December 6, 2017

Muslim Brotherhood Waging War – Then & Now

The Muslim American Society (MAS) is identified by the U.S. government as “founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.” (US v Sabri Benkahla, 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, No 07-4778)

The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is identified in the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategic plan as a part of their Movement in North America, and the ICNA handbook demonstrates their objectives are the same as those of the Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

The stated objective of the Muslim Brotherhood is to wage war against non-muslims to establish an Islamic State under sharia (Islamic Law).

In 2000, ICNA and MAS formally joined forces and partnered with each other.  The created a joint syllabus and a Tarbiya (training) Guide for Islamic workers and volunteers for ICNA-MAS in the United States.

Here are some quotes from the ICNA Tarbiya Guide:

“‘And fight them until persecution is no more and Deen is all for Allah.’ (Al Quran 8:39).  This means that you wage war so that the evil sovereignty of beings, other than that of Allah is wiped out.” (p 117)

“…un-Islamic governments must sincerely hated and despised for the pleasure of God…” (p 144)

“This witness of ours would not be complete unless we establish a state based on the principles and teachings of Islam.” (p 182)

“The adoption and adaptation of capitalist, socialist, communist or other manmade systems, either in whole or in part, constitutes a denial of Islam and disbelief in Allah Lord of the Worlds.” (p 192)

Incidentally, to deny Islam is legally called “Apostasy” in sharia and is a capital crime.

In the fall of 2006, UTT President John Guandolo – then a Special Agent with the FBI at the Washington Field Office – was using the ICNA-MAS joint syllabus and Tarbiya Guide to educate other FBI agents and state/local law enforcement about what the Muslim Brotherhood teaches their workers and volunteers.  ICNA-MAS became aware of this and pulled the Tarbiya Guide off their website.

However, you can still find the complete ICNA Tarbiya Guide HERE.

Then and now, the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood teaches muslims across America to hate and despise un-Islamic governments and to wage war until Islam dominates.

Many of the billboards across America extolling the “virtues” of Islam are sponsored by ICNA, thus, making them propaganda.  ICNA also partnered with Amazon last Thanksgiving (2016) and produced a propaganda video with a Priest and an Imam.

Next time you see an ICNA “Shariah Got Questions?” billboard or see that ICNA/Amazon video, remember this from the ICNA:  “This means you wage war…”

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. […] carolDec 11, 2017000 MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD WAGING WAR – THEN & NOW…to deny Islam is legally called “Apostasy” in sharia and is a capital crime… you can still find the complete ICNA Tarbiya Guide HERE…   Amazon…produced a propaganda video with a Priest and an Imam. […]

  2. Commercial industries have employees…mandated by the government for diversity…..this is when you realize how important the truth be understood…but at the same time we have been flooded and the issues get sticky and tricky. I prefer for these companies have the be aware and not add to the layer of “no problem”. Internal knowledge may be for their interest.

  3. It is stunning to realize how long the muslim brotherhood’s organizations have been planning, building,funding,influencing decisions on national security, appearing in media, doing outreach, developing communities and powerbases by using deception to islamize our cities and towns.They have targeted the youth, have been gathering converts and politicians to aid the adding of the U.S. for their control. Sharia kills and we have to be pushing back to save oursevles it has started I hope it will reverse their deception and massive presence. According to the FBI they are investigating on 1000 isis cases in our own country with that said I am hoping that means the information warfare has been detected.

  4. Just wondering if they are behind LA fires⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️😱🇺🇸

  5. ISLAM is a huge threat and I appreciate any and all eyes that watch their movements in order to keep us Infidels safe from their long arm of hate.

  6. Lauren M. I am curious about the comparison reference of measuring oil flow, are you referencing commence of an internet business like Amazon or the Muslim Brotherhood or both ?

    Comment caught my attention when you mentioned oil.

  7. Once again again public enemy number one CAIR is Hamas until this virulent and malodorous front group of the the Muslim Brotherhood Islamic terrorists network is eliminated from the American discourse not a damn little bitty thing can be used to attenuate the growing existential threats

  8. These people operate like the oil companies meaning that their product is tax exempt because it is always in a state of interstate commerce meaning that it flows and it cannot be measured exactly. Oil cannot be measured between point a and point B exactly when it is constantly in a state of continual flow. The constant name changing and Personnel changes and other changes increase the stealth of this operation. Thank you for keeping on top of it.

  9. Knowing the you were former FBI….and totally respecting your professionalism, I am listening to the new FBI Director Wray…of whom I think is also very good just a side note he mentioned the amount of Isis and other investigations but I have a sense he may know about the MB, sharia law and roots but that could only happen if the purged information has been inserted back, I hope he will assist with the work that is trying to inform and be also knowledgeable. I guess time will tell.

  10. So Amazon a huge employer in the state of Wisconsin and I think New Jersey??/ with huge investments is allied with Islam and muslim brotherhood? Or were they clueless.? No wonder the deaf ears of politicians.
    This is very concerning….the influence will be intense as the Governor is a big supporter. There is another company I wonder about that has electronics for airlines as the business. If this comment is too sensitive remove it. I am concerned also that Indiana has a huge footprint of major organizations of Islam, I think ISNA.


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