Impeachment and the Vastness of the U.S. Marxist/Communist Network

February 7, 2020

Impeachment and the Vastness of the U.S. Marxist/Communist Network

Written by John D. Guandolo

Why are so many individuals and entities attacking President Trump at every turn?

How did Articles of Impeachment, which lacked any facts supporting crimes committed by President Trump, make it to a vote in the House of Representatives, then to the Senate, then to a vote in the Senate without being completely rejected?

The answer: there is a coordinated and intentional effort by the Marxist/communist and Islamic Movements to destroy the Republic.

Mr. Trump represents everything that stands in their way.

This war is primarily a war fought in the information battlespace – influence operations, propaganda, and the like – using counter-intelligence and espionage tradecraft, not merely violence.

All key components of the U.S. government have been compromised and the U.S. government has no functioning counter-intelligence apparatus to defend against this.

From the recent “New Way Forward Act” proposed by over 40 democrats in the House of Representatives – which calls for bringing previously deported illegal aliens back into America and making U.S. tax payers pay for them, to opposing all efforts to secure the U.S. border, to overtly assaulting Americans unalienable rights of free speech, the right to keep and bear arms, and more, the U.S. Marxist/communist Counter-State, which includes the national democrat party and most of the media, is at war against the very foundation of America and our laws and government.

The actions by democrat leaders are not “political showmanship,” “crazy,” or “a waste of time.” They are actions taken in support of the war against the Republic. UTT encourages readers to stop asking logical questions about why the democrats “won’t give up the impeachment issue” and realize the national democrat party is at war against the Republic, and act accordingly.

For those uncomfortable with labeling the democrat party “Marxist,” UTT encourages you to review Trevor Loudon’s list of the 50 Most Easily Identifiable Marxists in Congress here. 50 out of 50 are democrats.

The ongoing coup against President Trump includes:  former U.S. President Barack Obama who admits his mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, a member of CPUSA (Communist Party USA);  former CIA Director John Brennan who admitted to voting for the communist party candidate for U.S. President prior to joining the CIA, and who converted to Islam while the CIA Station Chief in Saudi Arabia in the 1990’s; and former FBI Director James Comey who admits he was a communist when he was younger, and publicly lauds now-deceased socialist advocate, writer, and thought leader Reinhold Niebuhr.

America is at war against organized enemies in the Marxist/communist and Islamic Movements, whose actions are coordinated and intentionally designed to destroy the Republic.

Yet, few Americans and even fewer in the government understand the true nature of the threat and HOW the enemy intends to bring this nation down.

America must get on a war-footing immediately and begin taking emergency actions commensurate with an understanding of these threats.

Americans must study this enemy and its modus operandi in preparation for what is to come.

The Marxists/communists and jihadis work closely at the ground level.  The Marxists/communists are the aircraft carrier which delivers the men and their equipment – the jihadis – into battle here in the homeland.

None of the efforts by the communists and the jihadis would be possible without the corrupt and treasonous actions, wittingly or unwittingly, being taken by establishment republicans.

Republican leaders who allowed the Articles of Impeachment to even enter the U.S. Senate should be considered a part of the controlled opposition in this war. Republicans who are not fully in support of President Trump’s policies should be considered suspect, whether they be ignorant or knowingly supporting our enemy’s hostile intent.

The communists and jihadis have made great forward progress in the last three years BECAUSE OF republicans not only failing to do their duty, but because they give the appearance of supporting the President yet open doors to his destruction – eg Impeachment trial in the Senate.

The Marxist/communist and Islamic Movements have made extensive preparations for war against the United States domestically and continue to build their infrastructure every day.  The war plan to defeat these enemies has to address all lines of operation at which the enemy is attacking us, and must be done at all levels of our society if we are to win this war, beginning at the local level.

Understanding the Threat (UTT) is the only organization giving citizens tools to empower them to identify and dismantle these networks at the local level.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. Just a couple of years ago I had the honor to meet Frank Gaffney, founder of the Center for Security Policy. Having heard that John Guondolo said that Brennan was a convert to Islam and I just had to ask Frank if it was true. His answer was “If john said it, it’s probably true.”
    To get a clear look at read Dianna West’s book “The Red Thread” which was launched at the Center for Security Policy. Watch Frank’s interview with Diana, Christ Fewrrell of Judicial Watch and Rich Higgins. I hope the eBook is still up as well. I recall when McMasters fired Higgins and wondered why. Reports I saw said that it was over a memo Higgins had sent to Trump. I wondered what was in that memo and reports were that Higgins had warned Trump abouty that the many Marxists in the Administration.

    How about Nellie Ohr. Is it true she was a red diaper baby?

  2. Basic needs, the government needs to not intrude and restore its basic functions “ we the people “ those who move against our constitution need to be declared what they are – anti American – enough is enough – 1: a state can lose electorally when a state has 95% of its counties voting the other way – and heavily populated sectors of a state ( tend to be leftist ) cities where the leftists practice control end up taking the state . I propose a portion of the electoral goes to most counties or jurisdictions won. It’s actually what some of our framers argued – 2: all outside money for Elect purposes should be banned outside meaning outside the USA . This will help currently the leftists can go to states and center their attacks on populated areas of the state and walk away with a win – 2: divide California up into 3 states and move the electoral votes around – California is not representative of the people’s desires and is a drain on America. I propose al carte taxes if you vote and want from a certain party then your subject to higher taxes if that party is tax and spending – those who don’t vote for that party are not. This is a good way to start – also counties within states should challenge all laws the state comes up with in the courts all the way to up the ladder – challenge it all. The leftist have taken representative and forgot the people that disagree – this in of itself is against our framers thoughts – it’s called no representation our way or no way – not legal lawsuits challenging this should start now – each American has a voice period .

  3. […]  Impeachment and the Vastness of the U.S. Marxist/Communist Network February 7, 2020, Written by John D. Guandolo How did Articles of Impeachment, which lacked any facts supporting crimes committed by President Trump, make it to a vote in the House of Representatives, then to the Senate, then to a vote in the Senate without being completely rejected? The answer: there is a coordinated and intentional effort by the Marxist/communist and Islamic Movements to destroy the Republic. Mr. Trump represents everything that stands in their way.… […]

  4. Islam=Moslem=jehadi=destruction of America=destruction of any other religion=allah will rule all and submit to islam.

    The democratic party is off the rails. ===
    Tearing Pelosi===

    Good link to article on

    How do you tell the difference from a Jehadi from a Muslim? You Can’t

    Jehadi refugee claimed US disability for bullet wounds he got fighting US soldiers in Iraq

    Wake up America the demon is among us.

  5. Our good Lord did intervene and gave us a second chance with the election of President Donald Trump. This slow creep of enemies has be ongoing for 50 years. Now they are in all aspects of our culture. Education, Politics, Law Enforcement, Houses of Worship, etc and Donald Trump has his plate full. He has done a fantastic job all alone, but it must be up to us the individual citizen to root out all of this cancer that is growing in all areas. People cannot just sit back and think that this is America and the problem will be fixed. It is up to us to fix.

  6. Wow John Guandolo is completely of his rocker! How does a Naval Academy graduate get so far out in the weeds? Communism is gone and the notion that Communists and Islamists have anything in common is laughable.

    • Both want to overthrow the US and replace it with a totalitarian state. How is that for starters jackass.

    • Jon did you skip over the part about the 50 democrats in Congress who are Marxists and do you not know that two of the Muslim women in Congress are working with the democrats on the above mentioned New Way Forward Act which is in no way American and good for America in no shape, form or fashion and would clearly go a long long way towards destroying this country.

    • Also do you not know that there is a Socialist running for President, that is he’s running on a platform of Socialism.

  7. I firmly believe (don’t laugh) this shit-show began when the 19th Amendment was passed.

  8. It began in the “McCarthy Era” and he was railroaded as a nut case. He probably was not looking back now. What I find cute are all the converted-to-islam black Americans who are locking arms with islamists who are here for one thing only. To spread islam over the entire world. Islamist jihadis are fascists in the worse way and make Hitler look like a toddler. They are literally blood thirsty. They hate women and treat them like animals using them for breeding only. They kill effeminate men but it’s my opinion there is rampant homosexuality. Every muslim society seems to have some deviant sexual practices. They are without sympathy, compassion and empathy. How else can they shove their daughters into a loveless marriage and life of slavery? How can a father kill his own daughters because he brings them to the USA and they become typical American teenagers? They are sick people and when they rise to the top they will do away with everyone who is not Middle Eastern. It will be a bloodbath. Rivers of blood will run down our suburban streets. Keep voting for people who will take your right to protect yourself you silly converted blacks. Louis Farakan will not be able to help you nor will he want to. He’ll be too busy trying to save himself.
    I truly think this country is finished. It’s too late. I’m so glad I’m 72 and I won’t see the worst of it. I’m sorry for my kids and grandchildren and that’s why I’m glad I won’t be here to see what the future holds.

  9. So many enemies within. And no one is able or willing to do anything about it. America is so ruined. Lost in the dark. Very sad to see this evil day. Where did America leave the old All-American tracks and go off into the darkness and madness that we see taking over completely in our day ? Would like to know when America was taken off track. Why wasn’t there true leaders there in place to prevent that? Why was she given over to the enemies? Why where the enemies allowed to take over and ruin her? They have worked unhindered within for many decades. No true leadership for a long long time. All failed her in the modern “enlightened” day and age. What a nightmare.

    Unless Almighty God intervenes I do not see a rescue and restoration ahead for her. It looks to me like God has taken His hand of protection away from her and given her over to the kingdom of darkness. Ruin and destruction is the consequences. The nation is rotting away. Totally lost.

    • John if you want to know where we went off track I suggest the book “Herbert Hoover: Freedom Betrayed.” Gives a detailed account in the men in power at the time own words as to how we came to the point we are today. He spent 30 years living through the time and on his research and re-research of the events of the time. Highly recommend it.

    • John! The derailment started years ago, in the sixties when college students were protesting the Vietnam war my father (WW2 vet) told me that the students protesting where communist, I being young and dumb objected, he pointed out! Then why are they protesting the war? I replied, because of our men getting killed.
      He looked at me and said! Then why are spitting on them and calling them baby killers? Then he went on, I’ll tell you why, because those soldiers and marines was killing there fellow communists . That’s why son, he was so right. He also said that the Democratic Party is going to turn into a the communist socialist party in my lifetime. My lord my father had foresight, he was right on the money on everything. At the time I thought he was a radical. The ignorance of youth Dean

    • Read “The Naked Communist: 45 Communist Goals”, an article of 45 ways the communist party takes over the USA.

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