If Every ISIS Fighter Was Killed – The Global Jihad Would Roll On

April 11, 2016

If Every ISIS Fighter Was Killed – The Global Jihad Would Roll On

For several years after 9/11/01, the American government focused all it’s energy hunting down Al Qaeda and its leaders.  The American public was told it was in a war against Al Qaeda.  Yet today, it is as if Al Qaeda evaporated from the planet and our only adversary is ISIS.


The fact is, if every Muslim jihadi fighting for ISIS were killed today, the global Islamic jihadi Movement would not stop.

ISIS is not THE enemy.  ISIS is a part of a much larger threat to the West.  The enemy we face calls itself the Global Islamic Movement.  It is a global jihad to establish Islamic rule on the planet.

This Movement is primarily led by the International Muslim Brotherhood, but there are other parallel Islamic Movements working together.  There are many violent jihadi organizations like ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hizbollah, and hundreds of others battling in Iraq, Syria, Libya, parts of Africa, and elsewhere.

The leadership of the international Muslim community is the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) which is made up of every Islamic nation in the world at the head of state and king level.  It is the largest voting block in the United Nations.  The OIC’s stated goal is the implementation of Sharia (Islamic Law) across the world.

ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, all of the other jihadi organizations, as well as the leaders of the entire Islamic world have the same objective:  the establishment of a Caliphate under Sharia.  Each facet uses a different avenue to the same objective.

A Caliphate under sharia is also the objective of Islam as defined in all Islamic Law (Sharia) which comes from the Quran and the example of the prophet Mohammad.

When the West collectively decides to understand the threat as it truly is, and that Sharia is the blueprint for our enemy as well as what they seek to impose on the world, we will have the clear ability to strategize a war plan for victory.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
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  2. I have watched you on the Jim Bakker show the last 3 days. You are the only person I’ve heard that “get it”!!! Jihad is inherent & cannot be extracted from the Muslim religion. Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, & all other religions are in the fight of our life. Western politicians are being to politically correct in their thinking to understand that the Majority of Muslims want to subjugate, and convert us or kill us.

    The are not killing me and my American Patriot friends! We are armed & ready to fight for America: not brag, just fact!

    I have been studying Islam for years and I have come to the conclusion that it will be a fight to the death when the “zero hour” hits!

    God Bless you & your work!

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    • It is fundamental Islam that is the enemy of western civilization and free people worldwide. Fundamental Islam is the enemy because it is based on teachings of hate and destruction or domination of all non muslims. Our leaders and press do us a great disservice when they tell that falsehood that Islam is a religion of peace.

      Islam teaches that God hates non muslims and wants muslims to wage unending jihad against them until they are defeated and killed or made slaves or second class citizens, that a muslim should like to non muslims and break agreements with them to advance islam, that any muslim who leaves Islam should be killed, that anyone who “insults”Islam or Mohamed should be killed, that women are to be dominated by men, and that , according to the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, a man may satisfy his sexual lust with a child of any age. These are evil teachings. There is no way to white wash them. So Islam does its best to hide the truth of its teachings, since it knows that most of western civilization finds these teachings repulsive.

      Islam is a political ideology that has perverted religion into a tool for war and totalitarian domination. It cannot be appeased and it is foolish to make any concessions whatsoever to it. We will do all good hearted people who happen to be members of Islam a great favor, and ourselves as well, if we stand against Islam. We should adopt a constitutional amendment that says that Islam is not a religion within the meaning of our constitution and laws, and that sharia law will not be recognized or enforced in the U S.


    Were it not for the essential function of federal approbation stemming from eight years of unbridled treason, the 2500+ Islamic Centers & mosques in the country, in which droves of un-vetted, sharia-adherent male Muslim aliens, as well as thousands of others who were already here, are being routinely instilled by Muslim-Brotherhood jihadists (under the guise of religion) with the belief that killing non-Muslim Americans, et al, is a sacred duty as opposed to a federal crime, would have ceased to exist.

    As too would the intensifying existential concern the country is waking up to, and have reason to fear, of a calamitous, surprise weapon-of-mass-destruction attack, the probability of which would have been greatly minified had the cabal of quisling American negotiators not effectively gifted Iran, of all places, not only with unhindered access to atomic weaponry, but to multi-billions of contextually sequestered U.S. dollars as well with which to fund yet more global terrorism.

    And notwithstanding the America-haters, deniers and garden variety draft dodgers, unless command & control and comprehensive staffing of U.S. military, intelligence, federal law-enforcement entities and security apparatuses are restored to an all American non-Muslim male configuration, the country is going to find itself staring sharia oblivion, aka “hell” square in the face.

  5. Hello UTT, Another excellent article, and really confirms to me the problem we face as a nation as the massive migration and the refugee wave will soon arrive. I agree with what you said, it is a different type of warfare. It started with the saturation and organization of the spread of the doctrine by deception…which has been the most effective trait of our enemy. It was certainly done with our freedoms….to deceive a country whose concept of religion taught tolerance and truthfulness and caught us, as many other countries “unaware”. The first wave seduced the minority groups and mocked our foundations. As you have described in many of your writings, the muslim student groups first went to the universities….sought out the leftist, cried discrimination, so cleverly made a ally of anti war groups, the irony is a cold slap, media and fellow actors…another irony. The truth was tucked behind the motive and the calm studious, neutral faces…while repeating only the peaceful sounding verses, once again leaving out the commands to take out the infidels. But to the point, we need to protect this country here and truthful information is also needed. Thank you for all the information I have acquired by listening to your videos and reading your writings. It is a massive world wide issue. We have to stop the influx.

  6. Keep fighting the good fight Sir.

    The “Ant” work at the law enforcement agency level will pay dividends over time.

    As for the USG….their policy is not to defend only to react. That’s the nicest cast that can be put upon it.

  7. Thank you for your diligence in working on this utmost important threat to our country!!

  8. ISIS members are happy to die over there knowing that the ongoing surrender of the USA is advancing regardless of whether it will take 30 or 100 years to completely dominate the USA. Meanwhile the federal government wants us to believe that if we are fighting them over there, we do not have to worry about fighting them here except to keep their bombs from exploding here. Go Trump 2016. Organize your Precinct now!!!

    • It is Islam self replicating itself thru dis-information and jihad terrorists, who battle to spread sharia, with no fear of death.
      The fight has to start in this country against the deception that has allowed this to co-op it self as a peaceful doctrine, when at all times nearly it is a doctrine of warfare against the infidels and Jews….for the global jihad….I agree Bill so far Trump seems to get it and will get tons of pushback. He needs an expert at his side.

  9. As a former FBI Agent, I am equally concerned about the rapid growth of Islamists worldwide. The “Global Jihad would roll on” article is confirmation of my worries about the Islamic goal of eventual world domination. They are well on the way toward meeting their goal as the stupid leadership of our country sits on their hands ignorant of the consequences of their faltering decision making.
    Congratulations to John and his UTT efforts.

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