Stalinist Federal Government Tactics Should Not Shock Us

by John D. Guandolo This week the FBI raided the Mar a Lago home of President Donald Trump and many Americas are “shocked.” Why? This is the same federal government that: *Put America in debt to the tune of over $30 TRILLION dollars *Lets over 100,000 illegals into America each month while paying them and […]


Biden Calls Patriots the Greatest Threat to America

by John D. Guandolo Joe Biden called “white supremacists” the most “lethal threat” to America and then tied them to the MAGA Movement which he dubbed the greatest political threat in American history. See UTT’s video of this HERE. The Biden regime has, therefore, made a public legal argument which allows him to use the […]


Local Police Continue to Follow Normative Practices & Work with Jihadis

A lot of information has been revealed about Broward County Sheriff Israel in Florida in recent weeks.  Most noteworthy is the fact he hired, supported, and defends Hamas leader Nezar Hamze.  Hamze served as the Executive Director of Hamas doing business as CAIR-Florida, and currently serves as CAIR-Florida’s second in command.  Hamze is also a Deputy […]

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