April 19, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood Jihadis Snubbed at Boston Memorial Service

Today at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston, Massachusetts, the community came together at an Interfaith Memorial Service to offer prayers, comfort and hope to a city wouned by the bombing of the Boston Marathon Monday afternoon. President Obama, Governor Patrick, and Boston Mayer Thomas Menino offered words of hope and healing.

A prominent Rabbi spoke, offered his condolences and prayers. A pastor added her prayers for the victims and the survivors. Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley spoke powerfully of embracing the culture of life and renouncing the culture of death.

Yo-Yo Ma performed for the audience, and many prominent leaders and public figures attended. It was a beautiful service that honored the dead, and gave hope to those who survived.

Noticably absent from this event, was any prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader. While one local Muslim Brother was believed to have been spotted at the service, none was invited to speak, nor were any prominent in the service in any way. The leaders of the largest Islamic organization in Boston, the Islamic Society of Boston – an Al Qaeda & Muslim Brotherhood operation – were not invited to attend the event. This is extremely noteworthy as this is the first time since 9/11 that an interfaith event has not had Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood leaders prominently involved in the service.

It is not yet clear how this came to be, but to anyone anywhere that had anything to do with this, “Well Done!” For all of you across America in grassroots organizations, churches, political groups, or simply concerned citizens working diligently to get your voices heard about the threat from the Islamic Movement in the United States, please take a moment to savor this day. This is no small victory. This is a moment of truth. A light is breaking through. Don’t let it happen without appreciating this for what it is.

Let’s hope and pray that the leaders of Boston will put their boots on the necks of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Al Qaeda leaders there, and never let them off.

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  1. Thank you for the knowledge that the MB was intentionally eliminated from this memorial. Now let our leaders speak to the history of the Holy land Foundation, how we found their documents out of the Chesapeake Bay incident that lead to the basement vaults with those documents safely stowed that have been revealed to us & let us expose them on the college campuses to every one so that students are faced with deciding if it is in their best interest to allow this subversive movement in America let alone on their campuses. As is said that Gen. Boyken reminded us in Oct 2012 Jeramiah 29: 7-9 “Stand for the welfare of your nation, for it is in your country’s welfare that your future & your safety lie .” Boyken stated that Christians needed to get out of the pews and get active to defend our nation, meaning politically active with conservative groups. Personally, I can’t suggest the armed forces as upon entering any branch, they vacinate you with massive numbers of shots and you have no idea what “THE GOVERNMENT” is doing to your mind and body under the guise of innoculating you for your protection. Mercury is but one of such toxin delivered. One thing for certain, the drug companies make their profit & the military gets to be the guinea pigs of pharmaceutical experiments.

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