Translating English to English Through Sharia

by John Guandolo I began a 2012 Breitbart article this way: “If someone walked up to you and asked you if you would like a sandwich, and you replied in the affirmative, where would the disconnect be if he punched you in the nose? The disconnect would be in your understanding of the word “sandwich.” […]


Jihadis Continue to Strike Around the Globe

In the last 30 days, jihadis (sharia adherent muslims) have committed 144 attacks in 24 countries around the globe, reminding us the war is yet flagrant. ( Here is a list of jihadi attacks that have been reported from March 31st through this morning: Pakistan:  a couple is killed for marrying each other by choice […]

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Sharia Commands Muslims To Lie To Non-Muslims

KORAN  98:6 The Koran says non-Muslims are the worst of all creatures (98:6), so it should be no surprise the Koran and the Sunna (example of the Islamic prophet Mohammad) allow and oblige Muslims to lie to non-Muslims. All authoritative Islamic law (sharia) obliges jihad until the world is under Islamic rule. Therefore, when Muslim […]

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