February 2, 2021

Just Get on the Train

by John D. Guandolo

Nuremberg Trial

“Don’t you see, we SS men were not supposed to think about these things; it never even occurred to us…We were all so trained to obey orders without even thinking that the thought of disobeying an order would simply never have occurred to anybody, and somebody else would have done just as well if I hadn’t…I really never gave much thought to whether it was wrong.”

Rudolf Hoss, Nazi Commandant, Auschwitz Concentration Camp

In the last week I have seen videos online, interviews on television, and personally experienced on numerous occasions people explaining to me that I must wear a mask “because it’s the rule/mandate/law.”

As we wrote about HERE, in America we are supposed to govern as a REPUBLIC, which means the majority rules while minority rights are respected. In order to do this, there must be a moral standard.

Only just laws can be legislated. No law can be legislated which violates the moral standard of “the Law of Nature and of Nature’s God” legally defined at the time of the founding as “the will of God” and “Holy Scripture.”

Therefore, telling someone they must do something immoral/unjust – something that harms them or infringes on their unalienable rights – per the moral standard “because it’s the law” or because “I’m just following orders” makes one no better than a Nazi gate guard.

I spent ten (10) years as an Advanced Capability Medic in the FBI, and a few years as an EMT prior to that in and out of the Marine Corps. I spent a lot of time in hospitals, on flight/trauma teams, and treated many patients in the U.S. and overseas, worked in surgery, and taught combat medical skills courses in the FBI.

Masks and other protective gear (e.g. glasses) are meant to protect the wearer from blood, vomitus, and other bodily fluids of the patients. Store bought surgical masks are not meant for preventing influenza virus from passing through them. Just read the box.

The cloth masks people are buying with funny pictures and sayings on them or the bandanas are even more useless. Like throwing sand through a chain-link fence, these masks do not stop the covid virus from passing through.

To say masks stop the spread of Covid-19 is a lie, and everyone with the capacity to process information knows it. See Dr. Fauci say it HERE.

The lockdowns and mask mandates are tools of oppression used by totalitarian statists to subdue the population. It appears to be working.

In the past week, I have taken the time to speak with several people who insist I wear a mask. From the grocery store manager, to the manager of a high-end Dallas restaurant, to the usher at church, to the TSA officer, they all say the same thing.

“It’s a rule.”

“It’s a mandate.”

“It’s church policy.”

These people are infringing on our unalienable right to be free in our person because of a lie. Not to mention long-term mask-wearing has negative physical, mental and social effects as well.

When traveling home last Sunday, my exchange with the TSA officer checking my ticket and ID went like this:

TSA: “Do you have a mask?”

Me: “Yes”

TSA: “You must put it on right now.”

Me: “You do know these masks do not work in stopping the spread of covid right.”

TSA: “It doesn’t matter. President Joe Biden ordered masks be worn on all federal property.”

I didn’t take the time to tell her the airport we were at is NOT federal property.

“Follow the rules. Don’t think.”

“Do as you are told. I am just doing my job.”

It is just a matter of time. What is happening in America is following a pattern. The same pattern history witnessed in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Mao’s China, Venezuela…

“Wear your mask.”

“Don’t think. Don’t question the experts.”

“Stop being a troublemaker.”

“Just get on the train.”

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
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  2. I worked in the FAA in the 1970s with a man who I knew was from France. What I didn’t know for a long time is that he was the only one of his family to survive a German concentration camp. He always wore long sleeve shirts at work. I found out why one day. One of our supervisors tried to get heavy handed with this man over a minor rules infraction, and just kept on berating him for several minutes and threatened him with disciplinary action. When my co-worker had finally had enough, he grabbed the sleeves of his shirt, sending the buttons flying, held out his bare arms revealing the black numbers tatooed on his forearms and asked, “What are you going to do to me that’s worse than this?” This idiot supervisor was so shaken that he went into his office and didn’t come out for an hour.

  3. Halodine makes the solutions 100% safe and effective developed by doctors – “ the science of it” remember science –

  4. Also they haven’t been talking about simple things that prevent viral load – Ie: iodine nasal swabs and rinse , simple listerine offers two hours of protection, all saver then masks – the n95 does not stop the particles –
    What stops it is betadine iodine and mouthwash , it weakens if not kills for 4 hours mouthwash 2 if over the counter longer if certain types are used – it also attenuates the virus if it doesn’t kill it I:e you then are immune- codagenix is developing a real vaccine that sprays in your nasal passages 1 shot deal – immunity long term – first phase is underway – weakened virus virus 🦠 load – also from unc a treatment for covid is almost done with phase 2 e188 the leading scientist is developing it pill form also prevents the virus 🦠

  5. The survivability rate for anyone under the age of 70 is in the 99 percent. Over 70 it is 95%. We should not be wearing masks!!! I sure wish there was a way to get the attention of the people and communicate this to them. Getting people to follow like sheep to the slaughter is so frightening.


    In the event that private contacts have occurred just prior to, and since, communist China’s covid-19 biological weapon of mass casualty attack between the current governor of New York and George Schwartz, aka George “Soros”, federal investigators assigned to the elderly-deaths issue should be made aware that not only does “Soros” maintain a residence in the State of New York, but during his erstwhile association with the “Project on Death in America” he reported during a speech he delivered in 1994 that he had offered to help his own mother commit suicide; I.e., an additional fact which could conceivably suggest premeditation as opposed simply to involuntary manslaughter, which I had initially suspected (and said so, on this website) due to the governors incessant attempts to blame President Donald J. Trump, and a variety of other people, for what he knew from the start was the result of his own nonfeasance and callous disregard for the lives of, essentially, the city’s God fearing grand parents (RIP).

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  8. There were a few businesses I wore a mask out of respect for them. I will take my business elsewhere now because that’s the right thing to do.

  9. John, I am somewhat confused about the mask issue, which is required and I felt it was reasonable and I comply only entering businesses. Not in my home or in my car, with a open window or in my yard. So how is this virus, if it exists spread? Why have people with severe respiratory problems worn them in the flu or cold seasons.? While wearing a mask during a shopping trip for supplies I had to sneeze, I thought the mask was good to protect others. So far so good, and I used hydrogen peroxide to swab nose and also to rinse mouth, especially if I feel a scratchy throat, seldom do now or a cold sniffle. It seems to stop any progression. So how do we protect against this virus that is, what microscopic? I hear that a heavy load of virus causes covid, so how does that happen and if a lab works with a virus how do they move it around to study??? Is hyrogen peroxide dangerous to nasal tissue? I have been in locations where no one is wearing mask. except staff…so I removed mine. Is this virus a weapon that can be moved around at will?

    Restricting of speech is my rebellion, if they want to deny reality of facts of issues by omission and comply with foreign law, or replace other laws. I will not get on that train.

  10. I see a black flag op on the horizon. Communist party usa/antifa/blm has been encouraged and protected to do what ever they like.. They would make it messy . Of course if the ChiComs do something, it would’ve very interesting what their puppets. Will doin response ..

  11. This will continue until these “citizen enforcers” are shot dead in the streets.. And yes, that means cops and federal agents will probably be followed to their homes and executed… Unlike those other countries you mentioned, this one has the arms to fight back and I’m sure the level of knowledge to track and kill… I really wonder just how close we are to just saying, Fuck It, let’s dance..

  12. You are absolutely right again John. Governments have so easily turned private citizens into their own enforcers. I would have thought that a mask mandate is unconstitutional? It certainly violates the spirit of Natural Rights of free citizens envisaged by John Locke.

  13. TSA use to be a private security company that was rushed to be federalized post-9/11. The airports themselves are not even federal, but these TSA people are like wannabe-cops. Next thing we’ll see them do is take Bill Gates’ China virus passport and a chip drilled into our heads to monitor our vitals and send our DNA data to the Chinese gov’t and other bad actors.

  14. “It was actually probably the happiest year of my life–that year of German occupation–to me it was a very positive experience” -Gyorgy Schwartz aka Soros

    Yet anyone with an opposing view is deemed a “white supremacist” or “domestic t3rr0rist” by the mouthpieces of the politicized enemy. #ThanksJeannieRhee #ThanksMueller #ThanksAbbate #ThanksRosenstein #ThanksWeissman

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