June 12, 2014

Our Leaders’ Refusal to Know and Destroy the Enemy Leads to Catastrophic Consequences

The American military crushed the Islamic fighters on the field of battle in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Yet, long before the U.S. achieved unconditional surrender from the enemy – which never materialized – the State Department wrote constitutions in those two countries which created Islamic Republics under the rule of Sharia (Islamic Law), thus giving Al Qaeda two of its key regional objectives – Islamic States in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is one in a long line of policy, war fighting, and foreign policy decisions highlighting the failure of America’s leadership to know our enemy and defeat them.  This failure is coming back to haunt us with the events currently unfolding in Iraq and will lead to the loss of Iraq to jihadi forces, as has been predicted by anyone who understands this enemy.
Today, these jihadi/Islamic forces – and it does not matter what they call themselves – are moving towards Baghdad and seek to defeat the Iraq military and overthrow the government.  In the not-so-distant future, Iraq will fall under the control of the Shia – 60% of the Iraq population – in tandem with Iran.  Once the Shia control Iraq, Saudi Arabia will be vulnerable, and they know it.  This is why Saudi lobbied so hard for so long to keep American troops in Iraq.
All that is unfolding is the logical outcome of this enemy practically fulfilling its stated doctrine.  The Global Islamic Movement does not hate us and wage war against the West because of something we did.  Nor do they do it merely for land conquest and material gain.
This enemy does what it does because its doctrine requires it.
The enemy threat doctrine is Sharia (Islamic Law).  It is what the enemy states it is fighting to impose on the world, and it is the blueprint for all they do.  Sharia is the filter by which we must understand all of their communications at all levels especially militarily and politically.
“Implementation of Sharia law and replacement of system of nation states with a worldwide Caliphate are the ultimate political aims (of the Jihadis).”
– NYPD Report: Radicalization in the West
All of the jihadis we capture on the battlefield; all of Al Qaeda’s writings and videos; all of the Muslim Brotherhood’s bylaws, strategic plans, and doctrine; and all of the jihadis we have caught or have conducted operations here in America state they do what they do to impose Sharia and re-establish the global Islamic State (Caliphate).  In the investigative world that is called a “clue.”  Where do the jihadis get these ideas from?  The U.S. Attorney General, military leaders, FBI Director, DHS Secretary, Secretary of State, leaders of both political parties, and many other U.S. leaders call this ideology a “distorted version” or “radical interpretation” of Sharia.  So we must ask the question…what Sharia law have you read?
As noted in the UTT May 8th blog article, 100% of all Islamic doctrine – including first grade school books in Islamic schools across the globe – define Islam as a “complete way of life (social, cultural, political, military, religious) governed by Islamic Law (Sharia).”  100% of all published authoritative Islamic Law obliges Jihad until the entire world is subordinated to Islamic Law.  100% of all published authoritative Islamic Law ONLY defines Jihad as “warfare against non-Muslims.”
The next time someone tells you this is not true, ask them to produce one authoritative book on Islamic Law which details the “other version” of Islam as described by our leaders.  You will not find it because it 1400 years it has never been written.
Until the time comes when America’s leaders decide to face reality that continues to smack us in the face – as jihadis are rising up in nearly every country around the world – that we have an enemy who is doing what they are doing because their doctrine requires it when they have the strength to carry it out, then we will continue to watch nations fall, tens of thousands of people be killed in barbaric ways, and our foreign policy and domestic “terrorism strategies” fail completely because our leaders have made the decision not to know the enemy.
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