May 7, 2019

Muslim Brotherhood’s MAS Teaches Islam & America is Shocked

Why are U.S. leaders and citizens shocked when Islamic mosques, schools, and organizations teach Islam?

This past weekend, a story broke in the media revealing children at the Muslim American Society’s (MAS) Islamic Center in Philadelphia sang a song praising jihad and jihadis, and called for chopping off heads of non-muslims.

Why would a Muslim Brotherhood organization like the MAS praise jihad, jihadis, and the killing of non-muslims?

Why wouldn’t they?

The Muslim Brotherhood was created to wage jihad until the entire world is made an Islamic State under sharia.

In other words, the MAS was created to do what Islam commands muslims to do. Islam’s perfect man, Mohammad, participated in beheading up to 900 Jews after the Battle of the Trench.

How can such behavior be called “un-Islamic?”

The Muslim American Society (MAS) says they failed to properly vet the song and apologized for this “oversight.”

How do we know MAS is a Muslim Brotherhood organization and is lying?

(1) The three founders of the Muslim American Society (MAS) were senior MB leaders in the United States when MAS was established in 1993, including the leaders of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood at the time Ahmed El-Kadi; a large body of evidence identifies the MAS as a Muslim Brotherhood organization; the U.S. government officially stated in the US v Sabri Benkhala case states the “MAS was founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America”; the former President of the MAS identifies the MAS as a Muslim Brotherhood organization; among other information.

In 2000, the Islamic Circle of North America and the Muslim American Society partnered with each other and created the ICNA/MAS Tarbiya (Training) Guide for Muslim Americans.

Page 117 of the Muslim American Society’s 321 page Tarbiya (Training) Guide for American muslims.
Page 144 of the Muslim American Society’s 321 page Tarbiya (Training) Guide for American muslims.
Page 182 of the Muslim American Society’s 321 page Tarbiya (Training) Guide for American muslims.
Page 197 of the Muslim American Society’s 321 page Tarbiya (Training) Guide for American muslims.

To see the full ICNA/MAS Tarbiya Guide click HERE.

In steps jihadi in a dress Dr. Qanta Ahmed under the cover of Fox News to “explain” (read: LIE) to America that Islamic Imams who teach “real Islam” are killed for doing so.

This is a lie so significant, UTT has no words to describe it.

See the UTT video with comments from UTT President John Guandolo on this matter HERE.

There is no version of Islam which does not mandate warfare against non-muslims until the world is under sharia.

What muslim children sang at the MAS mosque in Philadelphia is not only consistent with Muslim Brotherhood doctrine, it is consistent with all authoritatively published Islamic doctrine.

The fact that fourteen (14) years after UTT President John Guandolo taught this specific information about the MAS inside the government America and its leaders are now shocked to learn this is what MAS teaches, is evidence of the gross negligence of those legally charged with duties to protect and defend.

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