Oklahoma Beheading Case Another Example Judges and Attorneys Resistant to Linking Barbaric Behavior to Islam

May 26, 2016

Oklahoma Beheading Case Another Example Judges and Attorneys Resistant to Linking Barbaric Behavior to Islam

How many Muslims who kill in the name of Allah have to profess their loyalty to the teachings of Islam in open court before judges and attorneys realize Islam mandates violence according to sharia (Islamic Law)?

On September 24, 2014, Alton Nolen, a Muslim, sliced the neck of Colleen Hufford – a former co-worker at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Oklahoma – and then proceeded to saw her head off.


As the case has moved through the system, defense attorneys, prosecutors, and the judge in the case seem to have no clue about what Islam teaches and why it is pertinent to the case.

Nolen, whose appearance prior to his killing of Colleen Hufford was increasingly visibly sharia compliant, stated he follows the teaching of Islam – ie the Sharia.

At the hearing in Norman, Oklahoma last Friday, after the judge and attorneys made it clear his guilty plea would likely lead to a death sentence, Nolen stated:

“I’m being (held) captive to the disbelievers of Allah, the one and only God…it’s part of my religion that when death faces you, you do not back down.”

Yet Cleveland County District Judge Lori Walkley and even Nolen’s defense attorney are concerned he is not mentally fit to make this decision.

Why?  As we have heard time and again after Muslims obey the sharia and kill non-Muslims or Muslims who do not adhere to sharia, no “religion” would teach violence against others.  But Islam does.

On June 21, 2010 in the Southern District of New York, Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad entered his guilty plea in court where he stated, “I consider myself a mujahid, a Muslim soldier…we Muslims are one community.  We are not divided.”

When the judge asked him, “Were you aware what you were doing was a crime?” Shahzad responded with “I would not consider it a crime…I don’t care for the laws of the United States.”

Right.  Because jihadis only care about sharia.

On October 5, 2010 at the sentencing hearing, Shahzad was even clearer about his motives and beliefs, yet the trial judge, the Honorable Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum, corrected him on his beliefs.


Shahzad stated, “If I am given a thousand lives, I will sacrifice them all for the sake of Allah fighting this cause, defending our lands, making the word of Allah supreme over any religion or system. We Muslims don’t abide by human-made laws, because they are always corrupt…we don’t accept your democracy nor your freedom, because we already have Sharia law and freedom…the defeat of U.S. is imminent and will happen in the near future, inshallah, which will only give rise to much awaited Muslim caliphate, which is the only true universal world order…Blessed be the immigrants and the leader Sheikh Usama Bin Laden, who will be known as no less than Saladin.”

Judge Cedarbaum, demonstrating no apparent knowledge of Saladin and his jihad against non-Muslims stated, “He didn’t want to kill people.  He was a moderate man.”

In January 2016, Muslim Edward Archer shot a police officer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania while shouting “allah u akbar” and told police he did it in the name of Islam.  Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney stated the shooting had “nothing to do with being a Muslim.”

The President of the United States, the National Security Council, Cabinet members, mayors, pastors, and leaders in the West at all levels continue to perpetuate the lie Islam does not teach violence against others, despite the fact the only definition of “Jihad” in Islamic law is “warfare against non-Muslims.”

At the elementary school level and at the highest institutions of Islamic jurisprudence Islam teaches jihad is a permanent obligation until the entire world is under Islamic rule – sharia – and jihad is the vehicle to do it.

Where is the “other” version of Islam taught?  It is not.

Acts of jihad we witness around the world and in the United States each week are not done because Muslim have mental disorders, do not have jobs, need more money or Pepsi cola, or because of American foreign policy.

They do it because it is a permanent command from Allah to do so.

Those participating in the American legal system, specifically judges and attorneys, have a legal and professional duty to understand what Islam is as it relates to the flood of cases across our nation, and must do so if we are to have any chance of stemming the enemy in the legal arena.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. The First Amendment does NOT give islamists the right to build mosques, proselytize, and institute sharia here! https://publiushuldah.wordpress.com/2013/04/07/the-first-amendment-does-not-give-islamists-the-right-to-build-mosques-proselytize-and-institute-sharia-here/
    Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_Qpy0mXg8Y

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  4. John Guano lo is as right as rain. His books are tremendous eye openers. Along with John, please read Serge Trifkovic’s , Defeating Jihad, and The Sword of the Prophet. Armed with this knowledge, as a nation we might make it. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  5. Wow,

    Thank God for “Understanding the Threat” and John Guandolo. These examples need to be “shouted from the rooftops” in America. Islam is NOT A RELIGION OF PEACE!!!!

    I am so glad to have found your website John, thankyou thankyou, i don’t feel so all alone anymore.

  6. Good article because as stated nothing is unclear about the statements of Shahzad, he is a muslim following sharia law and the obligation to those who choose to do jihad. The courts, judges and attorneys( media, politicians, educators) have an obligation to know what statements are from sharia law and the links to Islam and his statements should not be misunderstood. This terror act is linked by doctrine to terrorists and the doctrine should be seen as a tentacle of the enemy methods. It is not peaceful, but for purposes of misdirection to spread, they will act with a calm face untill the time they choose to act…this cannot be vetted and the followers should not at all be allowed to purchase property for mosques and legal jurists to hide the mission as appearing peaceful and doing outreach of deception. However often this current administration is using flowery language to seduce it’s acceptance while knowing full well the doctrine it is subversion in my mind and opinion. The work of this site and others and access to millions is growing and it shows in this election….that people now know and hopefully will understand the issue and that the process of refugee resettlement should be ended due to national security… the doctrine is inherently destructive no matter the degree.

  7. Keep up the great work John. I’ve read your book and was impressed by your priceless knowledge on Islam. I have been sharing your truths with family and friends. Here in Australia, political correctness and our leftist elite media work 24/7 to spread disinformation and lies when it comes to Islam. I can’t grasp how dumb and stupid our leaders are on the issue of Islam, they refuse to take it seriously. Our current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is so fixated on his own personal wealth (he is a multi–milloinaire) that he is to busy following an economic agenda rather then a national security defence plan of attack against Islam.
    God bless you John.

    Justin (Australia).

  8. Excerpt: Shahzad stated, “If I am given a thousand lives, I will sacrifice them all for the sake of Allah fighting this cause, defending our lands, making the word of Allah supreme over any religion or system.”

    This mindset is exactly keeping in line to what is taught in Islam. The foundation of Islam is established not only upon casting fear into the hearts of the enemy (through terror) but by being willing to become a “martyr” many times over if it were possible. Here are three examples of the Islamic ideology whereby “multi-martyrdom” is glorified:

    1 ) “…I love to fight in the way of Allah and be killed, to fight and again be killed and to fight again and be killed.”
    (Sahih Muslim: Book 020, Number 4626)

    2 ) “It has been narrated on the authority of Anas b. Malik (through a different chain of transmitters) that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: Nobody who enters Paradise will (ever like to) return to this world even if he were offered everything on the surface of the earth (as an inducement) except the martyr who will desire to return to this world and be killed ten times for the sake of the great honour that has been bestowed upon him.” (Sahih Muslim: Book 020, Number 4635)

    3 ) “Yahya related to me from Malik from Abu’z-Zinad from al-Araj from Abu Hurayra that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “By He in whose hand my self is! I would like to fight in the way of Allah and be killed, then be brought to life again so I could be killed, and then be brought to life again so I could be killed.” Abu Hurayra said three times, “I testify to it by Allah!”
    (Malik’s Muwatta, Book 21, Number 21.14.27)


    The defense attorneys, prosecutors and judge in the 2014 Oklahoma beheading case should have been disbarred, impeached and paraded across every TV screen in the country in order for the American public to see what a gaggle of cowering quisling liars looked like. They knew perfectly well about the lethal violence being encouraged against Americans & Israelis in their state’s mosques, and in most other parts of the world. And were also aware that neither sharia law nor the Koran are worth the paper they’re written on with respect to homicide, or indeed with respect to anything else that pertains to this country’s criminal laws.

    With respect to the New York case: Inasmuch as Federal Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum (1929-2016) — who in October of 2010 after the “Times Square Bomber” pled guilty, sentenced him to life in prison without parole — had a close familial relationship with the leader of “Reconstructionist Judaism” (based in Chicago) whose practitioners for the most part dismiss “the idea that God reveals his will to human beings”, as supernaturalism (i.e. ostensibly believe in ghosts etc.) her line of questioning may have simply reflected, therefore, a mental comparison she was concentrating on at the moment she corrected Shahzad about his religion.

  10. Judicial trepidation … Islamic terrorism’s intended effect.

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