Lawsuit Information

The Plaintiff, Richard Stanek, served as the sheriff of Hennepin County (Minneapolis, MN) when it denigrated into a jihadi/terrorist haven, going from ZERO “suicide bombers” from the county, to dozens of them going overseas to fight against U.S. troops – all under Stanek’s watch.  Stanek also worked closely with Hamas doing business as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), and publicly said his great friend – leading jihadi Imam Roble (MN) – is the one who taught him all about Islam.

After spending a week in Minnesota prior to the 2016 Presidential election, the Understanding the Threat team prepared an article authored by UTT President John Guandolo entitled “In This War Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost.”  The article details the complete failure by Minnesota’s leaders to protect the citizens there from the growing jihadi threat, and mentions Stanek.

At the 2017 National Sheriff’s Conference at which John Guandolo was a guest lecturer, Stanek asked for a meeting with Guandolo, and Guandolo agreed.  During the meeting, Stanek assaulted Guandolo, who then defended himself and struck Stanek.  Stanek lied to police, claimed Guandolo assaulted him, and pressed criminal charges against Guandolo.  The criminal charges were dropped because the allegation was based in fantasy.

Stanek then civilly sued UTT’s parent company and John Guandolo and sought over $110 million in damages.  When asked by his attorney why he brought the lawsuit forward, Stanek said – under oath in open court – he brought this suit forward to silence John Guandolo and shut UTT down.  Members of Hamas/CAIR were in the courtroom every day of the two week trial in September 2019.  The judge in the case did not give the jury the option of stating Guandolo acted in self defense, and in the end ruled against Guandolo with a $300k judgement. Because of several decisions by the judge prior to and during the case that were prejudicial towards UTT and Guandolo, we have filed an appeal.