearborn to make it what it is today

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  8. Have no doubt Islam is the enemy of the whole civilized world. Islams purpose is to enslave the world and kill all who will not convert to Islam. Allowing Muslims into our country and then paying them to teach children to riot and kill all who are not Muslim is complete insanity so we the people must overthrow our government and lock up all Politicians who allowed this. Just look what Muslims do wherever they go…

  9. Thanks again John. The more information that we (the people) can obtain, the better off we will be.

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