Sharia Adherent Muslims Are Not “Extremists”

February 9, 2015

Sharia Adherent Muslims Are Not “Extremists”

The U.S. government continues to label the Islamic terrorists we face as “violent extremists” who commit acts of “workplace violence.”  Here at Understanding the Threat (UTT) we prefer to live in reality because it is the only place our enemies can be defeated.

The phrase “violent extremism” is a non-sensical term and was brought to the U.S. via the FBI and DHS who were convinced by our British counterparts it identifies our enemies.  In fact, it identifies anyone who is willing to support their beliefs with violence.  In this light, U.S. military forces and any American willing to defend a just cause can be classified as a “violent extremist.”

Unfortunately, those participating in the global Islamic jihad do not call themselves “extremists.”  They call themselves “Jihadis” who wage jihad until the entire world is under Sharia (Islamic Law).  American war fighting doctrine states we begin our analysis of any enemy by how that enemy describes itself.

This enemy specifically states it seeks to impose Sharia and it is the blueprint for everything it does.  Jihad is total warfare.  It is Civilization Jihad per the Muslim Brotherhood’s own strategic plan for North America, and the MB’s global strategy.  Jihad is warfare that comes at a society in a hundred different ways:  politically, economically, psychologically, spiritually, culturally, societally, and it includes violence of many kinds both in the community and on the battlefield.

Sharia is the filter through which this enemy communicates and understands the world.  This is why it is crucial that we also use Sharia when we hear our adversaries speak so we can properly understand what the enemy intends.  In the Sharia, “Terrorism” is killing a Muslim without right; “Human Rights” is the imposition of Sharia (per the Cairo Declaration, a formal document served to the UN by the entire Muslim world via the OIC in 1993); and “Extremism” is when a Muslim exceeds his ability or authority.

Nowhere in the Muslim world do Islamic jihadi organizations call themselves “extremists” – they call themselves “Jihadis.”

At the Muslim Peace Conference in Oslo, Norway in 2013, the Muslim Community openly demonstrated the punishments of the Sharia have broad support.  Fahad Qureshi, the founder of IslamNet, asked the crowd a series of questions.  The answers from the entire Muslim audience put this issue right in our face.  Nearly two thousand average Muslims made it clear they are in full support of the Sharia, its punishments, and its importance to the Muslim community.

It is arrogant and condescending to believe Muslims do not believe the very thing to which they say they subscribe – the very things Islam teaches.

They are not “extremists” – they are jihadis.

About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. John: You are correct! Our government was infiltrated by our enemy decades ago and implemented a plan they wrote and neither the House nor Senate will hold hearings on the Muslim Brotherhood and the plan they are employing within our government called the Civilization-Jihad Process. Their plan is working quite well by the way! How do we know this; because the media, House and Senate refuse to address the issue and review their Civilization-Jihad plan? Here is an example!
    Who in DoD is deflecting conversations about 4GW?

    Take time to read “The Changing Face of War – Into the Fourth Generation” by Lind, Nightengale, Schmitt, Sutton and Wilson published in the October 1989 Marine Corps Gazette.
    “Terrorists use a free society’s freedom and openness, its greatest strengths, against it. They can move freely within our society while actively working to subvert it. They use our democratic rights not only to penetrate but also to defend themselves. If we treat them within our laws, they gain many protections; if we simply shoot them down, the television news can easily make them appear to be the victims. Terrorists can effectively wage their form of warfare while being protected by the society they are attacking. If we are forced to set aside our own system of legal protections to deal with terrorists, the terrorists win another sort of victory.
    Highly sophisticated psychological warfare, especially through manipulation of the media, particularly television news. Some terrorists already know how to play this game. More broadly, hostile forces could easily take advantage of a significant product of television reporting — the fact that on television the enemy’s casualties can be almost as devastating on the home front as are friendly casualties. If we bomb an enemy city, the pictures of enemy civilian dead brought into every living room in the country on the evening news can easily turn what may have been a military success (assuming we also hit the military target) into a serious defeat.
    You can buy a copy of their plan to destroy America at Amazon for only $5.50 An Explanatory Memorandum: From the Archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America or, you can read an online copy here at Center for Security Policy website.

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