June 20, 2016

Officials Reveal America’s National Security is “Controlled” by the Jihadists

Two former U.S. government officials made explosive revelations on national radio this past Friday including the charge the U.S. government is a “tool” for the jihadi movement here, and that the driving force behind America’s domestic counter-terrorism strategies and our foreign policy is the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).


President Obama with Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas leader (Islamic Society of North America) Imam Mohamed Magid of the ADAMS Center in Sterling, Virginia

The exchange took place on the Sean Hannity radio program between the host, Philip Haney (former DHS law enforcement officer with Customs and Border Protection) and Richard Higgins (a former leader inside the Department of Defense who managed programs at the Combating Terrorism and Technical Support Office (CTTSO) and Irregular Warfare Section).

Both Mr. Haney and Mr. Higgins revealed there is a massive Muslim Brotherhood movement in the United States, and made clear the MB’s influence is so significant they control how the issue of terrorism is discussed and how it is handled at the national security level.


Hillary Clinton and closest aide Huma Abedin, who is an operative for the MB Movement

When asked about language being scrubbed from the U.S. government Mr. Higgins responded by saying, “What (leaders in the US government) are actually scrubbing is any references to the Islamic doctrine that would allow us to define who is or who is not actually one of our enemies.”

He went on to say, “When you look at the deliberate decision-making process of the United States government as it relates to radical Islam, that deliberate decision-making process is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.  And the way they control it is by prohibiting US national security personnel from ever developing an understanding to the level where Phil (Haney) had it.”


MB/Hamas Leader Imam Magid with the President’s Chief of Staff and Former Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough

More precisely Mr. Higgins said, “To bring it back to the point earlier about the United States being put to work fulfilling the objectives of the Brotherhood:  the Brotherhood was killed en masse by Saddam Hussein – we removed him.  Qaddafi killed the Muslim Brotherhood – we removed him. We asked Mubarak to go. We are their instrument because they control our deliberate decision-making process.”

UTT has written about the willful surrender to our enemies by American leaders here, here, and here.


Former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano swearing in MB Leader Mohamed Elibiary to the DHS Advisory Committee

With regard to the Marxist/Socialist collaboration with the Muslim Brotherhood – as UTT has detailed via the Black Lives Matter/Hamas relationship – Mr. Higgins warned, “Every time one of these attacks happens in the United States, you see the Left in unison with the Muslim Brotherhood immediately respond with direct attacks on the First and Second Amendments.  That is not by accident, and we are going to continue to see that.”

Philip Haney’s story is devastating to hear because he publicly states he was ordered by DHS supervisors to remove the names of terrorists and terrorist organizations from DHS databases which he inputted through the course of investigations he was conducting.

This is a violation of the law.  The names removed included several known Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the U.S.

His story can be found here or here, and his powerful new book See Something, Say Nothing is now available.

Mr. Haney reiterated what UTT has been teaching and publishing for years:  “The gravitational force of the Global Islamic Movement is not radicalization, the gravitational force of the Global Islamic Movement is the implementation of sharia Law.”

It’s all about sharia.

Both Mr. Higgins and Mr. Haney made it clear the jihadi threat to America must be addressed immediately or we will suffer significant consequences for our inaction and for allowing our leaders to surrender their duties to our enemies.

Philip Haney said it best when he articulated, “This is the first and foremost obligation of the U.S. government:  to protect it’s citizens from a threat, both foreign and domestic.  And I can also tell you that if we don’t address it voluntarily with courage and conviction now, we’re going to be addressing it involuntarily, and we are going to be at a much greater disadvantage than we already are right now.”

The full audio for the show can be found HERE and the discussion with Mr. Haney and Mr. Higgins begins at approximately minute 14.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. Let the games begin; 50,000,000 (fifty-million) America / Freedom / Liberty / Loving Patriots are ready, willing, and able to defend her against any, and all domestic enemies. MOLON LABE,!

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    • Let the games begin; 50,000,000 (fifty-million) America / Freedom / Liberty / Loving Patriots are ready, willing, and able to defend her against any, and all domestic enemies. MOLON LABE,!

  3. We can fix this !! ….For starters, we need the Muslim’s OUT of our Government. They were appointed by Obama and praise God they should be leaving with him. They do not have America’s laws, interests and safety as their first responsibility. They, like Obama, are driven by their “agenda” to invade and control the USA according to their twisted ideology. If Clinton were to get elected … America is done. She has been/ is being.. financed and controlled by Middle Eastern countries that wish for the downfall of our United States and It’s Constitutional culture. Secondly, we need term limits and a clean out of all government representatives that have been in office thru the last 4 years. State Reps, Congress, and the Senate. TERM LIMITS. They seem to have forgotten they are supposed to represent the wishes of the people who elected them into office. There is so much corruption due to lobbyists and big business pushing their deals and lining the pockets of our representatives. The BLM, EPA, the IRS.. those are examples of government departments that are out of control and actually UN-NEEDED ! All the money they are wasting could be diverted to our military and BORDER Control agents so they can do their job. That would create much needed jobs and stop the flow of ILLEGALS coming through our borders. NO more amnesty packages.. So many things to be done but all CAN BE DONE .. IF we vote for a man who wants to take care of America !st !!

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  6. That is why Mr.Trump must get in the Oval Office and not Hillary!
    It is imperative we the people make sure of this.
    So those Republican’s that yell #never trump,
    If you don’t stop blocking Mr. Trump and start supporting Mr. Trump you are in for a horrific outcome if Hillary gets elected.

    Are you that stupid !?

  7. How can we get through to our Congressional leaders about this threat? They seem to turn a deaf ear to true American citizens’ concerns.

    • The answer is at the local and state level. This is where the war will be won or lost. Focus on getting Sheriffs and Pastors in this fight. JG

  8. […] By John Guandolo Originally published in Understanding the Threat (UTT) on June 20, 2016 […]


    Sworn U.S. federal officials who at the moment of becoming convinced that circumstances necessitate their intervention in order to protect & defend the country from a foreign or domestic enemy, and who in the absence of duress fail to take immediate steps to do so, are at least guilty of criminal malfeasance; though in time of war, as is the contextual case, inaction alone constitutes a flirtation with treason.

    Furthermore, in view of UTT’s publically available, multi-faceted and ever burgeoning body of contextually self-evident fact, the so called “explosive revelations” proffered by FOX in connection with selling a book containing “old wine in a new bottle” seems self-serving, for obvious reasons.

    Too, there are 94 U.S. Attorneys across the country, 66 of whom were nominated by the current White House; Yet, though clearly obligated by federal law to prosecute subversion, and protect the lives of the American people, ostensibly none was presented by said federal officials with a statement of fact delineating those “explosive revelations” i.e. in quest of federal indictments relevant to the ongoing attempt by Muslim Brotherhood operatives et al to supplant the U.S. presidency with a Caliph, thus the U.S. Constitution with the draconian hell known as Sharia. Not one!, though even an initialed refusal, in and of itself, would have evinced the abetment of treason.

    (See too the Wikipedia page titled: “Muslim Students’ Association”; i.e. for an excellent and comprehensive evolutionary narrative on the MSA, from inception to now).

  10. We need to be spreading this information far and wide, to all news Stations conservative and liberal. and telling everyone we know. We must be praying for our Nation, as these are perilous times that we live in, and only God, can truly save us, and I don’t mean the Satanic false god of islam/allah. I mean the God of the Bible and our Lord Jesus Christ! I have hope for America and the world because of Jesus Christ! We must stand strong, and vote for anyone but a continuation of Obama, our enemy in Chief/

  11. And so….

    What is to be done? Enough has been said.

  12. I feeling this is a hopeless situation. Makes me ill! Is it too late for us?

    • It is not too late and there is hope Loren. We must stand firm on our founding principles – for instance, that no law can be legislated that violates natural law of the law of God (scripture according to Blackstone’s commentaries – the law book used in America for the first 150 years of our existences). We must stop allowing the Marxists/Socialists to dictate the narrative and realize we are in a battle for the soul of our nation. And, we must defeat this enemy completely and at all levels. Citizens must fight this war at the local level in many different ways.

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