Jihadis Openly Call for Enforcement of Sharia in Michigan Schools While Non-Muslims Remain Clueless

October 15, 2022

Jihadis Openly Call for Enforcement of Sharia in Michigan Schools While Non-Muslims Remain Clueless

by John D. Guandolo

Jihadi leaders in Dearborn, Michigan put out the call to flood last Monday’s school board meeting and sharia-adherent muslims turned out in droves to enforce sharia.

Islamic schools in the United States teach the purpose of Islam is to impose “allah’s divine law – sharia – on all humans on earth.

Sharia mandates that all non-muslims convert to Islam or be subject to capital punishment.

Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians have a third option under Islam. They can submit to sharia, pay the non-muslim poll tax, and live as subjects of the Islamic State.

All sharia mandates homosexuals be executed.

Monday night’s meeting in Dearborn ended because of the loud aggressive crowd, many of whom shouted “allah u akbar” while speakers defended homosexual, transgender, and predatory sexual teachings in books used by the school system.

One “non-binary” speaker was loudly booed by the crowd.

While Monday’s meeting had to be cut short because of the loud and aggressive protest, another meeting was held Thursday evening where the board agreed to pull the books from the schools until a decision is reached.

Here are some perspectives for citizens to consider as they review the details of this event:

  1. Some christians in Michigan were “encouraged” that muslims joined them in protesting the perverse materials in school libraries. These people fail to understand the muslim community in Dearborn is strongly sharia-adherent and want the material out of schools because it violates Islamic Law/sharia, not because it stands in violation of American Founding Principles of “the Law of Nature and of Nature’s God,” the Constitution, and some federal and state laws.
  2. The LGBTQ Movement is a Line of Operation inside the communist Movement, and is the genesis of many of the deviant and perverted programs circulating in U.S. elementary schools, the medical community, television/movie industry, etc. The LGBTQ Movement, serves the communist Movement by destroying the culture which undergirds American law and government.
  3. Remember – communists lie and deceive. Ross Groover, a “District Consultant” to the Dearborn school district, along with members of the school board showed his true colors when he/they admitted they will not ban the books. The Dearborn school board made clear the books identified as removed from circulation would not disappear. Just like when citizens think they get “CRT” out of their schools while communist teachers and administrators remain, sexually deviant behavior will continue to be taught until the teachers and administrators who initiated these programs are tossed out on their ears.

Some may wrongly believe this is one instance where muslims and Christians can “come together.”

The phrase “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is often used by people who have little understanding of Mao’s political warfare and any real warfare for that matter.

Enemies of our enemies can be used as tools to disable our enemies and dismantle their networks, but our enemies are not our friends regardless of how we are able to use them for the cause of liberty or to destroy other enemies.

That may be the best lesson learned from the recent news from Dearborn.

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John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
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