In Wars, Knowing the Enemy & Taking Bold Action Are Keys to Victory

August 13, 2019

In Wars, Knowing the Enemy & Taking Bold Action Are Keys to Victory

Appeasement, weakness, and cowardice never won a war.

Today’s republican “leaders” around the United States, from local officials to Governors to Members of Congress to the national GOP leadership have failed and refused to speak about the threat Islam poses to America and its citizens.

With the exception of the President himself, republicans have chosen to avoid “controversy” and “conflict” in order to “find common ground” in the issues America faces today.

How do people who have sworn an oath to “protect and defend” the Constitution of the United States “against all enemies, foreign and domestic” find common ground with Marxists and jihadis?

Marxism calls for the destruction of Christianity and the overthrow of all governments not based in Marxism – the root of socialism and communism. This totalitarian ideology necessarily destroys individual liberty and drives societies towards slavery and impoverishment.

Islam demands all humans on the planet submit to “Allah’s divine law”/sharia, voluntarily or through coercion. Those who do not submit must be killed. There is no other authoritative “version” of Islam taught anywhere at any Islamic school on earth and there never has been.

There are 1400 years of history detailing Islam’s destructive and barbaric path. Yet, despite the evidence from many U.S. terrorism trials and the consistent pronouncements of Islamic leaders, revealing their significant and successful efforts in America to destroy our government and way of life, the nearly all republicans are silent.

They are not only silent, republicans (John McCain, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio…) attack those who speak truth about Islam and/or they tell us Islam is a “peaceful religion” that rejects violence (President GW Bush), despite the fact muslims teach muslim children the exact opposite in U.S. Islamic schools.

When engaged in a war, the decision to avoid conflict and controversy is tantamount to surrendering. That is what the GOP has done across the board.

The democrat party, at the national level, has embraced Marxism and is advancing its cause. Their actions are predictable and expected.

The Islamic Counter-State in the U.S. works to overthrow America’s Constitutional Republic and establish an Islamic State under sharia, per universal Islamic doctrine. No surprises.

It is the republican party at the national and, in many cases, the state level, which made a decision not to discuss Islam to avoid conflict.

It is Republican governors, representatives and senators who are sitting on their hands while enemies of the Republic roll forward.

The hour is late, and the enemy is reaching the climax of their strategy. Meanwhile, no republican leader is articulating the threat of the Marxist and Islamic Counter-States, and the radical action needed to deal with them immediately.

The Titanic is 2/3 underwater and the republicans are on the deck discussing fiscal policy.

Not to engage these enemies in a time of war is equivalent of surrender.

Encourage your local, state, and national republican leaders to understand the threat, speak truth boldly about the threat, and join UTT in implementing the victory strategy to WIN this war.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. Dick Jones is exactly Dick Jones….nice dissertation apparently has never taken the deep dive into the Islamic doctrine, may not know about the MB, Quran verses for warfare to stop jahiliyya,straying from Islam, the teaching taught to the muslims in mosques and the duty to remain silent to be deceptive, so the forces are only comparable to a reputation of bad teenagers, nothing more. ? So Dick, Osama bin Ladin was not Islamic nor building Islamic organizations prior to 9/11 attack (1992-1996) in Brooklyn, Atlanta, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Tuscon to recruit and fund raise for the fight in early as 1990’s according to the 9/11 Commission Report , 1st edition page 58. 59. What were they doing but 2.4..’.Building an Organization Declaration War on the United States’ pg 59. ”The groundwork for a true global terrorist network was being laid.” page 58 of the 9/11 Commission Report.” They recruited from the population of muslims in the United States at mosques and communities. They fund raised money from Saudi Arabia the heart of Islam..”that came to be known as the Golden Chain, put together mainly by financiers in S.A. and the Persian Gulf States, NGO’s.”……..”.whose agents roamed the world markets to buy arms and supplies for the mujahideen or holy warriors” to fight in Afghanistan”. The Islamic caliphate of many Islamic territories now seeing the end goal fight each other…to be in control after Osama ignited the unseen force of Islam.
    The extremist referenced are really responding to the obligations of followers of Islam to be soldiers, jihadists for Islam, to strike fear to create submission as to allow deceptions of the dawah the most important section to convince the world it is a religion of peace. Osama was apparently motivated after the movements and organizations of Islam into the United States grew, the preparation stage an opportunity to get a legal ruling that is sharia Islamic , law a fatwah to attack on 9/11. But this information was discovered and then disappeared from view by the organizations already built and working to deny truths of the doctrine and supplant the Constitution of the United States, easily done with a new administration that looked fondly on Islam. The book and pages referenced now denied but some did not get off all the shelves. The report was of this book and the further information by other authors were treated like a crazy uncle who was not crazy after all and all one had to do was read a Quran in English to think how did this get covered up and why?

  2. […] Encourage your local, state, and national republican leaders to understand the threat, speak truth boldly about the threat, and join UTT in implementing the victory strategy to WIN this war.… […]

  3. Here are a few points to support my concern about radical muslim ideology.
    People who think that Chapter #9 of the Quran is not longer followed simple do NOT understand the threat to our Constitutional Republic and our western values & way of life!

    Islam is a religion of peace, right? And I’m Batman!

    When muslims take up residence in a new country, they do not assimilate to the existing culture as guests, rather, they are like the Borg, forcing their host country to change and adapt to the Muslim culture and way of life.

    The bible before the birth of Christ had many reference to harsh punishments. The ‘new’ bible after Christ changed its tone and message.

    700 years later, the Quran was written during and after Mohammed’s death and teachings. It’s most brutal language is contained in Chapter 9…and is still the current driver of islam’s hatred of ‘non-believers’. The underlying current of that book, as followed by muslim leadership supported by millions of radical supporters is the destruction of religions and people who donor literally accept the word of Allah…and ultimately world domination!!


    Quran 2

    These YouTube videos further the point…

    • this one reveals that a small minority of people with bad intend can have disastrous results:

    As always, do your own research!


  4. Just wanted you to know that I read the UTT article you sent. Again, I timed this at about a 6-minute read. If you want to take a nap first, go ahead.

    Though I often stand by my opinions just like anyone else, I don’t consider myself rooted in one standard philosophy, especially once that philosophy becomes popular. Once a majority of people begin to believe as I believe, I begin questioning the basis on which the thoughts are grounded; mainly because I have little faith in wisdom by committee. Therefore, a good and truthful argument is like a changing riverbank which slowly redirects the water flow. As the course of the river changes, navigation must compensate.

    To be good, the argument must be precise; the foundation must be grounded in facts and not simply spring from previous conclusions that the author may have colored to blend into some previous worldview landscape. And truths must always be true, not half-truths pillared to merely elevate the position to a loftier height. Words bellowed from above are seldom, if ever, the voice of the almighty.

    Which brings us to the exaggerations in the article. He states facts that are limited in scope and truths that are meticulously proportioned. The main culprit of this article is a survey of the history on which it should be based. Words like never or always work only in mythology, seldom in real life.

    There are a few misrepresentations that lead to several misconceptions that, in turn, creates a blanket of deception. I doubt that this is done on purpose, but is often the conclusion when a rant is molded into an argument. I wish to address only a couple of these since they seem to be the basis of most of the article.

    As they say, please take the following with a grain of salt. Be suspicious of my “facts” and explore my understandings with your own research. History is easy to research and I hope you at least try.

    First, Marxism is the root of Soviet-style communism and is no longer politically relevant; it is, however, something that needs to be understood to be avoided. Marxism is a road map to a scientific approach of nationalizing the creation of wealth, where socialism is focused on wealth’s distribution across a wider base. That is an important distinction, since only communism is opposed to capitalism. Communal ownership has always been imperfect (New Harmony, Indiana in 1825, the emergence of the Mormon society in the 1830s, even the melding of the Cherokee nation into American society even earlier; all of these pre-date Marx and would have to be called communism). When I hear someone shout “communism” I have trained myself to interpret it “boogieman” and it always makes me smile.

    Socialism is at least as old as the bible. Jacob’s interpretation of the pharaoh’s dream leading the Egyptians to store seven years of grain for the famine to come is an example of socialism. Opening heaven to believers rather than being based on the life decisions of the individual is christianity’s version of socialism. Is socialism really any different than when Christ said you should give to the poor? Maybe I am mistaken; perhaps that was a parable and he didn’t really expect you to take it to heart. You see, you don’t own the teachings of Christ if you choose to be blind to its meanings.

    I am afraid socialism works. The creators of the production of wealth (the owners) still deserve the lion’s share, but it is a share and not all; not even most. According to history, the economy booms when more money is in the hands of the population (booms of the 1870s, 1920s, 1950s, 1990s) and falters when wealth remains in the hands of a few (1880s, 1930s, late 1970s & early 1980s, the early 2000s). Will manipulation of the present boom to a wealthy few actually retard its faltering in the 2020s? I don’t know, but I doubt it.

    The second misrepresentation is Islam being more evil than any other religion or under a different call.

    Most religions are evil and have a militant wing of nuts. Jihadists are to Islam as the KKK is to Christianity as the Metsada is to Judaism. Each sees themselves as the only true religion and calls upon its faithful to persecute and postulate their beliefs. Also, each tries to incorporate their religions into their politics.

    Islam is a religion that is around 1400 years old. Let’s look at 1400 years from the beginning of Judaism. The time when Samuel demanded that King Saul remove the Amalakites “from beneath the heavens” was around 1100BC. That was probably at least 900 years after Abraham and could have been much more. How long would it take for a single couple to have 76,000 descendant males wanting to join the army at the same time. That is the number of men who drank from the river from which King Saul chose his 400. Genocide and “kill them all” sounds pretty similar.

    Then 1400 years after the birth of Christianity was around the time of the Spanish Inquisition under Torquemada. We are talking 1480AD. Since the religion was not considered until the last year in the life of Christ and Paul wrote to the churches around 65AD, I think that this is about as close as you can get to a realistic timeline as to the lifespan of Islam. Islam as a religion began before the death of Mohammad around 630AD and split upon his death.

    My point is that religion, like children, are always asses during their teenage years; take off the zeros and there you have it – Judaism is in its early 30s (an age of individual understanding), Christianity around its early 20s (a time of internal questions and the search for truths), and there is little Islam at 14 who thanks he’s already a man. And just like children, the bad teenagers are the only ones you hear about.

    Of course, there are other variables: Arabs were led by warrior kings who were smashed by Hitler’s Nazi doctrines. Is it any wonder their senses are frayed just a couple generations out?

    Finally, there are two half-truth that irritate me a little. “Totalitarian ideology…drives societies towards slavery and impoverishment” is at best a half-truth if not an outright lie. If that statement was true, Napoleon’s statement “Who would shoot their emperor” would have been met with a barrage of bullets. Totalitarian governments take control during terrible times, normally improves life for a majority of its people in its beginnings, and then falls apart due to forces outside their control. When their government collapses, their society dies and their people become impoverished. The second half-truth is Islam annihilates all other religions and has never tolerated others. In fact, Jews and Christians were allowed to live peacefully under Islam throughout the Middle East for several hundred years before WWI. Islam merchants paid no taxes; Jews and Christians did. As long as they didn’t propagate their faith, both were considered an important addition to society and were treated as equals though misguided.

    Next time, send me arguments based in truth and forethought. Rule of thumb: if it sounds good to you and says it in a way you wish you could, it is most likely bull.

    • If you are able to demonstrate any “exaggerations” in the article, most importantly any untruths, please let us know and we will present you with $1000. We stand by the article. Nothing but truth. Your comparison to Judaism is a philosophical trap. Judaism and Islam similar only to those who have no understanding of either. Islam defines itself as a complete way of life governed by a law which calls for the enslavement and destruction of everyone on the planet who does not adhere to their system. Judaism commands Jews to love God and love neighbor and the halaka is the path for them to get there. Muslims are commanded to hate all that is not sharia.

  5. Hyperventilation, overstatement, and oversimplification do not help your case.

    Socialism is not necessarily communism and not necessarily totalitarian, the Democrats are not necessarily either socialist or communist, and not all Muslims are jihadis.

    John McCain has been dead for a couple of years now.

    • If you can demonstrate a specific point in the article which is incorrect UTT is all ears. Marxism is necessarily totalitarian because is strips individual liberties and gives them to the state, be it socialist or communist. UTT has never published that all muslims are jihadis so your comments are untrue on the face of them. However, ALL authoritatively published books on Islam from the first grade level to the highest schools of Islamic jurisprudence do mandate war against non-muslims until Islam dominates the earth. People who self-identify as muslims who do not adhere to sharia nor desire to impose it on others, are no threat to civilized society. Any person who is sharia-adherent and works to impose it on others is necessarily a threat to liberty, our families, and the Republic itself.

  6. Los Angeles Times Article from 1996 (excerpts)
    “First Lady Breaks Ground With Muslims”
    Religion: Mrs. Clinton is first U.S. president’s wife to address them anywhere besides the White House. She urges involvement in American political life.
    In a Los Angeles speech hailed by American Muslims as proof they have come of political age, Hillary Rodham Clinton on Thursday became the only first lady to address U.S. Islamic groups outside the White House and promptly urged them to become involved in the nation’s political life.
    “Islam is the fastest-growing religion in America, a guide and pillar of stability for many of our people,” she said, drawing applause from the audience of 300 at a luncheon sponsored by the Muslim Public Affairs Council and the Muslim Women’s League at the downtown Biltmore Hotel.
    “We’re breaking new ground in forging a positive Muslim identity,” said Salam Al-Marayati, director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, before Clinton’s speech. “The days of exclusion are over. . . . We’re putting a human face on Islam before the American public and before the highest office of the land.”
    Source & Complete Article

  7. “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”
    – B. Hussein Obama

    “Let’s be clear; Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people,
    and have NOTHING whatsoever to do with terrorism.”
    – Hillary R. Clinton

  8. Culpable at best and in the least derilect elected officials in both chambers of Congress.As to the 115th house of represntaves going back to from the begging of the treasonous and seditious Obama administration wilfully negligent not impeaching generally. Aiding and abaiting the usurpations of the Constitution. Case in point the John Brennan, Esposito, Holder purge all counter intelligence and subsequent surrender to public enemy number one CAIR is Hamas policies, proceedures and practices of national security. Let the record show a few heroically patriotic and segasious Congressmen and women ie Texan Louie Ghomert and then Minnesota rep Mechelle Bochmaan sponsored the original Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization HR3892 MDTDA and articulated plenty of speaches on the house floor extholling both the growing threats and insurgents of Islamists in America. To date there are only few statesman serving in either house brave enough to risk public vitoral even castigation from their own parties to introduce effective legislation and voter edification regarding the sinking Titanic elequently phrased. S.68 by Teddy Cruz and FL rep Degado HR377 begin to address ” The MB must understand that their work in America is a kind of a grand jihad in elemanting and distroying the Western Civilization from within and sabotaging it’s miserable house by their own hands” quote from the Muslim Brotherhood document”An explanatory memorandum of the strategic plans for North America”. The unpopular and malignaed term Red/Green axis is not hyperbolly or ” islamphobia” conspiracy ‘ right wing dog whistles” it’s the catastrophic and preventably lethal truth beyond a reasonable doubt For what is happening and fixing to sink this great ship of life,liberty and pursuit of happiness Google IKHWAN aka MB manifesto five phast operations order which inadvertently has been extrapolated through apathy, subversion and Islamic incursion. The Skipper only tells the truth and tactical attenuations to right the ship

  9. Excellent: I’m passing this on within my circle.

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