US Leaders Again Fail to Protect Citizens – Muslim Kills 8 in NYC

October 31, 2017

US Leaders Again Fail to Protect Citizens – Muslim Kills 8 in NYC

Today in New York City, a muslim jihadi plowed a truck into people killing 8 and injuring approximately 11 others.

He did not do it because he doesn’t have a good job or because he lacks education or because of Israel or because of the lack of McDonald’s in his home country.

He did not do it because he is “deranged.”

He did it because 100% of Islamic doctrine (sharia) mandates jihad (warfare against non-muslims) until the world is under Islamic rule.

How much longer will Americans tolerate the killing our citizens by muslim jihadis?

How much longer will Americans tolerate leaders like New York Mayor De Blasio who coddle, pander to, and support the leaders of jihadi organizations and then feign surprise when jihadis do what Islam commands them to do?

How much longer will Americans tolerate leaders like National Security Advisor Herbert McMaster whose words reveal his utter ignorance of Islam and the threat it causes, and his inaction leads, again, to the death of American citizens?

The US v Holy Land Foundation trial was the largest terrorism financing and Hamas trial ever successfully prosecuted in American history.  The evidence in this case, after a 15 year FBI investigation, reveals there is an Islamic Movement in the United States led by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood whose stated goal is to overthrow the U.S. government and create an Islamic State under sharia – same goal as the Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

The evidence also reveals that all of the prominent Islamic organizations in the United States are a part of this Movement including, but not limited to:  the majority of the over 3100 Islamic centers/mosques, Islamic Societies, Muslim Students Associations, Muslim American Society, Muslim Public Affairs Council, Islamic Circle of North America, Council on American Islamic Relations (Hamas), Students for Justice in Palestine (Hamas), and others.

The majority of the over 3100 Islamic centers/mosques and all of the prominent Islamic organizations in the United States teach muslim children and muslim adults the same things the Islamic State and Al Qaeda teach their fighters – that jihad is warfare against non-muslims and is obligatory until the entire world is under sharia (Islamic law).  These Islamic sites are the incubators for jihadis just like:  the Islamic Society of Boston supported the Boston marathon bombers; the Islamic Center of Nashville and the local MSA supported the Little Rock, Arkansas jihadi; the Dar al Hijra Islamic Center (Falls Church, VA) and the Islamic Center of Southern California supported 9/11 hijackers and Ft Hood jihadi Major Nidal Hasan; the Islamic Society of Chattanooga supported the jihadi who killed our men in uniform; and on and on it goes.

These places need to be raided, shut down, their leaders arrested and their assets seized.

Leaders like National Security Advisor Herbert McMaster, New York Mayor De Blasio, and others like them  have a professional duty to know these easily identifiable threats and do not.  Now – AGAIN – Americans are dead because of their unprofessionalism – the legal definition of criminal negligence.

We put doctors and lawyers in jail for this, and it is high time our local and federal leaders whose unprofessionalism leads to American deaths go to jail for it too.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).

    What the country needs to do, and do fast, in order to survive what can only be described as an on-going successfully covered-up invasion, is to shut down the 3100 mosque arsenals in the United States and subject their respective “Imams” — whose role in the 14 century Islamic scheme to dominate the world under sharia is essentially to instigate the murders of more American citizens under the guise of religion — to an expedited non-negotiable deportation hearing; then round up their hoards of potential sharia-adherent killers, who thanks to wink & nod frauds posing as federal judges wander the country looking for victims, and deport them en mass too.

    I.e., in any context of government cover-ups and DENIALS, its important to note that “truth” is simply the state of not being hidden, thus the opposite of “truth” is concealment, which is what “conspiracy theory” accusations more often than not are about, I.e., the preferred tool corrupt politicians use in order to ride out the statutes of limitation related to the crimes they commit and thusly stay out of the slammer. Supplant the term “DENIER” with the German term “Mitlaufer” for example, which when considered in English refers to public figures such as politicians, celebrities and/or business leaders with ideological sympathies and secret ties to a regime seeking the destruction of their own country, i.e., “DENIERS”, who cry “deplorable” if asked to explain how they’ve managed to miss the demonstrable facts related to sharia adherent Muslims and the lethal threats they have perpetually posed throughout history to the lives of non-Muslim mankind. Or try a DENIER on how Islam’s looney-tune “sacred space” concept has enabled the Muslim Brotherhood jihadi organization to not only own 80% of those 3100 mosque arsenals, but to claim, in aggregate, as well 70,120 square miles of American land surrounding their cores,

    Furthermore, anyone who seriously doubts that top & high level federal officials are incapable of conducting a treasonous cover-up of said Islamic invasion might wish to read for example the “serious allegations” contained in chapter 27 of a recent book on current affairs entitled “The Bush Crime Family” which describe the 10 year operational and federal cover–up phase of a nationwide pedophile network: co-based in Omaha, Nebraska & Washington DC; allegedly bearing the “fingerprints” of George H. W. Bush, and a CIA asset; and providing prominent perverts with helpless young victims from (among other sources) the renowned “Boys Town” Nebraska orphanage; I.e. acts which by virtue of “Mohammad’s” marriage to an 8 year-old girl in the 7th century AD, institutionalized (I.e. legalized) pedophilia in Islam, and which nonetheless, according to Article 7 of the Rome statute of the United Nations Criminal Court (of which the United States is not a signatory) constitute crimes against humanity.

    Apart from the forgoing, and notwithstanding a 36 year time lapse since then & now, unlike all of the other “serious allegations” contained in said book, no allusion to the possibility of pre-meditated murder was included, even though none of the five Aviation Accidents investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board in 1990 happened in Illinois nor involved the inflight breakup of a “Piper Saratoga” airplane being piloted by Omaha Nebraska private investigator Gary Caradori (who at the time of his death was with his 8 year-old son named Andrew (aka “A.J”) who died too, and in possession of a briefcase believed to contain incriminating pictures that would exonerate the victims of child abuse and expose the perpetrators.

    Its important to note too that though the incumbency timelines of 25 of the country’s top level political “leaders” paralleled (in relevant part) the timeline of the operational and federal cover-up phase of said nationwide pedophile network (roughly 1981 to 1995) none commented publically or took action on behalf of the children being subjected to said horror, notwithstanding their oaths and/or their duty as American men, I.e.: 3 Presidents: Reagan, G.H.W Bush and Clinton; 3 Vice Presidents: G.H.W. Bush, Quale and Gore; 6 Attorneys General: Smith, Meese, Thornburgh, Barr, Gerson and Reno; 5 Directors of Central Intelligence: Casey, Webster, Gates, Woolsey and Deutsch; 3 Directors of Secret Service: Simpson, Magaw, and Bowron; 5 Directors of the FBI: Webster, Otto, Sessions, Clarke and Freeh.

  2. Yes the ignorance about the doctrine of Islam with the intrinsic laws of sharia and the policies and laws passed due to this ignorance has to be stopped. The muslim organizations ie Ikhwan or MB will continue to declare the opposite, continue to support sanctuary cities align with the leftist, will support the lottery diversity, incite protest, declare the truth is racist although the doctrine is of no one race. The seductive marketing of the doctrine is insidious and dangerous. I have great respect for the work of John Guandolo about the MB and the work of Stephen Coughlin…who completely saw the danger of fighting wars without the information about who we were fighting as he wrote in his work. When people learn that imans are legal jurist of the sharia warfare doctrine taught in the mosques and that is the seed of jihad terror we may have a chance to survive. It is amazing how facts are suppressed and sharia political inroads are streaming into our governing which is accomplished by the clever MB.

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