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RESEARCH – is made available to those wishing to deepen their understanding of the true nature of the threat we face.

The Marxist-Jihadi Cabal

In the United States today there is a significant jihadi and communist infrastructure which has been built over the last 70 to 100 years here.  We have an understanding of these threats from evidence in major criminal trials, electronic intercepts, testimony of federal agents and declassified FBI files, and – in the case of communists – defectors from CPUSA and the KGB, and much more.  Both the communists and jihadis seek to overthrow the U.S. government and install a totalitarian form of government.  Both are well-organized, have long-term strategies, are well-financed, and work together at the local, state, national, and international levels.  The way they do what they do is they operate within our system – political, media, religious, education, security – and over time insinuate themselves into positions of influence to drive how we think about and understand these issues.  Evidence of their successes include:  the fact the U.S. military crushed the enemies on the battlefields of Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, yet America lost the wars there; If we compare the Communist Objectives for America in 1950 and where America is today, we see they have achieved nearly 100% of their goals; and U.S. government officials have an understanding of Islam which is exactly opposite of what muslims teach their children about Islam in U.S. Islamic schools.  America’s intelligence and national security apparatus has consistently catastrophically failed for over 20 years.  To win this war we must understand these threats and how they operate, and chop them off at the root and not wait for a forest to grow.  In some places in the U.S. it is too late, but for most, we can still make a significant difference, but it must start now.  This war must be fought and won primarily at the local level.  UTT exists to empower citizens with tools to do this.

Marxist-Jihad Cabal

Richard Higgins served as the Director for Strategic Planning for the National Security Council under President Trump.  He was pushed out of his position by then-National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster.  In this memo, Higgins details the threats from the Communism and Islam inside the United States.  It is an excellent overview of the immediate threats America faces from both of these dangerous Movements (Counter-States).

Higgins Memo

The Islamic/Jihadi Threat

When told that Al Qaeda has never misquoted Islamic Law (Sharia) in furtherance of what it is doing, a 4-star general replied, “If that is true it would completely change the nature of how we are fighting this war.”  In fact, it is true.  Sharia is the enemy’s stated threat doctrine and we need to know it.  Not to know it is to lose this war – the primary reason we defeated the enemy on the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet lost those wars.

Important Jihadi Writings

  • Quranic Concept of War – This book was written in 1979 by Brigadier General SK Malik of the Pakistani Army.  Chief of Staff Zia ul Haq who became the President of Pakistan authored the forward and the Advocate General of Pakistan wrote the Preface.  Both men approved of the book supporting it as a legitimate understanding of the Quranic concept of war in Islam.  This is doctrine in Pakistan and should be mandatory reading for all law enforcement, intelligence, and military personnel in the West. DOWNLOAD FULL PDF

  • Jihad in Islam – Written by esteemed Islamic scholar Syed Abul A’la Maududi, this book details why Islam is a revolutionary ideology which seeks to rule the earth.  It should be understood that the works of Maududi are considered “mainstream” Islam and are found in Mosque bookstores across the globe. DOWNLOAD FULL PDF

  • Methodology of Dawah – This is the Muslim Brotherhood’s “HOW TO” book.  It is published by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and will give the researcher/reader and understanding of how the MB is doing what they are doing here in the United States. DOWNLOAD FULL PDF

  • Milestones – This is the most important book to read when it comes to understanding the enemy.  Why?  Because it operationalizes Sharia (Islamic Law).  Written by a revered Islamic ideologue, Sayyid Qutb, it is the book Al Qaeda’s leader Ayman al Zawahiri calls “the spark that ignited the Islamic” revolution. DOWNLOAD FULL PDF

  • Al Qaeda Training Manual – This version of the AQ Training Manual has an introduction written by Understanding the Threat (UTT) to provide clarity as to this document’s importance.  It should be mandatory reading for all law enforcement and military personnel, and its lessons should be taught, even this far along into the war.  This manual was discovered in a raid by British police in England in 2000. DOWNLOAD FULL PDF

  • Management of Savagery – This is Al Qaeda’s strategic document.  It was written by Abu Bakr Naji and translated by William McCants in 2006. DOWNLOAD FULL PDF
  • The Myth of Delusion Exposing the American Intelligence
  • Neglected Duty
  • Defense of the Muslim Lands
  • Quaranic concept of power


FBI Publications/Document

Inspire Magazine is Al Qaeda’s strategic and tactical lines of operation published in Charlotte, North Carolina in English can be found here.

The strategic magazine for ISIS is entitled “Dabiq” and it can be found here.

The OIC’s Role in the War

The OIC is the Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation, a 57 member organization which includes every Islamic nation on earth, is the largest voting block in the United Nations.  The OIC identifies itself as “The Collective Voice of the Muslim World” and every three years it holds a Extraordinary Session at which the Kings/Heads of State of every muslim nation on earth make decisions which are binding on the Islamic world.  Specifically, in 1990 the OIC approved “The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam” and in 1993 they officially served this document to the United Nations.  In summary, the Cairo Declaration states that the entire Islamic world only understands “Human Rights” as it is defined in Islamic sharia.  This means the entire Islamic world is on record stating that killing those who leave Islam, waging war on the non-muslim world until they convert or submit to Islam and pay the non-muslim poll tax, stoning adulterers, taking sex-slaves, killing their children for whatever reason they deem necessary, killing homosexuals, and other such lawful issues under Islamic law/sharia, is “Human Rights” to them.  When this is understood, this radically changes how the non-muslim world approaches Islam and Islamic leaders, and completely changes the nature of the war the Islamic world is waging against Europe and the United States today.

The Muslim Brotherhood

The following is a simple timeline of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in the United States:

  • Early 1960’s:    The MB begins arriving in the United States and establishes the first national Islamic organization here, the Muslim Students Association (MSA) in 1963.
  • 1970’s-Early 1980’s:    The U.S. MB, per their By-Laws, creates social, medical, and trade organizations, as well as mosques, clinics, and shelters.  It also begins solidifying their leadership, focus, and organization.
  • 1979: The Iranian Revolution.
  • 1981:  The Islamic Society of North America is formally established as an outgrowth of the Muslim Students Association (MSA).  It becomes the “umbrella” organization of the MB organizations created up to that time.
  • 1982:    Toward a Worldwide Strategy for Islamic Policy is written as a global vision for the Islamic Movement.  In it, the call to make the “Palestinian cause” an issue for the Movement is established.
  • 1987:    The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) is created as an outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine, and their Covenant is approved.
  • 1990’s:    From 1992 forward, between 60 and 120 Islamic non-profits are created annually, and the MB’s influence grows exponentially.
  • 1991:    The North American MB strategy, An Explanatory Memorandum, is published.
  • 1992:    The Implementation Manual, implementing the MB’s North American strategy, is published.
  • 1994:  The U.S. Palestine Committee (Hamas) creates its fourth organization – the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)
  • 9/11/01:  Jihadi Attack on the United States.
  • Sep 2003:  Abdurahman Alamoudi, the Islamic advisor to President Clinton and the most prominent Muslim leader in America is arrested at Heathrow Airport in London with $340,000 cash from the Libyan government for the global jihad.  Alamoudi is extradicted to and charged in Alexandria, VA.  He was involved in a plot to kill the Saudi Crown Prince with UK based Al Qaeda operatives.  Evidence revealed Alamoudi was a senior Muslim Brotherhood leader and an Al Qaeda financier.
  • Aug 2004:  FBI Raid uncovers the archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America at the home of senior MB/Hamas official Ismail Elbarasse in Annandale, VA
  • 2005:  The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) approves their 10 Year Programme of Action during an Extraordinary Session (Head of State and King level).  The OIC is the second largest international body second to the UN and is made up of all 57 Islamic nations on the planet (they include Palestine).  This plan calls for “deterrent punishments” for those who slander Islam.
  • Jan 2011:  Muslim Brotherhood Launches its Revolution Against the Islamic Nations.
  • June 2014:  The U.S. Muslim Brotherhood creates the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations as the first Islamic political party in America and made up of known MB/Hamas organizations.
  • 2015:    The OIC’s plan for silencing all critics of Islam has tangible results.  Muslim Brotherhood leaders constitute the only Islamic advisors to senior U.S. officials.  All fact-based training on the MB Movement and Sharia has been shut down in the United States.
  • Jihadi Network in America

The Muslim Brotherhood in America Video Series

This 10 part series on the Muslim Brotherhood, presented by the Center for Security Policy is highly informative and available online free of charge here.

Muslim Brotherhood Publications

US v HLF Trial

In November 2008 in the Northern District of Texas (Dallas), the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (“HLF”) and its leaders were convicted of materially supporting Hamas, a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).  US v HLF was the largest terrorism financing and Hamas trial ever successfully prosecuted in U.S. history.

At the time it was indicted shortly after 9/11/2001, HLF was the largest Islamic charity in America…and it was a Hamas organization.  As a historical note detailed by evidence in the HLF trial, the very first national Islamic organization was founded by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood in 1963 – the Muslim Students Association (MSA).  Hamas is an inherent part of the Muslim Brotherhood.  In fact, it is the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine.

The HLF case was the culmination of a fifteen (15) year FBI investigation which included a number of key events including the FBI’s surveillance of a meeting of the U.S. Palestine Committee (Hamas) in Philadelphia in 1993, as well as an FBI raid in 2004 in Annandale, Virginia of the residence of a senior leader of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas where the archives of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood were discovered.

The implications of this investigation are, quite frankly, terrifying.

The evidence reveals a massive Islamic Movement in the United States led by the Muslim Brotherhood which includes all of the prominent Islamic organizations here.  Their stated goal is to wage “Civilization Jihad” to “destroy Western civilization” and overthrow our government in order to impose Sharia and establish an Islamic state – a goal which is stated clearly in the Muslim Brotherhood By-Laws.

Today, leaders of the very organizations identified as Hamas or Hamas support organizations in the HLF trial are working inside our government in our intelligence, law enforcement, and national security organizations including the White House.  These individuals and their organizations have significantly influenced U.S. foreign policy and domestic counterterrorism strategy in this conflict.  In other words, jihadis are advising us on how to wage war against jihadis.

This constitutes a catastrophic failure by the very people charged with protecting and defending America.

The nature of this Movement is much more a counterintelligence and espionage issue than it is a “Terrorism” issue.  The lack of understanding by national security professionals is near zero on these matters.

Key Documents

The documents listed herein constitute those UTT believes are most important for readers to review.  A study of the contents of these documents will give researchers a clear understanding of the objectives, means, and methods of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Movement.  Most of these documents were entered into evidence at the HLF trial.

See each heading below for a summary and a link to the full PDF file for download.

  • Towards a Worldwide Strategy for Islamic Policy -This document identifies the strategic vision for the Global Islamic Movement. It was written in 1982 and discovered in Switzerland after 9/11/2001 in a raid by Swiss officials at the behest of the U.S. government at the residence of Yusef Nada, one of the leading Muslim Brotherhood leaders on the planet. Nada’s organizations remain on the designated terrorist list because many of them directly fund terrorist organizations.

  • By-Laws of the International Muslim Brotherhood – This is a PDF document of screen captures from February 2010 of the Muslim Brotherhood By-Laws before they were removed from the MB’s English website Article 2 clearly states the MB exists to impose Sharia (“Allah’s law”) in the land. It also calls adherents to “fight the tyrants and enemies of Allah” in order to impose an Islamic State.

  • The World Underground Movement Plan – This five (5) phase plan was discovered among the MB archives during the FBI’s 2004 raid in Annandale, Virginia and lays out the means by which they seek to insinuate themselves into our society in order to destroy it. The plan specifically states the MB has a “Shadow government” in place and weapons training here in the U.S., which is confirmed by other evidence also listed herein.

  • An Explanatory Memorandum – This document was discovered in the 2004 FBI raid in Annandale, Virginia among the archives of the Muslim Brotherhood and entered into evidence at the US v HLF trial. It was written in 1991 by Mohamad Akram, listed number two on the list of leaders of the U.S. Palestine Section (Hamas) and was approved by the governing bodies of the Muslim Brotherhood. It was entered into evidence at the US v HLF trial and was stipulated to by the defense as being what it purports to be. Therefore, legally speaking, it is the strategic plan for the Muslim Brotherhood in North America. It calls for Civilization Jihad against us in order to overthrow our government and impose an Islamic State under Sharia. This document lists 29 key MB organizations in America which today constitute the most prominent Islamic organizations in the U.S. today. Furthermore, this document identifies MB Islamic Centers as the “axis” for the MB Movement here from which they will launch their jihad.

  • The Implementation Manual – This manual lays out the MB’s plan to implement their strategy as detailed in An Explanatory Memorandum. Researchers should take not the detail of this operational plan, and how each goal is assigned to a specific group or individual with a timeline for completion. It was also discoverd in the FBI’s 2004 raid in Annandale, Virginia and entered into evidence at the US v HLF trial.

  •  Islamic Action for Palestine – This historic document dated October 1992 lays out key events within the Muslim Brotherhood’s Movement, specifically the order by the International Muslim Brotherhood to establish Palestine Committees in every nation where the MB has a presence. At that time about 80 nations had a formal functioning MB structure. The Palestine Committees were established to be nodes for Hamas in these countries. This document also details visits to the U.S. by key leaders of the International MB office and the establishment of the U.S. Palestine Committe, which then established three U.S. Hamas organizations – the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP), the United Association for Studies and Research (UASR), and the Occupied Land Fund (OLF) which became the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF). The fourth organization created by the U.S. Palestine Committee in 1994 was the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). This was discovered during the FBI’s 2004 raid in Annandale, Virginia and entered into evidence at the US v HLF trial.

  • Preliminary Vision for Preparing Future Leadership – This short document actually lists the names of key MB leaders in America and their duties. It should be noted that the last page lists, in chart format, the Sharia Court (“The Court”), the military arm of the MB (Special Section/”Special Committee”), the internal security apparatus (“Security”), and Hamas (“Palestine Committee”). This was discovered during the FBI’s 2004 raid in Annandale, Virginia and entered into evidence at the US v HLF trial.

  • Ikhwan in America – This is one of the best pieces of evidence ever discovered and reveals the true nature of the MB Movement. In 1981, a senior leader of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Executive Committe, Zeid al Noman, spoke to a group of Muslim Brothers in Missouri. This meeting was recorded and the audio tape was discovered during the FBI’s 2004 raid in Annandale, Virginia. A transcript was made and translated into English and was entered into evidence at the US v HLF trial. Because the speaker and attendees never imagined the contents of this presentation would ever see the light of day, it gives great insight into our enemy.Zeid al Noman gives an excellent review of the history of the MB in the United States from the early 1960’s to the early 1980’s. On page 8 he lays out the main and secondary goals of the group. On page 13 al Noman explains that the U.S. MB has an internal security organization as well as the Special Section which conducts “military” operations (“work”). Later on the same page, weapons training camps in the U.S. are discussed. On page 16, al Noman again makes clear that the MB has weapons training camps in the United States – in 1981.

  • HLF Indictment | HLF Unindicted Co-Conspirator List – GOVERNMENT’S MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION TO PETITIONERS ISLAMIC SOCIETY OF NORTH AMERICA AND NORTH AMERICAN ISLAMIC TRUST’S MOTION FOR EQUITABLE RELIEFThis is the government’s response to ISNA and NAIT request that their names be removed from the unindicted co-conspirator list in the US v HLF case. The government lays out the overwhelming evidence against ISNA and NAIT, which includes financial transactions directly from their accounts to Hamas leaders and organizations overseas.GOVERNMENT’S MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION TO COUNCIL ON AMERICAN -ISLAMIC RELATIONS’ MOTION FOR LEAVE TO FILE A BRIEF AMICUS CURIAE INSTANTER AND AMICUS BRIEF IN SUPPORT OF THE UNINDICTED CO-CONSPIRATORS’ FIRST AND FIFTH AMENDMENT RIGHTSThis is the government’s response to CAIR’s request that it be removed from the unindicted co-conspirator list in the US v HLF case. The government lays out the overwhelming evidence that CAIR was created by the U.S. Palestine Committee which was created by the leader of Hamas in the U.S., Musa abu Marzook.

  • ISNA Financial Documents
  • NAIT Financial Documents I
  • NAIT Financial Documents II
  • Elbarasse Phone Book: MB Leadership
  • MB Historical Outline

  • Federal Judge’s Ruling – The presiding Federal Judge in the US v HLF case was Jorge Solis. He ruled in favor of the government and left ISNA, NAIT, and CAIR on the unidicted co-conspirator list because the goverment provided “ample evidence” to establish their relationships with Hamas front organizations and Hamas headquarters overseas. A three judge panel reviewing this matter ruled 3-0 to keep these organizations on the unindicted co-conspirator list because of the evidence.

Cair is Hamas PDF

The Marxist/Communist Threat

For 100 years, an active communist Movement has existed in the United States. In 1922, the American communists attended the COMINTERN (International Communist Party in Moscow) annual Congress. U.S. citizen and communist Alexander Trachtenberg is reported as saying: “When we get ready to take the United States, we will not take it under the label of Communism; we will not take it under the label of Socialism. These labels are unpleasant to the American people, and have been smeared too much. We will take the United States under the labels we have made very lovable; we will take it under liberalism, under progressivism, under democracy. But, take it we will.” From Diana West’s book American Betrayal, we can see that much of America’s history in the 20th century and how we understand certain events was significantly and directly impacted by this hostile communist Movement with direct support from the Soviet Union as well as China. The anti-nuclear protests in Europe and the United States in the 1970’s and 80’s, the Ferguson, Missouri riots in 2014, and the burning down of U.S. cities by communists of Antifa and Black Lives Matter were all coordinated by the communist Movement. Without an understanding of the communist doctrine, network, and modus operandi, we cannot destroy this hostile cancer in our society and preserve our Republican form of government.

America’s Founding Principles

America’s founders understood that every human being is created in the image of God and, therefore, has value, dignity, equality to other human beings, and is born with unalienable rights given by God which cannot be surrendered or taken away.

Our unalienable rights exist with or without a Declaration or Constitution and with or without a United States of America.  These rights always exist and, therefore, are not created by the Constitution and the Amendments, but are affirmed by them.

With this understanding, the Founding Fathers created a government whose primary duty is to secure the God-given liberties of the people.  For the first time in history, a nation was created with this understanding, and the victors in the Revolutionary War gave the power to the people.

The Declaration of Independence identifies the Law of Nature and Nature’s God as the foundation for the moral standard of our Constitutional Republic.  Blackstone’s Commentaries, the primary legal text used by the founders at the time of the creation of the Republic, legally defines “the Law of Nature & Nature’s God” as The Will of God/Natural Law & Holy Scripture.  According to Blackstone and America’s founders, no law can be legislated which contradicts these.

When a community operates in this manner, liberty flourishes.  In this environment prosperity and true joy follow.  Creativity and production know no bounds.  This is why America is the longest standing Republic, the most prosperous nation, and has created more inventions than any other nation in the 6000 of recorded human history.

We as citizens agree to allow others to rule us so long as they rule justly.  This is the social compact.  Our Republic rests on two great concepts:  (1) Consent of the governed and (2) the inherent right to revolution if the government does not rule justly (under the Law of Nature and Nature’s God).

As created beings we have the unalienable right to defend ourselves and our loved ones and, therefore, bear the tools to do so.  This is where our right to keep and bear arms comes from – not the Second Amendment.

Our enemies know that Natural Law and Holy Scripture are the underpinnings of America’s success, productivity, and liberty, and this is why these bedrock foundations have been under assault by progressives, communists, and jihadis for hundreds of years.

One of UTT’s three (3) principles for victory in the war in which we are engaged is Re-establishing America’s Founding Principles.

Here are some resources we hope you will use to help you in your journey:

UTT’s Episode 5 Video:  Who We Are

This one hour video details America’s founding principles in law and government, and how our rights are not 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Amendment rights, they are unalienable rights which come from God and cannot be taken away by any man or government.

To get the streaming video or DVD click HERE

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The Articles of Confederation

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Investigative Support

STATEMENT OF FACTS in support of Affidavits

Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga

YouTube Video

ISGC Deed:  This December 2007 document reflects the transfer of 2204 Launcelot Road, Chattanooga, TN from the Alvin J. Stancel Charitable Remainder Unitrust to the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga.

NAIT_Sale:  This October 2013 document reflects the sale of parcel number 129C-D-019 in Chattanooga, TN from the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) to the Transforming Faith Baptist Church.  The “Authorized Agent” on this document for NAIT is Arif Shafi.

NAIT Purchase Announcement

Supreme Court Ruling on Material Support for Terrorism

Terrorist Group Thesaurus

A detailed source for information on all global terrorist organizations

A Guide to Names

Helpful resource for Arabic and Muslim names with links to regions and nations around the globe

NYPD Report:  Radicalization in the West

A solid police analysis on the Jihadi/Salafi ideology supporting the global Islamic Movement with the unified objective of establishing the Caliphate under Sharia.

Islamic Center of Irving – Video

Bill to Designate MB a Terrorist Organization

UTT Reports

UTT  – The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and Taliban Are All Fighting Together for Sharia

UTT Initial Report: Boulder Colorado Shooting on 3/22/21

UTT Overview: The Take Down of Texas

UTT assessment of the President’s Speech in Saudi Arabia as it relates to the Global Jihad.


UTT’s 14 Point Recommendations for President Trump


DFW Overview

Ministering to Muslims

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What Citizens Can Do

UTT offers the following to begin building the path to victory in America:  (1) General Strategy for Victory; (2) Basics to Educate you About the Threat; (3) ACTIONS: What You Can Do!

General Strategy for Victory

Because of the nature of the threat from the Global Islamic Movement and the massive jihadi network in the United States, the situation can be likened to an “Insurgency.”  In a “counter-insurgency” the main focus of effort – the tip of the spear – is  local police.  Local police must know and understand the threat AND have the support of the citizens so they can identify individuals and organizations which are a part of the hostile network in your community (jihadis & hard-left marxists).  Therefore, Sheriffs are key in this war.  They are the most powerful law enforcement officers in America.

Local citizens must be educated about the threat so they can support Sheriffs do what needs to be done to protect the community.  For this, Pastors are key. Pastors must understand this threat and the danger to their flocks.

State Legislatures need to be educated about the threat so they can enact legislation which will give law enforcement maximum ability to protect & defend the community, provide laws to give jihadis less room to maneuver at the state level, and give state officials more tools to aggressively pursue enemies of the state.

When state Attorney Generals work with local & state law enforcement that is UTT-trained, they can (and already have) identified jihadis (“terrorists”) in their communities, and can develop innovative strategies to dismantle these networks.

County by county, as law enforcement and the citizens understand the threat, they can take actions to remove dangers already in the community, and prevent further danger from entering.

In states where one county is overrun by jihadis, UTT recommends training and preparing citizens and law enforcement in the surrounding counties until all of them are solid and free of danger.  Then they can focus inward on the county which is overrun and work to take it back.

This strategy will work.  It will require confident and principled leadership, and a citizenry which will not waiver or falter.


Basics to Educate You About the Threat

If you are new to all of this, here are two basic study programs: (1) Basics of the Jihadi Network in the U.S.; and (2) Understanding the Basics of Sharia.  Read/View each item and be able to answer the questions below.

Basics of the Jihadi Network in the United States

1. Review Muslim Brotherhood By-Laws (on UTT website)

  • When was the Muslim Brotherhood founded?
  • What is the primary objective of the MB?
  • What does the MB say about fighting the enemies of Allah?
  • What is the general structure of the MB?

2. Watch the UTT DVD “Understanding the Threat to America” (The Outlawed Brief) & Read Raising a Jihadi Generation

  • Why was the Muslim Brotherhood founded?
  • What is the significance of the MB logo?
  • Why is Milestones important?
  • Why is abrogation critical to understanding the Islamic Movement in the U.S.?
  • Name at least 3 key implications of the US v HLFRD trial in Dallas in 2008.
  • What does the MB mean by “Process of Settlement?”
  • What does the MB mean by “Civilization Jihad?”
  • Name 4 statements of fact identifying the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) as a member of the US Palestine Committee (Hamas).
  • Articulate why ISNA and all “Islamic Societies” in the US pose a danger to the communities in which they reside.
  • If a property is owned by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), what does that mean?
  • Articulate facts revealing there is an Islamic insurgency in the U.S.

3. Watch the 3 minute UTT video about the Islamic Center of Irving HERE

  • Practice articulating why the Islamic Center of Irving is hostile.  Rewatch the video and continue practicing until the facts of the matter make sense and are understood.

4. Watch the 5 minute UTT video about the killing of 5 U.S. service members in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 2015 HERE

  • Learn the key details of this case and how to present it to others. Share it with a friend or spouse and allow them to ask questions.  Research questions and try again until you are comfortable with the material.

Basics of Sharia

1. Review Raising a Jihadi Generation, Sections 6 & 7

  • What are the two primary sources from which sharia is derived?
  • Who is the most perfect example of a man in Islam?
  • What is the state purpose of Islam?
  • What is abrogation?
  • What is ijma?
  • How does sharia define “Jihad?”
  • Is it lawful in sharia for a muslim to lie to a non-muslim?
  • What is the penalty under sharia for a muslim who leaves Islam (Apostasy)?
  • What is zakat?
  • What percentage of zakat must go towards jihad per sharia?
  • What is the Koranic verse from which the 8 categories of zakat comes?
  • How does Islam define Slander?
  • How does Islam define Terrorism?
  • How does Islam define Peace?

2. Watch this 4 minute UTT video regarding Islam HERE

3. Watch this 2 minute UTT video asking “Are there 2 versions of Islam?”

[note: for those who want to go deeper, UTT is releasing its new DVD on sharia in July 2017]

Congrats!  You now have more information about the Islamic Movement in the United States than the average FBI Counterterrorism Agent.


ACTIONS: What You Can Do (for Starters)

1. Know the threat and go through the basic program as detailed above.  Understand that America is at war.  Act like it.  Have a sense of urgency.

2. Get together with like-minded individuals and share your understanding of the threat with them.  Brainstorm ideas for your community.

3. Encourage all law enforcement leaders to host a UTT 3-day program and share it with your Sheriff.  It is preferable to meet in person with the Sheriff, and best if you find someone who supported him or knows him personally and ask them to go with you.

4. Encourage your pastor to host a UTT program in your church.  Because of the significant threat to churches in America, UTT has waived its fees for our church programs, and will come to your church is all expenses are covered and a love offering is taken up at the end of the program.  We can do a 2 – 8 hour program.

5. Identify people in your circle of influence and in their circle of influence and identify local leaders who are thoughtful and deliberate who would listen to the information about the threat and act on it.

6. Be involved in  your families, your communities, and your state.  Being “too busy” is not an excuse.

7. Educate or re-educate yourself on America’s founding.  Read the Declaration of Independence with your family and recall our bedrock is “the law of nature and nature’s God.”  Review Blackstone’s Commentaries (the primary law book used for the first 150 years of the Republic) and see how “the law of nature” and “the law of nature’s God” are legally defined.

These ideas constitute a “beginning.”  Please consider UTT’s many training programs for yourselves and your community.

Recommended Websites

This is the best resource for finding information on individual jihadis, Islamic organizations, and terrorism related cases in the last 20 years.  This should be the first stop for anyone beginning to look into a person, event, or organization tied to terrorism.  IPT was doing it before anyone else.

This site will give viewers a big picture view of the Muslim Brotherhood’s network, operations, and strategies globally.  Check this at least once a week and the picture will become clear to you.

Bill Warner comes from a scientific background and after 9/11 took that perspective when reviewing the Islamic threat.  His material is easy to digest and pertinent to law enforcement and civilians alike.  He has a number of excellent presentations on his site and on which UTT highly recommends to expand your understanding of this threat.

Robert Spencer’s daily articles are timely and pertinent for anyone trying to stay current on the growing Islamic threat around the U.S. and the world.  Spencer knows Sharia and Islamic history as well as anyone else in America, and his insights are right on the mark.

The US v Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) case was the largest terrorism financing and Hamas trial ever successfully prosecuted in American history.  This 15+ year FBI investigation revealed a massive jihadi network in the U.S. led by the Muslim Brotherhood.  The federal judge in this case ordered all of the evidence published on this website.  For researchers it is a good way to dig down deep into this case.  Again, it is recommended those new to this research begin at the IPT website going through the HLF trial.

This site details the results of a nationwide survey of 100 mosques to determine if there is a correlation between observed Sharia adherence and violent dogma taught at these mosques.  The result was that there exists a one to one correlation.  This information is evidence that Sharia adherence necessarily means violent teachings are present in the community.  This also provides law enforcement facts that can go towards probable cause and/or reasonable suspicion.

Wallbuilders is led by historian David Barton who possesses the largest private collection of founding documents in America.  Wallbuilders is an excellent resource to learn and teach about America’s Godly heritage – a lesson which is no longer taught in American classrooms today.

Recommended Videos


Students Radicalized on US College Campuses – Islamic extremism at Northwestern University A shocking video exposé on Islamic extremists’ efforts to recruit and radicalize students on American college campuses.


Grand Deception (2013)

The Grand Deception is a 70 minutes film produced by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT), and traces the roots of the Islamic Movement inside the United States.  This documentary contains interviews with Muslim Brotherhood leaders and IPT archives of footage of jihadis in America.

The Project (2012)

An explosive film about the Muslim Brotherhood’s penetration of the U.S. government.  This film walks through the evidence revealed in the US v Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial (Dallas, 2008), the largest terrorism financing and Hamas trial in American history, and details the implications of this trial.

Islam:  What the West Needs to Know (2007)

A practical understanding of the Islamic Movement, Sharia, Islam, and the reality of this threat presented by several of the most qualified scholars on the planet.

Homegrown Jihad (2009)

Scattered across the United States are dozens of jihadi training camps as a part of Jamaat al Fuqra’s network here.  Jamaat al Fuqra is a terrorist organization which is known as Muslims of America (MOA) here in the U.S.  This documentary details MOA’s terrorist training and recruiting her in America and the failure by our government to go after this threat.

Terrorists Among Us:  Jihad in America (2001)

A detailed look at how jihadis have been in America for years operating among us seemingly unhindered by the communities in which they live and the law enforcement agencies around them.

Islam Rising:  Geert Wilders’ Warning to the West (2010)

Dutch Member of Parliment Geert Wilders lives under constant protection because the Islamic world has called for his assassination for speaking truthfully about the threats we face.  In this movie, this leader of an EU nation speaks out against the Islamic threat facing Europe and America.

In the Face of Evil: Reagan’s War in Word and Deed

This film is based on Peter Schweitzer’s book and details Ronald Reagan’s lifetime battle for liberty and against communism.  In these times, UTT believes this is one of the most powerful films there is in relating events we are witnessing today as they relate to the historical evils of Nazism, communism, socialism, and others.

Other Key Videos

A 3:51 clip from the Peace Conference in Norway where thousands of Muslims are in agreement that Sharia is what Islam requires and wants.

2015 – Danish Muslims Call Terrorist Who Killed to Suppress Free Speech a “Hero” (2:12)

Muslim Students Respond to Showing of Lars Vilks Film

LAPD Deputy Chief Michael Downing at Muslim Brotherhood Center in Orange County.

LAPD Deputy Chief Michael Downing Demonstrates Ignorance of MB Threat

Congressman Chip Cravaack Questions Former LA County Sheriff Lee Baca on His Ties to Hamas

Pamela Geller Explains the First Amendment and Sharia to Chris Cuomo

Muslim Student Defends Killing Jews in Q&A with David Horowitz at University

ACT! for America Founder Brigitte Gabriel Responds to Muslim Question at Heritage Foundation

Walid Shoebat and Robert Spencer Discuss Authetic Islamic Martyrdom

3 Things You May Not Know About Islam

Shariah Compliant Finance (SCF)

This one hour video produced by SCF expert David Yerushalmi, is an excellent resource.

For a written copy of the key details provided in this presentation you can click here

Refugee Resettlement

In this brief 4 minute video, average citizen and courageous hero Ann Corcoran simply lays out real and practical dangers of the U.S. State Department’s “Refugee Resettlement” operation.

Recommended Books

Books of Islamic Law (sharia)

Um Dat al Salik (The Reliance of the Traveller), Nuh Ha Mim Keller

This book of Islamic sacred law is published in Beltsville, Maryland and certified by Al Azhar and the International Muslim Brotherhood as authentic Islamic Law.  It is a single volume book of Islamic Law.  The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) has called for all American Muslims to have one in their homes.

What Islam is All About, Yahya Emerick

This junior high school text is the most widely used book of Islam used in Mosques and Islamic schools in the United States.  A read through this will make clear that Islamic schools in America teach the same ideas that Al Qaeda and ISIS do.


These books of sharia deal with the 7 crimes specific crimes listed in the Koran and their punishments, which include crucifixion, beheading, whipping, stoning…all of which comes from Allah.

Tafsir ibn Kathir

This is the most authoritative tafsir in Islam.  The tafsir legally defines every verse in the Koran.

Declaration of Independence, Founding Fathers

This is the ideal for America.  It is the single most important founding document.  The U.S. Constitution can only be understood in light of the Declaration.  There is only one duty listed in the Declaration for citizens – the duty to shrug of tyrannical government.

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpation’s, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

Raising a Jihadi Generation, John Guandolo

Details the history, network, and modus operandi of the Muslim Brotherhood

Sharia the Threat to America
Report of Team B II

This highly informative report reveals a troubling reality: The Obama and Bush II administrations, along with state and local governments, have been blind to critical facts about the true nature of the enemy we face and what  animates him, his progress toward achieving our demise, and what we can do to stop him. Download the PDF here.

Identifies the Enemy Threat Doctrine for the war in which we find ourselves.  Sharia (Islamic Law) is the enemy’s self-identified threat doctrine.  This book lays out what it is and how it is incompatible with a Constitutional Republic.

Shariah for Non-Muslims, Bill Warner  (

In true Bill Warner fashion, this short reader does an excellent job of explaining Islamic Law in a simple yet fact-packed way.


The Truth About Muhammad, Robert Spencer

New York Times bestselling author and Islam expert Robert Spencer offers an honest and telling portrait of the founder of Islam – perhaps the first such portrait in half a century unbounded by fear and political correctness, unflinching, and willing to face the hard facts about Muhammad’s life that continue to affect our world today.

Milestones, Sayyid Qutb

Qutb is one of the most revered Islamic writers in the world today.  His works can be found in mosques and Islamic Centers across the globe.  Milestones operationalizes Sharia and this is why Al Qaeda’s leader Ayman al Zawahiri calls Qutb the “spark that ignited the Islamic revolution.”  This book is taught to Islamic youth between ages 12 and 14.

The Quranic Concept of War, S.K. Malik

See “Important Jihadi Writings” for an explanation and PDF

Methodology of Dawah, Shamim Siddiqi

See “Important Jihadi Writings” for an explanation and PDF

The Al Qaeda Reader,  Raymond Ibrahim & Victor David Hanson

An excellent resource for jihadi writings.

Secret Weapon, Kevin Freeman

Kevin Freeman was the financial advisor to Sir John Templeton who discovered unusual finacial transactions surrounding the 2008 market downturn.  This resulted in the Department of Defense contracting him to write a report on his findings which discovered a likely economic attack on the U.S. financial market, as well as numerous vulnerabilities to future attacks.  Freeman takes his findings and new research and put it all in Secret Weapon.

Muslim Mafia, Dave Gaubatz & Paul Sperry

As a follow up to Paul Sperry’s book, Infiltration, Muslim Mafia lays out the evidence discovered when Chris Gaubatz, son of former OSI investigator Dave Gaubatz, posed as an intern with Hamas (dba CAIR) in Washington, D.C.  This book is explosive, yet the evidence has yet to be acted on by our goverment intelligence and law enforcement agencies.  Isn’t it strange it took a civilian to conduct this kind of investigation?

Islam and Terrorism, Mark Gabriel

A great read from former Muslim and Islamic scholar from Al Azhar Mark Gabriel (alias) about Islam and its teachings.

American Betrayal, Diana West

The history of America’s 20th century may be significantly different than you have been led to believe – or misled to believe.  Diana West’s quest to see if America has ever been blind to major threats like the one we currently face from the global Islamic Movement, led her to discover that Communists deeply penetrated America’s leadership and key societal pillars long before World War II.  This book is a must read for anyone working in the current national security field.

Center for Security (CSP) Library.

CSP provides a number of resources for readers concerned about America’s national security.

The New England Primer (David Barton)

The first textbook ever printed in America and used until the mid-20th century reveals that God has always been the center of our nation and Biblical principles form the moral standard for our Constitutional Republic.

Wild at Heart, John Eldredge

Before we can change America, change begins in each of us, especially men.  American men must stand in the authority in which they are born and lead.  As spiritual heads of the household and defenders of the faith and our nation, men must courageously step up to the plate now.  There is a great war raging and we need all warriors on deck.  Wild at Heart clearly lays out the core desires with which every man is born.  This is a must read for any man who wants to join this fight.

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