April 20, 2013

Is Egyptian VP Right to Link Boston Bombing to Global Islamic Operations

Essam el-ErianSpeaking about the events in Boston in an interview today, Essam el-Erian, Vice Chairman of Egypt’s Freedom & Justice Party and a former member of the Guidance Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood, linked the Islamic Jihad in Boston to the broader issues and strategies of the global Islamic Movement: “This series of events began with the sending of French battalions to Mali in a war against organizations that are said to belong to al Qaeda.” El-Erian links all acts of jihad together as being part of one great war. Are they? And is what America experienced in Boston just one battle in a much larger war?

Faisal ShahzadAt his sentencing, “Times Square Bomber” Faisal Shahzad stated: “If I am given a thousand lives, I will sacrifice them all for the sake of Allah fighting this cause, defending our lands, making the word of Allah supreme over any religion or system. We Muslims don’t abide by human-made laws, because they are always corrupt…. I say to them, we don’t accept your democracy nor your freedom, because we already have Sharia law and freedom. Brace yourselves, because the war with the Muslims has just begun. Consider me only the first droplet of the flood that will follow me.”

John Allen MohammedJohn Allen Mohammed (“Beltway Sniper”) killed at least 10 people. Writings by his partner Lee Boyd Malvo indicated the attacks were acts of Jihad. Major Nidal HasanMajor Nidal Malik Hasan killed 13 people and wounded 32 at Ft Hood in an act of Jihad – yelling “Allah u Akbar” as he began shooting.
Abdulhakim Mujahid MuhammadAbdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad (aka Carlos Bledsoe) killed Army Private Andy Long and wounded Private Quinton Ezeagwula at the Army recruiting depot in Little Rock, Arkansas. He called his actions “jihad.” Omeed PopalOmeed Popal killed one and wounded 14 by driving his car over them in the San Francisco area. Witnesses heard Popal calling himself a “terrorist.” Police stated he was heard shouting “Allah u Akbar” during the attack.
haqPakistani Naveed Ofzal Haq forced his way into the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle (Washington) and screamed “I am a Muslim-American and I am mad at Israel,” and then killed one woman. Recent school photo of Sulejman Talovic. Photo courtesy of Talovic familyEighteen year old Sulejman Talovic, a Muslim, killed 5 people in a Salt Lake City, Utah shopping mall before being gunned down by an off-duty police officer. Some witnesses said they hear Talovic shout “Allah u Akbar.”
Mohammad Taheri-AzarMohammed Taheri-Azar drove over 9 people at the University of North Carolina in 2006. According to letters he sent to the local ABC station, he did so because “Allah gives permission in the Koran for the followers of Allah to attack those who have raged war against them, with the expectation of eternal paradise in case of martyrdom and/or living one’s life in obedience of all of Allah’s commandments found throughout the Koran’s 114 chapters.”

This list, which is not all-inclusive, does not even include the manes of jihadis arrested before they could attack. This is meant to give readers an understanding that Jihad is here in America, and is here to stay.

The first Al Qaeda attack in America was the 1990 assassination of Jewish Defense League leader Meir Kahane by El Sayyid Nosair, whose Jihadi cell was responsible for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

It is worth noting that ALL of these Muslims got their Islam wrong in exactly the same way.

Twenty years later the Jihadi activity in America is increasing rapidly. When will we begin to be proactive in dealing with this threat in a professional and measured way, before that option becomes unavailable.

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