It’s No Accident U.S. Government Agencies Have An Understanding of Islam That is Exactly Opposite of the Truth

May 2, 2019

It’s No Accident U.S. Government Agencies Have An Understanding of Islam That is Exactly Opposite of the Truth

After the attacks on America on September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush spoke to the nation at a joint session of Congress on September 20, 2001 and said:

“The terrorists practice a fringe form of Islamic extremism that has been rejected by muslim scholars and the vast majority of muslim clerics; a fringe movement that perverts the peaceful teachings of Islam.”

This statement is objectively untrue.

But this statement from the Commander-in-Chief told the entire U.S. National Security apparatus to find the motive behind the 9/11 attacks without looking at Islam and sharia, despite the fact the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks specifically referenced core Islamic doctrine in support of their actions.

And so the Department of Defense, the FBI, the CIA, the DIA, the NSA, and all the other governmental agencies looked for the answer somewhere else.

This is why America lost the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq despite the fact the U.S. military crushed the enemies on the battlefields in those countries.

When you look for something that is not there, you will never find it. That is exactly the intent of our Islamic enemy.

Let us contrast that with teachings out of the most widely used textbook for 12 year old muslim children in U.S. Islamic schools (What Islam is All About):

“Islam is not a religion, however, but a complete way of life.”

“When you follow the Islamic way of living life, you are following the Shari’ah…the Shari’ah includes the do’s and don’t’s of Islam.”

“The Shari’ah is the ideal path for us to follow.”

“The basis for the legal and political system is the Shari’ah of Allah.”

“The Law of the Land is the Shari’ah of Allah.”

“Muslims dream of establishing the power of Islam in the world.”

“The way of life known as Islam is a complete code of life.”

“In an Islamic political system, the leader of the community, the Khalifa, is the head of the whole Ummah (global muslim community).”

Jihad is one of the three duties for all muslims.

“If anyone dies in Jihad they automatically will go to paradise.”

“The duty of Muslim citizens is to be loyal to the Islamic State.”

Interestingly enough, all authoritatively published books of sharia dealing with the non-muslim world oblige the muslim community to wage war against the non-muslim community until sharia is the law of the land on the earth.

In fact, it is a capital crime in Islam – under the Law of Apostasy – for muslim “to deny that Allah intended the Prophet’s message to be the religion followed by the entire world.” [Um Dat al Salik, Reliance of the Traveller, o8.7(20)]

It is truly that simple. So easy, muslim children can understand it.

Yet, this is exactly the opposite of what Islamic advisors to U.S. government officials have told our leaders for 20 years.

The result? Our leaders snuggle up to suit-wearing jihadis who drive U.S. foreign policy in the direction that benefits Islam, not liberty, not America, and certainly not the security of the American people.

Muslim Brotherhood Leader/Jihadi Mohamed Magid (L) & Deputy National Security Advisor/Chief of Staff to President Obama Denis MacDonough at Magid’s Jihadi Mosque – the ADAMS Center – in Sterling, VA

Perhaps these Islamic advisors are aware that lying in Islam is obligatory when the goal is obligatory…like when you are waging jihad and advancing Islam.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
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  4. AZ girl I agree and I see it up close and personal from someone who still can look me in the eye and say I don’t beleive it, I don’t want to hear this, they are not all jihadists even though I spoke only about the sura’s and sharia law of apostasy, that is a conspiracy theory. Until he showed me a picture and then I understood.

  5. I still support Pres.Trump, however it did surprise me with the mentioned comment, I apologize, until there is a new definition, he had no choice but to include his comment. I believe much of his support came from the comments of his awareness of Islamic terrorism. Previous administration were often limited to radicalized by un-named sources connected to poverty, lack of education or a misguided leader…without mention of sharia or core text and the attempt to silence free speech and refer it as hate speech, racism or bigotry. A resolution by the U.N. (1618 )to turn facts into hate speech and allows true source of terrorism to be hidden away.

  6. People will not really accept the truth of Islam untill it is too late

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  8. […] UTT After the attacks on America on September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush spoke to the nation at a joint session of Congress on September 20, 2001 and said: […]

  9. m error it was suppose to be ‘ many churches’ …backspaced too far..

  10. My heart is very heavy today, 5/2/19, at the end of the lawfare battle by our national security to remove an elected President, facts mattered but then I just caught a part of the National Day of Prayer and President Trumps comments. The heavy heart came after hearing President Trump refer to a Prophet by name and said he has the right to prayer. Once again facts and information warfare is in play, to protect the dangerous text or deny it’s existence that allows the growth of jihad and terrorism to spread. It does not call for exposure of text or sura’s that call for slaying infidels, who are all non beleivers in Islam.This ignorance and slience about Islam to be protected as a religion. Yes, we have freedom of religion, but do we allow ignorance of the Quranic surai’s to be interpreted or omitted to be sold as peaceful? The m churches around the world would not have been burned, 9/11 would not have occurred, two woman one beheaded another severly wounded by the text would not have happened, the military would not fight ceaseless wars and loose many lives to during the previous and current administration then to write constitutions of sharia law that invoked terrorism.
    Conspiracy theories sometimes must be examined, there was a conspiracy before 9/11 and a religion used sharia law to strike, at the very least cultures our government should know that these muslims did pray and they did follow the text of the Quran that was delivered to the Prophet who our President named. I pray he gets the information soon about the obligation to cleverly decieve from the very mosques,he can’t get it from a practicing muslim, it is forbidden. I had a surge of sadness and fear maybe too soon for an opinion did I misinterpret? Yes muslims should be safe, but I want to be safe from the doctrine of sharia.

  11. Absolutely true.
    But Islam is the beast kingdom prophesied to cause all to take her mark.
    This has been happening for 1400 yrs.
    The ideology of course is the enemy and must be overcome.
    This is also prophesied in the christian writings of revelation.
    ” And they over Americans the beast by their testimony and by the blood of the lamb ( Jesus the son of Yah).
    What is written is happening, and after much blood and death Islam shall exist no more.

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