In This War Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost

October 24, 2016

In This War Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost


After spending all of last week in Minnesota, UTT’s professional assessment of the enemy situation is this:  the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota – known as the “Twin Cities” – are in enemy-held territory.  They are, at least for the time being, lost – meaning, they are under the control of a collaborative jihadist/marxist element there.


The jihadi network in America is documented by UTT here, here and here, as well as in Raising a Jihadi Generation.

The Islamic jihadi network in the United States includes the most prominent Islamic organizations in America, as well as most of the 3,000+ Islamic Centers/mosques, all of the 700+ Muslim Students Associations (MSAs), all of the Islamic Societies and Islamic Associations (Hamas), and a large number of the Islamic non-profits created in 1993 forward.

The purpose of the Islamic Movement here – per their stated doctrine – is to wage Civilization Jihad until America becomes an Islamic State under sharia (Islamic Law).

One of the most popular junior high school text book in Islamic schools in the United States (Emmerick, Yahya, 1999, What Islam is All About, page 382) states:

“The duty of Muslim citizens is to be loyal to the Islamic State.”

Enemy Strength

Minnesota is home to the largest Somali population in America.  It is estimated that over 125,000 Somalis live there, most of whom are in the Minneapolis area.  This community sent at least 22 Islamic jihadi fighters overseas to fight for the terrorist group Al Shabaab, although some estimate the number is closer to four dozen.

The  Cedar Riverside neighborhood is also called “Little Mogadishu” in reference to Somalia’s capital.  Some Minneapolis residents feel parts of their city have become like a third world nation.

Inside a 10 mile radius of Minneapolis city-center, there are at least 29 Islamic Centers/mosques, and an unknown number of home-mosques.  The Twin Cities area is home to Hamas organizations including CAIR and Islamic Associations.  The Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim Students Associations (MSAs) are on at least 21 Minnesota college and university campuses. There are MSAs in at least 11 Minnesota high schools recruiting jihadis and turning public opinion towards the Palestinian Cause (Hamas) and away from Israel.

Other Muslim Brotherhood (jihadi) organizations in and around the Twin Cities area include the Islamic Societies in Woodbury and Willmar, the Muslim American Society (MAS), and others.

The Twin Cities is home to the first official organization representing Al-Azhar University in Egypt -the Islamic University of Minnesota (IUM).  Al-Azhar is the oldest and most authoritative school of Islamic jurisprudence on the planet.  At IUM students are taught that killing Jews, waging jihad, and imposing sharia on the world are obligations for all Muslims.

Minneapolis and St. Paul are also home to the Minnesota Dawah Institute.  This Institute focuses on spreading Islamic Dawah, the call to Islam, a mandatory requirement before jihad can be waged.

As a result of this invasion of Minnesota, the average Muslim on the street wants to overturn U.S. law and live by sharia.  This includes the open support of killing people who mock Mohammad, Islam’s prophet.  For a realistic view, see the Ami Horowitz short video on the streets of the Muslim Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis, also known as the “West Bank” of the University of Minnesota, HERE.

Elected Leadership

Without exception, elected officials in the Twin Cities’ area have not only surrendered to local Islamic leaders, they are using the force of their positions to silence and attack Minnesota citizens who want to keep their freedom.

America’s first Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison, represents the 5th District of Minnesota, which includes Minneapolis.  Ellison has been a vocal supporter of Hamas (CAIR) and the Muslim Brotherhood. Congressman Ellison is actively working to silence any criticism of Islam or jihad here in the United States, and works directly with the first Islamic political party here, the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations.

Watch the Congressional testimony of UTT’s Chris Gaubatz HERE about Congressman Ellison’s attendance at a Muslim Brotherhood event.


U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison speaks at the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) made up of many jihadi/Muslim Brotherhood leaders in America


MN Governor Mark Dayton speaking at the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim American Society

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton made his position clear when he told citizens of that state if they do not like the growing Muslim Somali population in Minnesota they can leave.

Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith is a hard-left Marxist who was the former Vice President of Planned Parenthood for Minnesota and the Dakotas.

Both Governor Dayton and Lieutenant Governor Smith have forged a strong working relationship with Hamas (CAIR) in Minneapolis.


MN Lt Governor Tina Smith (l) and MN Governor Dayton at HAMAS (CAIR) event

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges has bowed to the Islamic community, and advocates stopping “Islamophobia” instead of dealing with jihadi attacks in the United States and her state.


Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges speaking to Somali elders and others in Minneapolis

Under the watch of Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek, the jihadi threat has increased exponentially. There are 83 Islamic Centers/masjids/mosques and Islamic Societies in Hennepin County. Sheriff Stanek has refused briefings on the threat from UTT, yet works with jihadis in the community.


Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek (l) and President Barak Obama (r)

In March 2016, Sheriff Stanek and other law enforcement organizations from around Minneapolis hosted the jihadi community in the Hennepin County Public Safety Office.  The message to the Muslims was that the law enforcement community would protect Muslims from “hate crimes and backlash” despite the fact FBI Criminal data shows no such threat exists in the U.S.   Yet, despite the threat from increasing jihadi attacks, including the recent stabbing by a Muslim jihadi in a mall in St. Cloud on September 17, 2016, numerous Muslims are being recruited in Minneapolis for terrorist groups, and no measures have been taken by the Sheriff to deter the threat other than outreach to the Muslim community.

And…citizens in Minnesota voted for these people.

It is worth noting that Minneapolis City Councilman Abdi Warsame from Somalia moved to rename three streets in Minneapolis to Somali names since a large portion of Minneapolis is now Somali.

U.S. Attorney for Minneapolis

Of all the officials in Minneapolis, the U.S. Attorney, Andrew Lugar, is the most egregious example of abuse of power.  Mr. Lugar does not pursue the jihadis in Minneapolis, he openly defends them and has publicly stated he will use the full authority of his office to stop “Islamophobia.”  Meaning, he will squash Minnesotans free speech rights to give cover to jihadis in Minneapolis.


U.S. Attorney for Minneapolis Andrew Lugar (at podium) speaks on behalf of Jihadis in MN


The media in Minneapolis, including the Star Tribune, the local CBS affiliate WCCO, Minnesota Public Radio and many others, are not interested in investigative journalism or the truth.  These media outlets propagate a hard-left/Marxist narrative that provides cover to the jihadis in Minnesota while keeping the public in the dark of the real dangers.

UTT provided these organizations evidence from the largest terrorism financing and Hamas trial ever successfully prosecuted in U.S. history revealing CAIR was created by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee (Hamas) to be a Hamas organization here in America.  Yet, while they called for UTT’s programs to be shut down in Minnesota, they openly defend Hamas (CAIR) and never mention any of the evidence from the FBI or Department of Justice detailing CAIR is a terrorist organization.

CVE Gets Minnesota Coming and Going

The Countering Violent Extremism or CVE is a program created in Britain by the Muslim Brotherhood.   This is a hostile information campaign and a double-agent program, and was eagerly sought after by the U.S. government.  CVE’s purpose is to ensure Muslim Brotherhood leaders are exclusively used by the government as the liaison for all matters pertaining to Islam and terrorism, so the MB controls the narrative in this war.

In Minnesota, the Islamic leadership took this to a new level when President Obama used Minneapolis as a CVE pilot city.   The Muslim community not only uses CVE to control the counterterrorism efforts in Minneapolis/St. Paul, they are now bashing Minnesota’s leaders for the “Islamophobia” of CVE.  It is a self-sustaining circular thrashing of Minnesota’s leadership for doing what the Muslim community asked them to do.  Classic counterintelligence tactics.

Other Noteworthies

Moreover, since Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (6th District, 2007-2015) began courageously defending the state of Minnesota against the jihadi onslaught, the federal government has poured tens of thousands of Somali refugees into Minnesota.  The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Department of Justice filed lawsuits against her high school – Anoka – for “harassment” of lesbian and gay students.  This is exactly the kind of targeted attack that is typical of the Marxist movement in support of jihadis across the United States.


UTT’s assessment the Twin Cities are lost is based on:

  1. The significant Islamic jihadi network.
  2. The support the jihadis have from all levels of the government in Minneapolis, as well as the Governor and Lieutenant Governor.
  3. A complicit media.
  4. Minnesota citizens are nearly completely unaware of the threat or willfully complacent.
  5. Law enforcement leadership is either defending the jihadis or denying there is a counterintelligence issue.
  6. Pastors and rabbis sit silently.

If Minnesota is to retake its capital city and survive this war, it is the Sheriffs and Pastors who must be pressed by the citizens to do their duties.  The situation in Minnesota, as in the United States in general, constitutes an insurgency. In the counter-insurgency, Minnesota must be retaken County by county.   Citizens must ensure their law enforcement officers/deputies are knowledgeable and trained, and their pastors are fit for the pulpit.  If the people are to be energized, courageous Pastors must speak truth in love to the growing threat to Minnesota.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. Who was responsible for the massive influx of over 150,000 Somalians injected into Minneapolis, turning into what some people call Little SomaliLand ? This of course has led to America hater Ilhan Omar being elected to Congress and Ellison being elected to Chief Law Enforcement Officer (Attorney General) of Minnesota. Obviously this planned takeover of Minneapolis has been in the works for quite a while.
    Also this Jacob Frey was also conveniently in place as Mayor, not the predecessor would have been any better.

    • Did you ever get an answer to this question? We need to know how this happended and by who- so called “catholic charities”? Soros? Wonder if they tried the same thing in the early 2000s with the huge influx in Amarillo Texas.

  2. […] traveling across Minnesota speaking to citizens and leaders, we published an article entitled “In This War Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost.” The article detailed the penetration of Minnesota by several subversive Islamic organizations […]

    • send in the national guard round them up and deport them and or shot them before they do it to us they aren,t playing niether should we

  3. […] traveling across Minnesota speaking to citizens and leaders, we published an article entitled “In This War Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost.” The article detailed the penetration of Minnesota by several subversive Islamic organizations […]

  4. […] This is the outcome UTT predicted in the Twin Cities. See our 2016 article here. […]

  5. […] traveling across Minnesota speaking to citizens and leaders, we published an article entitled “In This War Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost.” The article detailed the penetration of Minnesota by several subversive Islamic organizations […]

  6. […] traveling across Minnesota speaking to citizens and leaders, we published an article entitled “In This War Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost.” The article detailed the penetration of Minnesota by several subversive Islamic organizations […]

  7. […] the Threat (UTT) spent a week traveling across Minnesota, we published an article entitled “In This War Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost.” The article detailed the penetration of Minnesota by several subversive Islamic […]

  8. TT

    We face many threats as citizens within our States. We face the threat of the muslim invasion, the Leftist Marxist Socialists encroachment, the Federal Government’s denying States sovereignty, to name a few. But let’s acknowledge another threat—-that of our elected representatives , both state and federal government. A prime example is the onslaught of Somalian muslims in Minnesota. Was any Minnesotan anywhere within the State questioned about this additional burden. Was there a vote of the citizens to accept or reject this settlement issue. Where was the voice of elected politicians.They were silent and stood by while the Leftist Federal bureaucrats rammed this issue down our throats. We were forced to accept this mandate culturally, religiously, and financially.

    Our senators and representatives were silent. They did not raise objections. They condoned
    this midnight invasion and settlement. Add to this the role of do-gooder sponsors—-Roman Catholic Charities and the Lutheran Brotherhood—-that are paid for each sponsorship. Where is their financial support for these muslim immigrants. They gouge you the taxpayer. Why don’t they house and support these immigrants in their tax exempt properties. They get paid
    with your tax dollars for their sponsorship but what do they contribute to the immigrants support. This entire mess was conceived and implemented from the depths of the Democratic
    Party controlled by diehard anti-American Leftists. Governor Dayton said accept or leave.

    Too many voters still believe the Democrats are for the ‘working man’. We are all working men and women.. They deny assistance benefits to our handicapped, senior citizens, and veterans. The Left generously showers taxpayer dollars on the decadent middle east and 3rd world anti-American countries. The oil-rich middle east countries accept no immigrants and support no immigrants. Wake up voter. Get rid of the Leftist politicians who promise every thing but never deliver. They control you because you let them. WE HAVE FOUND THE ENEMY AND HE IS US.


  10. The fourth reich right under our noses?
    Hitler trained the Muslim Brotherhood
    “”[T]he Muslim Brotherhood sent hundreds of its members to receive “training” from the Nazi regime in the 1940s…They sent 700 members to train under Hitler….the Brotherhood had “changed its skin” from religious movement to a power hunger political party…the Brotherhood’s founder Hassan al-Banna coordinated with Hitler to establish a military wing…The Brotherhood operated as an underground movement until the 2011 revolution that toppled President Hosni Mubarak and allowed the group to form a political wing…”
    The Nazi Romance With Islam Has Some Lessons for the United States
    “Both Hitler and Himmler had a soft spot for Islam…Himmler in a January 1944 speech called Islam “a practical and attractive religion for soldiers…”This is the kind of language a soldier understands,” Himmler gushed…Christianity doted on weakness and suffering, while Islam extolled strength, Hitler believed…Hitler several times fantasized that, if the Saracens had not been stopped at the Battle of Tours, Islam would have spread through the European continent—and that would have been a good thing” Hitler must be smiling up at the current world events.”
    “Muslim Brotherhood [founder] admired Hitler’s hatred of the Jews and persistently wrote to Hitler to express his admiration for Hitler and his desire for collaboration with Hitler’s Nazi Party…Muslim Brotherhood in Israel created Hamas, whose members still use the Nazi salute and read Hitler’s Mein Kampf, which the Muslim Brotherhood re-titled, My Jihad…Muslim Brotherhood ‘officially’ renounced violence in the 1970s and adopted more cunning strategies detailed in its secret internal manifesto, “The Project.” In 1979, Western powers supported the Muslim Brotherhood to form the Mujahedeen army and fight the Soviet army in Afghanistan.”
    Hitler’s Last Laugh: Angela Merkel’s Birthing of an Islamo-Fascist Fourth Reich
    Are Nazism and fascism really right-wing? Dinesh D’Souza’s The Big Lie shows it’s not so
    “The absurd claim that fascism and Nazism are not socialist movements owes it origin, in part, to the hideous reputations those leftist ideologies and their regimes earned in the wake of World War II.  How could progressives expect to thrive in America if the Holocaust and other atrocities were linked to their political relatives?  Consequently, a gigantic lie was perpetrated by leftist intellectuals and slavishly spread by a sympathetic media – namely, that fascism was a movement of the “far right” and that conservatives were also on “the right.”  This “Big Lie” has long been a staple of Democratic propaganda and the basis for the absurd notion that President Trump is a fascist – not his violent, GOP-assassinating, speech-suppressing “Antifa” opponents.”

    2010: Mohammed, the nation’s (secret) favourite name

    2017: Muhammad Is Top English Baby Name for Fifth Year Running
    Mohammed is rapidly becoming one of the most popular names in Germany, figures show
    Controversial Muslim lobby group MEND, which has been accused of promoting extremism, has “exerted decisive intellectual influence” in Britain’s first Islamophobia report, according to a think tank research note.

    Obama: Muslim Brotherhood Ally & Anti-Anti-Terrorist
    Hillary Clinton’s Muslim Brotherhood Problem
Attacking Jews and pandering to Muslims is the plan

  11. I saw a caption under a cartoon character that read, “WE HAVE FOUND THE ENEMY AND HE IS US”! This is so true today. Our first and foremost opponent is US, not muslims. We are our own worst enemy because of complacency, lack of interest, lack of involvement, personal interests, etc. We have permitted our representatives in government to make decisions alien to our best interests and American culture. We have abdicated our decision making to our government at all levels, thus, relinquishing an inalienable God given right—to freely THINK. Far too many citizens vote as dependents of governmental policies and political promises with very little concern or regard for results and/or consequences. Look at the past 50 years and ask what have we gained—Nothing. We have been led more deeply down the path of dictatorial socialism, giving up more rights and freedoms for the benefit of governing powers as opposed to the interests of our citizens. The elitists in government shower the third world with money that should benefit us. They welcome third world muslims for their votes. The political party in control for over 50 years still
    advocates open borders, uncontrolled immigration, total financial care and support, multiculturalism, and dictatorial power. They have succumbed to a dangerously extreme Leftist agenda at both the taxpaying citizens expense and that
    of our western Christian American culture. The DFL of today is in bed with that muslim Islamic enemy. Wake up, American voter. Your DFL is controlled by antiAmerican marxists who endorse and support globalism—a one world government where we Americans become another 3rd world country subjected to the same Islamic culture. Too many
    people say they do not want to discuss religion or politics. Wow! What literally controls ones life—religion and politics.
    No wonder why the Left has taken control—Lack of interest. Every facet of our lives is under governmental control, and
    mostly Leftist ideology. Our ranking in education, foreign policy, and citizen representation has diminished significantly.
    Islam is taught in the public school system. Who is interested enough to voice objection. WE HAVE FOUND THE ENEMY AND HE IS US! Clean house. Hold the representatives accountable. Vote out the Leftists, the fence walkers,
    the muslims and their sympathizers. Vote your Country, not your Party. Vote America, not the Party. This Country will continue to provide the opportunities for our survival. The Party will not. We have a fearless leader. Follow and support him. We had an incompetent pied piper, a muslim, bent on our destruction who was no leader. We are not muslims. We can and will win this war against Islam if we are vigilant and involved. God, please bless us with the will, the capacity, the determination, and fortitude to put YOU back in our lives.

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  13. […] Another article shared from the account just seven minutes before said “Minnesota’s Twin Cities are lost” to “the Islamic Movement.” Kasper said he did not share this post either. […]

  14. We sure did & the sad part is,he was worshipped like a golden cow & tore this Country apart,while our present President is working night & day to get the U.S. back on track & is berated & despised for it!! Democrats don’t have a clue as to what they want or they just don’t want to work period & would rather live off those Welfare checks instead!! https://www.understandingthethreat/.com-in-this-war-minnesotas-twin-cities-are-lost/.

  15. Why is it that Minnesota endorses every anti-American thing that comes down the pike? They are overwhelmingly Socialist/Communist and now pro-Islam. What is wrong with their schools and public officials?

  16. Put the military in Minnesota, and arrest ALL Muslims, and deport the filthy lot, or execute all that resist! Do the same in Michigan!

  17. My wife is a medical professional who’s client base is predominantly Somali. She has nothing but kind words to say of the Somali. I suspect most is the comments noted in this post are from rural Minnesota from people that have neve met or talked to a Somali individual. They need to get out of there arm chair and discover the world.

    • So, since your wife, one person has talked to a few people who’s religion specifically states it is ok to lie for the sake of jihad says a thousand plus years of history is wrong and nine eleven didn’t really happen and that we are all imagining the reality of all of these things we are the stupid ones. What is wrong with someone so stupid that you can give them thousands of facts yet they choose to ignore them in favor of the enemy’s well constructed lies.

      My prayer is God you will help the evil see the truth! A men.

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    • if our government doesn,t address this immediately our country is doomed pay attention mr trump before it is to little to late to stop it please.

    • Somalia or wherever they’re from doesn’t matter. Jihad is to waged against ALL non muslims and Destruction of the US is their plan and eventually that will mean the nice Somalis as well.

  19. […] his 2016 blog, Understanding the Threat founder and President John Guandolo assessed Minnesota’s Twin Cities […]

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  21. When I think of Islam this story comes up. Take with it whatever you want, I can see it pretty plainly the future of America aligning itself with Islam.

    “A scorpion asks a frog to carry it across a river. The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung by the scorpion, but the scorpion argues that if it did that, they would both drown. The frog considers this argument sensible and agrees to transport the scorpion. The scorpion climbs onto the frog’s back and the frog begins to swim, but midway across the river, the scorpion stings the frog, dooming them both. The dying frog asks the scorpion why it stung, to which the scorpion replies “I couldn’t help it. It’s in my nature.”

  22. I believe Jesus is stronger than any muslim whatever they pray to and they will get their just punishment when they stand before God. I can understand muslim men wanting Islam because they pretty much do whatever but the women, how in the world do they want islam to reign when they are treated like crap. I don’t get it. anyway the United States will never be a muslim country, we love America and we love the Lord and that is whom we trust in.

  23. This is outrageous and unthinkable! They have only one plan. To take our country over! Do not close your ears and eyes! I lived in Turkey for 2 yrs. as a child. My father was in the Army. I kissed the ground when we were back in the states. Quit being so nice! Fight back! You will regret it otherwise!

  24. Timothy Richard Marx August 8, 2019 at 5:30 pm Reply

    Soooo sick to my stomach over all this crap!!! These “Wanna-be” Leader’s in this and all other states should all just move the phuck over to the middle east if thats how they want to live. As a Veteran USMC it hurts my heart bad to think I just wasted my time serving my country just so p.o.s.’s can just tromp all over what we all have fought for for many many years!
    These idiot’s have NO respect for America, No f’n sense of whats going to happen should they take over with their religion etc, ESPECIALLY WOMEN in power that are all for them but they fail to remember that as WOMEN these blind idiot’s will have to fall in line with the Muslim ways and then we’ll see how they like that shit. Dumb azz’s!!! Stupid…but thats what you get for following the lefts etc. Move somewhere else if i don’t like them here in MN…Dayton should eat a dick and choke on it for that crap. Im done, i cant even make sense, just rambling as im so pissed off and sick of this crap myself.

  25. So scary!! Our government needs to get tough on people coming in or being born here who exist to destroy us and force us to be muslim.

    • What you are saying does not apply to all Muslims. We have a few friends who are and they love this country as much as we do. All muslims do not belong to the same group of believers, but they all believe in God (Allah, their name for God). All Jews do not belong to or believe the same as the various jewish groups. All Christians do not belong to the Sevevth Day Adventists, or the hundreds of Christian denominations, yet, they all believe in God and Christ.
      Be VERY CAREFUL who you are trying promote hatred toward. This got to stop. Be very sure you know that you are speaking about the correct, or militant group. The White Supremacists are considered to be a violent militant group. Some of those people actually think they are Christians. That is a slap in God’s face to take his name in vain by going against EVERTHING he teaches as HIS laws. If YOU promote hatred against innocent people, you have committed serious sins AGAINST GOD.
      Remember, there are other religions who have been taught to fear Christians because they are known to try to convert them. Many say they are frightened by that.

      • Donna, while all muslims may not adhere to sharia – as they are commanded to do in Islam under penalty of death – ALL Islamic doctrine requires muslims to wage war against non-muslims until Islam rules the world. There is no other “version” of Islam. This is why this is taught in the first grade at Islamic schools across the globe. Also, muslims are obliged to lie to non-muslims if it advances Islam. So the question remains…how do you KNOW your muslim friends actually love America? Ask families in India and elsewhere who lived next door to muslims, shared meals with them, allowed their children to play together…when the Imam commanded the death of the non-muslims in the neighborhood, those same people obeyed. That is Islam.


  27. United States Constitution much???

  28. This is America – what is the enemy doing here?

  29. The greatest thing we can do as Christians is to start a vigil around the clock never ending prayer for muslim conversions to Christ may they be saved and know the awesome Love of Jesus Christ, born again believers, Babtisim in water and filled with The Holy Spirit. So instead of running from them it is time to run to them , be the arms, feet and heart of God wherever you can whenever you can and don’t exclude that musllim that God puts in your path for such a time as this,,,

  30. There are other places in similar situations. I think of Illinois, where the dysfunctional majority of Chicago rule the state. Yet all is not lost. America is an incredibly large place, spanning a continent, and has a population of about 330 million people, making it the third most populous nation after China and India. We have a lot of resources but we need to put them into play. There is an old saying that the cleverest rick of the devil is to have people convinced he does not exist. Islam certainly follows this lead. If we refuse to be made unaware, and stop worshipping at the altar of diversity and inclusion, there will be no problem.

  31. The state of MN didn’t vote for most of those people 3-4 counties did and the rest of the state has to suffer because of it.

  32. If we don’t meet the threat of radical islamist activism and aggression head-on and soon with MASSIVE RESISTANCE of our own to their demands instead of capitulation, in another 20 years or so this country will no longer be livable for decent people, nor will it even be worth defending.

  33. […] Understanding The Threat (UTT) has previously reported, Minneapolis, Minnesota is currently enemy-held territory and will require force to take […]

    • This is a cancer growing under our noses. Our government officials from the city to the congressional levels have chosen to ignore this rapidity spreading disease.
      Their agenda is to make the United States the next Muslim nation and we aren’t doing anything to curtail these activities.
      As a veteran and former civil service employee, I swore an oath, not once but twice, to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. If our elected officials can’t handle the job I do believe we have enough veterans to take care of it for them, as none of us have been relived of that obligation we swore to do.
      Do your job, we have your back.

    • This is unbelievable, in the United States we follow the constitution of the USA and any other guidance as per the Muslim Religion needs to be stopped!!! One True God , Jesus Christ our savior!

    • As a long time true follower/servant of Jesus I have seen the super natural power of God work in many ways
      My spirit is troubled and concerned for all still lost souls that need Jesus
      If true Christ centered people will step up in prayer along with getting involved to minister to hurting and enslaved to sin and false beliefs God will touch lost souls that He knows will say yes to His Son Jesus and the free gift offer of eternal life

  34. […] UTT After spending all of last week in Minnesota, UTT’s professional assessment of the enemy situation is this:  the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota – known as the “Twin Cities” – are in enemy-held territory.  They are, at least for the time being, lost – meaning, they are under the control of a collaborative jihadist/marxist element there. […]

  35. Islam (Muslims) is attacking our republic with their alliance of the Left. They have already won nearly every battle inside our borders because of cowards and ignorance. Our country will fall to Islam within this generation if this is not done now:

    💥Emergency Plan, Via Executive Order, for Removing Muslims💥

    OCT 18, 2018, 10:07:14 AM

    • Educate the upper management of the military branches about Islam and Muslims correctly so that they would not interfere will the plan. Have the officers that did not agree with the plan replaced with those that do.

    • Stop all immigration of Muslims as best as possible. Build “The Wall” using the army.

    • Organize a plan to have all Muslims that have immigrated recently returned to their country of origin with any of their children that live in the States. All other Muslims would be deposited in Saudi Arabia with 3 months of money to live on; it doesn`t matter if the Saudis want them or not; military escort to Saudi Arabia.

    • Make a plan for those Muslims that want to leave Islam so that they would be polygraphed (screened) for lying about leaving Islam and then they would be watched for 3 years for verification and have no voting privileges.

    • If necessary, the military would collect the Muslims where the local authorities or population resisted the process.

    • Make sure that all mosques are converted to something useful instead of being used for hostile operations (jihad) against the U.S..

    • After the operation began, announce the reasoning behind the decision to the media.

    • Propose a modification to the 1st Amendment of the U.S. “Bill of Rights” that reads “No organization or related party that is hostile to the United States or the people therein, its possessions, or the several States, may use the 1st Amendment`s freedom of religion protections as any sort of defense in a court of law.” Have Islam permanently defined as a hostile organization.

    Join us on “Minds” to work towards the goal of expelling every Muslim from the United States and all other modern countries.

  36. […] In This War Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost After spending all of last week in Minnesota, UTT’s professional assessment of the enemy situation is this: the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota –known as the “Twin Cities” – are in enemy-held territory.  They are, at least for the time being, lost – meaning, they are under the control of a collaborativejihadist/marxist element there. […]

  37. […] UTT has detailed here and here, the Islamic Counter-State inside the borders of the United States has made significant […]

  38. […] than 80 percent of mosques are Muslim Brotherhood fronts; that Minnesota’s Twin Cities are “enemy-held territory” thanks to the number of Somali refugees; and that the headquarters of the Council on […]

  39. If you want to make a REAL difference, repent of your own sins and pray. “If my people…” Are you one of God’s people? You are IF you’re willing to set aside what you think you should do, and actually do what God says we should do: repent of YOUR evil ways, and turn to God and pray. Do you believe that if we obey Him, He will not see it? Do you believe if He sees our obedience, He will do nothing?
    What do you want? The protection and justice from men? Or from God? One at a time, those who trust God in everything, need to do their own individual action – turn around from evil and pray. God does see, He will act, and His purpose will prevail, and it will be better than anything imaginable. That said, the word does say, however, there will be “a time” when believers will go through great difficulties in the end that require “patient endurance”. Just like our siblings did over the centuries…get ready. Prepare to meet the Groom. He is at the door…

  40. […] UTT has put Dearborn and Hamtramck within the an identical class as Minneapolis, MN (see article HERE); enemy held […]

  41. […] UTT has put Dearborn and Hamtramck in the identical class as Minneapolis, MN (see article HERE); enemy held […]

  42. […] UTT has put Dearborn and Hamtramck in the identical class as Minneapolis, MN (see article HERE); enemy held […]

  43. […] network.  UTT has put Dearborn and Hamtramck in the same category as Minneapolis, MN (see article HERE); enemy held […]

  44. […] UTT has put Dearborn and Hamtramck in the identical class as Minneapolis, MN (see article HERE); enemy held […]

  45. […] network.  UTT has put Dearborn and Hamtramck in the same category as Minneapolis, MN (see article HERE); enemy held […]

  46. […] that trip and prior to the election of Donald Trump, UTT published an article entitled “In This War Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost.”  Detailing the number of elected/civic leaders in the Twin Cities who are pro-jihadi as well as […]

  47. […] restraining order request, he wrote that he agreed to meet with Guandolo to discuss an article on Guandolo’s Understanding the Threat website in which Guandolo accused the sheriff of refusing to address a growing jihadi threat in Minnesota, […]

  48. […] allegations and, according to court records, “questioned the accuracy of the article on Guandolo’s Understanding the Threat website.” Guandolo “reacted by accusing [Stanek] of supporting Hamas and the Muslim […]

  49. Jeez, what is it about the term “civilization jihad” that the knuckleheads don’t understand? I hope the people of that state throw up a perimeter around that area to keep them in! If you know where your enemy is it makes it much easier to find them when you need to…

  50. Islam is pure evil. The twin cities are now Hell on earth waiting to explode like Sweden, France or Germany. The idiots in Minnesota that voted for this deserve the Hell they are about to pay. Minnesota from St. Cloud to Rochester is a shit hole.

    • Some Minnesotans moved to AZ and their hearts still bleed. They cry about capital punishment when a killer was electrocuted in Texas last week, they allow the US Census Bureau to interview them for 2 1/2 hours in their homes while spilling their guts about everything personal. Stupidity abounds.

  51. For a good book on the subject to all who are trying to understand and grapple with the town by town Islamic invasion of America, I recommend you read Stealth Invasion by Leo Hohmann. For now, you can get it on In it, he discusses how that the enemy seized control of the immigration process from America back in the 1990’s, i.e. (United Nations O.I.C.). So, in effect Muslims and Islamic State Nations are in charge of the immigration process of who comes into America. “immigration without assimilation is an invasion.” The beliefs, values, and behavior of Muslims is alien to Western Civilization and a malignant cancer on its landscape in terms of the harm that they create for non-Muslims. Islam has a very clearly stated political agenda, and it is in direct opposition to a democratic form of government and the freedoms that are afforded under it. The same type of thing is going on all across Western Civilization. Left wing politicians who are a part of the Marxist/Communist Movement and the Globalist agenda have and are committing “high treason,” according to the laws which govern the U.S. Constitution.They have colluded with this enemy.

    The State Department has cleverly set up a system whereby their involvement can be hidden by the use of non-governmental resettlement contracting agencies for the incoming immigrants. Once things are set in place, a representative will have a closed private meeting with a public official to inform them of the large influx of immigrants that are about to be dumped on their town or city. Neither locally elected officials or the private citizens who live in these locations are informed about this or even given the opportunity to vote on it. Wow! how anti-democratic is that! So, if you have employers around who will require a large unskilled workforce, lookout! Federal grant monies. welfare, and other forms of public assistance which comes out of the U.S. Tax payer’s pocket financially supports this. This is criminally irresponsible! Once the grant monies run out, the local governments pick-up the tab, and things go south from there. The towns/cities ultimately transform into something like Dearborn. Michigan as those who can leave from the native population, do so. Politicians, law enforcement, courts, and the media work together with the Muslim population to “officially suppress the truth” about criminal activities in those areas that involve Muslim migrants.

    No more can this clearly be seen than in a recent case involving the “rape” of a five year old non-Muslim child in Twin Falls by a group of Syrian migrant boys. To get an idea of what is coming, read the book, “Easy Meat,” which you can get off of This book talks about the official cover-up of criminal behavior on the part of Pakistani migrnants in the U.K. and the Netherlands over the past twenty plus years, which allowed over 1400 English school girls to fall victim to the sexual grooming practices of this wicked culture. Unofficially, the total number of children and women who have and are still being victimized is closer to a million or more over this same period of time. Our native population is being culturally conditioned. The conservative voice has already been censored on the public airways. The passage of ICANN last October will ultimately censor the alternative media from exposing the truth on the Internet. I believe that America is the only remaining Western Nation that has not passed the law which criminalizes free speech in the criticism of Islam. Keith Ellison and others are working on getting this passed here. Canada just passed it in their country. Once it is passed, you can expect things to really go south quickly. Look at what is going on in Europe today, (who is a few years down the road of where America is going).

    All books that expose the truth about Islam and the Muslim criminal behavior, etc. will be outlawed. I would encourage people to get a Bible, (King James Version), while they can, because when war breaks out, our secular society is going to be looking for God. Hopefully, then they will find the truth, but it may cost you your life at that point. Once Islam and the Marxist government has censored all forms of media and publications, they will begin censoring and killing the only remaining remnants of truth that will then exist in society, the older generation, who still remembers a different America. The enemy is in control of our government for the most part. Look at the opposition that was raised by Trump’s temporary ban, if you doubt that. The temporary ban needs to be a permanent ban from all Islamic State Nations. The only way to make our nation and Western Civilization safe again is to deport all of those enemies that are here now. Cutting back on benefits and providing these illiterate individuals who do not want to work with a one way airplane or boat ticket is the direction that things need to go while we start seriously preparing for the war that is imminent, just ahead.

    What to do:

    Continue voting and applying political pressure to our elected leadership. They need to be educated about the existential threat that faces us and Western Civilization. You need to stock pile food, seeds, water, i.e. (enough to last 2-3 years), weapons, ammunition, and other essential items in preparation of the economic and social collapse of society that is coming. You need to study and learn a variety of skills that will help you survive out in the wilderness, i.e. (homesteading, combat, escape and evade the enemy, and so many others). You have about “three years” or until President Trump is out of office and a left wing candidate steps in, to get the preparation made. The next left wing president will attempt to outlaw guns in the hands of private citizens. This was a move that Hitler made right before he ascended to full power as a dictator. At this point, the gig is up in a manner of speaking. If we surrender them, it is over! The constitution is out the window and a new totalitarian government comes in. America will never see her three hundredth birthday. If we keep them, the “fight is on!”

    Speaking for myself, (as a Christian), I will be encouraging those who are willing to stand up for righteousness to do so by joining a resistance movement that I hope to initiate shortly. The reason we are in so much trouble has to do with two things, breaking God’s Laws and biblical prophecy. We are a nation that represents law and a respect for authority. We break God’s Laws, and He sends a group of people along who break our laws and disrespect our authority. Women’s Rights advocates have brought about abortion on demand. Abortion on demand has caused such a deficit in the native population, concerning the tax base, that elected leaders made the decision to import millions of Muslims into the West to shore up the workforce that is needed. Under Sharia Law, women have absolutely no rights. In fact, their testimony is half that of a man in a court of law involving a case of rape against them. The court, (operating under Sharia Law), can have this same woman, i.e. (a victim), stoned to death for having sex outside of marriage. “Pride goes before the downfall,” the biblical scripture states. Homosexuals have their Pride Parades. Homosexuals will be killed under Islamic Rule. Within Islamic teaching, “Taqyia” or sacred deceit is considered a virtue, if it promotes their political agenda. In biblical scripture, Satan is the father of lies and he is full of deceit. He is the author of confusion.

    In short, God’s fingerprints are all over what is happening. If we fail to heed His warning, Western Civilization will go into “captivity,” and we will lose our nation. “A nation who forgets God is turned into hell.” If we recognize that this pending judgement is from God in time, then perhaps God’s judgement can be delayed for the furtherance of the gospel. We need to repent: individually, as a church, and as a nation. We need to take steps in that direction physically as well as spiritually that tell God that we desire to turn things around. So, I will be calling the righteous through my forthcoming website for those who think abortion, homosexual marriage, and other things are wrong according to the bible to join together. If there is strong enough support, i.e. (two to three million or more), to get Washington’s attention, we will present our grievances to the President. as an ultimatum. If he or she is unwilling to immediately end these practices, then we shall request his or her acknowledgement is our new independent nation, i.e. Liberty. we will become a nation within a nation. The authority of the U.S. government will end at this point, and we will carve out our own nation within the existing U.S., i.e. bisecting the present nation from one nation into two. This will allow us to take the military action that is necessary to rid or at least contain the threat that Islam presents to the continent. Spiritually, this action is justifiable. Islam has clearly stated that they want to kill Christians and Jews. They want to put and end to Christianity and world wide Christian evangelism. They want to bisect Israel into a two nation state. The U.S. Government under Obama gave an enemy of Israel more than one hundred and fifty billion dollars to further develop their nuclear program. This will hurt Israel and the Jewish people. Genesis 12:3 states that “I will bless those nations that bless you and curse those nations that curse thee.” God’s way of handling nations and leaders that rebel against Him is to either take out the leadership or ruler or to take out the nation. I remind you that the Children of Israel were in Egyptian bondage for four hundred years before God sent Moses along to deliver them. The new nation of Liberty will be established as a Judaeo-Christian Theocracy and not as a democracy. Just as in the days of Lot and Noah, the people had to be separated both spiritually and physically. Lot’s wife is an example of divided loyalties. Once we are separated, God’s hand of blessing and protection can cover our new nation, as the people are virtuous.

    A brief word to my fellow Christians who like myself, are waiting on the “rapture” to occur. According to biblical prophesy in Matthew, “the end shall not come until the gospel is preached into the whole world.” The passage does not mean that everyone will accept it, but it does clearly indicate that we need to reach the world for Christ. Today, America is about the only country still reaching out with world wide Christian evangelism. According to a recent guest on the John Ankerberg Show, who represented another ministry involved in world evangelism, i.e. “Faith Cometh by Hearing,” he projected 2025 as the possible year when the prophesy in Matthew could be fulfilled. His organization works closely with the Wycliffe Bible Translators. They have also developed and are making use of state of the art technology to accomplish this purpose. The technology helps to get around closed borders and illiteracy, but high illiteracy rates are still a problem to contend with. There are seven billion people on the planet. Fifty percent are functionally illiterate. Fifty percent live on less than two dollars a day. There are six thousand, nine hundred fourteen languages in the world. One thousand six hundred and forty have New Testament translations of the Bible. There are three thousand, three hundred and seven languages that have translation work in progress. There are one thousand, nine hundred sixty-seven languages that have no translation work started as of this date. Here is the problem! There is a very real possibility that our democratic form of government, (which allows this), may not last to 2025 or how ever long it takes. to fulfill this prophecy, it may require that we establish our own new nation to fulfill it. We certainly depend upon God for our deliverance, but we should act like He depends upon us to get the job done. Put feet to those prayers!

    If there are enough people to put political pressure on Washington to actually change their minds and cooperate with us before the split occurs, and they are willing to make the changes needed, we will remain under the authority of the U.S. leadership, but it will require military action to remove the obstacles to the healthy functioning of our democracy, i.e. (Marxist political leaders/college professors/Journalists, activist judges, one or more political parties, corrupted political organizations, corrupted non-profits, corrupted for profits, and most of the corrupted “Millennial Generation,” and others. And then we have the matter of a foreign power, i.e. Islam to deal with. If we are fighting for the right cause, i.e. (To re-establish righteousness within the nation), God will be with us. If we are simply fighting to either maintain or to re-establish a secular government, He will not be with us. Very simply put, God is telling us, America, and Western Civilization to choose. The window of opportunity is soon to close!

    If for some reason that there is not enough interest and motivation by “We the People” being expressed to pursue either option above, then we will have to live life in the wilderness off of what we have learned and the resources that we brought with us, while all the time depending upon God. This is where we initially got off track nearly a hundred years ago. When we left the family farm to pursue other ambitions and we began to enjoy the comfort and ease that goes with a higher standard of living, we tend to forget where our provision comes from. This is what happened to us, and this is what happened to ancient Israel. God tells us to remember and to “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Today, we have a generation that is biblically illiterate, historically illiterate, and is full of rebellion. This, by the way was the original sin before Eve ate the piece of fruit in the Garden of Eden.

    Lastly, I would encourage as many non-Muslims as possible, preferably Christians and Jews to come out of Europe to live in America. Europe is basically unarmed, and there are something like eight thousand mosques and other Islamic structures that house large stockpiles of military grade weapons, which are going to be unleashed upon the public when a Jihad is declared upon Europe as a whole or upon the individual nation states of Europe. Another holocaust is soon at hand if they do not get out quickly. Learn the homesteading skills, survival skills preferably before you come. I would like to see you join our fight here for freedom, where you will have a better chance of wining a victory with the resistance movement here. Let us Declare our Independence from tyranny together. I know that you are not going to want to hear this, but the situation in Europe is this: Your governments have already fallen to the enemy. This is what explains the insanity that you see going on, i.e. (political leadership allows more immigrants in, provides more benefits, turns the laws against the people, etc.) It is a situation of the tail wagging the dog. “Puppet” governments are little more than the face to placate the people from panicking, because the new form of government is not quite ready to be revealed and is likely still trying to consolidate power and influence. The real power and decision making however, is taking place behind the scenes by a foreign power. The political friends of this foreign power, i.e. (Islam), are a part of the Marxist Movement which covers more than one continent. Yes! we have similar problems too here in America, but we are not quite as far down the road as Europe is. My guess as to the reason why they have not already declared war on Europe yet has to do with America. The only way to keep America from going to the aide of one of its allies is to create a global conflict, where a Jihad will be declared upon Western Civilization at the same time. If America is tied up with its own conflict, we will not be able to render aide to others as we have in the past. When Islam believes it has the upper hand, they will strike. They acquire the upper hand through growing their population, through infiltration, and through sabotage. Since we now live in the nuclear age, if one or more Islamic State Nations acquires enough nuclear weapons to credibly threaten the world with, they will have the upper hand here as well. Western governments are being sabotaged from within so that they will capitulate when this occurs. The only thing that stands between freedom and tyranny is God and “We the People.” We have no or very little power in the free nations of the world because we have thrown God out. Guns alone will not win our fight. We still have that pesky Second Amendment issue to deal with and many people that are armed. The next left wing president to be elected will likely attempt to do away with the Second Amendment. That will be 3-4 years or more down the road if Trump is not assassinated or impeached in the meantime. I hope that by that time, before he leaves office, we have three or more million people from America and around the world who will be prepared to march on Washington and demand the type of changes that are needed to preserve our democracy for the next generation. We shall see!

  52. […] By John Guandolo Originally published in Understanding the Threat (UTT) on October 24, 2016 […]

  53. […] UTT has previously reported, Minneapolis, Minnesota is currently enemy-held territory and will require force to take […]

  54. […] UTT has previously reported, Minneapolis, Minnesota, is currently enemy-held territory and will require force to take […]

  55. […] UTT has previously reported, Minneapolis, Minnesota is currently enemy-held territory and will require force to take […]

  56. TED STAMOS JR. May 6, 2017 at 3:47 pm Reply


    • Constance, you are so right but the republican party does nothing to stop anything! Look what they put Trump through, and it was his own party! There is no hope without God saving America with a miracle because the elected people regardless of how illegally they got in office, don’t care!!!


  58. Time for war is now!!! This is not the only towns being overrun by muslims or only state, California, texas, alabama, geogia, South carolina, new york, michigan, ohio, Illinois!!! They r surrounding us and the government not doing anything about it!! It’s time to fight back True Americans!!!! Muslims must get out or die it’s the only choices because that’s exactly what they want to do to America kill us all!!! If u love America and will die for ur country then stand up and fight, they think we r all cowards let’s show them what we really r!!!!

  59. I have a client/friend who is a retired marine Lt Col. He has spent time, while in the military, in the countries of Somalia, Pakistan and Iraq. His take on Jihad is that the Somali culture is very warlike and lawless. In particular, the NE coastline of Somalia is a no mans land where daily disappearances, murders, robberies, assaults, rapes, home invasions, and piracy are commonplace. His accounts are first hand as he has been in country there. His message? If you are a woman, get a gun, practice with it till you are proficient and adept with it. If you are the head of a household, you need to provide SECURITY to your loved ones as god forbid someday, this invasive and brutal culture can and will change your life forever. He also predicted an “event” with the confines of our 7 county metro area. In a lighter and amusing assessment, he said that 18-38 yr old Somali men are” into gang rape like we are into golf ” Its a hobby – a right of passage + a recreation source. I just wanted to pass this data along as this isn’t something Kare 11 would broadcast- even in the name of public safety.

  60. The happiest day of my life was when I looked in my rear view mirror and there was a big sign” Minnesota welcomes you”. Joe

  61. Cut welfare – make them dependent on state they need to work, they will have less time to recruit. We need a no tolerance approach, forget the liberals – we need to be tough on this. MN can be won back.

  62. […] Understanding the Threat, by John Guandolo, October 24, 2016: […]

  63. It’s as simple as this. If you think the majority of Muslims can live in the same house with a non Muslim in peace viewed as a equal. A extreme example but a easy to grasp comparison would be having a Black Brotherhood and a KKK member living in the same house and expecting equal peaceful coexistence. Research history of Islam for yourself! Government made a astronomical mistake resettling Muslims in America!

  64. Mandatory sterilization of all male Somalis

  65. very sad. our country under obama and his promotion of islam is under attack.

  66. Rochester Minnesota will eventually be taken over by the Muslims also. Between the Churches and local government that cater to Mayo Clinics whims (more diversity = cheaper labor), Rochester will be another Detroit within 20 years.

    Since Rochester has only doubled in size from about 50,000 to 100,000 in 20/30 years, crime has increased probably 10 fold. Government services and expansion has also massively increased! All the snow flakes running the city should be thrown out for helping destroy the city.

    Putting up nice buildings to harbor alcoholics that can drink onsite, well over 100 million into an auditorium that has never turned a dime, never ending expansions of the library along with the courthouse and jails system not to mention the fire department etc…. Rochester was once a fine city at about 50,000 people, now they want to go to 200,0000 and beyond. What a cluster F–k they are creating! I am glad we just bought property to move out. I hope to sell our house to a nice Muslim family:)

    I feel sorry for law enforcement, if you want to get the real story on crime, ask a few cop’s what they think. A lot of the crime is hidden from the public, so patients coming to Mayo are not scared! Ask some nurses how they are treated by Muslims. Nurses are told they will be fired if they leak out any negative comments!

    • I grew up in Minneapolis in the 60’s. Unbelievable how the terrorists are building their ranks. This entire attempt to take over our country and install SHARIA law is explained in detail in the Quran. If you are not aware it’s time to learn about the evil plans for Minneapolis and America. History is repeating itself right under your noses. This is not Islamophobic it is all written in the holy book they are dedicated to. Before you judge this article take time and Google the Quran on the internet and learn the plan for our deaths as infidels. Best regards.

  67. The Trump admin should send in the military and take back our states from the muslims. WTF is going on that we have allowed states to be taken control of by them and they have their own police force?

  68. You people had better arm yourselves. Look at what’s happening as a direct result of the deluge of immigrants in Europe. That’s what is coming here.

    • “We have two Muslim families in our neighborhood and we only have 22 houses in our circle . One family lives next door to me and five adults and two children live in the house,only one will speak to me. Every Wednesday evening they have people in. I must say I am concerned and don’t really know how to handle the situation. I believe Muslims are on their way to take over this small town, they own most of the motels and convince stores.

  69. “The media in Minneapolis, including the Star Tribune, the local CBS affiliate WCCO, Minnesota Public Radio and many others, are not interested in investigative journalism or the truth. These media outlets propagate a hard-left/Marxist narrative that provides cover to the jihadis in Minnesota while keeping the public in the dark of the real dangers.”

    I find it interesting to note how in my own home city here in the South my local newspaper also has a slightly liberal bent. I wouldn’t call it so far to the left it’s commie, but certainly not a conservative paper either. In contrast, we have a free weekly paper that can be easily found around town that has more inside news on the stories than the local paper does and it actually has a near commie bias.

    Fortunately my hometown isn’t facing the problems of the Twin Cities just yet though.

  70. My suggestion, is pay them all to move, to California, since they love them so much.

  71. Somalis are particularly nasty little snakes in the grass..

  72. Islam is NOT a religion. It is a political movement of rape, murder, domination over women, and hate. Its leader Mohamed was a pedophile sociopath. This a war being waged on Christians and Whites primarily, but all non Moose lims in general. Fight this or die.

  73. Trump is going to be deporting all these Muslims! All of these illegals.
    And people are going freak out and protest and rage….
    Let them!
    Ban Islam and Sharia Law.
    We need to deport about 20 million people! Busy busy!

    • Islam is already banned in the US. In 1952 the Mccarren Walters Act was passed barring Muslims from entry into America and it was ratified in 1965. This is federal law being ignored today because big business wants cheap labor and they’re willing to bribe congress to let these savages into the US. I wonder how many Americans are aware that all these federal contractors who are importing Muslims into America for us to support for the rest of their lives are in violation of federal law? Will anything be done about this? NO!


        • We R Being Over Run !!! Thanks !!! oobbaammma !!!! AN IT Is Coming A TAKE OVER OF OUR NOW FREE Christian & Jewish Country !!!! IT IS HAPPENING NOW !!! They R IN OUR. GOVERNMENT !!!!

  74. I cannot wait until the day Minnesota is liberated from the Moslem enemy. It will be a wonderful fine day. Why not start scurrying to other countries now, if you want to get away fast.

  75. […] Source: In This War Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost – Understanding the Threat […]

  76. I have read the evil of the quran and studied the history of islam, what they are doing now is what they have been doing for 1400+ years, not one thing is different. In the end one of 2 things happen , the host nation drives the muslims out at gun point(or sword point depending on the era) or the host nation is over powered by the muslims. This will lead to internal war.

  77. OPINION:

    “in a balance between two important interests — free speech on the one hand, and the state’s power to maintain the peace on the other — the scale is heavily weighed in favor of the First Amendment….Maintenance of the peace should not be achieved at the expense of the free speech. The freedom to espouse sincerely held religious, political or philosophical beliefs, especially in the face of hostile opposition, is too important to our democratic institution to be abridged simply due to the hostility of reactionary listeners who may be offended by a speaker’s message. If the mere possibility of violence were allowed to dictate whether our views, when spoken aloud, are safeguarded by the Constitution, surely the myriad views that animate our discourse would be reduced to the standardization of ideas by the dominant political or community groups. Democracy cannot survive such a deplorable result”. (U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit–28 October 2015).

    Furthermore, any public official, be they Governor; Lieutenant Governor; Mayor; County Sheriff; Congressman or U.S. Attorney, who under color of law attempts to deny any person in the United States their First Amendment right of free speech subjects themselves to a Recall Election, or in case of the latter, impeachment.

    The term “Islamophobia” was contrived by the Muslim Brotherhood as a stratagem of war with which to intimidate anyone who recognizes the existential threat the Global Islamic Movement poses to Western (I.e. non-Muslim) survival; and like all of the other red-herring issues they’re constantly bitching about, We the People should simply speak the truth, and ignore it.

    As for the “strong working relationship” being forged with Hamas by Minnesotan public officials, inasmuch as Article II, sec, III of the Constitution metaphorically frowns on adhering to, or giving aid & comfort to in time of war, America’s enemies, said ostensibly sub-rosa arrangement could be regarded by some as a blatant flirtation with treason; a federally appointed special prosecutor, for instance.

    Recalls first appeared in Colonial America in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, in 1631; their purpose is to enable voters to remove an elected official from office through a direct vote before the end of their term; Minnesota is one of the seven states requiring some form of malfeasance or misconduct in office to be identified by the petitioners.

    Actually, the most ominous element of what’s taking place in Minnesota right now, is the Governors reckless recommendation to the citizenry there, I.e. some of the kindest law abiding Americans I’ve ever encountered anywhere in the country, to leave the state if they don’t “like” Somalis. Following a minority cruise in the Navy, I worked for an organization whose rank & file seemed to agree that while curiosity kept us busy, it was instinct that kept us alive; thus the words he used to express what he thinks, I believe, will be perceived by same said “Somalis” as a figurative license to inflict bodily harm, and in some cases worse, on anybody they suspect lacks the level of affinity the Governor thinks they deserve. I.e., watch your back, “evil hides in the mind, not on the face”, or so said “Voltaire”.

  78. I never voted to have them here nor was I aware I had a right to vote to have them here. Take a poll government of Minnesota. I think you’ll be surprised as to how many people in this state want them out of here. We are tired of supporting them. We have our own seniors and citizens that have been here long before the Somalians that need help and support before some Muslims who are not willing to live by our laws and beliefs as US citizens. This is not their country. It’s ours!!! We don’t want them here!!!!

    • Shoot them before they shoot you..

    • True American,
      It is clear that our government could care less what you as an American wants. Neither at the federal, state, or local level for they are all getting paid bribes for doing the bidding of the NWO elitists who are and have been working to destroy America and all Western countries for decades. Invasion under the false name of “refugees” is but one tool they use to hide their true intention as can be seen in Europe where muslims are a much larger percentage of many countries. In those countries, serious crimes like gang rapes, gang beatings, murders, acid attacks, and constant intimidation have become a way of life but the governments blame the local population rather than blaming the muslims who attack the locals. Why, because they do not want to admit the muslims are invaders who are NOT there to assimilate but to invade!

      Just look at the way the media treats every attack by a muslim. It is never reported that a muslim attacks a local native, but is reported in some other way, usually doing whatever they can to cover up the fact that a muslim or even gang of muslims attacked a local. Even when a gang attacks a single woman, brutally raping and beating her, the muslims are even excused claiming the woman’s behavior or dress provoked the attack as if that in some way was an excuse for the vicious, brutal attack by multiple men which left the woman brutally beaten, hospitalized, sometimes fighting for her life while the muslims were not even arrested.

      The real criminals are the government traitors who lied to their own population when the government brought the muslims into the country under false pretenses knowing it was part of a plan that would lead to unrest, even violence, which was exactly what the government wanted, as they could use that violence as an excuse to enact harsh laws to remove what little freedoms were left. Remember that unlike America, Europe has already removed most rights of gun ownership so the civilians are already at the mercy of the government to provide protection from criminals, but the government has become so warped they refuse to even consider muslims as being capable of being criminals so that means they have to prosecute their own people as being the criminals while letting the muslims go free, or the muslims threaten the government with lawsuits which the UN supports.

      Time for the People to remember who has the real power in America; the traitors in government or the People who created the government to SERVE the People!

  79. Luthern Social Services brought them here in the 1990s.

    • That is an excellent reason not to be Lutheran. An excellent reason not to be Mormon is that church’s formal affinity toward Islam because of their feeling of shared historic similarities. In fact, most Christian denominations ignorantly think of islam as just another religion “to be respected.”

      I guess they can “respect” satan and sin as well. Good luck. They’ll need it since they have lost their faith.

    • I still consider myself a Lutheran, but have had nothing whatsoever to do with any of their churches since 1971. I’ve watched Minneapolis go downhill for 51 years now.

    • More correctly, the Clinton Administration initiated the program bringing them to the USA as “refugees” in the early 90s. Lutheran Social Services and other brain-dead “nonprofit” groups benefited economically from the government resettlement contracts

  80. Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

    • You surely are not referring to the Muslims as “yearning to breathe free.” If so (and you surely aren’t!) you do not know the first thing about Islam. If they were yearning to breathe free, the FIRST thing they would so is to throw off the shackles of Islam. The Muslim agenda is to make sure that NONE of us “breathe free.”

      • “If so..(but surely you are not)”

        You are all ignorant and your comments only serve to demonstrate your intelligence. You are all Nazi’s re-making history. “Oh the Jews are trying to take over the world, oh the Jews control the government, they all need to be destroyed” yeah does that sound familiar?! Or did you not educate yourself about religious wars such as The Crusades and how ridiculous humans beings behave when they believe anything they are told.

        “The young people on campus don’t get it…” no they dont, you’re absolutely right, because they are EDUCATED and capable of thinking for themselves and those thoughts go like this…

        “I’ve lived in this area for years, not once have I have been attacked by anyone of the Muslim faith, in spite of the thousands that live right next door that I’ve crossed paths with on a daily basis. And not once have I felt my freedoms stripped from me by the presence of these people so why should I be afraid, exactly?!”

        That’s called independent and logical thinking, just for the record. If only every German in the 1930’s had asked themselves the same question perhaps 6 million people wouldn’t have had to die horrible deaths and endure such torture because of political banter and propaganda that was solely created to induce fear in the minds of completely stupid people. Why? Because it works! Look at you all. Stupid, fearful, and scared of what? Of poor and broken bare-footed refugees while you all own firearms! What the hell are you so afraid of? Your afraid of an imaginary scenario! One that has never happened and will never happen. 125,000 in one community and ONE stabbing? Pretty sure ANY city with a population of 100,000 or more has had a stabbing at one point. In a mall or otherwise, use your head! How many people live in Fargo, ND and theres a shooting or stabbing there on a weekly basis! A woman was kidnapped and had her 8 month old fetus cut out of her while she was still alive and then her body thrown in the Red River. Why are is nobody scared of THAT? The people that did it were devout Christians and WHITE, in a community of LESS than 100,000! So combined with all the other shootings, stabbings, and meth cooking….by this logic we should really flush the region of white Christians too! Really it’s pathetic, you’re adults and you’re scared shitless of the barefoot refugee despite your 12 gauge, your deer rifle and multiple handguns of all calibers…your Hum-vee or Chevy 2500 guzzling the gas you buy to boosts oil-producing (AKA MUSLIM) economies …but when the penniless ones want a fresh start just as your ancestors did? You really are Hitler supporters…just in a different time and place, but what you are doing is the exact same thing. You’re scared of something because it’s different, and you don’t understand it. Plain and simple…the exact description of people with low I.Q. and the exact people that are targeted by ranting idiots like Hitler who just happened to be a little bit smarter than his followers but still an idiot. The people who were against freeing the slaves cause they would come back and kill us and take over the country. The people who supported the Jewish Question and participated in the Final Solution. The people who said “yeah we gotta go to Vietnam and kill them or communism will spread and take over the world!” The same people who built the Berlin Wall and said the no good Commies were coming to kill us all and eat our babies or whatever the hell else retarded news stories like this told you! The same people who shame our history books and teach us exactly how NOT to be until everyone forgets and does the same thing all over again, but you’ll always be an embarrassment to the human race. Smarten up and stop being ignorant children!

        • Chris, your post was edited by me and approved…this time. UTT encourages open discussion and dialogue, but there is no need for profanity. What we do encourage is open minds. Since you seem so sure Islam is not a threat, please take the UTT challenge and name 1 book of sharia or one Islamic school in the world that teaches the purpose if Islam is NOT to wage war against non-muslims until sharia is the law on the entire earth. UTT offers $1000 for such information. Almost 4 years…no takers yet. Be the first.
          Keep it real and keep it factual. Rants do not promote dialogue. John Guandolo, President, UTT

          • Bravo. Well said.

          • Yet he says we are the ignorant ones who forget history, he’s already forgotten 9/11.

          • Chris, It’s so sad to see commendably assertive young Americans like yourself, who have benefited from the wonderful and current US cultural freedoms they enjoy, brainwashed by the media and or higher education, loudly attack fellow Americans with profuse but well intentioned ignorance, of why Islam is really here, while the Muslim leaders that you inadvertently defend, laugh their heads off at you behind closed doors, and call you a “useful idiot” as you further their cause of taking away yours and your families freedoms…
            BTW: Why is it Chris that the park in St. Louis Park Minn was made off limits by the city council to native Minnesotan Non Muslims like yourself, by your new Muslim neighbors, if Muslims are so wonderfully unselfish, loving and non-racist and are not a threat to the freedoms you enjoy in your Minnesota communities?? Isn’t going to the park a freedom Chris?? That act by the local Muslims and spineless city council stole a freedom from you and your family and neighbors, and is about as unloving, disrespectful, lacking in equality and overflowing with arrogance, racism and selfishness, by your Muslim Minnesota residents as you can get in American culture, especially when all of their non muslim native Minnesotan neighbors, paid for the park decades before the Muslims, who are on millions of dollars of American welfare money (that they did not contribute to), didn’t even pay a dime for the park… Their laughing at you Chris and you are passionately defending and advancing their racism and extreme selfishness in Minnesota that’s already taking over your neighborhoods..right under your very uninformed nose.. Wake up and take Johns very helpful and wise advice. After all he has the credentials to back what he says…And you don’t..(do you know what credentials are Chris??) I think your passion and assertiveness is very good, but your tremendous lack of understanding of the goals of Islam in America makes your argument very dangerously misguided to yourself, your family and your neighbors.. Before you continue to attack John and his ministry and those of us who support it please do your homework as John has very politely encouraged you to..
            “Fools find no pleasure in understanding but delight in airing their own opinions…” Proverbs 18

          • I’ve seen first hand how these people are given preferential treatment over Americans. I’m a decorated, disabled veteran, born in Minneapolis and raised in Coon Rapids, bordering Anoka. I was living in south Minneapolis, at 33rd & Nicolette ave when I had to file for SSDI because of a work injury. When I went into the Minneapolis office of social security, I was 1 of 2 English speaking people there, almost all the others were Muslims. I was paying close attention to everything around me, and when called in, I confronted the woman as to why they ( Muslims ) were receiving around 3 times as much a month ad I was. SSDI was giving me ( I should say returning to me, I’ve been paying into social security for about 45 years) less than half of poverty level to live on per month. I was in shock when the lady told me that they didn’t want to make me rich. I was then stuck living in south Minneapolis, with a roommate I couldn’t stand, and no way out . I’ve seen these Somalians on the street, reminded me of when I was in the Persian gulf in the Navy, to rescue Americans from Iranian territories in 1979 & 80. Am living now in Ham Lake, Minnesota, still only getting barely enough to live on renting a room. I see Islam in the countryside out her, very little, but that’s how they operate. I’m very outspoken about these people, and disposed by many for it. Including some family members. I’ve sent email’s to Ellison, pelosi and a former UN official on the danger’s of giving in to these people, to no avail. Got one reply from Ellison and then governor mark Eaton, just a standard reply. I’ve contacted operation veritas, informing knowledge I’ve discovered about elison teaching Omar how to get their constituents to be able to cast two votes each, which apparently worked for them. I love Minnesota, but can’t afford to move. It’s killing me to see this state devolve in such a manner, under such confusion, with noons bothering to research these issues for themselves, yet claiming to know so much about how nice a people they are. Sheeple is the only word that fits them, and they hate that term. I’m praying God will intervene, as he is with President trump. I heard a person once regard to Minnesota as ( the state of confusion ) many years ago, and find the term becoming more obvious as the years go by. Am hoping for Jesus to rapture us out of here before they come for me, because I know I’m on their hit list, and I know full well what they will do to me when they get me. Christ is they only thing keeping my sanity together in these times, so please pray for me, and people’s like me that are stuck in this quagmire of a state. Thank all of you who are trying to make the world a better place. I love you all. Hoping this reply goes through, as it’s saying that I’ve already posted this?

        • Chris you at the most ignorant of all. Just wait until your wife or daughter of mother gets gang raped by these muslims that you have no intelligent knowledge of. They are people with a mission to conquer America from within. First thru politics, then thru the killing of people like you and your family.

        • Chris, have you ever wondered WHY the Crusades took place to begin with? The Crusades you speak of
          ere in response to the muslim take over of various Christian communities/areas. They took place to free those still alive from slavery and persecution. What the muslims did to wipe out the Armenian people during WWl is the same as what Hitler and his socialist democrat party of Germany did to the Jewish people in WWll. Those who fought and died in Vietnam deserve our respect and Thanks. Just as all those who fought in any war since the beginning of our country do. The horrors many of our Vietnam era Vets live with to this day shape their lives forever. I remember an Uncle coming home from his second tour of Nam and having nightmares for months. He said the hardest thing was being a father and thinking of his own children when he was forced to shoot a toddler that they sent toward American troops, a bomb strapped to it’s body that they would detonate to kill our men. They knew Americans had a soft spot for little children and their own were expendable to them. What kind of monster would do that?

          As for young people today.. most have been so brainwashed in the Public school system, they don’t know their head from a hole in the ground. People in, or just getting out schools seldom know much about real history. They get a redacted, whitewashed, liberal version of what actually took place.

          In case you haven’t figured this out yet, islam has been an ideology of hate and violence since it’s inception around 700AD. They have been at war with the world since their beginning. They are the basis for the initial inception of what would become our Marine Corps. Once we became a Free Nation, we could no longer rely on England’s protection for trading ships, so we had to protect our own from the pirates and slavers of islam. These “refugees” may not have money, but that doesn’t mean they are not a threat. They refuse to assimilate, they have openly stated their sole purpose here is to wage jihad and take down our country from within. They never should have been allowed into this country in the first place! I personally don’t believe there is such a creature as a “muslim refugee” for the simple reason that it is islam itself which causes all the trouble in these countries they are supposedly fleeing from. I DO believe that the churches which help to resettle these people around in non muslim countries need to stop to consider how much they are harming others. It used to be churches would send missionaries to other countries to preach to the non believers, now they are threatening their believers by bringing the people they are working to convert into the fold without first changing their beliefs.

        • We’ve already forgotten 9/11, and the same thing will happen again you are correct. Omar refuses to denounce Al Qaeda, be-headings, and Sharia Law. “White American men are the real terrorists.” This coming from her, an elected member of government sworn to do what’s best for all Americans, with the exception of white males apparently. We should just accept this and anyone who speaks against it is an attack on Omar directly and are called racists. Well as a white male living in Minnesota, i’m a terrorist according to someone serving in America’s government. By the way speaking of Nazis Omar has spoken her hatred towards Israel and Jews on many occasions. But just deal with that too, keep my mouth shut while these same people compare me to a Nazi for the reason of being a Trump supporter. That’s ok to accuse others when it comes from the “victimized” Muslim.

        • Sir you need to wake up. Muslims hate Christians for general principle, and Americans in particular. Muslims behead Americans every chance they get on video. You are in denial. They haven’t approached you? They do their recruiting in secrecy. They promised to destroy us from within. And they are gaining a greater foothold every day. I’ve been to college. I graduated Magna Cum Laude. I’m neither stupid or crazy. I don’t hate Jews. I don’t hate Muslims that aren’t psychotic fanatics. But those fanatical Muslims are a threat. Burying our heads in the sand won’t help. God save us from “enlightened” individuals such as yourself. We’re going to need it with attitudes like yours.

        • Chris; that’s one of the most idiotic responses I have ever read. In your condescending way you have shown that you have been brain-washed by our so-called institutions of “lower learning”. Have you ever been to a Muslim country? I have – the people live in absolute poverty, and are completely dominated by their religion. If they don’t pray 3 times a day to their god, they are not a “good” Muslim, and are denied the better jobs in their community. The tenants of their faith is 3-fold: convert, enslave, and kill in the name of Mohammed.

        • Chris, You must be a millennial soy boy with no balls, one of those who are privileged just like those educated kids you speak of in your comment. For your eyes are not truly open, your ears only hear the whining of your class mates about political correctness, not wanting to hear the truth so you cover your ears instead. It’s true at this moment and time we are not seeing a big spark out of muslim people at least not in many states as of yet.
          But little by little it happens, and it happens so gradual that most people don’t even notice until it’s to late, and most of you out there are so so addicted and entranced with your little smart phones that you barely look up from it to notice if the world was on fire. You think your so smart, but little do you know what’s really going on behind closed doors up there in Washington, our rights are being dismantled and eliminated little by little.
          You speak a big game but know nothing about how it’s played and in this game it’s people like you that lose in the end for not paying close attention to what’s going on in the game that’s being played on you.

      • Very disturbing. Complacency and passiveness on America’s part. Thanks a lot, Obama!

  81. Willmar is a lost cause and has been for a while. I have known many businesses that have gone under due to the criminal nature of many of the immigrants. They stole from them and damaged their property. The town is no longer worth going to. Why do some groups have to live off the work of others? When all the Europeans are gone, will those that are left just lay down and die? It will be a shame that MSP and Willmar will look just like the messes the immigrants claimed they wanted to get away from. You cant teach morality and decency. If it isn’t in them to begin with, it never will be.

    In the end Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services are really to blame and should have some weight brought down on them for what they have done. Huge influx, no structure, no assimilation. They opened the gates and are responsible for every american harmed by a Somali in MSP.

    • d, as usual it is all about the money. Churches receives billions from the traitors in the federal government who as part of
      their commitment to achieving the false utopian NWO, they are using tax dollars stolen from Americans to bribe church leaders who turn a blind eye to the long term threat of bringing so many muslims into America despite undeniable evidence that the muslims have NO intention to assimilate but to conquer America for islam. Mr. Guandolo has provided multiple documents taken from numerous muslim sources proving they have written plans, which they are following, to destroy our Constitutional Republic in order to implement sharia.

      It is treason on the part of the leaders in government and sadly, it is also treason on the part of our church leaders for while they have not taken an oath to defend our Constitution, they cannot violate our Constitution which they are clearly doing as they have been warned of the dangers of the muslim invasion yet they refuse to even consider muslims as a threat.

      In the end, our government and our church leaders, along with the bleeding heart liberals who support, are all personally and legally responsible for their actions which amount to nothing less than treason and collusion to commit treason for which they must be held accountable. In the meantime, we who know of the real and present danger of the threat MUST unite to form a united front to counter the physical, psychological, and legal threat muslims pose to America if we are to have any chance of defeating them. It is not enough to merely gripe and complain. We MUST become a national organization if we are to defeat the united national organizations that threaten our very existence as a free Republic, or what is left of one.

      It will not be a politician who solves this as they are part of the problem. Honestly, I do not know how we can accomplish such an enormous task though I believe it can be done and I KNOW it must be done, so I will pray daily we find a way and I invite everyone who truly loves America to join in praying that a way be found for I also know that those who hate America will NEVER stop trying to destroy us until we stop them!

      May God hear and answer our prayers. Amen.

  82. Minneapolis/St. Paul may be lost but I truly pray there’s hope yet for pockets of sanity in the rest of the state. My family and I used to live in Grand Forks, ND, from there we discovered the headwaters of the Mississippi near Park Rapids, MN (PR). We still vacation there, and spent two weeks in Minnesota this September. The jihadi knife attack had just occurred in St. Cloud. We found some senior citizens, at a program we attended in PR, quite concerned about that threat. My husband also spoke with some power line workers staying at the same motel as us in Walker, who were from Willmar, and were quite outspoken about the financial and social side effects of Muslim refugee resettlement there. But younger, college educated Minnesotans avoided saying anything about Islam. Our anecdotal impressions: the working class and some–not all–older Americans aren’t afraid to think/speak about this, but overall we are dealing with trickle down Shariah–when political leaders and information transmitters all avoid any meaningful observations about what we are facing, the little guys get that message loud and clear, so also avoid thinking ahead, a prime example of what Thomas Sowell calls First Stage thinking.
    There was a marvelous YouTube of Bob Enos speaking to the Willmar, MN Town Council, July 7, 2015. He described in concise, frightening detail, how all of Minnesota would soon look like Detroit, because of the catastrophic budget short falls facing any community with a sizeable refugee population. It has now been erased from the internet. Willmar’s town council now only provide the minutes of their meetings, dispensing with all their video records…looks a tad too similar to what you describe about law enforcement and political leaders in M/St.P.

    • That video you reference of Enos’ was from Kandiyohi County Board meeting. It can still be found it looked for correctly. Typeically the search phrase “kandiyohi refugee” gets results.

      County Board meetings are broadcast on the local cable access WRAC8 but are not archived online. The Willmar City Council is also broadcast on WRAC8 and UStream ( and is archived on UStream as well as Youtube (

      • Wow, thank you Trevor! It was my favorite video to send to fence sitters, 15 minutes of coherent, logical consequential thinking, i.e. if you do this, this will happen.

    • Constance Ellingson November 18, 2016 at 2:10 pm Reply

      Very True Rick.Minnesota is a welfare melting pot.St. Paul and Minneapolis along Cedar Riverside avenue is the hotspot I lived in a suburb of St. Paul for over 30 years and I know of three Non Profit agencies in the Twin Cities that had IRSA (Immigration Refugee Services of America) grants to resettle refugees. (Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services along with the International Institute of Minnesota. A large Sudanese group came in and settled near Anoka, Minnesota several years ago. Somalis arrived as well as Kenyan and Bhutanese Christians arrived in the early 2000’s up until 2008. The Saint Anthony high rise along I-94 in St. Paul is now called “Little Mogadishu”
      Keith Ellison’s run against Norm Coleman was rigged. The voting districts kept finding buckets of uncounted votes in someones trunk and declared Keith the winner after a hotly contested race.
      I know the gal who ran against Keith Ellison in one of the Mpls districts after he had been in office.(Barb Davis White) She put up a fight to be elected, but Ellison won because of the huge number of muslims.
      I am also very aware of how the muslim boys treat their teachers in grade school, junior high and high school. No respect for authority.
      St. Cloud MN had the Muslim shooting at the Cross Roads Mall several months ago. I have family that live there.
      But, I also know that many are coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus through SALT ministries. (Somali Adult Leadership Training) in the Twin Cities. Glory to God.

    • What’s happening to our country? The more I read the more democrats look like pussycats. I emigrated from the UK 40 yrs ago everyone in the American embassy was wearing black and sheets was scary the way the looked at me. TodayI’m a patriotic Texan my kids and grandkids live here I left Europe for the land of the free!! I love the constitution and don’t want to see it slip away. Did we just have a Muslim in the White House?

    • Patricia Joppien July 7, 2019 at 8:21 am Reply

      the 2 in the front of the top picture look like men – they have huge hands for women – and their heads are very big too….

    • Expel the enemy from Our American Soil, Long Live America. The New Crusades

    • Its time for mass killing of the Islamic Muslims.
      Starting with the Ohmar bitch.
      Public stoning would be sufficient for executions.

    • Remove the refugees and let anymore in. You will have blood on your hands if you dont. The people will get fed up with it. And then get rid of the dipshit governor. Idk how

    • John, we did not vote for these people! They did not legitimately win any recent election. I would rather not say how I know this but I do! It is very scary that this has occurred and in addition most of these illegals get large payments from government welfare every month, while citizens who are barely holding on during this plandemic are suffering! After the 2018 midterms and 2020 election, I wrote to the republicans who ran against radical demoncrats and asked them why they didn’t fight their fake loss?I received no replies, and truthfully, I blame the republican party sans the great president Trump, for the horrible mess we are in because they never had the courage to stop anything, even when they had the power to do so! They never fought any of this garbage, and they are weak, useless and worthless in my opinion! They also now have many traitors and criminals in both parties! Look what the republican did to president Trump? Yes, there are a few exceptions, many 5%, but that’s it! And when we are on the precipice of fascism, the republicans as a group don’t care, and are doing nothing!

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