Republicans Lead 2021 “Boston Massacre” on Capitol Hill

January 7, 2021

Republicans Lead 2021 “Boston Massacre” on Capitol Hill

by John D. Guandolo

When the history is written about the years 2016-2026, January 6, 2021 will be remembered as a turning point in the war.

January 6, 2021 was the day republican leaders solidified their treason and cowardice while defending enemies of the Republic once again.

The hubris of republicans in the face of literally millions of Patriots in Washington, D.C. could not be more evident.

Here is how the enemy operation unfolded….

  1. Communists/democrats, along with hostile foreign nations, commit election fraud at a level never before seen in the 2020 U.S. Presidential election.
  2. Patriots, including a very small number of politicians, rise up and stand against this theft of the Republican form of government and the election itself.
  3. Republican leaders denounce all attempts to have facts heard in a formal judicial setting. Democrats, of course, concur.
  4. Patriots, enraged by the hostile revolution against America and our government rise up, and are continually met with condescending comments from republican leaders, especially Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Mitt Romney, George W. Bush, and others.
  5. Millions of Patriots arrive in Washington, D.C. on January 5th for a large rally on January 6th as Congress meets in Joint Session to count Electors.
  6. Elements of the communist group Antifa arrive in D.C. and initiate violence at the Capitol. Well known Antifa operatives literally enter the House Chambers and are identified by the media as “Trump supporters.”
  7. An unarmed 14-year female Air Force veteran named Ashli Babbit is shot and killed inside the U.S. Capitol by Capitol Police and dies.
  8. Vice President Pence flees the Capitol via motorcade while Members of Congress depart via the underground tunnels in the Capitol.
  9. Mayor of Washington, D.C. Muriel Bowser (communist/democrat) locks down D.C. and orders a 6 PM curfew on Wednesday January 6th.
  10. Republican leaders publicly condemn the violence of the “Trump supporters.”
  11. Ready-to-go protesters are on the evening news (1/6/21) with pre-printed banners which read “Stop the GOP Coup” – almost like there was a plan.
  12. Democrats and republicans accuse Mr. Trump and Patriots of a “coup” and then lecture Americans on the leaders’ desire to “follow the Constitution” and “follow the process.”

I have been in Washington, D.C. since Monday evening, January 4th. I have stood among the crowds and watched large crowds of Patriots interact with the U.S. Capitol Police, and I watched the police allow the crowds up the stairs of the Capitol.

I took part in groups of people praying for peace and for justice in our nation.

I also saw individuals who fit the profile of Antifa operators walk right up the steps of the Capitol into the crowd of Patriots. We have identified several Antifa agitators – see photos below.

Arizona Antifa operative standing in the House Chamber in the U.S. Capitol
Philadelphia Antifa operative (yellow shirt) and AZ Antifa (horn boy) inside U.S. Capitol
Horn-boy (ANTIFA) at communist Black Lives Matter Rally
Man with Yellow Shirt at Capitol Promoted as Philly-Antifa

UTT published a video this morning as well. Click HERE to see the video of what has transpired in D.C.

Remember friends – our enemy accuses Patriots of exactly what they themselves are doing in order to thwart our efforts and advance their hostile cause. Democrats are accusing Patriots of organizing a “coup” against the “democracy” when the truth is, Patriots are engaged in a great Counter-Revolution to keep the enemies of liberty from seizing power.

Also remember the name Ashli Babbit. She is a military veteran and Patriot who, while unarmed, was shot and killed inside the United States Capitol by men who also swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

Air Force veteran Ashli Babbit was killed in America – in the nation’s capital – while protesting the hostile takeover of our Republic.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. I wish John would put the video he linked above on bitchute or peertube. As expected Google scrubbed it from youtube. As for me I will begin to remain off of youtube. No desire to support fascists.

  2. […] Here are a couple to show the issues of the website. The assault on the Capitol in January 6 is called the “Boston Massacre” by John Guandolo for Republicans failing to stand up to the rule of law. As a result the Comintern, […]

  3. It’s difficult to find knowledgeable people in this particular topic, but you sound like you know what you’re
    talking about! Thanks

  4. We the people definitely have biothreats attacking us ( me ). I have a decade ago speaking about it and one lady spoke up and said, ” they are using it against civilian people. “. It’s been going on, the people are just now waking up to the reality I’ve been plagued with for going on 3 decades, now. I kept repeating if it’ll happen to me, they’ll do it to you. Until,… unfortunately, it does, many just seem asleep or watching their TV’s G-d bless them, are totally unawares of TRANCE that since ( the G-d’s truth people ) John F. Kennedy was killed. He was killed because he was taking our country back. Their are megalomaniacs truly who are so egotistical ( like some of the Dr.’s naming a few ) and Sero’s that do not know how sick that they are.

  5. What a crock of bs. These were Trump followers breaking in. They all need to go to prison along with the worst, least consequential president ever.

    • I was in Washington, D.C. and the trouble was intentionally planned and executed primarily by communists from Antifa. We now know this because Antifa leaders have now actually been arrested by the FBI. Your Trump Derangement Syndrome can only be cured by opening your mind and heart to the truth. We wish you well in that endeavor.

  6. Where is POTUS? Is there still a law suit by Sidney Powell et al pending? And why/what is being done about the absurd fast-track for POTUS to be impeached before January 20th?

  7. […] Republicans Lead 2021 “Boston Massacre” on Capitol Hill January 7, 2021, by John D. Guandolo Here is how the enemy operation unfolded…. Communists/democrats, along with hostile foreign nations, commit election fraud at a level never before seen in the 2020 U.S. Presidential […]

  8. How can we fix the problen when voting is compromised? How can we initiate peaceful change?

    • This will not be “fixed” easily nor peacefully. The political elite ignore the will of the people and supress unalienable rights – exactly opposite of their duty.

  9. “our enemy accuses Patriots of exactly what they themselves are doing” — yes, absolutely, because that’s exactly what Communists do. It’s straight out of the Chinese Communist Party’s playbook, and after 7 years in China and experiencing it firsthand myself, I can assure you that this is Marxist/Communist thought.

  10. OPINION:

    When the outgoing Republican majority leader in the Senate divests himself of the lucrative and indistinct business ties he maintains in communist China, then, and only then, should he be trusted to officially assess the superb national defense and homeland security policies of President Donald J. Trump.

    In the meantime rather than barking quasi-authoritative predictions of the future he and his aging Republican party colleagues are essentially responsible for by virtue of self-serving nonfeasance, incompetence, criminal coverups, flirtations with treason in time of war and a relentless refusal to acquaint themselves with the actual facts surrounding not only the breach of the legislative chambers in the United States Capitol yesterday, which was probably instigated by the same Antifa and Black-Lives-Matter sourced intruders who continue to operate unopposed in many of America’s Democrat controlled cities [see above photographs]; the time has thus come to issue a grand jury summons for the grand-master and director of anarchic funding worldwide, known to the world as George “Soros” (esperanto for “to soar” though not his family name), who is not only a megalomaniac who apparently thinks he’s God, but could probably be indicted in connection with at least two RICO predicates involving syndicated payments involving the commission of arsons and homicides.

    Furthermore, anyone who doesn’t thank their Higher Power upon awakening each day for the multi-faceted sedulous love & devotion Donald J. Trump provided to they, their country and their loved ones each day of his superb and historically unique presidency, will be delighted with what his communist oriented successor has up his sleeve; particularly those nocturnal knocks on their front doors to confiscate their guns.

    Anyone wishing to acquaint themselves with the ineluctable facts surrounding biological weapons of mass casualty, thanks to the relevant pros at the Center For Security Policy in Washington, D.C., can now own what appears to be the contextual “Bible” entitled “Defending Against Biothreats” [ISBN 9798664380446].

  11. NPR is denouncing what it calls “armed insurrection” at the Capitol (armed with what? Trump flags?),

    • Y are correct. I saw great men and some women there. So proud of all of OURS!

    • It was a beautiful sight peaceful people on the outer area porch carrying flags….when the window crashers arrived the crowds were screaming at them to stop, a Trump supported grabbed the first guy to pull him of the window, but the trouble makers most likely antifa were there to create the narrative that Trump incited them, so not true and the media is not just blind but deaf.

  12. Roberto M Bendana January 7, 2021 at 9:58 pm Reply

    My highest respect to your service as a patriot and freedom fighter. I have been denouncing fraudulent elections in Nicaragua since 2008, and unfortunately the swamp fueled by antifas has looked away. The SouthComm has described the vicious circle of threat (Iran-Russia-China-Cuba-Venezuela-Nicaragua), but the deep state continue treating the criminals politically and diplomatically as if they respect the rule of law. It gives me great hope to meet great patriot leaders like yourself.

  13. A quote from Stalin’s starved peasant, in Solzhenitsyn’s, Gulag Archipelago: “Men have forgotten God.” An interview with defected KGB agent, Yuri Bezemov from 30 years ago, shares his advice, “To defeat communist takeover will depend on your (nation’s) relationship to God. (paraphrased).” How’s America’s relationship with God been over the last 30-60 years?
    The Body of Christ is the restraining force against the progress of Satan’s lawlessness. I cherish religious liberty, yet the Gospel is a message out of Heaven that has become a common creed of mankind. Let’s share afresh God’s message of salvation and rediscover biblical principles in the Declaration and Constitution, then stand on that foundation!
    John, you inspire me unto deeper appreciation of our liberties and steel my resolve to fight in my spheres of influence. Thank you John and UTT! My prayers are with you and with the country we seek to preserve. Thank you.

    • Well said. And this is why the first thing communists do when they take over anywhere is to shut down churches and attempt to destroy Christianity in the society. They know. JG

    • Remember what Patrick Henry said? “Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains. A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience, is incompatible with freedom. No free government, or the blessings of liberty, can be preserved to any people but by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality, and virtue; and by a frequent recurrence to fundamental principles.” America is not the America it was thanks to the Democrats and Communists. Read Alex Newman and Samuel Blumenfeld’s book “Crimes of the Educators,” which will read to a couple of other books like Paolo Lionni’s “The Leipzig Connection” and Paul Kengor’s “Takedown.” If the Church in America had been doing all it should it would have been a bulwark, but it chose to serve Mammon when Hugo Black rendered his “separation of church and state” decision that was actually written by the ACLU. Of course, LBJ further tied the Church to Mammon and Donald Trump is the only person I ever heard talk about the Johnson Amendment. The Constitution gave us Freedom OF Religion, not Freedom FROM Religion. By the way, read W. Cleon Skousen’s “The Naked Communist.” I wish I had know about that when I was a kid. Published in 1958 he described exactly why America is going down the toilet in his Goals of the Communist. Need a sample?
      24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.
      25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio and TV.
      You may also want to find her speaking on her book “Soft Porn Plays Hard Ball.”

  14. Ashli Babbit My heart goes out to her family and friends. As a Army veteran this is just a gigantic mess. Obvious some of those agitators are “paid “ assets for someone- so many videos and pictures of the capital police helping peaceful older protestors up and down the capital steps. Somehow this was played out – I suspect these people depicted are again “ paid. “ assets for someone or something – also note on Twitter one young man confessed he was there paid for a movement to fake being a trump supporter – it seemed the death of my fellow veteran was getting to this guy he teared up when he confessed – with hope we will still have a country – but this type of orchestrated effort means bad people are behind this . People who hate America , this I’m deeply deeply concerned with .

    • When I have to gas up at a Shell station in Brandermill. Asking, then insisting on a receipt. I’m looking right in the eyes of one who hates us. How come they don’t take their sorry butts home to their own country and make their own better makes no, sence to me. But the subject is hatred. And the left has a bunch of it. Harming and hurting feels good to them. Vince the amount of pedophile and sick society now created.

  15. Thanks for reminding I did see peaceful Trump supporter walk up the steps and the Capital police open the gates for the peaceful protesters, they did not cause damage it was quite a sight to see American flags waving and peaceful people fill the outer porch area but not break into the building, The media was hysterical,…..later 3 guys with wood poles smashed a window and crawl in and my heart sank, suspecting they were antifa that would get media attention to weaken support for an investigation and shake out the weakest links and sabotage the work to start a investigation into massive voter illegal operations and vote buying judges or politicans who could rest easy. The coupe of impeachment, lies of Russian collusion, and covid but hypocracy and deep state media certainly would end an investigation and protect Biden and continue the leftist power
    A woman veteran of the airforce was a tragic death.

  16. Spot on sir. Well said👍

  17. Mitch Mc connell, is protecting the left, who sent antifa to destroy a peaceful group of protesters who peacefully walked to the Capital, who were not destroying businesses, burning buildings,burning cars attacking police, shooting police but protesting the defiance of the evidence of a corrupt election with vote buying judges, politicians and corrupted to the point of allowing a the deep state and former muslim president to support sharia law, attempt to silence free speech and collusion of will full blindness. Only a group of Islamist and leftists could destroy this country, and I have to add uninformed leaders under the spelll or power allowed to be ignorant and not support a President who was attacked relentlessly for seeing the threat of sharia law incompatible with our constitution and deadly and open borders. Holding flags and not breaking windows, nor spray painting a building then the enterlopers of antifa sent to distrupt start violence. Trump supporters do not support violence….nor did President Trump….if you do not hear the evidence of the election fraud it is beyond disgusting and very frightening so the hate Trump maoist leftist propaganda and misinformation media can fundamentally change and never repairOR SAVE America from -the coming tyranny. In my opinion

    • Oh..I was so proud of the same and not sick/evil ones that are lying, cheating, stealing and killing. To stand up bravely and do peacefully what ( we ) the Patriots were taught and we’re lawfully allowed to do under our Constitution. I was so proud of them all. It was easy for me to choose who they our Patriots are. I am so thankful for them. But the left that dressed in their crazy suits and mingled among the Greatest and caused all the awful behavior, to make it look like our Patriots were guilty, typical of the left.

  18. Antifa and BLM have been talking about posing as Trump supporters for months. For example the “Sunrise Movement” had numerous document instructions for sabotaging bureaucracies. Pence dropping the ball at the final hour in favor of Beijing is not surprising.

    • The FBLie, Globalist CIA along w/several other fed agency’s were in the 1/6 crowd dressed as MAGA(about 20 of’em) clearly armed + speaking to one another via LE intercom’s like Ray Epps attempting to start violence handing out small sledgehammers and other weapons and led the group into the open Capitol Bldg doors by the Capitol police directing people in and video’d talking to them while there as true protesters acted like tourists…
      The several busloads of ANTIFA(on video) dressed like MAGA and infiltrated and are who were unruly and destructive…
      4 Capitol police committed “suicide” after this event = WHY?

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