Islamic Movement in U.S. Preparing for Battle

September 13, 2016

Islamic Movement in U.S. Preparing for Battle

For UTT followers who are accustomed to brief articles, this is a longer article because it needs to be.  This is an important topic and needs a little more attention.  Please read this carefully because the implications are significant.  JG

As UTT has continually reported, there exists in the United States a significant jihadi movement led primarily by the Muslim Brotherhood whose organizations include the most prominent and influential Islamic groups in America.

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The Islamic Movement in the U.S. continues their daily work of preparing for the coming battle at all levels of the society.  From a military standpoint, the leaders of the American Muslim community are coalescing their forces and preparing strategically, operationally, and logistically for war.

Strategic Overlay

Going back to the early 1980’s, the jihadis set up an elaborate network of jihadi centers known in the U.S. as the Al Kifah Refugee Centers to recruit jihadis for the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan.  Some of these over three dozen offices were operated by only a couple jihadis with a phone or fax machine, and some had a more sizable presence in the community.  Nevertheless, they created nodes across the United States for jihadis in many American cities, and became centers for possible Al Qaeda recruitment in the future.

For the last few decades the Pakistani terrorist organization known as Jamaat al Fuqra has been establishing jihadi training camps in the United States primarily among black Muslims, many of whom were recruited in prison.  Known in the U.S. as “Muslims of America” or “MOA,” approximately two dozen of the three dozen known camps appear to be operational today.

In the early 1990’s the Chief Investigator for the state of Colorado, with support from the Governor and Attorney General, launched a multi-jurisdictional raid of an MOA compound near Buena Vista (CO) and discovered weapons, explosives, lists of people to be assassinated, evidence that military/national guard bases had been under surveillance, and the like.

In one of the gems discovered in the 2004 FBI raid of the Annandale, Virginia home of a senior Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas leader, a recording of a senior Muslim Brotherhood leader speaking to a group of Muslim Brothers in Missouri revealed the MB has numerous training camps inside America and conducted regular firearms training.

To be clear, they are not planning on conducting violent actions in the immediate future, but are planning for “Zero Hour” – their term for when the violent jihad will begin when the time is right.  They may wait until an outside influence from a foreign power or a major event initiates conflict, and then the Islamic Movement can begin the jihad and act independently or as an ally for a hostile foreign power such as Iran or China.

In the MB’s 5-Phase “World Underground Movement Plan” – discovered at the 2004 FBI raid in Annandale, Virginia – the Brotherhood states (Phase 2) they must “Establish a government (secret) within the government.”  The purpose of this is to have jihadis on the inside of our government who will serve as the leadership for the Islamic Movement when they seize power in the United States.  Until then, their role is to (1) gather intelligence and (2) conduct influence operations at all levels of the society, especially within the decision-making process.

As has previously been discussed, this is much more a counterintelligence and espionage issue than it is a “terrorism” matter.  The enemy is preparing the battlefield now for the eventual battle to come.

The U.S. Network

The evidence in the largest terrorism financing and Hamas trial ever successfully prosecuted in American history (US v Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, Dallas 2008) reveals the most prominent Islamic organizations in the U.S. are a part of a massive jihadi network whose stated objective is to wage “Civilization Jihad” to destroy our system of government and establish an Islamic State (caliphate) under sharia here.  The evidence also reveals the Muslim Brotherhood Islamic Centers/Mosques are the places at which jihadi train for battle and from which the jihad will be launched.

All of the mosques our military entered during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and mosques that European authorities have raided in the last two years have had weapons in them.  The purpose of a mosque is what Mohammad used a mosque for, and the launch point for jihad is one of those purposes.

There are over 2400 Islamic Centers/Mosques in America, most of which are a part of the MB’s jihadi network.

In the United States the “nucleus” for the Islamic Movement is the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) whose subsidiary Islamic Societies number approximately 170.  The Muslim Students Associations (MSA) serve as a recruiting arm for jihadis, and there are over 700 chapters on nearly every major college campus in America.

Reports from around the country from civilian and law enforcement sources reveal:  Mosques and Islamic organizations are being built in strategic locations – near key infrastructure facilities, military bases, or some other key position in the community; taxi cab drivers at the largest airports in the U.S. are Muslim; and there is a noticeable increase in sharia-compliant Muslim TSA officers, baggage handlers and airline/airport employees at U.S. airports.

Additionally:  Muslims are purchasing hotels, quick marts, and 7-11 type stores with gas stations, and  a majority of major hotels in cities across the U.S. have a manager or assistant manager who is a Muslim, which is statistically impossible unless this activity is intentional.

Quick marts and gas stations provide their Movement with a logistics train that will be needed in a battle. Having people in leadership positions at major hotels in major cities, where law enforcement and intelligence groups and others hold conferences, serve as excellent intelligence gathering nodes.

Jihadis have penetrated U.S. federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies giving them access to sensitive intelligence systems, while simultaneously they have shut down real threat-based training inside these same agencies under the guise factual/truth-based training is “offensive to Muslims.”

Jihadis have also penetrated senior levels of the government (eg Suhail Khan working for two successive Secretaries of Transportation with access to classified critical infrastructure details), and have recruited senior U.S. government officials to promote and protect their interests which are hostile to the U.S. (most recent example – Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson promoting and defending leading MB organization ISNA and speaking at their annual convention expressly to open the door to more Cabinet officials to do the same).

Key jihadi organizations, like Hamas (doing business as the Council on American Islamic Relations/CAIR) work on Capitol Hill and inside government agencies to keep truthful discussions about the Islamic threat from ever happening, while plotting to work with Al Qaeda (as evidenced by UTT’s Chris Gaubatz discovery of a CAIR document dated 3/08/04 at their headquarters in Washington, D.C. stating, “Attempt to understand Islamic movements in the area, and start supporting Islamic groups including Mr. bin Laden and his associates”).


Now, the U.S. government is bringing tens of thousands of sharia adherent Muslims into our nation.  From the Islamic perspective, these people are Muhajaroun – those who make the hijra into the non-Muslim lands in preparation for the “Final Stage,” which is armed conflict with the host country.  This is all a part of their strategy, and is consistent with core Islamic doctrine.

Finally, we are currently observing the Marxist/Socialist Movement in the U.S. working directly with the Islamic Movement at the ground and strategic levels.  Both have publicly declared their support for one another, they are both receiving funding from hard-left Marxists/socialists (eg George Soros) and foreign powers, and both are openly pushing for confrontation with and the overthrow of the U.S. government.

The Islamic Movement in the United States is deeply embedded in the U.S. decision-making process, has thousands of organizations and allies, possesses a logistics train of fuel and supplies, conducts weapons training programs, has access to U.S. intelligence systems, is well funded (primarily by Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc), has strategic plans for North America (An Explanatory Memorandum) and has a plan to implement the strategy (Implementation Manual) which they are following.

The U.S. response is to say “Islam is a religion of peace” and work with the very Muslim leaders who are driving this hostile network.

Victory is not possible with this recipe.

Each year there are between 70 and 120 new Islamic non-profits being created in America, most of which appear to be working directly in line with the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to wage civilization jihad until “Zero Hour” when the war goes hot.

Until then, they continue to prep the battlefield because they are really at war with us, and they are following sharia – core Islamic doctrine – as their blueprint for what they are doing.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. […] While Americans are paying attention to the implosion of Afghanistan thousands of miles away, here at home jihadis similar to the ones who defeated the United States in Afghanistan are preparing for war. […]


    Nearly four years have gone by since UTT alerted the country per the foregoing blog that although “zero hour”, or “Phase-5” of Islam’s war* on Western civilization had not yet begun on American soil, its army of well equipped & well trained barbarians were planning what we now know was to become an ongoing unopposed holocaust-like incineration of communist controlled American cities, i.e., treasonous acts by Governors and Mayors whose cowardice has earned each of them a special place in the recorded annals of American history as an elected leader who turned on their own country on behalf of Marxist and jihadi anarchists and killers.

    *Anyone wishing to own a verbatim Arabic-to-English translated copy of Islam’s 22 May 1991 declaration of war on Western civilization, the original of which was seized in accordance with a federal search warrant from a subterranean basement in Annandale, Virginia USA by special agents of the FBI in 2004, may do so by connecting with: to request (for a nominal handling and postage fee): GOVERNMENT EXHIBIT 003-0085 3:04-CR-240-G U.S. v. HLF, et al.

  3. The destabilization of the Middle East and North Africa was purposeful…and its’ ends were achieved – to flood Europe with mainly military aged, mainly male, muslim so called “refugees” and many of the same were transported on our dime and strategically located across North America…check out who rescinded the 1952 law via the 101st congress…a law that would have severely restricted their ability to “organize” in the USA…and you will find that he was also a leader in the destabilization effort to create the “refugees” and he preceded Obama…The enemies of the Republic are within and entrenched…

  4. We must cleanse our nation of these jihadists by any and every means possible. For starters, voter ID so they stop getting elected. They should not be allowed to hold any office, at any level. Their belief system and allegiance is diabolically opposed to ours! 🦅#AmericaFirst🇺🇸

  5. Lock and load

  6. There doing the same here in Australia. We need to stop this we don’t have weapons like you we are stuffed.

  7. Stock supplies. Stock ammo. Food. Medical supplies.

  8. Deport these pieces of shit.

  9. There are good and bad ones. This will become another Civil War. There’s no time like the present to get with the program and ship them off to a country worse than the one they came from. They’re a sadistic group of people who live to kill anyone in their way. My advice to the Muzzies is “pack your shit and go”.

  10. Whose brilliant idea was this? It’s time to go into “defensive mode”. Lock and load. Be prepared, this is going to get very ugly before it’s over. I would pray that they went after the uppity mucks first. It’s long past time for “WE THE PEOPLE” to get off their duffs and get with the program. IF we all stand together we can wipe out the vermin from America.

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    • Thank you for all you do! Salute! American independent Patriot❤🇺🇸🙏🌎

    • Highly value the information,would appreciate updates .

    • You are absolutely correct. Several years ago a far sighted Sheriff in Lake City Florida as well as only a few interested citizens attended an educational event on this subject. It was truly an eye opener. As the speaker said he carries a target on his back for trying to invite average Joe’s to learn the danger and be prepared.


    • the american people needs to band together and weed them out and destroy them and keep them from entering this country in future and pass a iron clad law to keep them from entering this country forever and any one connected to them

  12. […] Guandolo’s September 13, 2016 article reveals the catastrophic consequences of Obama’s anti-American policies particularly our […]

  13. […] Guandolo’s September 13, 2016 article reveals the catastrophic consequences of Obama’s anti-American policies particularly our suicidal […]

  14. […] Guandolo’s September 13, 2016 article reveals the catastrophic consequences of Obama’s anti-American policies particularly our […]

  15. […] Guandolo’s September 13, 2016 article reveals the catastrophic consequences of Obama’s anti-American policies, particularly our […]

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    • If all this is true then it’s too fucking late I might as well start killing every fucking Muslim I See

  18. When the mo slimes,start their war,they will find,as the Japanese stated,WHY,they didn’t invade America,was,There will be a gun,behind EVERY BLADE OF GRASS. cmon mo-slimes,start your shit,while I’m still alive.

  19. We doth need to prepare our self’s. But should this happen, show no mercy and kill them all. Israel showed mercy when God told them to kill them all and Gaza, Like Israel, is a fulfillment of end time prophecy.
    But if the poop hits then let it splatter them and not us.
    Go to the range, they are.

  20. Yes it is “End Of Days Material;” sadly too many fools scoff at such a statement, yet the Scriptures speak of a super power nation that is destroyed by a company of nations that are all Muslim nations today, one of the prophets warns of immigrants that are called in the Hebrew tongue Fanners, they are likened to Locusts because they are so destructive to that end times nation, that same nation is attacked by these countries with what the prophet calls “Fiery Darts” no doubt nuclear missiles, either Isaiah, or Jeremiah is the prophet. One of these prophets warns of a break down in that nation’s government, could this be happening now? Over 100 characteristics and parameters given by five prophets fit America like well tailored gloves and the vast majority fit America and only America.

  21. If our federal government stays ignorant or complicit then we will go down, but not without a fight. The first thing they want to do is take our guns away, the second is freedom of speech. We already see this happening. Check out this website This is Jetpac. A call and help to Muslims to get involved in political offices. UTT and John are absolutely correct. Robert Spencer, Pamela Gellar, David Wood, ACT for America and others are all demonized as hate groups. The Marxist Left are our enemies and the helpers of radical Islam.

    • Jill, you are spot on. The “gun grabber” movement and the anti-free speech movement is a telltale sign. Also, there has been minimal moves made by Muslims in this country for awhile now. An occasional attack here and there but nothing super catastrophic. They are waiting. There are approximately 300 million guns in the US in the hands of 70 to 100 million people and at least 25 to 30 million of those ar really really pissed off veterans. It’s not going to be pretty but right now I do believe we have the advantage. I served 26 years in the military and my enlistment oath has no expiration date. Bring it on.

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  23. YO, towel heads. Just sitting here waiting on a phone call, to come and take a bunch of you down with me. I am old, so if my children are going to live under sharia, you’ll implement sharia after I dead and gone. NOT ONE SECOND BEFORE.

  24. This article is a good assessment of the situation that we now find ourselves in. As bad as I feel for Americans, I am wondering if there is anyway to smuggle weapons into Europe and other nations within Western Civilization for the private citizens there, so that they will at least have a chance to defend themselves when a Jihad is declared against them. To my knowledge, Europe does not have a second amendment right and gun control in the hands of private citizens is very tight.

    The many books that I have read on this and related subjects seem to corroborate your assessment. If our military has been heavily infiltrated and the leadership is corrupted, Friends of the Flag that are loyal to America within the Trump Administration need to start quietly bleeding off resources, weapons, loyal military personnel/leadership to the resistance movement while they are still in office. Israel One News reported in February of 2015 that sources within one of the terrorist groups in America stated that they either had or were planning to create Kartusha type of rockets with something like Mustard Gas in them on an industrial scale, i.e. (similar to the one’s used in the Middle East). The resistance needs to be prepared and have countermeasures ready for use, if this situation should ever occur.

    I see the need for the majority of private citizens to acquire weapons similar to the ones that we will be facing and to learn how to use them, so that they can defend themselves, their family, their community, and their country. Patriot Cell Groups need to be formed in each community. They need to train with each other, so that they can respond as a fighting unit to threats either independently or as a part of a larger force under the command of local law enforcement or another governmental agency which is friendly to America. I would like to see different cell groups within the resistance movement create their own battle flag. The resistance movement should connect with local bible teaching/preaching churches. Many or most are patriotic and friendly to the flag. We need to get weapons/ammunition manufacturers to relocate south of the Mason Dixon line with as much raw material as they can bring with them to supply the resistance for the fight that is

    Christians and Jews have specifically been identified by Muslims to be killed according to their belief system. The resistance movement needs to identify individuals who are veterans within and outside of these organizations who have seen combat to teach the civilian population how to fight. This would include: tactics, use of multiple weapons platforms, weapon handling, training in how to create and use IEDs as well as how to identify and dismantle IEDs of the enemy, survival skills, escaping and evading the enemy, first aid… Before combat takes place, it is important to prepare for a number of things. This would include identifying medical civilian/military personnel who is loyal to America, who can render aide in the conflict to the resistance movement, i.e. (those who will be participating in the Battle of America).

    I would recommend that every adult individual and family within Western Civilization start learning long term survival skills, homesteading skills, skills on how to live off the grid, pioneering skills, native American Indian skills, prepper skills… Additionally, food which can be stored for long term, i.e. (up to two years), and seeds for produce need to be kept safely stored in a place that will not allow them to go bad. The idea here is that having two years worth of stored food will allow you to keep on fighting for a period of time. It will also allow you an opportunity to grow your own produce that will meet dietary needs. Hopefully, it will buy you enough time to practice and perfect various survival skills, (hunting, fishing, trapping, making fire, building shelters…) that will help you to become self-sufficient. Ammunition should be stockpiled for the various firing weapons that will be used for both combat and hunting. My goal is acquiring 10,000 rounds of ammo for my semi-automatic weapon, which I anticipate using in combat defensively/offensively, and lesser amounts for the hunting rifle, shotgun, and

    I think that it is important for individuals to start having conversations with each other and making a plan. Two plans should actually be created. One plan concerns itself with preparation for the event, i.e. (gathering resources, becoming educated, and skill preparation…). The second plan is an executable plan. This is the plan that you put into place when it is time to take action, i.e. (fight or flight). Once the decision is made to discontinue fighting, then a plan will be in place to go to your bug out location. Hopefully, it will be a place that has been pre-prepped by the individual before the need arises to use it. Since nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons will at some point likely be used, having both a Geiger counter device to check for radioactivity and a field soil sample kit would be beneficial. You do not want to eat or live in areas that have been contaminated.

    I think that it is important to learn about different types of shelters that can be used and or created. I would think in terms of creating a highly developed shelter with the skills, resources, and capability to create mobile/temporary shelters. People need to learn how to think and what to think that will be useful to them. People who are going out into the wilderness to survive on their own need to have contingency plans of action, i.e. (this happened now what). They need to think like the t.v. character, Mcguyver. Think multiple use capability! I think that individuals and families should start practicing the skills that they will later come to depend upon, i.e. (go camping, hunting, fishing, spend time shooting your weapon at the firing range…). Do not let the first time that you do these things be when you have to depend upon these skills for survival. Choose different locations for camping adventures. Practice roughing it periodically to toughen up whether you are at home or outdoors. For example, at home, try going a day and night without the air conditioner or heater when it is preferred. The practice events can be fun and informative for you and your family. You are finding out early what works and what does not work or what needs to be adjusted in the future.

    Here is the good news and the bad news. The good news is that those who are prepared to meet the challenges that are ahead of us will stand the best chance of survival and maintaining their freedom, their safety, and their way of life. If our pioneering forefathers and the native American Indians could live off the land so to speak, we can learn to do the same while there is still time to do it. The skills that they used can be taught again and learned again for a new generation. If they can do it, so can we! Those who refuse to wake-up to the reality of the situation that we find ourselves in and those who refuse to make earnest preparation for the inevitable, will find themselves falling into the trap that the enemy has set for them, which will be to surrender their rights and freedoms to a new form of totalitarian government in exchange for meeting basic human needs. Both an internal and external enemy have colluded with one another to subjugate democratic nations and those who live in them.

  25. […] In the MB’s 5-Phase “World Underground Movement Plan” – discovered at the 2004 FBI raid in Annandale, Virginia – the Brotherhood states (Phase 2) they must “Establish a government (secret) within the government.”  The purpose of this is to have jihadis on the inside of our government who will serve as the leadership for the Islamic Movement when they seize power in the United States.  Until then, their role is to (1) gather intelligence and (2) conduct influence operations at all levels of the society, especially within the decision-making process.”   [Read more here] […]

  26. […] law enforcement in this nation are not prepared to confront the massive jihadi network which is preparing for battle and need to be trained quickly on the threat and how to deal with it at the local […]

  27. […] jihadi network in America is documented by UTT here, here and here, as well as in Raising a Jihadi […]

  28. John, you are a true warrior, not only for God, but mankind as well, and that is God’s will, raise up defenders for mankind against evil.

  29. […] Understanding the Threat, by John Guandolo, Sept. 13, 2016: […]

  30. […] jihadi network in America is documented by UTT here, here and here, as well as in Raising a Jihadi […]

  31. Then there’s this that the Democrats are starting…

  32. If Hillary Clinton wins this election, that’s the end: but there is a spiritual dimension to this conflict. Islam (satan-driven by revelation which Mohammed admits) is pointedly anti-Christ and anti-Israel. Neutralizing the USA as an ally of Israel will cause all the islamic nations around Israel to move in for the kill towards the valley of Megido. Islam will meet its Waterloo – something to watch indeed, ad God Almighty destroys in toto the millions of attackers with their own weapons, I am watching anxiously. ISLAM LOSES!

  33. They will destroy us from within! We know that. We need to take this seriously & prepare for it!
    Trump should be our first priority!!

    • It’s 2018, and Trump is at the helm. It was a good start, but it’s gone downhill from there, in the year and a few months, since he was elected. Now there’s more and more schools in our country, teaching our young children about Islam….no other religion. What happened to “separation of church and state”. Look up “Access Islam” for more about that! And we still have all those muslim training camps in this country, that no one is doing anything about. And Trump isn’t draining the swamp very well,either. We still have terrible people in our government, like Tillerson, and McMaster! And the Muslim Brotherhood is still at the highest levels of government. And CAIR, is still operating nicely in our country (sarc/off). I have many links to all this, and more, about what Trump is NOT doing, to protect this country! Did you hear him say, when he was campaigning, that he would take our troops out of Afghanistan?
      He lied, he’s sending in thousands more, over THERE (when they should be taking care of OUR country)! Did you know we have 800 U.S. troops in Niger? 4 of them got horribly killed, just recently. I could go and on, but I’ll stop there. Trump isn’t the man, you thought he was going to be. He’s still letting in thousands of those “people”. All the news put out excited reports, that say the number of them, coming in, has dropped. But in the same article, the number is still in the thousands!

  34. […] leaders and organizations – led primarily by the Muslim Brotherhood – preparing for battle at the ground level in America.  Our enemy has co-opted the elite class in America from both […]

  35. I am a 67 year old grandmother of 25. I figured much of this out after reading the koran an a 15.year old teenager in 1964. You have connected the dits for me. My youngest son was killed in Iraq in this current war. He was the 135 soldier killed in action April 24 2003. 9/11 he was already in for 6 years. I knew that night what was coming and he would be killed. This entire thing is exactly also following the BOOK OF REVELATIONS IN THE NEW TESTAMENT. Last book in the Bible. Blood as high as the heads of horses. We are in a battle of Biblical proportions. Thank you for reminding me daily what I have known and followed since 1965. Not a crackpot, just a curious child who is now a grandmother trying to warn others.

    • Connie, I’m so sorry about your son,
      We are believers also and know we are in the last days. Just heard Anne Graham on Jan Markell’s radio program, “Signs of our Times,” that you probably also listen to. I pray all Christians will be taken by God before a nuclear bomb or terrorists or China takes over our beloved United States. My husband , age 87, died 4 months ago so he doesn’t have to go through more “watching” the amount of shooting, shooting of the police means we have to be close to the end. Remember 2018 will be 70 yrs. since Israel became a
      country again–so I can see it all coming to a head that year. God is in control. May God bless and keep you safe. Kristin

    • Good comment connie! Since you know Revelation, I wonder what you think, about something I have thought about, for a long time now. Satan is going to be giving his mark during the 7 year Trib period. Since he will just a physical “man”, how would he go around the world, and give everybody, his mark?
      He won’t. He will have his thousands of helpers (immigrated all around the world), to do his bidding. And they will be more than happy, to take out these christians, and jews, who they hate with a passion, anyway!
      Read Rev 20:4, to know what the punishment is (Think David Pearl).
      Why has thousands of these “people” immigrated to all these countries? Now you know, there is/was a purpose/reason, for it. It’s my thought anyway….what do you think?

      • You’re correct about why Muslims have migrated, but who is the power behind their migration, Germany’s Merkel cannot be so stupid as not to understand they will destroy her country, this applies to most of Europe’s so-called leaders. Who are the people that have boasted about bringing this about which is part of their plan of “World Conquest” Jesus had nothing but condemnation for these people, they were the money changers, He told them “You are of your father the Devil” He speaks of them again in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. Look up “Facts Are Facts” pdf, a short book by Dr. Benjamin Freedman a good guy. There is much information written over the past 170 years written by and about the bad guys. Many famous patriotic Americans wrote and spoke of these people from George Washington to president John F Kennedy. Personally I believe Yahweh (God) had these evil men to write about their plan in books Etc. because today it’s being pushed as a hoax can so many things said would happen by these men, that happened, be just coincidental. “A Racial Program For The Twentieth Century” by Israel Cohen “We must remember that racial tension is our party’s (inventers of Communism) greatest weapon” words taken from this book. Their plan is to wipe out the white Christians, of which they say is their worst enemy. Seems like the Scriptures are speaking of Muslims when the prophet says “One day they will come to kill you in the name of God” A repeat of the “Dark Ages” 1260 years. Once the Muslims do their bidding unknowingly I’m sure they will wipe out the Muslims

  36. i think that in the end they will fail if they do fact try this, but lots of peaple will die and thats sad, but if you really think about this hole plan of theres,,,,its way out there,,,we are to strong

    • Robert, they are winning. We are losing. We are not too strong. They have destroyed us from inside in many ways.
      This is an insurgency and they are very far down the road. They are aided by the hard-left/Marxist movement who are getting millions of dollars from foreign enemies. Please do not underestimate the threat. It is significantly greater than you think it is. JG

      • Fully support JG’s assessment of the situation, there has been a long list of feds and local politicos who are helping the ragheads set up and train in our midst . WE have one such camp, 2 hours from me in Hancock, NY. We know it’s there, the cops and the feds know it’s there, everyone knows what is going on in there and nothing is being done. Our criminal governor will do nothing to help the citizenry either . Just a couple months ago, some good old boys went in and tossed a muslim camp, they were ridiculed publicly by their own police, called crazies and such . It seems we are very far behind , and many Americans will die before we can stop this massive threat .

      • “They have destroyed us from inside in many ways”…with the help from government leaders, jailing and fining people for writing, or saying, anything bad about these “people”.

        • I have been warning anyone that would listen since early 2000, their advancement into the fiber of this country is frightening to say the least, the liberal fools that mock anyone who speaks our on this real and present danger. Just a week ago yahoo ran an article on Mr. Gondolo, calling him the usual names when a patriot tries to warn about Islam, the left is just as much an enemy of the Republic as Muslims, I have to wonder how many of these morons will take the side of Muslims when the fight starts, these fools bash Christians but nary a bad word about the evil Islam.

  37. As I sat down to pray before my lunch on Sunday, May 10, 2015, the Holy Spirit quickened me with this: “There is going to be a revival, and it is going to come when people are being gunned down in the streets.”

    From the same prophetic stream over the next hour came the following: The Remnant will come out of the harlot churches and denominations because they are so grieved. Muslims will terrorize this country under government protection. Bible believing Christians will be jailed for hate speech and child abuse. The remaining “churches” will come under Rome’s one world religion. The US as we have known it must be brought down for the one world government to coalesce. Our troops have been spread out across the world to keep the loyal military that would oppose this government overseas and unable to defend this nation when the confiscation starts.

    • Exactly my view, earl! It’s 2018 now, and Trump has sent thousands of our men, to Afghanistan to fight the enemy over THERE, when he should be making America Great Again, by bringing them home, to protect us from the thousands upon thousands of the enemy that are in our own land. But no, he lied again. Look up “Access Islam”, a program that in most schools in America now, to teach our young children about Islam. No other religion taught! What happened to “separation of church and state”?? And these muslim training camps in this country, are still operating. And we have them in our government now, along with the Muslim Brotherhood…..and Trump won’t get rid of them! It’s sickening! We have 800 troops in Niger (why are over there??), and 4 of them just killed horribly by Isis. I could go and on, but you got it down perfectly! We won’t have enough soldiers, when the war starts here! I wanna yell and scream at Trump, if only I could!

  38. Is there ANY reason not to broadcast this much more widely over social media?

    • Please help us do that. JG

      • The media does not WANT to publish that everyone in power for the most part is a leftist an they will cover their tracks won’t do anything that will make them look bad, Obama was a Muslim, an when confronted with it he said he was a Christian he lyied an y did he do that? Why; it’s ok for Muslims to lie if it helps& extends they’re culture, Islam is culture not just a religion… I’m nauseated just even thinking about it and that’s why we’re in the position we’re in because we had a Muslim president that was trying to help his culture and his religion succeed


        • Joseph, UTT is the only organization in America empowering citizens with tools to identify and dismantle communist and jihadi groups in their local communities. Glad to have you on board. Please spread the word about our work! JG

  39. […] Islamic Movement in U.S. Preparing for Battle […]

  40. Bring it on rag heads !

  41. I am deeply disturbed by fellow Americans’ complacency with regard to all the in-your-face evidence of Islamist activity around the nation; according to FBI assessment, investigations in all 50 states.
    That many of our local, state and federal leaders reject the advice and warnings of highly experience and respected former and active general officers to be contradictory of the oaths they took to protect our constitutional Republic from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.
    Islam is inconsistent and incompatible with our way of life and with the Judeo-Christain traditions and values upon which the United States of America was founded. Because of our beliefs, Islam used them as justification to prosecute war against, jihad, to force conversion or acceptance of subjugation…or the humiliation of death by the sword or any convenient weapon wielded by a faithful jihadists.
    These organized jihadist training sites must be eradicated as one would a rats’ nest. And then this threat must forever be forever removed from our lands however long it takes, in whatever way mecessary. I have not yet purchased, ” Understamding the Threat,” but hope to find remedies.

  42. My family and I watched your video, “Understanding the Threat.” Pretty disturbing. Even the most skeptical family member watched the whole thing, and didn’t scoff. I propose you make another video: What can we can do to counteract these subversive activities? What we are now living through is like watching the Fall of the Roman Empire from the kitchen window.

    Since the rampant expansion of Muslim immigration of all sorts, legal, illegal, refugees, etc. and because Muslims worldwide are far more fecund than most Western families, Muslims that have entered the US in the past 30 years probably have a far higher birthrate, ergo the Muslim population in the U.S. is higher than the 1% frequently cited in many gov. docs, which also lulls Americans into a false sense of security.

    I’ve also noticed Muslim names listed as the director of city water systems! Muslims on hospitals boards as top administrators and physicians, and even, at one point, a Muslim was in charge of a SAC ballistic missile base in Montana!!!

    Quoting from your article, “Muslims are purchasing hotels, quick marts, and 7-11 type stores with gas stations, and a majority of major hotels in cities across the U.S. have a manager or assistant manager who is a Muslim, which is statistically impossible unless this activity is intentional.” Do you mean because the majority of Muslims entering the U.S. are either refugees or family of refugees, ergo financially dependent on the U.S. government? So the only way they could afford to do this is…Saudi Arabia, for example, is bankrolling all the integration into our infrastructure?

  43. My family and I watched your video, “Understanding the Threat.” Pretty disturbing. Even the most skeptical family member watched the whole thing, and didn’t scoff. I propose you make another video: What can we can do to counteract these subversive activities? What we are now living through is like watching the Fall of the Roman Empire from the kitchen window.

    Since the rampant expansion of Muslim immigration of all sorts, legal, illegal, refugees, etc. and because Muslims worldwide are far more fecund than most Western families, Muslims that have entered the US in the past 30 years probably have a far higher birthrate, ergo the Muslim population in the U.S. is higher than the 1% frequently cited in many gov. docs, which also lulls Americans into a false sense of impending doom.

    I’ve also noticed Muslim names listed as the director of city water systems! Muslims on hospitals boards as top administrators and physicians, and even, at one point, a Muslim was in charge of a SAC ballistic missile base in Montana!!!

    Quoting from your article, “Muslims are purchasing hotels, quick marts, and 7-11 type stores with gas stations, and a majority of major hotels in cities across the U.S. have a manager or assistant manager who is a Muslim, which is statistically impossible unless this activity is intentional.” Do you mean because the majority of Muslims entering the U.S. are either refugees or family of refugees, ergo financially dependent on the U.S. government? So the only way they could afford to do this is…Saudi Arabia, for example, is bankrolling all the integration into our infrastructure?

  44. There are 310 million firearms in America. There are also 25 million angry Veterans. So Muslimes.
    come and “get some” !

    • I like your style! I am one of the 25 million pissed off veterans and I endorse “Nam Marines” message.

      • Thank you for serving our country. And I am thankful to God there are 25 million of you that are pissed off, without all of you we would be up the proverbial creek. And I understand that ROE probably is what pissed you off, if/when this goes down there will be no ROE. For love of God and country, I will do what I have to, right now I need firearm training. And Lord help us all if they try and take our guns. God bless.

      • Amen! Good to know that are still some good men around, and ready to protect their country! I’m a 56yo lady, with 13 yrs in the Army. I’ve still got plenty of energy, so I’ll be the one in the front line, fighting for our country back!

      • Thank you. I’m simply a senior citizen that lived through the Vietnam war and I am proud of all of you who are out there ready to fight for our freedom.
        This Muslim threat is very real and I hope our country wakes up to that realization and quick. They are working their slimy selves into our politics and it needs to be stopped ASAP.

    • Let us hope thato the Feds don’t take away the guns of the populace…If that happeno we will surely be doomed.

    • I, too am a Vietnam Marine and I am ready to the teeth. You are spot on.

  45. A good summary of what you’ve already taught me about their plan. I’ve certainly upped my preparedness (and need to up it some more).

    One thing I wonder about: Given the differences in Muslim populations in America and Europe, it seems reasonable to wonder if they plan to strike first in Europe, because they’re closer to having the forces necessary. (And the vast majority of Europeans cannot put up any sort of fight.) Or do they plan to go after the entire Western world all at once? (Or: ridiculously unlikely, of course, but it’s a logical alternative which should be listed for completeness: they aren’t planning to do anything in Europe at all.)

    Is there any concrete evidence that they are putting the same plan in motion in Europe? Or are they following a different strategy there? Regardless, do you expect it to be simultaneous, or will Europe get hit well before they attack us?

    • Excellent question…..

    • Europe has been invaded and conquered, and incrementally installing shiria law. The EU citizens don’t seem to care who rules because they don’t know history, are decadent, lazy and stupid. Men have been turned into cowards thru gov. social engineering thru schools, churches, etc. America will no doubt fall eventually, as they keep coming in. Don’t know if Trump if elected will or can do anything about invaders coming here for future Jihad. Globalists are financing and pushing this world Caliphate and Jihad, Americans are tolerating all this for same reason the EU is: stupidity, apathy and decadence. America appears too far gone with little hope.

      • Cindy Crenshaw-Martin October 25, 2016 at 10:41 pm Reply

        Laura Ann, not all of us Americans are stupid, apathetic, or decadent. We are aware of the danger, and we are preparing. We are also letting our LE, our elected officials know we will not stand for a Muslim invasion. Whether they act and protect their citizens, that is another thing. We can only try to vote them out. In the mean time, this veteran woman is alert, and ready.

        • You an me both, cindy! I don’t call myself joanofark for nothin’…I know a war will come, sometime, so I’ve been getting ready for it. It’s 2018 now, and nothing has changed, since Trump came on board. If anything, it’s gotten worse!

    • It is probable that the conflict will happen at each democratic western nation “simultaneously,” so as not to tip their hand as to what they are doing. Since the conflict will likely be universal in my opinion, one allied nation will not be able to render aide and assistance to another during the time of battle as in the past, because they will be embroiled in their own conflict. We are so divided at this point, that native born citizens who have been brain washed by these totalitarian ideologies in left wing secular colleges might just as likely join in the fight on the side of the enemy against their own native fellow citizens because they have chosen to remain ignorant of the truth. Ignorance of the Bible and ignorance of our history is going to have enormous consequences on the free world. Islam could have Europe today without too much trouble. They are the tail wagging the dog among political leaders in each country. Europe has very tight gun control on private citizens. In Europe, most of law enforcement is not armed with firing weapons. Supposedly, there are some 8,000 Mosques/Islamic Centers across Europe. Large caches of military grade weapons have been found in a few that have been raided along with hit list. “Immigration without assimilation is an invasion.”

      The “gun control” agenda is a part of a larger Globalist agenda to move nations toward disarmament before the conflict, thus insuring that their own people lose in the upcoming battle for their countries. Islam is waiting to see if they can get America to disarm through gun control. The only other reason that I could see a delay in the conflict would have to do with the size of the Muslim population that would be needed in each non-Muslim host country to effectively carry out the task of successful warfare. I do not believe that a “Civilization Jihad” will be declared upon western nations until Islam believes that it has the upper hand. If they do not have the population size ready, then they would have to compensate by other means, i.e. (use of WMD). I agree with JG, that Islam is currently in Stage 4 of their plans to reach their stated goal, i.e. (one world Islam). Stage 5 is kinetic warfare. Interestingly, western nations only understand and utilize this form of warfare. Islam on the other hand, uses total warfare, i.e. (law, economics, the womb, media, etc.).

      There are several players in this conflict of good versus evil. On the evil side of things, you have: Cultural Marxists, Globalists, Islam o fascists, Communist Russia, Communist China, and various Islamic State Nations. On the good side, you have: patriots, nationalists, Christians, and Jews in each of the western countries that understand the price of freedom and may be willing to fight for it if challenged and given the opportunity.

      Bible prophecy also enters the picture here. As some have said, the real Christian Church is not mentioned in the Book of Revelations after chapter four. This is because the “rapture” event has taken place before the anti-Christ can be revealed and the actual tribulation period begins. The description of the hidden prophet that the Islamic community is waiting for is identical to the description of the anti-Christ that is mentioned in The Holy Bible. I concur with the author of “Strategic Relocation” 3rd edition that in order to give up national sovereignty and bring in a militarized global governance, the military of the U.S. and Western Europe would have to be neutralized. PDDD-60 written by Bill Clinton basically states a change in our nuclear launch protocol. Traditionally, it has always been to launch on warning. This document states that authorization codes to launch will not be given by the White House.

      Under Presidents Obama and Bush W., considerable nuclear disarmament has already occurred in the U.S. and Western Europe, while the Russians and the Chinese have continued their military build-up unabated. The implications seems clear, that things are being set in place on the battlefield for the U.S. military and parts of Western Europe’s military to “absorb a nuclear first strike.” The use of multiple high altitude EMP explosions over these same areas would likely be the only prelude to warn us that the nuclear strike would be following it. The EMP strike would neutralize the nation as a whole, but most military bases and equipment have already been “hardened,” which means that it has been protected from the EMP, making a nuclear strike against them necessary. If I were a betting person, this conflict would be just the type of sign that Islam would be looking for to wage “Civilization Jihad.”

      With the military forces of western nations now neutralized except for one small nation in the middle east, the attention now turns to Israel. With no more opposition, the enemy nations of Israel will gather their vast armies together to come against this tiny nation. It will look like the intent to wipe Israel off of the map will finally take place in the eye’s of the world. We pick-up the story of the Gog/Magog War in Ezekiel Chapter 38 and 39, (KJV). The God that we are pushing out of our nation is going to fight for Israel. He will destroy this massive coalition army in the following ways: one hundred pound stones will come out of space to impact them and their equipment; He will swallow many of them up in the desert, and He will cause mass confusion which will result in many casualties as the result of friendly fire. He has used these methods before in the Old Testament. Only one sixth of them will remain alive for the purpose of going back to their home countries to tell their people that they were defeated. Who are the enemy nations present at this conflict, you might ask? While the ancient names are given, researchers have been able to make accurate identifications. They are those nations who have mistreated Israel throughout history. Genesis 12:3 states “That I will bless those nations that bless thee, and I will curse those nations who curse thee.” All or most of the Islamic State Nations will be there. Russia and Germany will be there and possibly some other minor nations. God has not forgotten the Holocaust!

      Communist China along with any remaining Islamic Nations that did not participate in the war above, will meet in the Valley of Megido for the Battle of Armageddon. God will again be victorious, but two thirds of the Jews in Israel will be either killed or captured by the enemy. A third of them will turn to God and be saved. Following this event, comes the Millennium or the one thousand year rule and reign of Christ, “where every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.” While things seem dark right now, especially for the unbeliever or non-Christian, just know that God is in Control. He can put peace into the lives of all who have a relationship with Him, and righteousness, justice, and goodness do win out in total victory in the end. Eternal victory awaits those who have a relationship with Jesus. Eternal damnation awaits those who do not.

  46. Surprise attacks have happened before, we have always been able to come back and win, Japan, Germany, Italy……as far as communism goes, I don’t know why our leftest politicians want such a thing, it is a failed system, The Soviet Union is a very good example of a failed system……Why would America want it…..Muslims on the other had are just as blood thirsty, killing bombing, who would want such a thing…..NOT ME……I’ll take America the beautiful, apple pie, baseball and Chevrolet…..Cary Lee McLerran……9th generation….

    • Attacks may have happened here before but not on this scale. This could wipe out our republic & they couldn’t do it without the Democratic party, which has been infiltrated by the communist. This is end of days material, prepare yourself.

    • You are right on this but Dick Cheney was also involved in this move where Muslim’s can take office now. Chuck Schumer was another one in on that. They should be deported with the rest of them as far as I’m concerned.

      • Tottally agree Connie! We can credit Obama for the masses of muslim organizations and outposts throughout America! Why that is not considered “TREASON” has always concerned me. One of our basic rights is freedom of choice of religion is probably the basis but Religion needs to be defined! That is a difficult task. Not so difficult is LAW & ORDet. Being a Jahadist is America is against out constitution, therefore illegal and should be treated as such.
        Who is occupying Quantanamo Bay?

  47. America is UNDER ATTACK from deep within our own Government beginning at the White House and leading to the STATE Dept, Dept of Defense, Central Intelligence, National Security, and Homeland Security! All of these agencies have active Muslim Brotherhood agents in place thanks to O, and further this is in complete violation of the Preservation, security, and Constitution as well a Public Law 414 passed in June 1952. Look that law up! Then ask why have we not enforced it? It is REAL, and cannot be Challenged, because it is protected by the Constitution and the 1st Amendment. Please America WAKE UP before it is TOO LATE!!! DO NOT SIT IDLE, SPEAK UP, ACT UP, AND MAKE AMERICA SAFE AND SECURE AGAIN!! YOU PROBABLY WILL NOT GET A SECOND CHANCE TO DO SO, IF YOU DON’T ACT NOW!!

    • It’s March 2018 now, and Trump is at the helm. Unfortunately, he’s been in office, for little over a year, and he’s not worried about draining the swamp either (another lie of his). He needs to get rid of Tillerson, and McMaster, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Trump is too busy, sending more and more of our troops to Afghanistan, whereas, Russia was smart, and quit that country, after 10 years, and we’ve been there about 16 now, with no end in sight. We have Muslim Brotherhood, all up in our government, and of course, CAIR is still operating, in this country, when they, and many other radical muslim groups and charities, need to be disbanded, like yesterday!!
      We got 800 troops in Niger, and 4 of them just died in the hands of Isis. The question is, when is Trump going to stop trying to fight them over THERE, and take care of his OWN back yard..our COUNTRY!
      We have many muslim training camps in this country, one is in my state of SC, and I don’t like it! We have more and more schools here in America, teaching young children, Islam, for goodness sakes! Nothing about any other religion though! (I never saw any articles on THAT, before Trump came in office, now I see them all the time) Look up “Access Islam” for more information on THAT! What happened to the “separation of church and state”??
      Never fails, a candidate says he’ll do this, and that, and everyone believes “him”. But once in office, it turns into all LIES! Make America Great Again, is a failure, and the biggest lie told to the American people!! And to think, I supported him at the beginning, but it wasn’t long before I saw he was just another politician!
      If an EMP or something else horrible enough to take this country down, happens, we’ll have a huge fight on our hands, with this million strong enemy on our shores, along with the other ignorant people, that will join them. God forbid! But everyone, like me, should be stockpiling food, water, medicines, and other supplies, NOW! Be prepared to fight, with anything and everything you got, bows and arrows, knifes, etc etc…and that one tool that begins with G, and a whole lot of ammunition for it!
      (Enjoyed your comment, a g p, your spot on!)

      • joan, given that the muslimes breed like the vermin they are, in a generation there will be 50 million here so the longer we wait to either deport them all or engage them in battle, the harder it will be to defeat them.

        AS JG said, there are numerous muslime military training camps in the US which are used for one purpose only, namely to train an army to be used when open war is declared on the USA. It is another reason we must act soon, but the TRAITORS in our own government refuse to admit the muslimes are a problem which means they are aiding and abetting the enemy hence the justification to arrest them for Treason and execute them by LAW, not vigilante justice. If judges refuse to cooperate, then they are also guilty of aiding and abetting and deserve the same treatment.

        So we have TWO enemies in our midst, the worst of which, IMHO, are the home grown ones in government as they are supposed to be on our side but they have betrayed us for decades going back to at least the civil war. We must defeat BOTH enemies if America is to survive. The question is how when so few people are even willing to admit those two groups are even our enemies?

    • The law in 1952 was the McCarran Act that a Muslim cannot be in the United States or in government or it is an act of War or their beliefs are against the Constitution of the United States but Obama and Nancy Pelosi canceled that law so that I could let Muslims in our government I need to Beware of the Democrats these days and also Omar Rashad should not be in our government or our Congress because they are not natural born citizen

  48. OPINION:

    With respect to the Muslim Brotherhood’s “World Underground Movement”, perhaps the tactically-expedient ongoing war on the country’s UNIFORMED police officers indeed represents the opening salvo of “Phase 5” I.e. since it reflects the implementation of a vengeance-driven racial vendetta whose formative roots — though as old as Uncle-Tom’s-Cabin — appear to have been under the command & control of the Injustice Department with the alacritous street-level support of global anarchist George Schwartz’s* money (name changed to the Esperanto term “Soros”, in 1936, by his father*).

    Furthermore, since the probability of federal collusion with respect to said crime wave equates to abetment of multiple murders involving government officials and randomly targeted police officer victims simply engaged in the performance of duty, a nuanced declaration by said cabal of an open season on nearly half of eligible American voters, now known, by virtue of their Constitutional exercise of free speech and political choice, as “DEPLORABLES”, could result in a national massacre, and could also come as a “Phase 5” surprise.

    Parenthetically: See video posting dated 10.09.16 on the “Freedom Watch” website entitled “Textbook Washington DC Sleaze; FBI Director Should be Impeached or Forced to Resign: re. his acceptance of millions of dollars from a Clinton Foundation Defense contractor & his former membership on a Clinton Foundation corporate partners board”…..(there’s more).

  49. Sadly, an excellent, but frightening read. What can an average Joe citizen do in the face of such an agenda to destroy this nation along with blindness by many?

    • Keep sharing this article,, I post it on FB multiple times a month. It absolutely HAS to go VIRAL!!

      We have to keep educating the Infidel world. Knowledge is power,, we absolutely need to have everyone aware of the threat.
      And seriously getting on our “senseless leaders” cases about this insane crap.

      These nutters want to take over the world and force their insane death cult on all of us.

    • You can start training. Stop being an average Joe, and start being a one man militia. Take some self defense or Krav Maga. Purchase and learn how to use a firearm. Because if it ever comes down to “Zero Hour”, the average joes of this country are going to face the sword or convert. Indeed, the average joe will become the average corpse. The time to start training and studying your enemy was really 20 years ago, but better late then never!

      • Good idea. However, it makes more sense to join or create a militia. Here in France most communes have a chasse, a local community hunt. These groups are the basis for a local malitia.
        It amuses me to imagine those guys being told by an Islamist Administration they have to give up red wine ! No way.
        Regards : Hubert Wagner

      • You are absolutely correct. Also post the truth as I also do. When I first started posting the truth. I was attacked and threatened on line often. Then I was threatened at stores and dog parks. Then they started attacking my vehicles and property. Now it is mostly just attacks and threats against my family property bus car and trailers. They are attempting to illegally kick us out of our place. While destroying our vehicles do they can try to boot is out and keep our vehicles they damaged.So we can not move them. We will move them. They will go to jail. Our other options were to stop telling the truth. Then tell God one day. Why we knew and refused to warm anyone.

        • How did these people find your address? If they did this to me i would of watch all night and ambush these people. No one will destroy my property and threaten me and my family without retribution. Break my windows , i break your legs. Threaten my family , no one will ever see you again.

      • You are so right.

        • send in the armed forces and clean up this mess these people must stop their forward movement towards our freedom take the out now

      • studying them will take no time.. they are dangerous and they hate us.. that’s all we need to know .. get an intermediate cartridge box magazine fed carbine with lots of magazines and way to much ammo and get professional training… then spend time at the range with a like minded friend

    • You know what I find fascinating? The left trolls the right wings rally. An yet have An for bid we say anything about they’re rally OH no we can’t say a damn thing yet it’s ok for them

      • What I do not understand is: if this article is written, then some people already know . Would it be possible for our military, under orders of the President, do like they did in WWII?? Gather every Muslim, put them in prison camps…???
        Does the President know about this???

    • Bother the crap out of our elected officials. And fight for our guns.

    • Get involved in the legislative process! Stop sharia law from gaining a strangle-hold in the United States. Help change immigration law to enforce the ones we have now. Gather as much OSINT and then corroborate that intel with those who are trustworthy and SMEs on this subject matter. Write your senators and cogressmen! Tell them HOW this threat will affect your community and voice your concerns to regulate religion. The world is addicted to religion, which is part of understanding the threat! Get involved with local, state and federal governments. Make plans to counter the threat by Understanding the Threat. Don’t cave in to being called a bigot or Islamophobe because you/we are not.
      -Jeremy E. Laughery

    • Arm yourself

    • Bacon and Bullets 😎

      • Lmao 😂 makes me think 🤔 back to the Gulf War & the 11 months I was over in Saudi Arabia in the sand & heat hating life my Marine Artillery Gun Team was sitting around thinking wtf can we do to fu&$ with these Iraqi soldiers & their Republican Guard when we run thru them??! So we started saving all of our pork & beans from our MRE’s because I thought about it what if they aren’t getting fed?? And of course they weren’t we ran thru a group of about 1000 surrendering to just my advanced party unit!! We had to take their weapons deal with some of them shooting at us which wasn’t good for them… And we gave a bunch of them the pork & beans packs & sent them walking straight forward unarmed towards our unit! Lmao 😂😂😂🇺🇸

      • I like what you say Spence !

    • The Americans our brothers to the south must unite your government divides your people ,, Canada must do the same , the division here keeps the government’s in power as it does in the US everyone needs to realize we the average Joe’s United have more power than we’re aware of . Strength in numbers unlimited power in the unity of a country . Stay safe brother !

    • Americans are armed and ready for ANY type of Islamic insurgency! They will die in hoardes!! Once we have secured our sovereign territory, we will then take the war to them! We will wipe this scourge from the planet! If they cannot play well with others, they will NOT be allowed to exist!

      • Tom I am not so sure that is true, I would like it to be; but we do not fight dirty like they do.. We have much to learn about how they behave.. I would only wish our Government did not give them so much leeway.. They need to be more strict about letting them come into America and establishing themselves, like they have every right to be here.. Our Rights should not be infringed upon.

        • Oh yes we will fight way dirtier than they will! We are a militia and have no rules of engagement like the military has! So if it comes down to a jihad and there muslim there dead no questions! Just like if were not muslin and they win were dead! So kill them all and let god sort them out!

    • Join the oath keepers.

    • Let me assure you of this.
      Make a move on our second Ammendment…get shot in the face.
      No patriot to America will actually allow muslim ANYTHING.
      BUT THE muslims are fooled if they think some puppet govt of Obama and Soros is going to rule us.
      I for one will not go peacefully.
      So. Bring the jihad. I got friends too! And we say,there are no good muslims. The quran is whatever it is and NEVER will we as a Nation ,have that pushed down our throats. Everrrrr.

    • Tell the truth with facts to back it up.

      • I couldn’t agree more John Clark! I don’t feel like they should have ever been allowed to come here to begin with but I am ready for them if that’s what they think they really want. I’ve been preparing for some time now.

      • Javier Gonzalez May 2, 2020 at 4:43 pm Reply


    • Keep your guns and be ready to defend yourself

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