Federal Bureaucrats Will Not Save America

by John D. Guandolo Inquiring citizens only need watch films like ARGO and understand the message of the true events that transpired to realize that the great things accomplished inside the U.S. government are almost always done in spite of the bureaucrats and the bureaucracy itself. The film Argo (2012) detailed the operation to bring […]


America’s Political Elites Are Traitors to the Republic

by John D. Guandolo America is now at its third great “Crossroads Moment” in its history. The first was the decision to break away from the British Crown and establish a free and independent United States of America. The second was engaging in the great Civil War to defend the Republic and complete the liberation […]


Corrupt & Terrorist-Supporting SPLC Helps Promote UTT’s 5 City Tour

The corrupt and terrorist-supporting Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is helping Understanding the Threat (UTT) promote a 5 day/5 city tour through Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota to educate/train citizens about the threat of the Islamic Movement. The tour begins Thursday April 5, 2018. In the same way Jimmy Carter demonstrated John Bolton is the right […]

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