March 15, 2019

Horrific NZ Mosque Attack Augurs Defeat for the West If We Continue To Ignore the Islamic Threat

Written by John D. Guandolo, President, Understanding the Threat (UTT)

Today, media sources in New Zealand are reporting two mosques have been attacked by a gunman leaving several dozen people dead. This is a horrific, reprehensible, inexcusable event, and Understanding the Threat (UTT) joins others in mourning and praying for the victims and their families.

The actions of the attacker in New Zealand were wrong, unlawful, and monstrous.

But this also highlights the growing frustration in the West by citizens who feel helpless watching their communities being surrendered by their leaders to Islamic jihadis implementing barbaric sharia (Islamic Law) and destroying liberty while security services not only fail to do their duty, they promote and support the jihadis by catering to their every request.

When free men are left to fend for themselves, they will. In this case, the choice was a horribly misguided and tragic one.

It is not surprising the media is falling over themselves to interview Islamic leaders, defend Islam, and call for protection of mosques in the wake of this attack – actions they never take after muslim jihadis kill Americans on American soil.

The media has never accurately reported the truth about the inherent destructiveness of Islam and “Allah’s divine law” sharia. See UTT’s article here on the media’s unprofessional behavior when it comes to reporting on Islamic jihad.

Strong evidence exists that the Las Vegas attack in October 2017 was an Islamic State operation, and others were involved who have not been investigated. While the FBI and the Las Vegas Sheriff’s Office were unable to find a motive in the single greatest loss of life in American history from such an attack, some facts of the case are available for all to analyze HERE at UTT’s website.

In the aftermath of the New Zealand attack, Fox News in Dallas (Texas) is dutifully taking its lead from the terrorists at Hamas doing business as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and calling for security/protection by local police at mosques.

Fox News Dallas makes no mention that evidence in the largest terrorism financing trial in U.S. history – adjudicated in Dallas, Texas in 2008 – identifies CAIR as a terrorist/Hamas organization.

Nor does Fox News Dallas mention Texas has been the recipient of more Islamic jihadi attacks since 9/11/01 than any other state in America.

But Fox News Dallas does continue to do the bidding of terrorists and regurgitate their propaganda and portraying Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood organizations and their leaders as “victims.”

This is what the Muslim Brotherhood calls “civilization jihad by their hands.”

Americans who understand the threat realize the media works as a part of the Marxist Counter-State, and also recognize their leaders’ are catastrophically failing them by failing to objectively assess the threat of Islam and deal with it as they are legally required to do.

In 2007, myself and another FBI agent at the FBI’s Washington (DC) Field Office sat down with the agent in charge of the Counterterrorism Division.

I asked her how she as a leader would respond when citizens came to understand the Islamic threat more deeply than FBI agents and began taking independent actions to protect themselves and their families – like attacking U.S. jihadi mosques and Islamic organizations teaching/training muslims to conduct military operations against the non-muslim population.

She responded with a look of shock on her face and said, “I’ve never thought about that.”

I encouraged her to think about it because, I said, “that time is coming.”

That time is now.

In January of this year, four men were charged with planning to attack Islamberg in upstate New York. Islamberg is a jihadi compound where muslims are taught war against non-muslims must be fought until sharia (Allah’s divine law) rules the world.

At Islamberg, and related Muslims of America compounds around the United States, firearms and tactical training are standard, as well as classes on how to: assault school buses; use various killing techniques; build explosive devices; and the like.

Yet, Islamberg has been untouched by the FBI and was defended by the previous sheriff there.

Again, while the four men apprehended were rightly charged with planning an attack on Islamberg, the assault on the compound should have come from an FBI SWAT team or a similar unit to dismantle a real threat to citizens of New York.

Currently in the United States, there are over 3200 Islamic centers/mosques in all 50 states which are a blend between a town hall, an embassy, and a military base, and warfare against the non-muslim population is taught and trained for at many of these places.

Rational citizens who understand all this are, and should be, highly concerned and fearful, but they must not take independent vigilante action as we witnessed in the New Zealand attack.

The Marxist and Islamic Counter-States in America need chaos to fulfill their objectives. Vigilante action plays into our enemies’ objectives, hurts the Counter-Jihad Movement, is unlawful, and harms innocent people.

The Marxists are the hammer for the Islamic Counter-State and will continue to be the leading violent edge of their efforts. But, in America, it is the Republican Establishment who are the enforcers of politically correct narratives – “Islam is a religion of peace” – that gives the enemy room to operate and pushes America closer to defeat.

If victory is to be achieved in this war, the strategy begins with (1) recognizing we are at war, (2) boldly speaking truth about these threats, and (3) obeying/enforcing the law.

Citizens must build a strong consensus of people in their communities who understand the threat and are willing to do everything possible, within the law, to defend their communities and dismantle the Islamic and Marxist networks there.

Understanding the Threat (UTT) is the only organization in America providing leaders, police, and citizens strategies and local plans for victory.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
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  2. Obeying the non-muslim law will no longer be the correct method of defeating the jihadists once the muslim population reaches 10%.
    The only solution by then, will be a coup of local and federal government, which is unlikely to be peaceful or legal.
    There are no civilizations, since Islam appeared 1400 years ago, that avoided be wrecked by obeying the laws of the non-muslim.
    Watch Western Europe and learn what happens when the most recent non-muslim countries that are being attacked by islam obey the non-muslim laws…..

  3. […] Horrific New Zealand Mosque Attack Augurs Defeat for the West If We Continue To Ignore the Islamic Threat It is not surprising the media is falling over themselves to interview Islamic leaders, defend Islam, and call for protection of mosques in the wake of this attack – actions they never take after Muslim jihadis kill Americans on American soil. […]


    Notwithstanding that my immediate caveat-reaction to the New Zealand attack was – and still is – to eliminate the very real possibility that the perpetrator was a sharia adherent convert on a red-herring suicide mission designed to bolster the Muslim Brotherhood’s repetitive carping vis-à-vis “victimization”, I’m otherwise in complete agreement with UTT’s paragraph-1 “reprehensible” (thus heartbreaking) characterization. RIP.

    The seeming level of astonishment expressed by New Zealand political figures in the immediate aftermath of said attack, however, reflected not only naivety, therefore contextual malfeasance, but also an utter lack of understanding of the predictability of reactionary threats like the one they’ve just faced — regardless of the identity of principals on either side of the equation — and has too, for the last 14-centuries, been a relentless and integral part of Islam’s war* on Western Civilization.

    *Anyone in New Zealand, or elsewhere in the world , wishing to acquaint themselves and their loved ones, with an Arabic-to-English translated verbatim copy of Islam’s declaration of war on ALL of Western Civilization, which was seized in accordance with a U.S. federal search warrant from a subterranean basement in Annandale, Virginia, USA, by special agents of the FBI in 2004, may do so for nominal handling & relevant postage costs, by simply contacting to request: GOVERNMENT EXHBIT 003-0085 3:04-CR-240-G U.S. v. HLF, et al.


  5. Great article. Clear, concise and coherent. UTT is a national treasure.

  6. I have to give myself a pat on the back because my own journey to understand the threat has been one of sharing information to the public. I have two outlets I share from. One is Civilian Defense Fro Islam a page on my FB account. Older than that is a blog called Islam Exposed. Both appeal to a rational thinker not an emotional one. Goes without saying there will be links to UTT on my FB page.

    I am not ashamed to say I am a fanatical Christian. A key to understanding the threat is understanding evil. That is what reading the Bible has given me. It answers fundamentals such as where did evil come from? Why was it allowed? At the end of time what happens? Who and what is evil? The answers to these questions and many others leads me to predict evil and not be surprised by it nor -phobic in any way. We are in the next phase of a very old war.

    The real tragedy in the latest massacre are the lives cut short and not given a chance to find Jesus our Savior. Muslim suppose your kind did gain the whole world but you forfeit your soul in the process what then? Suppose the first 5 links on a ship’s anchor chain represented your life. The rest of the chain represents eternity. Where is your anchor set? Solid ground of Jesus or the coral reef of a dead satanic prophet?

  7. Thank you for your bravery in enlightening us.
    I believe that within a short number of years there will be a series of attacks by jihadis to the main cities of the civilized West.
    Please, allow me to post a quote from my book “Apocalypse Now – Are We the ‘End Time’ Generation?”:

    “Everything is pointing to the fact that this new Islamic Caliphate will officially rise in the very near future. The attacks in those [Western] regions have already begun, but those so far are expected to be pale examples compared to the gravity and monstrosity of those to come. It is expected that Islamic terrorists will detonate chemical weapons, whose triggering is relatively simple, and most likely even nuclear bombs, in major European cities and some American ones. Nonetheless, Brazil (and generally South America) cannot remain at ease, as we begin to see some evidences that the Islamic interests are increasingly invading our Christian lands, the hallmark of their occupying and oppressive nature.
    Chemical weapons already exist in large quantities in several Islamic countries, demonstrably. Presumably, they are stored for the right moment, which is perhaps the time when the terrorist cells are finally activated, prepared, and aligned for almost simultaneous attacks on the more prominent Western cities, and more. I believe that this condition is not very far in the future.
    Rome is a prized target. Many thousands of Islamic refugees are daily ravaging the Italian peninsula, receiving the generous assistance of the Christian Italians. Alas, among the many refugees, there are certainly thousands of terrorists with plans designed to inflict a fateful blow in the Vatican City. There are several communications from terrorist groups that openly state that one of their fundamental purposes is to destroy Rome. That’s because Jerusalem and Rome are the symbols of all that Islam abhors since its genesis: Judaism and Christianity.”

  8. I found the press conference difficult, the constant reference to” white supremacism “, the use of the word hate as if a word pulls a trigger, the reference to “islamophobia, the reference to U.S. policy and President Trump disgusting but predictable. Yes, it is despicable kill for revenge if this was his mission. It also was alarming that many references were made during the press statement by the human rights leaders to fire and smoke as if to slip in suggestion. I have too many memories of other terror attacks, where the only concerned appeared to be for fear of a revenge attack and distancing themselves as required by sharia law to suggest there are no calls for slaying infidels that are taught in mosques directly from the manifesto of the Quran. The same book that forbids muslims from criticizing the doctrine. Also interesting that he was greeted with “hello brother”
    It was a horrifying event but curious that some terrorist leave social media comments and others remove them such as in Las Vegas. They did not read the manifesto accurately when it came to this event. Very curious. The media allows propaganda with pleasure to hate speech only form the left.

  9. Robert Critchfield March 15, 2019 at 2:41 pm Reply

    Two things that you address here are so important to me. Vigilante lawlessness plays into the hands of the enemy, and is against law. And the importance of citizens working within the boundaries of the law. You sometimes hear the term used “vigilante justice”. I don’t believe there is such a thing. Catastrophic failure is real. But lawlessness and anarchy are equally destructive and abhorrent. We’ve seen too much of that already in our country. Every day men and women in law enforcement put their lives on the line to protect our communities. Even though some are taken advantage of by the enemy, it still does not excuse violent behavior by criminals who consider themselves modern day crusaders who operate outside of the law. Just my opinion.

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