UTT Throwback Thursday: From Sudbury Massachusetts to Mumbai

This story has all of the pieces needed to paint a clear picture of the terrorist (jihadi) network in the United States. Tarek Mehanna, a young Muslim from Sudbury, Massachusetts, provided material support to Al Qaeda and planned to kill people in furtherance of jihad. Muslims in Massachusetts defending Al Qaeda supporter jihadi Tarek Mehanna […]

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When Do U.S. Leaders Who Materially Support Terrorists Pay for Their Crimes

  9/17/16 at 9:35 AM EST:  A bomb explodes at a Marine Corps 5K race in Seaside Park, NJ. 9/17/16 at 8:15 PM EST:  A bomb explodes in the Chelsea neighborhood in New York City injuring 29 people. 9/17/16 at 9:15 PM EST:  Somali Muslim Dahir Ahmed Adan enters Crossroads Center shopping mall in St […]

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Hamas Teaches Its Followers How to Shut Down UTT Law Enforcement Training

On August 21, 2016, Hamas (dba CAIR) conducted a briefing in Longwood, Florida led by Hamas leader Hassan Shibly (Director of CAIR Florida).  The briefing was focused on the “anti-Muslim network in the United States” and how to keep truthful information (“Islamophobia” according to them) from reaching local and state law enforcement. (L to R) […]

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Dawah: The Call to Islam is Deceptive, Dangerous and Deadly

Dawah in Islam is not “proselytizing” to others.  It is the “Call” or “Invitation” to Islam, and is a legal requirement before Muslims wage jihad against non-Muslims. ISIS publication “Dabiq” articulates authoritative sharia (Islamic Law) for their actions including “The Call to Islam” which is DAWAH The Koran speaks of Dawah – the Call to […]

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Muslims Paying ZAKAT are Funding Terrorism

Zakat is defined in Islamic Sacred Law (sharia) as “the name for a particular amount of property that must be payed to certain kinds of recipients under the conditions (specified in sharia).” Zakat is also one of the five pillars of Islam. According to Islamic sharia, “Zakat is obligatory for every free Muslim (male, female, […]

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