Terrorist Supporting Southern Poverty Law Center Cut Off by DoD

October 9, 2017

Terrorist Supporting Southern Poverty Law Center Cut Off by DoD

This past week it was confirmed DOD severed all ties with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), scrubbing SPLC training from DOD manuals.

In June of 2016, Understanding the Threat’s Vice President, Chris Gaubatz, testified before the U.S. Senate’s Judiciary, Intelligence, and Homeland Security Subcommittee, headed by Senator Ted Cruz.  Mr. Gaubatz outlined his experience conducting undercover research with Hamas doing business as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).  Hamas is a U.S. state department designated terrorist organization, and the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Mr. Gaubatz testified the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood are no different than those of the Islamic State and Al Qaeda- to establish an global Islamic state under sharia.

UTT’s VP Chris Gaubatz testifies at Senate hearing (2016) next to SPLC’s President Richard Cohen

His testimony was factual, citing his own undercover work, and evidence entered into the largest terrorism financing trial ever successfully prosecuted in U.S. history- the US vs Holy Land Foundation trial.

Sitting to Mr. Gaubatz’s right was the President of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Richard Cohen.

Despite having been informed of their ties to the terrorist group Hamas, Cohen and the SPLC continue to support Hamas doing business as CAIR in a number of ways, including working to prevent Understanding the Threat (UTT) from being able to train law enforcement in cities across the nation.

The SPLC represents the “RED” (Marxist Movement) in the Red-Green axis, working hand in hand with jihadi groups, including CAIR, here in the United States to destroy our Constitutional Republic and overthrow our government.

UTT welcomes the Department of Defense’s decision as a long overdue step to cut SPLC completely out of the government.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. When the evil anti-USA SPLC labels USA citizen patriots mustering together to spread the alarm about the ongoing invasion of the USA across the open borders as “hate groups” then I know who the real “hate group” is. The SPLC.

    Search the Web and you can find out that there are corporate entities funding the SPLC hat group with vast amounts of wealth. Such a shame that traitors have infested so many aspects of the USA; from governance to corporate board rooms to an ultra-wealthy elites class down to the common folks of which too many have been indoctrinated by the largest most effective propaganda systems in all of history . . . from TV to news outlets to politicians and bureaucrats spewing the New World Order party lane to even the advertising industry and horror of horrors our educational systems!!!!

  2. Does anyone know how I can financially support the missionaries in Europe who ar trying to convert Muslim refugees to Christianity?

  3. When you use Red-Green axis most people think it has something to do with Mexico. You can understand the confusion.

    A better term is ISLAMOMARXISM as the IslamoMarxists have joined forces to be double deadly in the take down of Western Civilization.

    Thank you for your consideration in changing this terminology.

    • Ann, your point is noted, but we won’t use “Islamomarxism” nor other terms such as that because it blends something that is not blended. The muslims are waging jihad and they are jihadis doing what Islam commands. Marxists are Marxists. The best way to describe it is the Islamic Counter-State and the Marxist Counter-State if we are going to be doctrinally accurate. JG

  4. […] that the Department of Defense (DOD) severed all ties with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), scrubbing SPLC training from DOD […]

  5. Winning. Thanks Gen. Mattis and President Trump!!!

  6. I’m well pleased to see this article and the DOD’s position related to the information provided. Now if the entire U.S. Government Administration would make clear the same policies our Republic would be on its way to sanity.

  7. Thanks for the article and your courage to expose this corrupt money grubbers. As a non profit they have millions of dollars in offshore bank accounts. I tried to get Missouri Lt Governor Kinder to investigate them after their lies and false accusations about the Tea Party movement in Missouri. 2009

  8. Thank you for your continued education. It has really helped people like me to be honest with myself about what Islam is really up to..
    I was a fence sitter, love ,joy ,peace, live and let live. This has opened my eyes as well as the internet and seeing things from Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. They let us examine other countries unfettered. My sincerest thanks. Mrs. Shelley Duncan (Republican)

  9. Very good work, Gentlemen. Keep holding their feet to the fire please, and thank you.

  10. As a grassroots American with a friend from the Middle East (Christian Female) I know and understand the threat on a personal basis.

    Christians in the Middle East have been separated from a life of dignity, daily humiliations are imposed by Muslim neighbors including great harm and death.

    No police nor any government agency will come to respond to such acts of violence, my friend as a little girl was taken by the wife of an Imam regularly for sexual pleasure by that Imam, Christians in the West that escaped such humiliations won’t speak of it however my friend does, think about that for a second, what would you do as a parent knowing the consequences should you show emotions or speak out, your Muslim neighbors will kill the whole family.

    My Female Christian friends neighbors were brutally murdered for speaking out, they were tortured and placed in a meat grinder one by one as my friend heard the screams, no one reported and no one arrested it is Islam.

    This is why I am so pissed off with my country, appeasing Muslims/Islam/Sharia/Mohammed, this experience is one of so many it would take many pages to fill in but I do believe you might raise an eyebrow in disbelief but, you’d be wrong, Islam/Sharia/Muslims have no place in America, I know the nature of Muslims who proudly emulate their prophet.

    In closing, help my Christian friend as she helps us, she is feeling the stress of Sharia while at the same time is voiceless, her message is this, do not allow Muslims in your government, your security agencies, you schools, your Churches, in short be aware of who Mohammed was and how he lived his life.

    We both realize Americans have Muslim friends, many ex Muslims speak out and some Christians also speak out but, know this, my friend speaks out with something the other’s omit, daily life among Muslims under Sharia.


    • There are many Muslims that are being saved and becoming Christians. I keep hearing that at least. Do you know if this is true? Thanks for sharing this message. I believe you. The meat grinder is so evil! These people that are killing Christians are sick and evil.

    • Your friend is a true warruor. I am praying for her.

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