May 13, 2013

I SEE Something & I am SAYING Something



SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING.  That’s what John Pistole (TSA Director) and Janet Napolitano (Homeland Security Secretary) tell me everytime I turn around.  They have videos in the airport and signs along the way to guide me.  For all the SAYING going on, you would think these two would actually SEE the threat themselves.  

I would like to oblige our security “leaders” and SAY SOMETHING since I SEE a lot.

* I see Hamas operatives (Kifah Mustafa) getting behind-the-scenes tours of America’s airports.

 * I see one of the key Hamas leaders in the U.S. (Nihad Awad) walking around the U.S. Capitol.

 * I see the leader of the largest Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas support organization Mohamed Magid – ISNA) inside the White House briefing the President and National Security Staff.

 * I see Muslim Brothers and Hamas operatives on Secretary Napolitano’s Homeland Security Advisory Council (Mohamed Magid, Mohammed Elibiary, Dalia Mogahed, et al)

 * I see Muslims working for TSA without being vetted as Hamas operatives/Muslim Brothers – because Mr. Pistole has not a clue as to what that even means.

 * I see Jihadis storming the consulate in Benghazi killing our Ambassador to Libya and 3 other heroes while our President and Secretary of State blame a YouTube video.

 * I see jihadis on the terror watch list in the White House.

 * I see jihadis speaking at the Pentagon, at the White House, at the U.S. Capitol.

I am saying something Ms. Napolitano.  Will you DO something?


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