October 6, 2017

Special Report: What is the Most Viable Assessment of the Las Vegas Attack?


Five days after the largest shooting attack in American history, U.S. leaders are no closer to identifying the motive of the perpetrator of this tragedy.  Yet, our government assures us this is not connected to “international terrorism.”

With regards to the current situation as it stands right now, the facts as we know them are this;

  1. Last spring the Islamic State released a video targeting Las Vegas using a red smear effect to show “blood” over the city.
  2. In September, the Islamic State issued another threat against Las Vegas.
  3. Last week the Islamic state published a message in one of their media outlets admonishing Muslims to avoid large gatherings of non-Muslims, specifically including large events where thousands of people gather.
  4. Sunday night, October 1st in Las Vegas, Stephen Paddock fired on a crowd of approximately 22,000 people at a country music concert.
  5. On Monday October 2nd, the Islamic State claimed responsibly for this attack. Later that day they issued a second message confirming the Las Vegas attack was conducted by a “soldier of the caliphate” and “martyr.”  Several hours later early Tuesday morning EST the Islamic state issued a third message reconfirming the Las Vegas attack was their operation.
  6. On Thursday October 5th, the Islamic State released a new video showing the red smear “blood” over the Mandalay Bay Hotel.
  7. There is no record of the Islamic state ever claiming responsibility of an operation that did not turn out to be a jihadi attack (Note: June attack in Philippines was claimed by the Islamic State. While government officials there call the event a “robbery,” credible analysis of the incident makes a strong case that was an IS operation).  See the article this week in the Atlantic making the same case.
  8. The sheriff leading the investigation effort publicly stated it is his opinion Paddock was not operating alone.
  9. It has been confirmed that Paddock wired $100,000 to the Philippines before this operation.
  10. Paddock filmed himself during the attack.
  11. Paddock conducted pre-operational reconnaissance on the Las Vegas target (Mandalay) but other similar targets in other cities as well.
  12. Biographical information on Paddock indicates no prior military or law enforcement experience.
  13. Beside numerous weapons, explosives were found in Paddock’s vehicle and in one of his residences.

Here is what we can learn from these facts:

Paddock’s conduct and behavior suggest he is capable in pre-mission planning, conducting reconnaissance, logistical planning, weapons handling, explosives handling, and executing a mission.

Without law enforcement and/or military training, where was Paddock trained?

Who trained Paddock?

In light of these facts the most viable assessment at this point continues to be that the Las Vegas attack was a Jihadi operation.

For those who disagree, the question is “What is the alternative assessment at this point?”

The media’s go-to assessment immediately following the event that Paddock “snapped” from some sort of psychological “event” was shattered when we learned about his months of preparation and pre-mission reconnaissance.

In the end, we are left with the deadliest shooting attack in US history perpetrated by a man about whom little is known, but yet someone who was trained and prepared for this mission.

While UTT understands there are several other possibilities for a motive in this attack, none of them are reasonable in light of the current facts.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
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  2. […] sure the evidence will show this was a significant Islamic State operation.  See UTT articles here here and […]

  3. The “Deep State”? “Shadow Gov’t”? Common sense would point to this as not a spontaneous event nor an lapse of sanity! Here we go again with no truth in the media’s “investigative reporting”, or disclosure by the FBI,…while creating such an uproar over “Harvey W,”. ignoring Billy and Hitlery Clinton,…(WHY?) The “Progressive” Republican Leadership and the (left of ) Progressive Democrats have seized unilateral power (un Constitutionally) finishing up on OBAMAS promise to “fundamentally change America”.

    What they don’t realizes is that we the enemy no longer needs you to their cause they will turn on you next! History shows that time after time!

  4. Then there’s this: “Well America if you do a Google search of John Podesta’s daughter…

    She is the wife of lead FBI investigator in the Mandalay Bay shooting Aaron Rouse.

    So now basically the Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting smells a little worse, and now has an all out Hillary Clinton connection”.

    “FBI agent Aaron Rouse in Vegas is son-in-law of John Podesta”:


  5. https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/1.816692

    John, what are the chances that, just this week some govt. agency (when I initially read this it said Dept. of State, but I can’t find it now) releases a wanted poster for Hezbollah operatives they believe are operating in the U.S., including, GET THIS, the mastermind of the Marine Barracks bombing 34 years ago who they are now offering $5 million and witness protection to the person with info????!!! And the fact it’s only (that I can tell) been written about or released by an Israeli publication? And now the “hero” witness “security guard” has disappeared, cancelling his Hannity appearance (he’s either a primo witness or an illegal). I know there is a lot of speculation, but I cannot discount this wanted poster and the timing of the $5 million reward for a criminal whose last job was 34 years ago.

  6. […] UTT has enumerated the facts we know about the attack as of now, which is not the investigative premise from which investigative action are being taken.  See our article here. […]

  7. The idea that a terrorist may not always be a person with dark complexion from a foreign country, but a 64 year old typical American is not a fact administration is likely wanting to adopt. It would call into question how effective homeland security and other agencies are at identifying and stopping potential threats. It is also now being reported the hotel security guard was shot before the shooter started shooting into the crowd. That raises a whole host of other questions about whether his actions could have stopped the event.
    They may not know the answer, or it is taking this long to concoct a story they can sell to the public that will attempt to give people a sense the government is in control.

  8. The following is troublesome:

    What is the statistical likelihood that the hotel guard would appear at the floor and room of the shooter few minutes prior to his murderous act? After all the Mandalay Bay Hotel is quite large. And considering that the murderer was able to target and massacre 58 people from so far away and in view of his precision, how is it that he was only able to shoot the guard in the leg and not kill him after so many rounds? And wouldn’t someone intent on mass murder limit his rounds so as not to draw attention? Of course this is mere speculation because the facts are unknown to us, but a proper investigation must, especially in view of new evidence that the guard was shot prior to the massacre, investigate the guard thoroughly as well for any prior links or association with the shooter, as the latter could have had assistance from someone working in the hotel, thus his choice of that particular hotel as opposed to other targets.


    It seems now evident that one significant sign to become aware of and watch for with respect to the prevention of jihadi attacks is their tendency to choose targets where existing symbols referential to Islam become thus transformed, post an attack, into indicators of incremental success vis-à-vis Islam’s relentless quest for world domination under sharia.

    E.g., (among hundreds of others around the country), symbols such as: the failed “Ground Zero Mosque” initiative by a nefarious New York property developer; the existing obscene outrage to the United States and its’ people in Somerset County Pennsylvania where on 9/11 Flight-93 came down; consisting of a red crescent symbol of Islam oriented in the direction of Mecca, or the now contextually infamous prominent name “Mandalay Bay” adorning the roof-top of the hotel in Las Vegas, the building from which said latest slaughter of innocent young Americans-at-leisure ensued at the hands of a purposefully well trained sharia-adherent killer & recent convert to Islam.

    I.e., the “Mandalay Bay” hotel’s name was apparently chosen in 1998 as a symbol of the ostensibly exotic southeast Asian atmosphere prevalent in Mandalay, the 2nd largest city (and last royal capital) of Myanmar , formerly “Burma”; a country where 2,193,000 sharia-adherent Sunni Muslims now live, both legally & illegally, most of whom are reputed to in a perpetual state of conflict with Myanmar’s Buddhist majority while others comprise “The All Burma Muslim Union”, and some sort of non-governmental “Muslim Army”, both of which are regarded by the ruling government to be “Muslim terrorist insurgents”.

    • Don, there was news out of Burma just a couple weeks ago, and San Sun Syu Ki or whatever her name is was under fire for not protecting certain Muslims. This is a really good point you make.

  10. John, you should add to your report that the New York City police arrested an IS cell only the day before the Las Vegas massacre for plotting, among other things, attacks on concerts, Also, British police as well as British journalists working in cooperation with them have discovered that recent “lone wolf” Islamist attackers in Britain received extensive instructions and guidance from IS handlers in Syria before making their attacks. Amo9ng other things, the handlers chose the targets that the ‘hands on” terrorists attacked.

  11. I believe it’s also highly significant that ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack so soon after it occurred and well before the authorities could have gotten too far along in their investigation into the massacre. Their prompt claim of responsibility suggests that they knew there was no evidence for authorities to discover that would irrefutably point toward an alternative motive for the shooting.

  12. John: The news coverage of this story is the most bizarre I’ve ever witnessed. It is beyond logical that the Mandalay Bay would not have checked out this guy…in his room for 5 days with no surveillance? Preposterous. And all those guns, that had to get in there somehow. Any casino on the Strip would have $1 million on hand at any given time, so he could have been plotting to rob the place…

    I specially appreciated your first blog post on this, Oct. 3rd, John, for you right way, on a Tuesday, laid out what wasn’t adding up. I was sharing your points and others about the lack of shell casings in the room photos, etc. with a Democrat friend (I pray some disparate friendships will survive these times) and she said she wouldn’t worry until the press (in her case the Wash. Post, NYT’s and NPR) tells her to. That’s the heart of our problem. There are millions of people who are walking around believing all these lies, closing their lying eyes.

    Mark Green: Altho I didn’t read all of what you wrote, I agree with each of your paragraph-leading sentences. I have fretted for eight years about where is a safe place to be if/when things go south. Every summer my husband I travel north, usually as far as North Dakota. Even tho the most picturesque places on our trip are Wisconsin and Minnesota, around Lake Superior, that’s not an option, as they have a pretty virulent left wing population. In 2016 we found the most ‘Vote Trump’ signs in the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan, except the largest UP city Marquette.

    I ponder these things for we know it’s safer being around kindred spirits, than being an island of one is a sea of opposition, which is what we are now, in Fairfax County. In 2016 we had a Trump sign in the front garden–the only one in our sub-division. A young high school senior tried to break in and attack us. He was allegedly on drugs. His family had him admitted that day to a psych hospital. The court ‘dropped the case.’ He was a football star off to college on scholarship. Fortunately, our ex-Marine son-in-law was home at the time, holding him down until the law arrive at least 15 minutes after we called 911. Our dear son-in-law is Hispanic and the attacker was black, which the 911 operator asked early on in my call. The attacker kept telling our son-in-law we aren’t his family (my husband and I are white). Some of the neighbors ‘tsked, ‘tsked’ that no doubt the Trump sign didn’t help us. This is not the American way.

    The area we find most appealing on our travels (June through October) is the UP, although the winters are harsh and the growing season short. Lived in Texas…but that heat, mercy, not for us.

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  14. Speculatively speaking, if the Las Vegas shooting was in fact an act of terrorism as you have carefully assessed, then the goal of the massacre may have been intended to promote a political agenda, i.e. (gun control). I find it very perplexing, that a similar response by the left wing government quickly surfaced immediately following the Orlando, FL shooting. It was the gun who did it your honor! Do we really know for a fact where the Las Vegas shooter got his 100K from? For the reasons stated in your article and the reasons that I have stated below, it is just as plausible to conclude that the shooter got his money from someone in the Democratic Party or within Islam. In addition to what has already been said, it is worth noting that the response among the political left to identify, not the shooter, (who killed himself), but the types of guns used, gun accessories, gun owners, and gun manufacturers as the problem. The speed at which politicians stood up and put forth legislation to regulate, not mental illness or terrorism, but guns was astonishing. Within a couple of days of the tragedy, the websites to buy the bump fire stock were shut down. This may have been due to negative publicity. Likewise, all of the major sporting goods stores pulled them off of the shelves and out of the stores, so that people who wanted them could not buy them easily even though they are still legal. This has resulted in a shortage in the supply for a large demand. The sticker price is now two or three times what it was previously. The bump fire stock allows law abiding mentally healthy gun owners the opportunity to experience what it is like to fire a simulated nearly automated weapon. It is way too expensive for the average gun owner to be able to afford a fully automated legal machine gun due to regulation. Registration usually precedes confiscation. At some point, an attempt will likely be made by the government to confiscate your weapons. At the point that you surrender them, if you do, you have just capitulated your freedoms, rights, and privileges, that are afforded under our democracy.

    Should private citizens have the opportunity to own these types of weapons if they are mentally sound and law abiding, absolutely for the reasons stated below. It is highly probable that our nation and the rest of Western Civilization will likely being going to war a few years down the road. In the “Explanatory Memorandum,” Islam clearly states their agenda and how that they intend to get there. A five phase plan is given. To this point, they have achieved all of their stated goals. As of 2016, they entered into stage four, which is the final stage before the new cold war goes hot. To date, they have been involved in: sabotage, espionage, counterintelligence, changing laws to entitle them while at the same time limit the native population, and so on. When this conflict goes kinetic, every healthy and able citizen in this nation is going to need a combat rifle, lots of ammo, and know how on ways in which to defeat this enemy. Our government has been heavily infiltrated. It has been compromised and crippled. We are no longer in charge of our own narrative. Cutting down historical statues is the enemies way of erasing our history before imposing their own. Our future, should we have one, is going to be determined by “We the People.” These are patriots, Christians, conservatives, and the like, who have in common one simple idea. We love our country and we believe in and value the ideals that this nation was established upon. It is time to get prepared, step up to the plate, and declare with one unified loud voice, our independence from tyranny.

    Islam, Marxism, Globalism and other forms of totalitarian governments have as one of their stated goals, the disarmament of private citizens from owning weapons. Censorship and the confiscation of weapons out of the hands of private citizens were among the first actions taken by Adolph Hitler just before the holocaust of World War II broke out. Disarmament of law abiding private citizens is necessary in order to thwart any resistance to the new totalitarian government that they are attempting to be impose upon people who do not want it.

    It seems like every time that there is a mass shooting, the political left wants to immediately promote “gun control” as the answer to these situations. Some are even as bold as to publicly state that they want to end the Second Amendment rights in the U.S. Constitution for private citizens. John Kerry signed legislation under international law that would end the private ownership of small arms, which is in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Article Six, which states that the the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land. You see activists left wing judges and left wing politicians deferring more and more to international law as a means of getting around our constitution. In President Obama’s farewell address to the nation, he made a strong push for “gun control.” Fortunately, Congress blocked his efforts, but within days after his address, the news media cited a court case in the State of Connecticut, that was intended to accomplish the same thing.

    The plaintiff’s in this case were family members of children who were killed in the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School a few years earlier. Even though irresponsible parenting and mental illness were found to be the motivating factor in the tragic shooting, these plaintiffs were wanting to change the law to accomplish two things. They wanted to get assault style weapons, like the (Bush Master Semi-Automatic AR-15 rifle) out of the hands of private citizens. They could see no reason for private citizens to own such weapons.They stated that the only groups of people who should own these types of weapons should be the military and law enforcement. They were wanting the activist judge to make a ruling that would hold the manufacturer of these types of weapons responsible for the actions of those who purchase them and use them in an irresponsible way. If they win, this sets a negative legal precedent for the manufacturer of all sorts of things that have absolutely nothing to do with weapons. Tell me something, could a plane in the hands of the wrong individual be used as a weapon, such as in the case of 9/11? Could a truck be used as a weapon in the hands of an irresponsible person or terrorist, such as the case of a recent attack in Europe? Many people were killed in both incidents. Are we going to outlaw commercial planes or trucks?

    The political left and its supporters do not wish to examine all of the facts, look at history, or engage in any type of meaningful dialogue that might conflict with their political agenda. Several left wing politicians have been pushing their political agenda for a number of years to end Second Amendment rights. Gun owners have had limits placed upon them for owning fully automatic weapons, the size of their magazine clips is limited to a small number of rounds in some areas, ammunition for specific types of weapons is difficult to locate in certain areas, certain types of weapons have already been outlawed in some states. Today, they are wanting to make sweeping changes that would outlaw bump fire stocks. This last action, if successful, will end the opportunity for private citizens to own rapid fire weapons. Under normal circumstances, the correct response would be for the gun owner to fill out the paperwork and go through the background checks, and pay the two hundred dollar stamp for owning a bump fire stock system, if they wished to own one. Considering the above, strongly suggests that we no longer live under normal circumstances. There is a very real political agenda at play here to take our nation down and both a foreign enemy and subversives within our own government are in on it.

    Ask yourself the question, are there any circumstances that you could think of in which private citizens might need semi-automatic and or automatic combat style weapons? The “Explanatory Memorandum” makes it clear that Marxists politicians have colluded with Islam to destroy our government from within through sabotage. Islam has a large network of numerous front groups to accomplish their stated purpose of sedition, which is to overthrow our current form of government and impose their form of law on non-Muslims in a non-Muslim nation. Some of our political leaders have no doubt committed crimes of high treason against the U.S. Constitution and the private citizens that they are charged with protecting. The U.S. National Security was successfully compromised under Director Muller by Islamic front groups, who were given access to the government’s intelligence materials, training, trainers, and so on. After expunging over a thousand pages of material and firing counterintelligence trainers, political correctness was instituted to “cripple” the investigative efforts of law enforcement, the military, the intelligence community, and anyone dealing with the criminal acts of Muslims and Islam. Muslims are not loyal to this country. They are loyal to Islam. They are using our own laws against us. Only fourteen percent of Islam is considered religion. The rest of it has to do with political, military, finance systems, etc. Since Sharia Law aims at controlling all aspects of a person’s life, Islam actually has more in common with an ideology like Nazism, Communism, or Socialism than a religion.

    Multiculturalism and diversity sounds nice on the surface, but it is not about that at all. It is a tool or a mechanism to allow groups of people into every aspect of our society whose intent is sedition. The end result of multiculturalism and diversity is one culture. Can you guess which one it will be? There are many examples of Muslims who have turned on the host country that they happen to be living in, i.e. (Major Hassan, Alamoudi, and so on). Bridget Gabriel also discusses in her book how that the Muslim population turned on the native citizens in the host country once they gained the upper hand. “They were telling us all along what they were going to do, and we did not believe them. We wanted to impose our own western values upon them and reinterpret what they were saying as something else.”

    Going back to the question, why do private citizens need combat style weapons? The answer is that war is coming. The left wing government created the crises that we now find ourselves in by allowing large numbers of jihadis in, who could not be properly vetted, who refuse to assimilate into American Culture, who cannot or refuse to work, and who have aspirations of sedition. “Immigration without assimilation is an invasion.” America and Western Civilization has been utterly deceived about the truth of what is really going on. The media, higher education, and soon to be law, has censored conservative dissenting opinions, and promoted left wing and Islamic political agendas through propaganda. The press used to be about providing parity between both viewpoints. No more! A member of the Saudi royal family owns controlling interest of all six media outlets. This individual also owns controlling interest in both Harvard and Columbia Universities. Is bias and an Islamic agenda of influence, i.e. propaganda being promoted? Is there any wonder why we see protesting every day on the news now, or conflicts between blacks and authority figures, i.e. (law enforcement), and so on.

    Thanks to these political leaders, (not the Trump Administration), who have sold us out, every citizen in this nation is in danger. The rights, freedoms, and privileges that we treasure and our very way of life is faced with an existential threat. Christians and Jews throughout Western Civilization are facing eventual genocide by Islam. Our women and children will be abused like they are now being abused throughout Europe. Importing millions of Muslims into a non-Muslim nation brings the culture, beliefs, and values of these people along with it. (Halal Meat Certification, Female Genital Mutilation, Honor Killing, Beheading, kidnapping, War, Rape, theft, murder, racism, extortion, lawlessness, sabotage, and true hate crimes, and real hate speech, etc. In the U.K., they have allowed a parallel society to become established with Muslims. They have passed laws that criminalize free speech in the criticism of Islam. Political correctness has choked their laws from working properly, to grant justice and fairness for all.

    Women and children are raped, and nothing is done about it if it involves a Muslim, even if the evidence and witnesses are there to testify on behalf of the victim. Politicians, law enforcement, the court system, child care workers, and the media do nothing to champion the rights of the victims of these crimes. What they do is double down on the native population, i.e. (blame the victim, etc.). This is what entitlement leads to.

    Now! Let’s bring the point home. I grew up with guns. I enjoyed hunting and target shooting with my father when I was younger as a right of passage. I lost interest in it for a number of years until I was in my thirties and then lost interest again due to college and career pursuits. About five years ago, I thought that it would be a cool thing to be able to shoot a machine gun, but then I started hearing about some of the earlier mass shootings in theaters by mentally ill people, I adjusted my thinking some. Before I learned the truth about what is really going on, I began siding with the left on this issue. Even though I have always been a supporter of Second Amendment rights, I began to think that my interest in shooting a machine gun did not really outweigh the need to ban them from public access, so that these types of weapons would not end up in the hands of the wrong people. In theory, that sounds good, but it has flawed reasoning all over it. People who are set to do bad things always find a way to do them through one means or another. Banning guns will not change human nature. It will not keep guns out of the hands of the bad guys, who can get them smuggled in or purchase them on the black market.

    Consider the following: Soldiers returning back from combat duty in Iraq and Afghanistan reported finding large caches of military grade weapons in and around Islamic Mosques and other similar facilities. Similar findings have been made in Europe by law enforcement. These caches of weapons include: (large stockpiles of fully automatic AK-47s, RPGs, Grenades, Mines, Anti-Tank Missiles, Anti-aircraft weapons, Shoulder fired Rockets, Mortars, etc. There are some three thousand Islamic structures in America alone. In Europe, it is said that there are some eight thousand such facilities. Europeans have very tight gun control on the native population.

    Europeans cannot own or even acquire anything more than: a knife, a sword, or pepper spray. Islam and the political left wants to disarm the native citizens so that they cannot defend themselves, defend their families, defend their communities, or even defend their country. This is going to be another Holocaust on a massive scale. Islam, Marxism, and Globalism wants the native population to lose in the upcoming conflict. Don’t even get me started talking about Islamberg, (which are Islamic para-military training camps scattered throughout America and western nations. Through legislation and regulation, they aim to so weaken the resistance, that it will make the take over relatively easy for the new government that no one will vote for and that no one will want after it gets established. Obama restricted access to Islamic facilities in the U.S., but when they have been investigated, similar things have been found, including assassination lists.

    Everywhere that these forms of government have been established, (death, theft, abuse, and slavery have been the result). Why has the true narrative of our nation been so twisted around by higher education, the media, and politicians? Why has Socialism been so embraced by the younger adults in the west? We have not been teaching the truth of our nation’s history in the public school system for a number of years now. Cultural Marxism, (Marxists Professors), and Islam, (MSA), are the leading influence on college students today. This is why you have protesters who want to take their ideas to the streets to fundamentally change America.

    There is a very strong Cultural Marxist and Islamization process occurring in both America and other western nations today. Democracy, with all of its: freedoms, rights, and privileges is on its way out if a miracle does not occur soon. Many believe that Europe is already lost. These forces have colluded for the following purposes: to dismantle our democratic rule of government, to destroy Christianity, and to take down Western Civilization. All of these things are the tell tale sign that God’s judgement is about to fall upon our nation for breaking the laws of God, i.e. (abortion on demand, homosexual marriage, etc.). If this is so, which I believe that it is. Then repentance must occur: within the individual, within the church, and within the nation. II Chronicles 7:14 holds a conditional promise to delay and or even withdraw His judgment if the people turn to Him and from the wickedness.

    If we are allowed to keep our weapons in the future, I see the following scenario occurring: If there are enough people in the nation who demand righteousness, we shall bring our petition of grievances to our national leader. If that individual, (whomever he or she may be), refuses to meet our demands, we will have all of the moral justification that is needed to attempt to split off from the USA into a separate nation. The only split that would motivate God to bring back His hand of protection and prosperity to our nation is one that fully honors Him. So, the split will have to be for the right reasons. It has to be done in the right way. The split has to not only be physical, but it has to be spiritual too. While preparation for all of this is occurring, I would absolutely encourage every citizen to develop skill sets for survival over the long term.

    • Mark, You lay out here what I consider to be equivalent to some of the clarion calls prior to the American Revolution. I’m 56. I have four children. I’m a mom…they used to call me a “security mom” before the left started their overt push. I am livid and my children will be prepared for whatever is coming, just like our ancestors before us were prepared to fight off the threats in America and, oh yeah, thanks to Ancestry.com, we know we’re descendants of Charles Martel. There absolutely IS a spiritual angle to this. No doubt in my rare-Sunday-go-to-meeting life.

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  16. American media is not for America unfortunately. Otherwise they’d be all over these stories. Instead of just trolling PotusTrump. #SocialistCoupAtempt

  17. […] Last week the Islamic state published a message in one of their media outlets admonishing Muslims to avoid large gatherings of non-Muslims, specifically including large events where thousands of people gather… UTT […]

  18. Hi John, You were terrific on AJ the other day. I knew the kind of evil this attack represented had be satanic as well. I have a question. Was the shooters room comped? God Bless.

  19. It does not matter if this was a Jihadi attack. Media will not talk about Islam even if we are nuked by a Jihadi.

  20. The first step is too ID the enemy, the enemy can have multiple allies. Islam, and communism, have made it very clear they are not our friends. In fact they both hate America, and all it stands for. The evidence is, the twin towers, San Bernardino, Orlando, etc. etc.! How much proof do we need?…. Now that we know who the enemy is we must destroy them before they destroy us. Bickering over gun control, and being careful, not to offend our enemies, is not working.
    Peace through strength (shock and awe) is the only thing they will respect!
    In absence of Christianity, evil will flourish!

  21. Just another day when you compare numbers of people murdered by followers of Islam http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/attacks/attacks.aspx?Yr=2017

    • Hi John,
      I posted this somewhere else the other day because I was floored when I saw it.

      It DEFINITELY seems like it’s being covered up to me. What do you think?

      Bryan Hopkins, singer from Elvis Monroe, MUST WATCH interview on Fox news:


      “Musician helped Vegas concertgoers hide in freezer”

      1:25 – “there’s AN ARTIST ENTRANCE in the back corner CUZ WE WERE JUST BACKSTAGE & I played there a few years ago”

      2:18 – “and it’s a tall fence that we just run into… IT’S NOT AN OPENING ANYMORE… that, that I thought” (seems confusing to him).

      😳 come again???

      he goes on & says, “there are people kinda, like, MAYBE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT’S GOING ON…”

      (seems confusing to him)

      dumbfounded, he says, “AND APPARENTLY IT’S A CATERING COMPANY, that, (seems impossible to him), but, I kept calling it a crate, with two doors, but it was a refrigerator…”

      What??? 😳

      Hmm… 🤔

      It appears the “catering company “ moved a crate-like refrigerator in front of the backstage entrance/exit just moments before the shooting!!!

      I’m not a theory conspiracist, but it seems shady in & of itself.

      The Fox News interview was @ 8:51 pm.

      Watch this clip from CNN interview at 10:09 pm (1 hr, 18 min later) & decide for yourself:


      “Bryan Hopkins Las Vegas Shooting”

      Starts with a video Bryan took inside the refrigerator… (the VERY EMPTY, HUGE, crate like refrigerator, THAT APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE, MOMENTS BEFORE THE ATTACK & just so happened to BLOCK THE EXIT…)

      2:48 – Bryan is talking @ being backstage & the catering truck & he starts to elaborate, but Erin Burnett CUTS HIM OFF…

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