Why Does Hamas/CAIR Fear UTT?

March 5, 2019

Why Does Hamas/CAIR Fear UTT?

Why would Hamas doing business as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) fear a 30 minute presentation by UTT’s President John Guandolo at a small restaurant in a suburb of Dallas, Texas?

On Wednesday March 6, 2019, John Guandolo is giving such a presentation and CAIR is working hard to shut it down.


The answer is simple. CAIR fears the truth Understanding the Threat (UTT) speaks and publishes because the truth reveals CAIR and its leaders are suit-wearing jihadis who are acting on behalf of the designated terrorist organization Hamas.

The truth buries CAIR and they know it. Since they cannot counter the truth UTT speaks and publishes, their only option is to try to silence us.

CAIR knows that John Guandolo created the first training program in the U.S. government in 2006 detailing the Muslim Brotherhood network, their doctrine sharia, and the best courses of actions to deal with it.

CAIR knows this 2 week program was briefed to the Vice President’s national security staff and hailed as “ground-breaking.”

And CAIR knows that while he was a Special Agent in the FBI, John Guandolo highlighted CAIR as a threat to American citizens because they are a front for the designated Islamic terrorist group Hamas.

CAIR knows UTT’s former Vice President Chris Gaubatz worked at CAIR’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. in 2008 and pulled over 12,000 documents out of their office revealing CAIR is involved in fraud, sedition, espionage, and terrorism.

Gaubatz also pulled a document out of CAIR’s headquarters revealing CAIR leaders were discussing how to support Osama bin Laden.

So, for many years, CAIR has consistently and diligently worked against John Guandolo and Understanding the Threat (UTT).

In the last ten years or so, some have succumb to the pressure brought by CAIR’s threats of protests or worse, but most have stood firm and allowed the truth to be heard.

And so it will be this week. Despite CAIR’s national call from one of their lead jihadis Ibrahim Hooper for this simple event to be shut down, it will not be.

UTT reminds readers of our public challenge: UTT is willing to cease teaching any material and remove that material from its books and DVD’s if it can be shown something we teach about the Muslim Brotherhood’s network in the U.S., its modus operandi and organizations, sharia and its foundation in Islam or what it says, is untrue.

We also offer $1000 cash to the person who brings it to our attention.

After having offered this challenge for over three (3) years, including sending emails to Ibrahim Hooper and the leadership of other jihadi organization in the United States, Understanding the Threat has never had to pay up.

UTT’s material is evidentiary and factual, and the jihadis at CAIR and all other prominent Islamic organizations in America know it.

CAIR and their allies at the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, and individual Marxists across the nation work diligently to silence UTT.

Catherine Giles, a Marxist activist in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, is calling for protests against UTT President John Guandolo. Yet, she proudly stands with Omar Suleiman who was the Imam of the Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB) Jefferson Muslim Association in New Orleans, works with the MB’s ICNA, and teaches barbaric sharia at the Al Maghrib Institute.

While members of UTT’s team have been directly threatened on numerous occasions, we will not back down and we will not stop speaking truth in the cause of what is right and just.

UTT will not be silenced. We will continue to speak truth boldly in love about real threats to America, to our communities and to our families.

The UTT Team simply asks all of you join us and support us as we continue doing this.


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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
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  2. Maybe our politicians should all read this book:
    Based on his 20-year-long studies on integration and assimilation, Dutch professor of sociology Ruud Koopmans has come to the conclusion that Muslims are more difficult to integrate than other migrant groups.
    Ruud Koopmans claims than no Western country has managed to successfully integrate Muslims.
    “Muslims are much worse at integration than other groups of migrants, and there is no doubt that in most other groups of migrants, we see great progress from one generation to the next. Although it’s not completely absent in Muslims, the change is much slower,” he told Danish newspaper Berlingske recently.
    Around 65 percent of the Turkish and Moroccan Muslims in six European countries consider religious rules to be more important than the secular law of the country in which they live.
    Muslims consider themselves separate from other non-Muslim groups, and refrain from broader interaction with those outside their religion.
    The fundamentalist interpretation of the Quran, which is prevalent among Muslims, prevents them from being integrated into Western countries.
    And up to 50 percent of Muslims in Europe hold fundamentalist beliefs. By contrast, the proportion of fundamentalists among Christians is much lower, at less than 4 percent, according to Koopmans’ data
    “I conclude that the Islamic world is lagging behind rest of the world when it comes to democracy, human rights, and political and economic development,” Koopmans told Berlingske, attributing this to conservative views on the role of women, low investment into children’s education and fundamentalist propaganda.
    “The main problem is how many Muslims and, globally, many Muslim countries interpret Islam. Namely, in a way that basically claims that the Quran and the Sunna must be taken literally, and that the way the Prophet lived in the 7th century must be the yardstick for how Muslims should live in the 21st century.”
    “Such a brand of Islam is, firstly, a threat to world peace. Secondly, it prevents integration,” Koopmans concluded.


    According to former U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice James Kent, one of two American jurists acclaimed to have been fathers of American Jurisprudence”, the level of tolerance the country’s founders granted to foreign immigrants willing to live peaceably, thus free ,in our country was never intended to include any adjustments of established parameters within the U.S. government, schools and communities in order to accommodate the demands of any divergent religion.

    Yet in 2007, only six years after the Saudi Arabian government funded* 9/11 attacks had ushered in Islam’s globally symbolic declaration of war** on the United States and “Western Civilization”, to thus claim the lives of 2777 (mainly) American citizens, a House member successfully sponsored an effectively treasonous
    resolution in the United States Congress to extend national recognition, thus literally honor, to Islam’s
    annual sharia adherent Ramadan celebration, which has not only justifiably emboldened the Brotherhood’s 202 cadres of terrorist killers across the country, but contextually reflects nefarious confidence that, perforce,
    Islam is now at least partially in control of national security issues in connection with UTT’s core agenda.

    For anyone wishing to understand exactly how the United States has gotten as close as it has to extinction, all they need do is read “The Bush Crime Family”, a relatively recent current affairs collaboration by Roger Stone & St. John Hunt. If having done that and found themselves in a frantic hunt for salvation — and they will — the only clear path out of the fast emerging disaster, assuming UTT isn’t wisely recruited to expand nationwide it’s factual awareness of sharia-adherence behavior, intelligence gathering & processing skills and battlefield expertise derived from first-person experience (since there’s no one else in the country willing and/or able to do it), the next best thing to consider is a firm reliance on “faith”; faith is the contextual belief that when utter darkness surrounds you the next step you take will either put you on solid ground, or you’ll be able to fly.

    *See the heretofore arcane “28-pages”.

    **Anyone wishing to understand the existential threat Islam’s declaration of war on the United States represents to they and their loved ones, may order an Arabic-to-English translated copy of said document, the original of which was seized by special agents of the FBI in accordance with a federal search warrant from a subterranean basement in Annandale, Virginia in 2004, should contact http://www.securefreedom.org
    to request (for a nominal handling & postage fee) GOVERNMENT EXHIBIT 003-0085 3:04-CR-240-G U.S. v. HLF, et al.

  4. Glad to hear that someone is bringing sunlight to the infection. Wish you success and more groups like you.

    • Janetmarie Jones March 12, 2019 at 1:21 pm Reply

      March 12, 2019
      A GLOBAL caliphate has been the goal of the Muslim religion since 630 A.D. The last battle to bring the Muslim Caliphate took place in 1683 when the Ottoman Empire stood poised to overrun Christian Europe. The exact date of victory at the Battle of Vienna was September 11, 1683. Jan Sobieski led the Polish land army to victory to save the beautiful city of Vienna from the Muslim invasion. We are in a new phase of a very old war. They will wait as long as it takes. ALL Muslims want the global caliphate. They believe their God requires it while the leaders of the Islamic world know the truth. I don’t think we are really fooled by this land grab under the guise of religion, are we? Destroy the United States from within and Western Civilization ultimately.
      There are many researchers who have and continue to attempt to warn the world of the coming jihads. Some of them are Frank Gaffney, David Horowitz, John Guandolo, Mark Steyn, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Robert Spenser, President Donald Trump, Pamela Geller, Gates of Vienna website, Tommy Robinson, Emmet Scott, Mateo Salvini, and many more. It is so hard for peoples of diverse backgrounds, as ourselves, to need to fear this type of differently conniving and heinous plotting cloaked in religious doctrine. There are many types of jihad (religious war) used to control non-Muslims. The final is slaughter which we have already witnessed in our country.
      Are you aware of the concept and function of ‘taqiyya’ in the formation of the long-awaited global Islamic caliphate? Taqiyya is the dissimulation or deceiving of infidels (non-Muslims) to further the cause of Allah. Ben Carson, previously a US presidential candidate, stated taqiyya is a bedrock belief among Muslims. Carson said taqiyya is a component of Sharia Law, used at any point of convenience to deceive the infidel. Muslims will always lie in order to conquer an area of non-Muslims, no matter how big or small the lie.
      Taqiyya (‘religious lying’) takes many forms and usually precedes the slaughtering type of jihad. It can take the form of a large commercial business, mosques teaching concealed carry as a cover for jihad training, a U.S. government official reducing our armed forces, “the religion of peace”, etc. And taqiyya (lying for Allah) is easier than beheading! Has your city been lied to? The slow feed into our country, with refusal to assimilate, is another form of taqiyya, ie. showing Islamists’ true goal. “Kill all infidels”.
      They are very close to their objective now. Look at the world today. Ten years ago, a new car parked in Malmo, Sweden had to be hidden by an old car so as to not be vandalized. Now look at Sweden. They tried to stop Sharia, too. Numerous No-Go zones devastate their entire country. The gang-rapes by ‘refugees’ in Sweden are so prolific in ALL ZONES. Muslims have been infiltrating Sweden for over twenty years due to their liberal immigration laws. Look at Sweden, Italy, France, and Germany, to mention only a few. Undoubtedly, Angela Merkel, also, received money to settle these Islamic immigrants.
      ALL Muslims are radical when it comes to Allah. Witness their negative and often nasty demeanors even within our U.S. governmental positions. Non-Muslims are infidels. In our war to save them from themselves, we have ‘rules of engagement’. They have none. Quite the opposite. Mohammed, the founder of Islam, had a six-year old bride with whom he consummated that marriage when she was nine years old. Some will behead children. Others watch, and wait for their turn ‘for Allah’. You are probably aware, Muslim men choose little boys for sex instead of their wives. Female genital mutilation is what? Easily understood: It continues their practice of gender inequality.
      You might say their civilization has not yet developed. That is the way the rulers keep them under control. There are no moderate Muslims. All Muslims want the caliphate: The Global caliphate. Look at Michigan, Texas, Idaho, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Minnesota welcoming in hundreds/thousands of Muslims, in good faith. Assimilating? They are looking to connect the global caliphate. Where are the new locations arising? Beheading?
      Ben Carson also stated no Muslim should ever be U.S. president. Barack Obama was a Shiite Muslim as was his father and step-father. Iran is almost fully Shiite. Shiites institute the practice of taqiyya to give them some advantage in their continuing war with the more-powerful Sunnis. Saudi Arabia, is predominately Sunni Muslim. Why did Obama GIVE billions to Iran (Shiite) who has declared “Death to America”? Was he helping to further the set up the global Shiite caliphate? Lying is easier than beheading. We are being financially duped. The beheadings will come. We are giving them the red carpet to set up the caliphate in the U.S.
      We’ve seen it throughout the world. Each country has a different ‘operational jihad’. One thing will be the same, if we don’t do something very soon, our children will live under sharia law. As these folks come into your communities, they bring money one way or another and build our, which without assimilation, become their cities, pushing for sharia law and female genital mutilation, pedophilia etc. Soon, in addition to the ‘taqiyya jihad’, the bloody jihad’ that is currently operational in so many countries of the world, will begin in their cities within our cities (No-GoZones). Our jihad will be similar to that of the UK, ie they want to take everything we have developed. Just google Londanistan.
      Do you think the migratory movement is about registering voters? Or maybe it’s about sowing chaos with a population that will depleat U.S. resources leaving it vulnerable to the barbaric takeover of global jihadists? If we choose to do nothing, devastation is coming to us, as well. Islam is horrific war that starts with a different type:,TAQIYYA. Remember b HUSSEIN o ?
      Do you know who Nezar Hamze, Sheriff Scott Israel’s Deputy Sheriff is and how many mosques attendees in Florida he has trained to concealed carry. And he reminded them to be certain to purchase their weapons, while not instructing the people he was expected to instruct?
      Thank-You, again, for your time and let us, together, thank Italy, Poland and Hungary for their commitment to working to keep their countries safe for their citizens.
      Best Regards,
      Janetmarie Jones
      (714) 914-8919
      PS~ An Imam, when asked his opinion of Mother Teresa, said, “Allah will punish her for not being Muslim”.
      Quranic verses directing followers to use TAQIYYA to further the cause of Allah throughout the world.
      5:33, 8:12, 47:4, 9:123, 2:191, 5:45, 2:193, 9:29, 8:17

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