Orlando Attack Is Nothing Compared to What Is Coming

June 12, 2016

Orlando Attack Is Nothing Compared to What Is Coming


A jihadi named Omar Mateen armed with a rifle, a handgun and possibly explosives – who has been identified as an “ISIS soldier” – killed 50 or more Americans on Sunday morning at a night club in Orlando, Florida.  The largest single loss of life in such an incident in American history.

Thank God for the courageous men of the SWAT team or the loss of life would surely have been even more severe.

The response from law enforcement, the media, both political parties, and Americans in general, reveals America is still critically clueless.

America saw the same boilerplate responses we have come to expect from an incompetent federal government, media, and leaders at all levels of our society.

The jihadi’s father claims his son’s attack had nothing to do with Islam despite the fact Islam’s prophet Mohammad himself said, “Kill the one who sodomizes and the one who lets it be done to him.”

The President of the United States blames the weapons instead of the Muslim using them.

Hamas doing business as CAIR is still walking free in America blathering on about their shock at this incident despite the fact they themselves are terrorists.

Facebook removed Pamela Geller’s “Stop Islamization” page on the day of the Orlando shooting because it offends Muslims.

Christian leaders call for calm so as not to confuse Islam with the terrorists instead of teaching their flock the jihadis around the globe are doing what the Koran teaches and following the example of their prophet.

Many Americans will, for a brief moment, be shocked.  Then they will change their Facebook profile to show solidarity with the victims and the people in Orlando.  By Wednesday, they will go back to worrying about what’s happening with the Kardashians or who is doing what on The Voice.

However, the disconnect from reality by so many reveals America’s grave vulnerability to the much greater threat that is just over the horizon.

As has been articulated by UTT for the last several years, the Global Islamic Movement is on the march and they are still not even focused on the West.  We continue to be witnesses to Individual Jihadis working on their own (answering the broad call to jihad) or with support of Islamic groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas or others.

The turn towards the West has now begun.  As this turn towards the West gains momentum over the next six to fourteen months, the violence in Europe and North America will be markedly increased, and will involve dozens or hundreds of jihadis in multiple operations in multiple American cities.


Coming to an American Town Near You

The attacks will come, as have all of the attacks since and including 9/11, with the assistance and direct support of the major North American Islamic organizations including the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations, Hamas (CAIR), Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Muslim American Society (MAS), Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), Muslim Students Associations (MSA), Islamic Circle of North America, and so many others.

These are the same jihadi organizations which are publicly lauded and supported by the President, his national security staff, the Attorney General of the United States and the previous Attorney General, the Secretaries of State, Homeland Security, and so many others in the federal government.

The way is paved for the jihadi organizations by socialist and marxist collaborators who work daily to push law enforcement back on their heels, embolden our enemies while publicly shaming Patriots, insinuating their anti-American ideology at every level of society, and working diligently to destroy liberty and enslave this nation with socialism or some other perverted form of governmental rule.

These enemy collaborators include:  the hundreds of Soros-funded organizations, including the Center for American Progress, EMILY’s List, Gamaliel Foundation, Immigration Advocates Network, J Street, Media Matters, National Council of La Raza, People for the American Way, Project Vote, and the Tides Foundation; the Southern Poverty Law Center; Black Lives Matter; Code Pink; and so many others.


This socialist/marxist network works to:  limit free speech; erode Americans’ right to keep and bear arms; erode the respect of law enforcement and the rule of law; prevent a defense of our borders; diminish our national security apparatus including our military; and – most importantly – insinuate socialists/marxists deep into our bureaucracy so as to destroy our Constitutional Republic from within.

These socialist/marxist groups openly support the Islamic Movement against our nation.

Everything we are witnessing now is a preparation of the battlefield by our enemy and their collaborators.

When the larger attacks come, they will likely be precipitated by one or more severe events such as an attack on the power grid or a financial/cyber attack bringing down our communications or financial markets. Simultaneously, imagine multiple riots similar to the events in Baltimore, Maryland, where uncontrolled thugs burn, loot, shoot, and destroy American towns.  Now overlay onto that a dozen jihadis, such as what we witnessed in Orlando on Sunday.  Add to that a few attacks on Elementary schools by a half-dozen jihadis, suicide bombers on public transportation, and teams of a dozen jihadis in a handful of American cities.

Is your local police department ready for that?

These are real possibilities, and this will happen if we continue on the course we are on.

The solution must come from the local and state level.  Local citizens putting positive pressure on local elected officials to allow local police to aggressively identify and dismantle the jihadi organizations (CAIR, MAS, MSA, ICNA, MPAC, Islamic Centers, Islamic Societies, etc) in their areas.  If strong Sheriff’s get to work on this, they can work directly with the citizens if local elected officials are too passive to take action.

Bold pastors are needed in this fight, as they were during the time before the American Revolution, to speak truth and give guidance to their flocks on the coming battle.

The time is now.  Once the major attacks begin, the time for “brain-storming a solution” will be over.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
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  2. 16 months later: You were right…a higher death toll and a the birthing of the 1984 style reporting, with unfathomable new layers.

  3. The Southern Poverty Law Center is one that I didn’t know; the others are more obvious. Thanks.

  4. […] of the threat and why actions are being taken.  State and local law enforcement in this nation are not prepared to confront the massive jihadi network which is preparing for battle and need to be trained […]

  5. […] of the threat and why actions are being taken.  State and local law enforcement in this nation are not prepared to confront the massive jihadi network which is preparing for battle and need to be trained […]

  6. […] of the threat and why actions are being taken.  State and local law enforcement in this nation are not prepared to confront the massive jihadi network which is preparing for battle and need to be trained […]

  7. Just happened upon this site. Excellent commentary. It is one of the few places where I have seen the purposeful, not accidental, alliance between the Leftists and the International Jihad movement exposed. The cravenness of our political class in wanting to join in and not fight this totalitarian wave is truly nauseating.

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    • I live in Orlando. In fact, I recommend the book entitled “The Islamic AntiChrist” by Joel Richardson. He also wrote “The Mideast Beast”. Both can be found at your local library or whatever books are sold. I also highly recommend the book “It Is Islam by Glenn Beck. I have been much of the quaran to see what they believe & also the haddith. Glenn Beck did an excellent & thorough job of explaining what they believe.

  9. […] June 12, 2016, UTT published an article after the jihadi attack in Orlando, Florida making it clear the marxist/anarchist movement is […]

  10. The SPLC and Soros are two influences that will badly undermine American homeland security.

  11. This article is right on target. My effort has been to spread the message that ISIS is faithfully practicing Islamic doctrine as taught and practiced by Islam’s most perfect man, Muhammad. There is no “radical” Islam. It is just Islam. Those we call “moderates” are either practicing taqiyya and supporting those we call radicals in one way or another, or are apostates who may yet side with the jihadists. More here: https://sites.google.com/site/islamicthreatsimplified/home

  12. The signal US “leadership” is giving to jihadis each time Americans are attacked and killed is to step it up. Obama, Clapper, Clinton, DHS leaders, etc., are making it evident to the enemy that following each attack, we are befuddled and discombobulated regarding something that is as clear as day.

    Those who attempt to distract the American people from the reality of the global jihadist agenda and who refuse to make America safe from such bad actors, including the President, are themselves guilty of malfeasance, incompetence, aiding & abetting the enemy, willful blindness, and I dare say, treason.

  13. Valerie Meisenburg June 21, 2016 at 7:42 am Reply

    I dont believe it is over yet for Orlando. Its just the beginning thanks to the pulse shooter. He had friends and people that followed him.

  14. “A fish rots from the head down”. The POTUS is responsible for what his attorney general tells the FBI to do. The Moslem Brotherhood is actually training our FBI agents. God help us! We have been sold out from the top. Now the POTUS lets in a million more Moslems. There is a traitor within. Can we recover after Obama. Not with Hilary.

  15. “Coming to a Town Near You” during USA Presidential conventions would be
    opportune time to disrupt the USA!??

  16. Obama was raised until age 10 in Indonesia. That process made a dent like deep etching on stone.

  17. Let me make a slight correction as a normal SANE MOSLEM
    “RADICAL Global Islamic Movement” that is the insane maniacal element out there all on its own.

    Please do not muddy the entire pot many many are normal in fact the huge majority of us are NORMAL.

    • Raif, there is nothing “Radical” about what Al Qaeda and ISIS are teaching. They are modeling their behavior on that demonstrated by the prophet Mohammad himself. There is no such thing as sharia which does not mandate jihad until the world is under Islamic rule (sharia), and it is a capital crime in sharia for any muslim not to fully accept and practice the sharia.

    • Raif: Why is it that every country controlled by Muslims are Oppressive Hell-Holes answer the Quran

  18. http://pamelageller.com/2016/06/isis-praises-mateen-as-lion-of-caliphate-urges-attacks-at-theaters-hospitals-amusement-parks.html/
    Citizens will need weapons more than ever, with the treat of these savages intending to kill many more of us. The administration is infested with the Muslim Brotherhood, and thousands of rounds of ammunition were purchased by many Federal agencies, including Social Security.
    We will find ourselves fighting, not only ISIS, but our own government.

  19. […] Source: Orlando Attack Is Nothing Compared to What Is Coming – Understanding the Threat […]

  20. Heard you on the Josh Tolley show today. I thought I did BUT, until I heard your interview, I had no idea how bad our situation was.

  21. Just another example of why multiculturalism and the diversity concept are nothing more than subversive ideologies designed to weaken and ultimately bring down America. But hey, as long as the NFL starts on time and Facebook and Snapchat are available for the Iphone zombies, all is good.

  22. Nothing new here …just move along ….signed….the Democratic Party ….

  23. […] Orlando Attack Is Nothing Compared to What Is Coming […]

  24. As long as Americans elect people like Obama, Hillary, or Sanders to the highest offices of government, and remain ignorant of the danger these people pose to their freedom and safety Americans will lose the war against the Communist and Islamic enemy. Sources of information like this web portal are unknown to most Americans, who prefer MTV and Naked reality television.

  25. OPINION:

    For the Director of he FBI to publically assume an appearance of virtue as he did yesterday [fifteen years into America’s war of survival with Islam] thence lie through his teeth to the American people using a clichéd reference to “needles & haystacks”, rather than announce abrogation of the outrage he knowingly controls respecting the 1600 pages of FBI operational & training data which his predecessor withdrew at the behest of the country’s Islamic CIA Director solely because they contained any word referencing “Islam”, and which he thus knows is what actually stands in the way of fulfilling his mission, as opposed to needles & haystacks, thus constitutes hypocrisy on-stilts, and given the demonstrable facts points to treason.

    He’s a man who literally lives within multiple concentric circles of high-tech security – as does, rest assured, everyone he adores — and who thusly owns confirmed reservations within the “elitist immunity” section of any context of “safety” one might imagine, and who yesterday demonstrated beyond any doubt, Pollyanna, that he couldn’t care less than he already does about you.

  26. The election as of this past weekend has been won by one Donald J. Trump.

  27. Donald Trump’s speech today in New Hampshire has thrown the ball into the court of the naysayers. If Trump gets elected how long might it take the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to get back up to speed? At present they are operating with both hands tied behind their back, it’s a wonder more attacks haven’t happened.

  28. I agree totally the local police and state officials need to prepare for this because until Trump is in there obama won’t do anything against his dad soros and if killary gets in some way by cheating we may as well all start digging bunkers because it’s going to be nasty!

    • That isn’t going to happen, I suggest you rely on yourself and prepare so that you can defend your family, provide food and water , stay warm , provide life giving medical aid, provide the basic necessities to sustain life.

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